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(28 min ago) Allen has limited vision due to a rare eye disease called Choroidal Osteomas. At the time, her school did not provide any means to make her easier to learn. Fifteen years later, Allen now teaches visually impaired children to use their ubiquitous smartphones or laptops to do their homework in an easier way.
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(4 hr ago) Nothing in the trademark application specifies the type of audio being accessed, but Google representatives said the focus of the application was on spoken text. Although Google has used smart subtitles, translation and other AI AIDS in its previous podcast products, there is little public information about the application.
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(4 hr ago) Engineers from the InSight project at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory took self-portraits of the spacecraft for the first time to see the insulation blanket, seat belt tie and lid bolts intact, and to test the InSight seismometer to ensure that its complex SIX-SENSOR array works properly and can measure various ground motion frequencies.
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(5 hr ago) Margaret Hollendoner, Senior Product Manager at Google Fit, says these metrics try to eliminate the complexity of fitness tracking. "Moving minutes" is a better indicator than simple steps, because it captures several different activities, because walking may not be a good choice for some people.
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(6 hr ago) Access: Windows, Microsoft's official mall in China, hasn't made extensive use of the new UWP file explorer in Windows 10 because it's not ready and the project is still in progress. However, the UWP file explorer in Windows 10 Redstone 5 made some significant changes to previous versions.
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(7 hr ago) According to Gen Market Insights, China will become the largest consumer and provider of facial recognition technology. By 2023, China will account for 44.59% of the global face recognition market, up from 29.39% in 2017.
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(7 hr ago) State Enterprise Credit Information Publicity System shows that on August 14, 2018, Zhuhai Zero Boundary Integrated Circuit Co., Ltd. was established with a registered capital of 1 billion yuan, covering the design and sale of semiconductors, integrated circuits, chips, electronic components and electronic products; communications technology, Internet of Things technology, embedded software, computing Software development and sales of computer software and mobile devices; technical services and technical advice; and wholesale and import and export business of the above products.
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(7 hr ago) Since Li Huaqing, a reporter from Economic Observer. com, disclosed in his annual report of April 2017 that he would carry out technology research and development and market promotion in the integrated circuit industry, it has been suspected that Gree will step into the chip industry. The chairman and President of Gree, Dong Mingzhu, also publicly expressed his decision to invest in the chip industry. Heart. Recently, GREE Electric's entry into the chip industry has taken practical action.
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(7 hr ago) The inquiry found that opening the relevant Wechat public number page showed that: by the user complaints and platform audit, violations of the "Interim Provisions on the Development and Management of Instant Messaging Tools Public Information Services" has been ordered to block all content, account has stopped using. Since the beginning of this year, the hot currency circle and the rise of currency prices have been fuelled by block chain media.
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(8 hr ago) Aug. 21 news, LTV evening issued a clarification announcement, said that the current listed companies and non-listed system debt treatment group has formed a debt problem treatment plan, not through cash repayment, basically in the transfer of creditors'rights, asset disposal and other ways to offset the existing debt of the non-listed system to listed companies.
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(8 hr ago) His parents called Tencent's consulting platform for help, and their children clashed with their mothers, who had been working away for years, over a ban on playing games. He's not alone. Tencent of users who consult Tencent's service platform are parents of Left-behind children.
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(8 hr ago) Speaking at the China Entrepreneurs Club Forum hosted by the China Entrepreneurs Club on August 19, Ma Yun said, "I dare not say how great the China Entrepreneurs Club is. It is indeed one of the most demanding Chinese entrepreneurs'clubs, because we do not only depend on the ability of entrepreneurs to make money. We should also see his ideals and responsibilities.
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(8 hr ago) In this regard, the Japanese government believes that such multi-year contracts confuse the cost of mobile phones and mobile service charges, thus forming a threshold for users to enter. The Japanese government wants mobile operators to charge for mobile phones separately, according to senior Japanese Telecom officials.
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(8 hr ago) In August 21st, Kingsoft released the first half of 2018 and the two quarter earnings. According to the financial report, Jinshan Software's revenue in the second quarter reached RMB 1.35 billion yuan, an increase of 4.8%, a net loss of 40.59 million yuan, compared with a net profit of 284 million yuan in the same period last year.
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(8 hr ago) If Lenovo's new acquisition of Lenovo's investment and financial business is implemented, Lenovo will commission a third party to sell Lenovo's financial assets as soon as possible, but there are uncertainties regarding the mode of sale and the actual practicability of the sale. At present, there is a risk that the whole debt solution will change or the validity of the transfer will change because of the debt problems of the listed companies and the non-listed companies, such as Lexus Holdings. Qualitative.
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(9 hr ago) _360 mobile phone N7 Pro evaluation 360 mobile phone N series high cost performance has been deeply popular, this year launched the N7 also won a lot of praise, bringing excellent configuration, long battery life, all-metal fuselage design, as well as a useful 360 OS and so on.
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(9 hr ago) Weixin Payment launched the "electronic red envelope" function in 2014, which greatly promoted the early success of the mobile payment service in China. WeChat said that by the end of 2017, its active user volume in Malaysia was 20 million.
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(9 hr ago) After the system is on-line, it can support the elderly over 65 years old to brush their faces and ID card to avoid registration and free ride; it can support ordinary passengers to register face information and pay accounts, biometric identification gate, credit payment; it can support staff to brush their faces directly without feeling in and out of the station.
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(10 hr ago) Foxconn Group, a Chinese electronics giant, has invested in the construction of a LCD panel base in Wisconsin, USA. The project has already started. According to the latest news from foreign media, the arrival of Foxconn activated the real estate market, more and more developers flooded in, resulting in a sharp rise in land prices.
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(10 hr ago) Often, however, you'll find that the phone's signal is unstable, good or bad, and sometimes completely unsigned. The use of mobile phones under such a signal quality can only chat with WeChat and look at the web pages. If you watch videos, Caton will appear frequently. Don't even think about playing games.
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(10 hr ago) Zhongguancun Gongxin Two-Dimensional Code Technology Research Institute, the technical support organization of China Two-Dimensional Code Registration and Certification Center, has passed the international standard organization examination recently, and its leading "Unified Two-Dimensional Code Mark Registration and Management Center" has been supervised by the national market, Xinhua reported on August 21. It will be the first global code issuer set up in China.
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(10 hr ago) NewDisplay preview image and favicon in the New Bookmark dialogAdded a dialogAdded
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(10 hr ago) The report argues that a clear battery value chain strategy is crucial to China's success in the electric vehicle sector. It requires not only vertical cooperation between vehicle plants and raw material suppliers, but also sustainable solutions for battery recycling and reuse. The report points out that China's production of electric vehicles and batteries is expected to grow enormously and continue to lead the industry.
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(10 hr ago) Best game brand ranking in the past two years, the game market is very active, not only in the domestic PC factories, there are many powerful new manufacturers such as Raytheon, mechanical revolution, millet and so on. The game books launched by these brands also show strong competitiveness in the market.
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(11 hr ago) Visit: According to Huawei's EMUI official, Huawei Wallet also has a similar "door key" function. It can add existing entity cards (access control cards) to Huawei's wallet. After successful addition, the mobile phone has the function of swiping access control cards. The concrete operation step is to open [NFC] - login Huawei [wallet] - door key - add - read card information - real name authentication - fingerprint authorization.
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(11 hr ago) Recently, the US Internet giant Google has burst out of a series of privacy scandals, such as leakage of Gmail mail mail, continuous monitoring of the location of users, causing public outcry. According to the latest news from foreign media, American scholars released a research report on Tuesday, revealing the truth of Google's collection of user privacy information. Google is said to be constantly monitoring users'online activities, and each Android phone uploads 11.6MB of data to Google every day.
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(11 hr ago) He Gang, President of HUAWEI mobile product line, has worked in HUAWEI for 20 years. In December of 2011, he was transferred to the mobile phone business department. At that time, HUAWEI mobile could only sell twenty million units a year. But seven years later, HUAWEI is challenging two hundred million of its sales.
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(11 hr ago) On this phone, security is still a big software feature. The 360 handset N7 Pro carries three security locks, a fully isolated two-domain multi-user visitor system and a face recognition application lock, known as the U-shield of mainstream banking products.
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(11 hr ago) Open and open WeChat Wallet - access to urban services - select social security services can be queried. Using Weixin to bind social security cards, it also takes only three steps: enter Weixin City Services - set up your city, and select Social Security - Electronic Social Security Card Services - into the card binding page, press the prompt to successfully bind the cards.
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(11 hr ago) Google began pushing confidential mode to Gmail mobile users. Secret mode allows the sender to set the expiration date of the message, the recipient will not be able to forward the message, can not paste copies, can not download and print mail.
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