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(22 min ago) According to Bloomberg, Intel will publicly release salary data by race and gender later this year. In this way, Intel will also become the only technology company (by gender and race) willing to disclose internal salary data.
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(23 min ago) Interview: Huawei Mall at present, Huawei nova 5 series already has Huawei nova 5, 5 Pro,5i,5i Pro four models. Among them, nova 5i is Kirin 710 processor, nova 5i Pro is Kirin 810 processor, nova 5 Pro processor is Kirin 980 processor.
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(38 min ago) Interview: Huawei Mall Scanlan stressed in an interview that Huawei is ready to be "open and transparent" and is trying to convince the US government that it can be trusted and that there is no basis for fear that Huawei threatens its national security. In an interview with the Associated Press, Paul Scanlan reported screenshots of "the United States thinks we don't follow the rules, but what are the rules?" In an interview with the Associated Press, Scanlon told reporters that Huawei is keen to "clarify" itself to the U.S. authorities and is prepared to invite U.S. officials to personally inspect Huawei's software.
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(45 min ago) On October 17, IBM released its financial report for the third quarter of 2019. According to the data, its revenue was US $18.028 billion, down 3.9% year on year, and its profit was US $1.672 billion, down about 38% year on year. We see that IBM's revenue and profit are declining, and its net profit is declining seriously. IBM's share price fell 5.14% as of publication.
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(48 min ago) Visit: Huawei mall "there are some companies talking with us, but it will take a long time to really finalize everything." "They have shown interest," Bloomberg explained during a visit to Washington this week. He also said that the negotiation is only a few weeks and has not reached a detailed level.
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(53 min ago) The car is jointly developed by China Aerospace Sanjiang Group Aerospace heavy Engineering equipment Co., Ltd., Jiangtong Group Chengmenshan Copper Mine, Qingdao Huituo Intelligent Machine Co., Ltd. And Aerospace Systems Co., Ltd. According to Guo Jinsong, chairman of Aerospace heavy Industry, the car includes more than 30 key technologies, such as integrated direct line control, 4D light field intelligence, image processing, wireless communication, artificial intelligence and so on. More than 30 key technologies are applied, such as mine high precision map control algorithm research, high precision positioning technology, vehicle dynamics model building and so on.
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(1 hr ago) Visit: in Huawei mall, he believes that with VR / AR's difficulties in five related technical fields, such as immersive display, rendering processing, content production, network transmission and perceptual interaction, they are overcome one by one. New terminal products are constantly emerging, and user experience has been improved in quality.
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(1 hr ago) Tencent Technology News, October 19 news, according to foreign media reports, after the death of co-CEO Mark Hurd (Mark Hurd), in the face of rapid changes in the technology industry, database giant Oracle (Oracle) is facing an uncertain future and more serious challenges. Even before his death, Oracle was in a difficult position to catch up with technological progress.
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(1 hr ago) Announcing the open application model (OAM) Title: Microsoft and Alibaba cloud jointly launch the "OAM" open standard for application development and operation of kubernetes and more platforms
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(2 hr ago) The Red Devils 3S runs 489460 points, with an average score more than 30000 points higher than the second place. It can be called the "running point king" of the season. Huawei mate30 pro with Kirin 990 ranks third, and Samsung's note10 series is no surprise.
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(2 hr ago) Recently, according to media reports, WeChat will soon update the WeChat external chain specification. WeChat external chain: external links that are not generated by WeChat public platforms and spread within WeChat, including web pages and H5 links other than WeChat domain names.
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(2 hr ago) (figure via TweakTown) regrets that while the new Xe GPU will be made in 10nm, you can't expect to do your best on it, let alone beat Nvidia's current flagship GeForce RTX 2080 Ti (even AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT can easily crush it).
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(2 hr ago) Interview: Huawei Mall Bloomberg said some U.S. companies were interested in reaching long-term agreements or one-off transfer agreements, but declined to name them or the number of companies. "some companies have consulted with us, but there is still a long way to go before a real agreement is finally reached," Bloomberg explained during a visit to Washington this week. "they have expressed interest, but the negotiations have only begun a few weeks and have not yet reached the point of detailed discussion.
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(2 hr ago) (photo: Verizon,via Cnet) in August, Verizon announced the expansion of its 5G network to Atlanta, Detroit, Indianapolis and Washington, D.C., as well as in Chicago, Denver, Minneapolis-S ã o Paulo, and Providence.
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(4 hr ago) Oracle co-chief executive Mark Hurd (Mark Hurd) left Oracle last month for unknown health reasons. Tencent Technology News, October 19 news, according to foreign media reports, Oracle co-chief executive Mark Hurd (Mark Hurd) died on Friday, local time, at the age of 62. He was a former head of HP (HP) at a time of frequent scandals.
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(4 hr ago) Visit: Microsoft's official mall in China - of course, not porting the API on the homepage doesn't mean that we don't have any chance to use new technologies, but these technologies won't appear in the. Net framework code base. Let's take a look at the development of. Net core and. Net framework.
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(5 hr ago) And now, if you want to play Stadia on your phone over the mobile network, there's another bad news for you. In an interview with foreign media, Google hardware chief was asked to play Stadia upstream of the mobile network, and the person in charge replied that "you need to connect to Wifi to start."
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(5 hr ago) Access: Microsoft China official Mall-Windows (in the release note for figure via MSPU), Microsoft noted the following warning: the advanced threat protection (ATP) service for, Microsoft Defender may stop running and may not be able to send report data after installing this update.
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(5 hr ago) Visit: Microsoft China official mall-Windows (figure via Windows Latest) according to Google, WebVTT full name is "Web Video Text Tracks" (web video text tracking) format.
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(5 hr ago) According to Linux foundation, at present, every organization hopes to gain more value from data through data science, machine learning and analysis, but the lack of data reliability within the data lake has created a great obstacle. Delta Lake solves the data reliability challenge by enabling concurrent reads and writes by making transactions conform to acid standards.
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(6 hr ago) The development of cloud computing industry has entered a small transformation cycle. Generally speaking, Internet enterprises represent "new", while traditional government enterprises symbolize "old". On the contrary, Internet industry is the indigenous people of cloud, while traditional government enterprises are new forces. Now, new forces will take the baton of market.
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(6 hr ago) IT House October 18-National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) (NASA) announced on Twitter that it had achieved its first all-female astronaut spacewalk. The spacewalk was completed by female astronaut Jessica Mayer and female astronaut Christina Koch, whose mission was to repair the battery charger failure on the space station.
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(7 hr ago) We saw a letter from Oracle CEO Larry Ellison on Mark Hurd's official website, which said: "with deep sadness and loss, I once again informed all Oracle employees that Mark Hurd died this morning. Mark is my close, irreplaceable friend and trustworthy colleague.
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(7 hr ago) Due to cost considerations, the Japanese government has not yet decided whether to actually participate in the construction of the space station. Either way, Japan believes that such participation will help raise the country's international profile as a technology leader and further strengthen its relations with the United States.
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(11 hr ago) Visit: Microsoft's official mall in China - Windows in Intel, Microsoft said that in November 2019, it will update and support the 10th generation core processor and Xeon e-22xx. Although the specific models of Celeron and Pentium are not listed, atom j4xxx / j5xxx and n4xxx / n5xxx, Celeron and Pentium are also supported.
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(13 hr ago) What's more surprising is that the fingerprint identification security vulnerability is too simple. After using the silica gel protection shell, the fingerprint identification will be disordered. If there is no fingerprint registered on this machine, the mobile phone can also be unlocked, so there is no security to speak of. Samsung officials also confirmed the problem, but have yet to explain in detail how the flaw occurred.
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(15 hr ago) After this upgrade, four new items have been added to the WeChat outer chain rules, including: no illegal use of user avatars; no inducement, misleading download / jump; no illegal activities such as friend help, acceleration, price reduction, task collection, etc.
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(15 hr ago) Liu zuohu said that the Indian market will become the second headquarters of Canada, establishing a complete system of R & D, sales and service. One plus also plans to invest 1 billion yuan to establish one plus the world's largest R & D center in India. As for the 5g that domestic manufacturers are competing for, Liu zuohu thinks the time is not yet right.
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(15 hr ago) Compared with Core i9 ≤ 9900K, Core i9-9900KS appears to be only a core frequency increase, but this processor is obviously optimized, TH test obviously its overfrequency power consumption is lower than Core i9 ≤ 9900K, and overfrequency performance is also very good, can be on 5.2 GHz, than Core i9 ≤ 9900K are stronger.
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(16 hr ago) Academician Wu Hequan said that it was unnecessary to worry about the radiation of 5g mobile base station. "5g base stations are more dense, with lower transmission power per base station, and higher transmission loss due to high frequency." In addition, Wu Hequan also said that the radiation standard of China's mobile communication base station is the strictest in the world when it is listed on the market. The radiation standard of China's mobile communication base station is 40 microwatts per square centimeter, while that of the United States and Japan is 600 microwatts per square centimeter, and that of the European Union is 450 microwatts per square centimeter.
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