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(14 min ago) China has experienced the PC Internet and the wave of mobile Internet, and BATJ has successfully realized the transition from PC to mobile Internet, firmly occupying the PC and mobile terminal entrance. Other business models are supplemented by BATJ, forming a counterpart of the Ali department and the Tencent department, and the flow type Internet enterprise's creation dividend has basically disappeared.
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(15 min ago) Recent version QQ group chat picture download speed increase, you can quickly receive multiple pictures. New reversion, give you a new feeling. Personalities are excellent on the line, showing the personality of youth. New Tencent video recommendation, chasing drama interaction more interesting. The identity card of home school group is displayed, and group cards are filled in detail.
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(15 min ago) Hu Xijin said, ZTE's friends don't like to recite it. Because the decision of the US Department of Commerce has not yet come into effect, the Chinese government has intervened. ZTE hopes that things will change. They do not want to speak at this time. So we can only tolerate the ridicule of those public opinions.
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(15 min ago) The circular calls for the classification, disposal and acceptance of the 13 small loan companies' Internet small loan businesses. The contents of the acceptance include: (1) whether the related microfinance companies are in conformity with the standards for the pilot access of microfinance companies as stipulated in the guidelines for further strengthening and standardizing the pilot access and audit guidelines of small loan companies (2013) 6); (two) whether the related microfinance companies are in conformity with the "standardized rectification". The notice of cash loan "business (2017) No. 141), the leading group office of the P2P network lending risk special regulation work" notice on the implementation of the project for the special regulation and implementation of the micro loan business risk of small loan companies "(net loan regulation [2017] 56).
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(17 min ago) In view of all types of equipment made by the company, ZTE needs a large number of key hardware and software components made by American companies, including processors, memory, optical devices, antennas, screens, operating systems, or applications from Google, Intel, Mei Guang technology, high pass and other companies.
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(18 min ago) Amazon's report to the securities and Exchange Commission on Wednesday showed that the average salary of Amazon employees in 2017 was less than $30 thousand. As the world's richest man, the company's founder and CEO Geoff Bezos (Jeff Bezos) paid 59 times the average salary last year.
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(55 min ago) In the late spring of 2018, Lei Jun of millet CEO just talked about the end of domestic CDR affairs with the head of securities company. On his way home, he leafed through several pushes in his cell phone and saw Dong Mingzhu's invitation to the National Audit Office for auditing and evaluating the two enterprises.
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(1 hr ago) In the afternoon of April 19th, sina science and technology learned that the Alibaba is developing a neural network chip, Ali-NPU, which will be used in AI reasoning calculations, such as image video analysis, machine learning, and so on.
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(1 hr ago) According to sources in the IB industry, Samsung group sold a large number of Samsung's 4 million 40 thousand shares of Samsung SDI in April 11th, accounting for about 2.13%, worth $525 million, to reduce the cross shareholding between the Samsung Group's subsidiaries.
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(1 hr ago) It is worth mentioning that Apollo2.5 brings a lower cost solution, with a camera based visual perception scheme that reduces the cost of sensors by 90% earlier and reduces the threshold for autopilot R & D. The Apollo2.5 version also opens more efficient development tools, such as visual debugging tools, Apollo high precision map data collector, and Apollo cloud simulation simulator, to further improve the development efficiency of the developer.
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(1 hr ago) In the afternoon of April 19th, for Zhongxing or disable Android (Android) news, hammer technology CEO Luo Yonghao today in personal micro-blog said that the hammer will be bigger and stronger after the study of the operating system.
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(1 hr ago) "Our boss likes to play games, believe that the independent game is a big market, and the first class has been waiting for seven years, but the process is very miserable. There are only two people and fifty thousand dollars for a period of time, and then a little, a little bit.
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(1 hr ago) Although few people have connected their phones to the computer now, we still have to remind you that it is a very dangerous thing to connect iPhone through iTunes to the computer, and hackers can easily control your cell phone through a simple authorization.
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(2 hr ago) ZTE, the oldest enterprise in the communications industry, has the biggest "darkest moment" ever created. In April 16th, the U. S. Department of Commerce made a suffocating ticket to the company's Chinese science and technology giant: a ban on any business dealings with ZTE in 7 years.
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(2 hr ago) A ticket from the Google internal incubator Area 120 has just launched a free application called Grasshopper designed to teach users simple programming knowledge.
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(2 hr ago) On April 19, the Glory phone announced in Shanghai that its first flagship product of 2018, the Glory 106GB 64GB, costs 2599 yuan (2599 yuan) and a 6GB 128GB version (2999 yuan).
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(2 hr ago) Glory 10, entering the AI2.0 age of 2599 yuan as president Zhao Ming, said that glory has been leading the trend in color since 2016. 2018 is a year for glory for glory, and the glory of a new species of mobile phones.
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(2 hr ago) The cooperation between Baidu and the United States regiment was originally planned to be released on May 1, but the cement road, which was originally planned in mid April, was still in construction because of the construction of the infrastructure in the middle of April, and the unmanned vehicle was unable to achieve the optimal driving effect on the soil Road, so the forecast may be postponed.
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(3 hr ago) If anyone in the world has a voice and has the ability to say that Google is going to be demolished, Margrethe Vestager will be in the first place.
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(4 hr ago) On April 19th, the music network closed up in the afternoon, and the list reached 600 thousand hands, with a turnover rate of nearly 10%. In the evening of April 18th, the music network announced that, as of now, the investors in Xinle who have reached investment intentions include Tencent, Jingdong, Suning sports, TCL and so on.
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(4 hr ago) In April 19th, about the car Shouqi CI vehicle intelligent hardware system (hereinafter referred to as CI) officially launched. It has been tested in cities such as Dalian, Chengdu and Xiamen, and will be promoted nationwide.
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(5 hr ago) At noon on April 19th, Uber has selected VMware's Zane Rowe as the chief financial officer's top candidate, according to a person familiar with the matter, and the preparation may be the largest initial public offering (IPO) in 2019.
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(5 hr ago) Sumana Harihareswara, a member of the PyPI team, blog that Python has launched its new PyPI site, the official third-party software repository, and browser traffic and API calls (including "pip install") have been redirected from the old to the new site.The old PyPI site will be closed on April 30.
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(5 hr ago) Intel said it will implement the U.S. government's decision and Qualcomm said that it will not respond; ZTE continues its suspension; domestic chips continue to linger after the “core pain” US government bans the sale of components, software and technology to ZTE within seven years. Sino-U.S. trade friction In the high-tech field, the domestic communications industry felt for the first time a "core pain."
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(5 hr ago) According to Xinhua News, at the regular press conference held by China's Ministry of Commerce today, the spokesman of the Ministry of Commerce once again responded to the United States' decision to block China's telecom equipment maker ZTE. When answering a reporter’s question, Gao Feng emphasized once again that the U.S. side’s actions have caused widespread market concerns about the U.S. trade and investment environment. The U.S. side’s actions are directed against China, but ultimately it is the U.S. itself that will not only lose tens of thousands of jobs. Opportunities will also affect hundreds of thousands of American affiliates, which will shake the confidence of the international community in US investment and the stability of the business environment.
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(5 hr ago) Recently, Microsoft announced that it will add additional AI offline language packs to Microsoft Translator applications on iOS, Android, Windows, and Amazon Fire platforms.
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(5 hr ago) Regarding the new iPhone this year, all of them have previously stated that there are three versions, including 5.8-inch, 6.5-inch OLED models and 6.1-inch LCD models. However, today Guo Mingyi announced an investor note that the 6.1-inch LCD model actually includes two versions, one of which is a common single-card version, and the other is the long-awaited dual-card dual-standby version!
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(5 hr ago) Recently, the U.S. Department of Commerce issued a "blocking order" to ZTE Corporation. In the next seven years, U.S. companies must not sell any components and technology to ZTE. Then some media worried that ZTE may not be able to use Google's Android operating system in the future. However, according to foreign media reports analysis, ZTE is still able to use the open source version of Android in the future, and the company's most critical issue is whether to continue to obtain Google Play software store authorization.
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(5 hr ago) Translator applications for the iOS, Android, and Amazon Fire platforms received today's updates, and Microsoft brought offline artificial language-based language packs. This is undoubtedly a very important milestone for Translator. Prior to this, high-quality translation models often needed to be connected to the network or rely on specialized artificial intelligence chips (such as Huawei Mate 10).
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(6 hr ago) These days, ZTE, which is in the midst of the US whirlwind of sanctions, has become the focus of attention in the industry. The outside world is even more divergent about ZTE's illegal insider. Some people say that ZTE should not make low-level mistakes. Others say that this is a provocation of the United States under trade friction.
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