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(4 day ago) Since the release of Build 10240 in July 2015, Windows 10 has been in existence for three years. Although it was top secret, Synaptics's sneak accidentally exposed Microsoft's next-generation OS (operating system).
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(26 min ago) NVIDIA announced the main information of the Jetson Xavier development platform on the official Youtube channel on July 10, including parameters, appearance, interface, performance and so on. Jetson Xavier consists of two modules, the calculation block (100x87x16mm) and the carrier board with integrated Xavier chip. The carrier board has various I/O interfaces and pre-installed heat sinks.
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(1 hr ago) Today's domestic customization systems are already highly mature, and user needs have changed radically - a successful ROM product should improve visual design, interaction and ease of use on the premise of ensuring basic experience, just like a dance bear, not only good but even ballet. A skirt, such as the Flyme 7 of the Meizu.
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(1 hr ago) Visit: the Microsoft China official Mall - Windows picture comes from Microsoft's current update methods focused on the previous two, and plans to stop incremental updates in February 2019 to facilitate a faster update to provide a smaller installation package for the Windows 10 device.
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(1 hr ago) It is worth noting that NOKIA TA-1105 has already appeared to the Russian certification body a few months ago, but it is still not sure which mobile phone it is, and there is no rumor and specification information about it. In May, Nokia 5.1 had already met with you.
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(1 hr ago) The report points out that in 2014, Amazon released the smart speaker Echo of Alexa, a built-in AI assistant, which marked the arrival of a new era of home automation. In the past four years, Amazon's Echo speakers have dominated the smart speakers market.
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(1 hr ago) Visit: Microsoft China official Mall - home page, according to the Patent Description, Microsoft wants intelligent headphones to perform various tasks, and one of the headphones' built-in sensors can measure the wearer's body temperature. In addition, Microsoft hopes that the earphone will be able to notify the user and be able to receive notification when the mobile terminal gets new mail, and the headset can be connected to other Microsoft devices, such as the Xbox game host.
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(1 hr ago) In July 16th, Jiangxi 11 cities, Chongqing, Xiangyang, Taizhou and other cities announced the pilot "electronic identity card", the citizens can be collected in Alipay, and used in the pilot scene.
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(1 hr ago) After a year and a half of Apple's AirPods launch, Microsoft may also join the market. From the current information, it is still in the patent phase, but Microsoft's idea is expected to further promote the super portable headphones, so as to make it easy to take the lead in a market that has not yet been fully developed. This foreign media SoftPedia reported that this product could become apple AirPods killer after being listed.
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(2 hr ago) Visit: Microsoft's China official Mall - Windows, a Microsoft store employee, said in a conversation without other details that the company will launch a Android smartphone: we will create a new series for the Microsoft phone, which you can see as a new version of the Microsoft phone, but it will be based on the Android operating system. Unification.
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(2 hr ago) The United States returned to the top of the list of supercomputing, the five year champion of China. This article answers common questions for you: China's supercomputing is all foreign chips, so it's not worth mentioning? What is the supercalculation according to the rank? What is the use of supercalculation? What is the relationship between supercomputing and quantum computers?... China is developing the next generation of supercomputing. It may soon return to the first place. Wait and see!
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(2 hr ago) In the past few quarters, the hot global semiconductor market has led to the excellent performance of Samsung Electronics in South Korea, with a quarterly profit of up to $about 10000000000. According to the latest news from foreign media, the suppliers of Samsung Electronics have heard a good news recently, and Samsung is ready to give them a prize of up to 20 million dollars.
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(3 hr ago) In July 16th, we were hungry and Baidu takeout announced that both sides in the 43 cities set up the kitchen and bright kitchen alliance. The platform opened the kitchen and bright kitchen area on APP, giving the alliance merchants the support of traffic. At the same time, the platform will use the rear kitchen camera to enable the intelligent video inspection workstation that can automatically identify the kitchen food security violations and ensure the safety of the food and food all day long.
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(3 hr ago) Recently, the Expert Committee on scale deployment of IPv6 (Internet Protocol Sixth Edition) has launched the 2018 China IPv6 Development Forum. Yang Xiaowei, deputy director of the office of the central network security and Information Committee, said that this year is the beginning of the IPv6 scale deployment, which has started well and progressed smoothly.
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(3 hr ago) On the morning of July 16th, Jingdong mall announced the implementation of the CEO system from day to day, the Jingdong group CMO Xu Lei, the first Jingdong business city rotation CEO, reported to the CEO group, in charge of the daily work of the mall.
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(3 hr ago) Visit: Apple Online Store (China) has failed to repair its mobile phones. "They are too popular!" Ms. Lee, who took office at a Internet Co, took the iPhone X in his hand, saying, "I thought the insurance I had bought at Alipay would make me feel free to sit down and be pits." Ms. Lee said it was through Alipay's "insurance" that it bought 189 yuan iPhone X screen insurance.
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(4 hr ago) Visit: HUAWEI mall HUAWEI has become the largest network equipment manufacturer, and is still deep in the field of 5G, investing in research and development, and has become one of the most patent companies. "HUAWEI was very radical and started earlier than other companies.
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(4 hr ago) Visit: HUAWEI mall, with South Korea's efforts to become the first country to deploy 5G networks, is competing for switches, base stations, and other equipment needed to sell 5G network operations to South Korea. Samsung's smartphones and storage chips are well known, but if their devices are excluded from the most advanced wireless network in South Korea, it will be a blow to it.
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(4 hr ago) In July 16th, you were hungry and Baidu takeout announced that the two sides in the 43 cities set up a kitchen and bright kitchen alliance. The platform opened the kitchen and bright kitchen area on APP, with the help of the back chef camera to enable the intelligent video patrol workstation to automatically identify the kitchen food safety violations.
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(4 hr ago) In the morning of July 16, Beijing time, India's Economic Times reported that after repeated delays, the state of Maharatottra was finally about to sign an agreement with Foxconn to build the plant. Foxconn executives are said to have met with Devendra Fadnavis, the state's chief minister, after talks with state officials on July 14.
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(4 hr ago) According to Vatti statistics, during the event, online purchase of "winning packages" designated products, the total amount of refund 29 million yuan. It is reported that orders from Tmall account for nearly half of Vatti's online orders. This also means that some Tmall users have become "big winners" during the world cup.
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(5 hr ago) “Self-control is the premise, and there is no autonomy to control other security.” On July 11, at the Fourth Season Summer Summit of Chinese Maker, Ni Guangnan, an academician and computer expert of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, emphasized his self-control through a video address. The importance of the problem.
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(5 hr ago) On July 9, 2018, Xiaomi fell below the issue price on the first day of listing. After breaking the first day of the most need to earn a face, Xiaomi out of a considerable upswing, closing at 21.45 Hong Kong dollars on July 13, the cumulative increase of 26.18%.
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(5 hr ago) The Dhyana processor originated from the cooperation agreement between AMD and China Haiguang Group in 2016. AMD licenses the high-performance X86 architecture to Chinese companies with a license fee of 293 million US dollars. The Dhyana processor is a product of cooperation between the two parties, mainly for the server market. It can be said that it is a modified version of AMD EPYC processor in China.
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(5 hr ago) The picture shows a self-portrait of the "Pirate 2" detector on the Martian Utopia Plain. When analyzing nearby soil, the detector may inadvertently destroy potential signs of life on Mars.
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(5 hr ago) The memory and flash memory markets are highly monopolized. The memory particles are mainly in Samsung, SK Hynix and Micron. They account for 95% of the global production capacity, while Samsung's market share has remained at 45-50% for a long time. Far higher than other manufacturers.
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(5 hr ago) Although Xiaomi is included in the FTSE Index, it will be included in the Hang Seng Composite Index, but it is temporarily unable to be included in the Hong Kong stocks. Beishui is temporarily unable to buy Xiaomi's shares with different rights. With the decline in Xiaomi's share price, Lei Jun's net worth has also declined. As of press time, according to Forbes real-time data, Lei Jun's net worth was $18.1 billion, down $1.4 billion. After Friday's close, Lei Jun's net worth was $19.5 billion.
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(6 hr ago) Recently, developers have also introduced new extensions for Chrome and Firefox browsers, while supporting Windows 10's Timeline and Continue on PC features. Developer Domonic Maas has finally made his extension support Project Rome with unremitting efforts.
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(6 hr ago) According to people familiar with the matter, the Israeli technology company may sell Juno, a New York startup acquired in April 2017, which is responsible for most of Gett's operations in the United States. The source said that Gett will not necessarily sell Juno, they are also considering other options.
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(6 hr ago) According to many insiders who are close to the Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchanges and do not want to be named, it is not yet clear whether the rights of the same shares will not be included in the Hong Kong stock market. It will take time to study. The Hong Kong Stock Exchange gave a clearer opinion on the notice of the Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchanges. The HKEx believes that different voting rights companies should be included in the Hong Kong Stock Connect as soon as possible and said that they will continue to maintain close communication with the mainland regulators and exchanges. With a view to confirming the timetable for the inclusion of different voting rights companies in the Hong Kong Stock Connect.
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