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(21 min ago) Today, "Microsoft love open source" is not news. From Windows 10 operation system native support Ubuntu to PowerShell and.Net Core open source, Linux version is launched from SQL Server, to Visual Studio development tools that can be programmed for different operation systems, frameworks, languages and devices.
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(34 min ago) That is to say, Xiaomi MIX 2S can recognize many kinds of shooting scenes intelligently during the shooting process, and adjust the camera parameters automatically, so as to avoid overexposure, bias color and restore the real scene, so as to ensure the best imaging effect. In appearance, the millet MIX 2S front still continues the MIX series of the classic design, only keep the chin, the front camera on the bottom.
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(34 min ago) Visit: Microsoft China official mall Windows 10 Build 17627 the main contents are as follows: - improved repair when the user tries to open online only and had never to download from the OneDrive (marked as green review markers in the Explorer), your PC may be BUGCheck (GSOD) - the Emoji Panel repair in two the recently released version can not fix the problem - in the task manager when a process has been suspended...
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(44 min ago) In recent years, the issue of buying has been hotly debated. Most of the games in the past were designed to run freely with simple and rudimentary controls. Marketing outside the product is more of an issue to industry related channel distributors, investors, and other practitioners. For those who see, a very small number of game products will be packaged through marketing companies, do some topic hype, marketing activities, and so on.
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(56 min ago) The second preview version of Visual Studio 201715.7 has been published. More content can be seen on the Visual Studio blog and download address.
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(59 min ago) South Korea's biggest company, Samsung Group, celebrated its 80th anniversary with a low profile on Thursday. Lee Soon-hee, chairman of the Samsung Group, has been out of office for more than four years since his recovery from health. Lee Jae-yong, the son of Mr Lee, the de facto controller of Samsung, has been sentenced to two years and six months in prison, suspended for four years, for bribing former South Korean President Park Geun-hye.
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(1 hr ago) Recently, the US is planning to carry out the tax reform. President Trump said there is a huge trade deficit between the US and China. The reason is that many commodities such as iPhone have been taken away by Chinese enterprises. So is this true? Today, WTO (World Trade Organization) and Reuters issued the document that it seems that iPhone and other products caused the trade deficit between the US and China, but the actual situation is not so.
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(1 hr ago) Apple is committed to making the Apple Watch the best wearable device for health testing, having previously been able to monitor heart rates, steps and sleep through the Apple Watch. But Apple wants it to do more, MacRumors said today. A company called Cardiogram has found that the Apple Watch can detect arrhythmias with a built-in heart rate detector with 97 percent accuracy.
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(1 hr ago) Tu Millman and Brown found that a lot of respondents were falsehood about the loss of fat. Most people thought that fat would be transformed into energy. Some people thought that fat changed their muscles, while others thought that fat had gone through the large intestine. In fact, fat will transform into carbon dioxide and water during the process of losing weight, then breathe out carbon dioxide through breathing, and water will be integrated into the circulatory system, and then excreted through urine or sweat.
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(1 hr ago) Exynos 9610 has retained the same 4K 120FPS video decoding as the flagship model 9810, compared with the previous Exynos 7885, which has increased by 1.6 times, and can achieve 1080P 480FPS slow motion shooting.
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(1 hr ago) Configuration, the machine is basically the same as LG V30, using 6.0-inch OLED 18:9 full screen, resolution of 2880 × 1440, equipped with Qualcomm Cellon 835 processor, equipped with 4GB memory 128GB storage, with a rear 16 million 13 million pixel dual camera, The front camera is 5 million pixels.
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(1 hr ago) According to Symantec hijacking encryption to track, part of the reason of the rise is because of easy operation, low threshold mining software, it has become one of the many ways to make money. In general, the number of encrypted hijacking in 2017 has risen by 34000%.
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(2 hr ago) Xiaolong 835 notebook boot speed start speed, the first group contrast is started, the two sets of products are set to sleep state, 3 children started at the same time, Xiaolong 835 notebook start up speed is significantly higher than the traditional notebook. But this is not surprising, Qualcomm laptop inherited the fine tradition of the mobile phone, the two products at the same time, sleep, with open and mobile phone with similar laptop can be equipped with a Qualcomm processor, and can keep the network in the low power standby function, ensure data synchronization.
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(2 hr ago) Tencent technology news, Sunday night, Uber road test of a self driving car in Arizona killed a 49 year old woman, this is the world's first fully automatic driving car causing human death accident, the accident brought shock to industry and public opinion.
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(2 hr ago) Not long ago, the market value of Apple Corp once launched a sprint to $one trillion, but eventually failed. The day before, and Apple's market value fell below the $900 billion from the second, Amazon is narrowing the gap.
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(2 hr ago) As China's first original science fiction IP, Liu Cixin's "three body" series when the film and TV series are attracted by fans. As early as the domestic capital to take the "three body" series of the news, but in view of the past Chinese directors of science fiction popular reputation is not good, netizens have said that they are not optimistic.
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(3 hr ago) The data map is 20th anniversary of Zhongxing mobile phone this year. As China's earliest mobile phone brand, its performance in the Chinese market in recent years is not satisfactory. Cheng Lixin said that ZTE still ranked eighth in the global market last year, all of which were achieved on the basis of ZTE's lack of force on the Chinese market.
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(3 hr ago) Lenovo's mobile phone is back. In its long-lost domestic mobile phone market, this action did not set off too much water - the release of new product OV in the past two days, and millet that will launch new products at the end of the month seems to be the focus of everyone's attention.
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(3 hr ago) The success of a series of unicorns' return on investment and the realisation of social flow made Tencent Holdings (00700.HK) nearly double its net profit growth in the previous quarter, exceeding analysts' expectations.
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(3 hr ago) In March 22nd, according to foreign media reports, in addition to Zuckerberg's personal statement, Facebook official responded to the Cambridge Analytica data scandal. The company says it will further strengthen the restrictions on the use of personal data to prevent abuse by others.
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(3 hr ago) In March 22nd, the relevant departments in Beijing issued the first temporary license plate of Beijing's first automatic driving test test after issuing a series of procedures such as closed test field training, automatic driving ability evaluation and expert review.
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(3 hr ago) Today, Tencent's "first line" is learned from ZTE. In view of the Chinese market, ZTE set up a separate mobile phone operation company, called ZTE Intelligent Terminal Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as ZTE terminal China).
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(4 hr ago) The first generation of iPhone X has many revolutionary hardware, such as TrueDepth camera, COP technology OLED screen and the best dual cameras to date, so the cost of the mobile phone is quite high.
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(4 hr ago) If you purchase an original PlayStation 3 (PS3 Slim before Fat) between November 1, 2006 and April 1, 2010, I have some good news for you.
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(4 hr ago) According to data released on Wednesday by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), the number of patents applied in China in 2017 has surpassed that of Japan, ranking second in the world. WIPO expects China to surpass the United States in three years.
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(4 hr ago) Ray Tracing is not a new technology, but because it requires the real-time calculation of the emission and refraction of all the rays in the picture, the hardware requirements are extremely high. Each frame of the movie is rendered for several hours.
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(4 hr ago) As the rendering shows, there is a very narrow border with 6 and four sides with a front camera and a receiver on the top of the front, and the layout is similar to iPhone X. Glass material on the back of the fuselage should be supported by wireless charging. The upper left corner of the fuselage is equipped with double cameras and LED flashes, and the underneath is a plus brand LOGO.
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(4 hr ago) 5 days after the outbreak of the Facebook user's data leak, Mark Zuckerberg, the founder and chief executive of the social giant, finally broke the silence. On the 21 day, Zuckerberg issued a statement on his personal Facebook page. He admitted that Facebook had made a mistake in protecting user data. As the founder of Facebook, he needed to take the overall responsibility for everything that happened on the platform.
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(4 hr ago) Google is committed to developing block chaining technology to support its cloud business and to operate online businesses with new ways to resist competition from start-ups with such new technologies, sources said on Wednesday.
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(4 hr ago) Some companies use block chains and other so-called digital books, which are safe to record trading and other data on the Internet. Google can use this technology to assure customers that their information is stored in a computer server that supports cloud services.
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