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(29 min ago) Not long ago, Microsoft released its Linux version in the form of Azure Sphere OS. In the latest development, the company decided to pass its Windows Defender firewall to the Linux subsystem (WSL). In other words, the Windows Defender firewall now supports WSL!
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(39 min ago) The US Department of Commerce announced that the punishment again was a tragic blow to ZTE, and the whole society could feel the earthquake of ZTE. Yin Yimin, chairman of ZTE, at the brief press conference in Shenzhen headquarters in Shenzhen in April 20th, acknowledged that the U. S. export ban could lead to ZTE's immediate shock, and will hurt 80 thousand employees, 300 thousand shareholders, and hundreds of operators worldwide and hundreds of millions of terminal consumers.
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(43 min ago) Technology columnist Christopher Mimsof the Wall Street Journal wrote on Sunday that Facebook had been criticized for the data leak scandal, according to a report from the Wall Street Journal on April 23.
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(46 min ago) In April, the PYPL programming language list and the recruitment trend of Hacker News have been released. The data for the Hacker News recruitment trend is collected by the Hacker News news station, which focuses not only on programming language trends, but also on the trend of top skills required by the company, including frameworks, libraries, and so on.
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(47 min ago) Alexander - Aleksandr Kogan, an application developer in the eyes of the Facebook data privacy scandal, said he was not sure whether he had seen the developer policy of the social network. The policy prohibits applications like him to sell or authorize the use of their collected Facebook user data to marketing companies.
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(1 hr ago) (original title: China's chip industry has made considerable progress in recent years about 5 times the global growth rate in the same period.) Diao Shijing, director of the electronic information department of the Ministry of industry and information technology, said that the entire chip industry has made considerable progress in recent years, and has become increasingly close to the first echelon of the market, especially in chip design, industrial rules. The model has made a rapid expansion, and it has penetrated from the people's life to the industrial field, to some of our future artificial intelligence, to the smart cars and many other fields, which have been using domestic chips to support the development of these industries.
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(1 hr ago) No doubt, Zhang Zhong mobile phone card has been installed for the elderly. At this point, the family thought that the problem was solved, and the new phone rang. This is all right. The problem is that the telephone often calls on time in the middle of the night, so that the elderly father-in-law can not sleep in disorder.
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(1 hr ago) From the data rankings, we can see that the Chinese market has a distinct polarization. The top six manufacturers are all shipments in the first quarter of 10 million, and the four ranked Meizu, Jinli, Samsung and chili are all million. Samsung ranked ninth, with only 2 million 140 thousand shipments in the first quarter.
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(1 hr ago) The "Wei Zexi Incident" that took place in 2016 has opened the "cover" for the long-standing Internet medical advertisement. Subsequently, the National Cyber ​​Information Office joined a number of ministries and commissions to investigate in Baidu and asked for effective rectification. Baidu also announced that it will adjust medical services.
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(2 hr ago) One of the greatest advantages of open source technology projects is that everyone in the community is free to propose ideas that can become a reality if they are supported by the community. The famous Ubuntu developer Simon Quigley proposed an idea that could change the Ubuntu Linux development process.
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(2 hr ago) This week, Wikipedia launched a very useful new feature - page preview. The WikiMedia Foundation stated that "this is the biggest adjustment of Wikipedia in recent years." Now when the mouse hovers over the text part of the page that contains the hyperlink, then the relevant window preview will be automatically popped out, allowing the user to more intuitively and conveniently grasp the information.
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(4 hr ago) After the expansion of 2014 and 2015, after the sea - sea tactics in 2016, the Meizu decided to return to the Meizu in 2017, and rebuilt the flagship cell phone in the way of the Yellow chapter.
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(4 hr ago) After Philip's death, the body was sent to the silvan Mora funeral home in Clearwater, Florida, U. S. A., but then Lagos local police then arrived at the scene and tried to unlock his cell phone using the dead fingerprints during a pharmacological investigation.
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(4 hr ago) Chinese mobile phone maker Xiaomi, whose operating system is derived from customizing Google's open source code, is the so-called "MIUI". In India and other overseas countries, millet mobile phones still use customized interface. However, according to the latest news from foreign media, Lei Jun, the head of millet, said recently that it will launch some red rice mobile phones equipped with official Google system in some developing countries in some developing countries.
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(4 hr ago) The company issued the statement in the Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 17650 for Skip Ahead release notes. Microsoft has released Windows10 Insider Preview Build 17650 (RS5), a version of Windows 10, which will be released later this year after the spring edition of RS4.
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(4 hr ago) Visit: Microsoft China official business city, according to WMPU, reported that tweet user Lucas burst out, and he found that "Windows 10 Lean (thin Win10)" was packaged in the Build 17650 (RedStone 5) installer.
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(4 hr ago) In April 20th, Apple Corp held an annual beer Carnival concert, one of which was the performance of Ziggy Marley. In the tweets, the musician explained that his performance at Apple Park was his first full solar powered performance.
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(5 hr ago) Previously, when users were browsing Wikipedia when they met the text containing links, users need to open links to access the knowledge, and the rich content of Wikipedia will undoubtedly distract users. For this reason, users now just need to hover the mouse over a link and jump out a brief dialog box to describe the text, so that you can get a quick understanding of the content.
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(5 hr ago) Sohu Technology/Lv Linxuan conference site Meizu fans spontaneous chorus "the brightest star in the night sky", the scene is moving, but who will really guide Meizu forward? "Meet the Truth," the Meizu 15 is old-fashioned, and the yellow chapter is making every effort to make it. The 15th anniversary commemorative work has become the biggest publicity selling point in the Meizu 15 release cycle.
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(5 hr ago) April 23 news, Amazon expects that India's food and household products business will account for more than half of the company's market in the next five years. For this reason, the company will increase investment in efforts to double the supply of these areas to This has developed in depth in fields such as India.
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(5 hr ago) The US Department of Commerce’s paper sanctions order rekindles China’s “coreless” anxiety. The accelerating localization of the chip calls for a resurgence, which is reflected in the A-share market, which is the rise of chip concept stocks. In the afternoon of April 18th, domestic chip concept stocks rose contrarianly, with 19 chip concept stocks such as Infineon Micro, Wenyi Technology, Tianzhu Stock, Shenzhen Science and Technology, Ziguang Guoxin, Datang Telecom, Bingchuang Technology, and North Huachuang. Daily limit.
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(6 hr ago) For several years, it is worth buying tightly the main customers such as Ali and JD. More than half of its main income comes from Ali. The company also used a variety of marketing methods to attract traffic. It had set a record of over 6 million yuan for single-player events, and paid Baidu 1.8 million yuan in 2017 to join its "bid position."
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(6 hr ago) Goodall discovers in the habitat of chimpanzees that they are making and using tools that challenge the long-held belief that human beings are the only toolmakers. Her landmark 1960 research forced us to redefine our relationship with the animal kingdom.
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(7 hr ago) Therefore, the official debut of the evening of April 22, 2018, with “sculpting time” as the promotion of slogan, is a dream model that Huang Zhang devoted himself to research and development for one year, together with Yang Hao's dedication to marketing and the 15th anniversary of the Meizu tribute.
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(8 hr ago) As we all know, although the products manufactured by the chip industry are not consumer-oriented terminal products, they are used in many high-value-added industries such as electronic products, digital products, and communications equipment. Whether they master the core technology of the chips is also considered as whether they grasp high levels. Key points in the lifeline of cutting-edge industries.
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(8 hr ago) Charles Bolden is an astronaut and current acting director Robert_ Lightfoot Jr. is an engineer, and so on. Is he capable of NASA?
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(8 hr ago) In addition, Meizu 15 uses a full metal body, piano paint technology, a unique back cover process will be light and high-strength aluminum alloy and surgical grade stainless steel is divided into two layers. 152g weight, 7.25mm thickness feel good. The top is a concise and simple hidden earpiece and hidden breathing light.
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(8 hr ago) The outside provides touch control interaction, music phone to get one touch. The internal use of omnidirectional microphones, enhanced antennas, dynamic sound units. At the same time using the new Clarity System system, the sound quality is once again raised, the pressure balance design, to please every pair of critical ears. It also supports wireless charging for more than 15 hours of battery life. POP Meizu really wireless headset priced at 499 yuan, supporting wireless charger 99 yuan.
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(8 hr ago) For the flagship mobile phone, Meizu has always stressed the sense of craftsmanship and design, and has both inheritance and innovation in the Meizu 15 series. Yang Wei, senior vice president of Meizu Technology, revealed that the gold version of the Meizu 15 series has specially purchased hundreds of kilograms of gold for coloring. The machine provides a total of five color options to choose from, including black, gray, gold, blue, white, of which black back is a polished metal brushed metal process, white is the world's top paint 7 times baking, 7 baking, 5 times polished, including the front face is also a rare white panel in recent years.
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(14 hr ago) At the first Digital China Construction Summit that opened on April 22, Liang Hua, who had just taken over as chairman of Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd., attended the conference and delivered a speech. He shared his judgment on the development stage and potential of the ICT digital industry, and described How will Huawei stand for 30 years to move toward a new era of intelligence in the Internet of Things?
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