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(Just now) The survey was designed to assess the emotions of Facebook users after the social media giant's data scandal this year. The survey was analyzed by Blind, who is very popular among scientists, especially those working in Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Bay Area.
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(Just now) Homeserver, this server then synchronize messages with other homeservers. The server will maintain a history of every room you enter. Everyone can freely trust their homeserver, just like a hosting website or a mail server.
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(7 min ago) According to market analyst firm CIRP, early sales of the iPhone XS series are very strong, and iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max can be said to be equally divided. Specifically, CIRP found that the 10-day sales of the new iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max accounted for 8% of US iPhone sales in September.
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(1 hr ago) Although it can't be denied that hardware is still the biggest driver of Apple's revenue, but the same can not be ignored is the fact that Apple's smartphone sales growth has gradually slowed down. In contrast, Apple's content business has broken through the cyclical cycle that Apple is generally facing at the profit level, and has achieved growth in the past five quarters. Service revenues, including content services, have also increased in revenue.
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(1 hr ago) It is reported that Netease koala will use the shipping and logistics services of shipping logistics giant Maersk in 130 countries around the world to provide more efficient logistics services for more domestic and overseas quality goods and brands, and further promote the continuity of cross-border e-commerce business. increase.
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(1 hr ago) As a latecomer to the chip foundry industry, Samsung is the representative of the radicals in the "Global IBM Manufacturing Technology Alliance", and announced early that the 7nm era will adopt EUV. In April of this year, Samsung just announced that it has completed the research and development of the new 7nm process, and successfully trial-produced the 7nm EUV wafer, which is half a year earlier than the original schedule.
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(1 hr ago) Today, Tencent AI Lab announced the official open source "Tencent ML-Images" project, which consists of the multi-label image dataset ML-Images and the most accurate deep residual network ResNet-101 in the industry's current deep learning model.
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(1 hr ago) It is worth mentioning that although Samsung is not the first to release or sell 8K TV, this is the first time in the UK market to welcome 8K TV. As for the 75-inch and 85-inch models, they can be ordered now and will be shipped within 10-21 days. The price is 6,999 pounds and 14,999 pounds respectively, which is about 64,000 yuan and 136,000 yuan!
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(1 hr ago) On the same day, Cross-border Tongbao E-Commerce Co., Ltd. (002640, cross-border communication) announced that if the United States withdraws from the UPU, it will have little impact on the company's business, but at the same time rely on the UPU's small and medium-sized cross-border e-commerce competitiveness to decline. . Insiders at eBay told 澎湃 journalists that the US withdrawal from the UPU is a more complicated issue for many sellers. The impact may take some time to evaluate, and the seller will adjust the original channel strategy, such as turning to overseas warehouses.
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(2 hr ago) On October 18th, according to foreign media reports, when you think that all the location and mobile phone data in the car computer will be deleted, will they disappear forever? You need to think about this again. US police and cybersecurity researchers say it's fairly straightforward to retrieve deleted data from most in-car entertainment information systems on the market.
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(2 hr ago) On October 18th, the New Third Board listed alcoholic e-commerce platform platform technology company announced that it has recently obtained a strategic investment of 2 billion yuan from Alibaba Group, and Alibaba holds about 29% of its shares. 1919 Second largest shareholder.
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(2 hr ago) On October 18th, Hainan Provincial People's Government and Baidu held a strategic cooperation signing ceremony in Hainan Ecological Software Park. The two sides will jointly promote the demonstration projects of smart cities and rely on Baidu brain, intelligent cloud, big data and other technologies to build government affairs, education and tourism. And other application scenarios, and jointly built "Baidu Hainan Ecological Village."
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(2 hr ago) Looking back on the past, Tencent is China's most bullish stock. It was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in June 2004. After calculating the stock price of Tencent for 14 years, it found that its cumulative increase was 330 times. Recently, Duan Yongping revealed that he has started to buy Tencent stock. "There have been some investment, but the ratio is still very small.
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(3 hr ago) Among them, tower business income was 51.535 billion yuan, up 3.7% over the same period last year; office branch business income was 1.325 billion yuan, up 79.3% over the same period last year; cross-industry site application and information business ('cross-industry business') income increased from 0.63 billion yuan to 675 million yuan in the same period last year; The proportion of business income to business income increased from 1.7% in the same period last year to 3.9%.
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(3 hr ago) In the interview, Wang Suzhen notified the major violations of the relevant payment institutions, pointing out the risk loopholes in the management of the network contractual merchants, such as non-standard access audit, failure to effectively implement inspection obligations, inadequate transaction monitoring and so on. He also proposed further strengthening internal control compliance management and standardizing the contractual merchants. At the same time, the relevant agencies are required to take effective measures to increase investment, properly handle customer complaints, to maximize the legitimate and reasonable demands of customers.
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(3 hr ago) More importantly, Millet MIX 3 supports screen fingerprint identification, and may be a pressure screen fingerprint, which is Millet's third screen fingerprint handset (the first two are Millet 8 transparent exploration version, Millet 8 screen fingerprint version, etc.). Not only has the super high screen ratio, the performance of millet MIX 3 is equally strong.
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(3 hr ago) Taiwan media said, still remember, China's low-price mobile phone manufacturer millet group in Hong Kong on July 9 listed the first day below the issue price, millet founder, chairman Lei Jun said at that time, although the situation is not good, but a good company will still stand out, "long-term holding millet will certainly make money.
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(3 hr ago) Google thought it was just abandoning a social product, but didn't expect it to be a secret garden for another group of people. It would officially shut down its social product, Google, in 10 months' time, turning it into an enterprise app.
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(3 hr ago) Tencent Technologies News, according to foreign media reports, Dell's cloud computing company VMware announced Wednesday that India will invest $2 billion in the next five years to expand its business and recruit talent.
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(3 hr ago) It is understood that this interest is only open to some businesses. Businessmen who participate in and pass the rights and interests certification test, as well as those who make good use of advertising evaluation to deal with the rights and interests quickly, can get the rights and interests. Businessmen can log on to "Merchant Center-Evaluation Management" (or Tianmao Customer Voice, or Qianniu-Evaluation Management), click the "Complaint Evaluation" button on the right side of the evaluation, and in the selection of complaint type pop-up window, when the "use of evaluation threat" complaint type with "residual N times of extreme processing rights and interests" text prompt ( See the red box below.)
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(3 hr ago) Amazon's Face Recognition tool, Rekognition, is being opposed by insiders because of its cooperation with U.S. police. An employee anonymously released an open letter on the Medium platform, expressing concern about the cooperation between the company and the police.
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(4 hr ago) Welcome to the "Creative Records" Weixin subscription number: sinachuangshiji 2. Goldbyte judges and Tencent News hosted the day before the "depth of salute" judges overlap.
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(4 hr ago) We know that Bezos is aware of these concerns and is now engaged in an industry-wide dialogue. On the stage, he admitted that high-tech products could be abused and even exploited by dictators. But that's not a meaningful explanation. Amazon will take action to prevent its technology from being abused. Bezos advises us to wait for the "immune response" of society.
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(4 hr ago) In addition, Baidu also cooperated with Hainan Industry and Information Technology Department and Hainan Eco-software Park to establish Hainan Baidu Block Chain Laboratory, initiated the establishment of Hainan Free Trade Zone (Hong Kong) Block Chain Experimental Zone Labelling Committee, and established the degree chain network technology (Hainan) Co., Ltd., formally released the Baidu Block Chain Project Baidu Super Chain.
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(4 hr ago) The core bright spot of the intelligent human settlement solution proposed by the Swisscore Rockchip and the Ali Cloud IoT, Alibaba Damo Academy is the "distributed voice technology of the Internet of things." it takes advantage of the advantages of high performance-to-price ratio and low power consumption of the Swiss core microchip. Combined with the technical power of Alibaba Damo Hospital, small size IoT full stack voice module is built on the basis of Ruixin microchip.
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(4 hr ago) Ronson Zhongke announced the launch of the second generation development platform, which greatly simplifies the development of hardware and software, and is pure domestic. The second generation development board is nano-ITX mini plate, which is only 12 × 12 cm in size, which is much larger than the first generation. At the same time, it integrates all necessary components and is powered by 12V3A cylinder power supply.
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(5 hr ago) Chang Cheng also said that many manufacturers will launch 5G handsets by the end of this year, "in addition to the possibility of Moto, other homes are all gimmicks." In fact, from the past three years, lenovo mobile phone sales have been disappointing, and have long been out of the top eight camps. Earlier, in an exclusive interview with Yang Yuanqing, Sina Technologies admitted that "there were some mistakes in the development of mobile phone business before, including judging customer needs and switching brand strategy".
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(7 hr ago) More than 450 Amazon employees issued a joint letter calling on CEO Jeff Bezos (Jeff Bezos) to stop selling his controversial face recognition technology to police, Beijing time reported early October 18.
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(7 hr ago) Live address: Lenovo's official website | Sina Live | Jingdong Live | Tianmao Live | B Station Live after the completion of the check-in work, cnBeta front editors entered the venue for the first time, found the best location in front of the arc screen left, so that the lens will not be easily blocked during the report, thereby You bring a clearer live scene.
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(7 hr ago) Among them, 970 EVO Plus and PM981a capacity configuration unchanged (250GB ~ 2TB), it still uses 64-layer 3D TLC flash, but the sequential write speed will be improved, PM981a also improved in random speed.
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