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(1 hr ago) Instagram, a photo sharing service, was acquired by Facebook for $1 billion in 2012, while WhatsApp, an instant messaging application, was acquired by Facebook for about $19 billion in February 2014.
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(1 hr ago) Interview: The negative forecast of Apple Online Store (China) TSMC is a bad omen for suppliers such as Intel, Invida and ASML, which will announce their revenue in the coming weeks. Although TSMC did not specify that Apple was one of the reasons for the decline in revenue, it reported that the sudden decline in sales of high-end smartphones had led to the unsold TSMC chips. The company expects demand for smartphones to continue to be weak before the release of new models in the second half of this year.
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(1 hr ago) Visit: When Huawei Mall talked about the Meng late boat incident, Ren Zhengfei said that Meng late boat was going to hold the same meeting with him in Argentina. Meng late boat hosted the meeting, but unfortunately was detained. "As the father of Meng Wanzhou, first of all, I would like to thank the Chinese government for safeguarding the rights and interests of Meng Wanzhou as a Chinese citizen and providing her with consular protection.
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(1 hr ago) This week, Apple released a new smart battery case for the iPhone XS, XS Max and XR. Some media sources have received these accessories in advance. Many iPhone X users have been concerned about whether the smart battery case of the iPhone XS can be compatible with old phones, considering that the design of the iPhone XS and the iPhone X are almost identical, the answer seems to be yes.
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(1 hr ago) According to new details shared by Steve Hemmerstoffer (also known as OnLeaks) and Compara Raja, an Indian website, Apple's 2019 iPhone may be equipped with upgraded front and rear cameras, redesigned internal layout, and Lightning interfaces.
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(1 hr ago) Access: Apple Online Store (China) MIMO antenna (Multi Input Multi Output) is a kind of wireless technology, simply by increasing the number of antennas, thereby increasing the communication channel, with more lines to receive and send data.
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(1 hr ago) Nathaniel Gleicher says Facebook has been trying to find and stop such activities because we don't want our services to be used to manipulate other users and the general population. Facebook deletes pages and accounts based on their behavior rather than what they publish.
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(2 hr ago) Many doubts seem to have arisen from the outside world. Intel, which has always been renowned for its architecture and technology, seems to be holding on to some of its best areas and occupying a lot of energy in other areas. These seemingly unsystematic actions have led many players to wonder what Intel can do to solidify its leadership in the semiconductor industry. If we really abandon the advantages of architecture and technology, what else can Intel leave behind? "Intel is a data company.
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(2 hr ago) In 2018, the domestic big cloud manufacturers launched a fierce competition, enterprise Shangyun has become the consensus of many enterprises. However, different public cloud services have their own characteristics and advantages, so for many small and medium-sized enterprises, whether to go to the cloud or not and which cloud services to choose are the first issues to be understood. In addition, how can Tencent, which is good at To C, take advantage of its existing advantages to serve more enterprises with Tencent cloud?
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(2 hr ago) Google AI Internship Program is a 12-month research training program, which was established in 2015 to train and support the next generation of in-depth learning researchers. Participants will have the opportunity to be guided by outstanding scientists and engineers from various teams in Google AI, and to work on solving practical machine learning problems and applications. In addition, they will have the opportunity to work closely with Google and Alphabet research teams.
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(2 hr ago) At the conference, Xiaoda also announced a strategic cooperation with China Mobile's brand Xiaoshi to achieve green recycling and environmental protection disposal of smartphones by replacing old ones with new ones. Tian Eye Check information shows that Fujitsu and Itochu have 19% and Shenzhen Avail Technologies 62%, which are major shareholders.
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(2 hr ago) Baidu today announced an exclusive partnership with CCTV. At the Spring Festival Gala in 2019, Baidu will participate in the Red Packet Interaction of the Spring Festival Gala as an exclusive network interactive platform. This year's CCTV Spring Festival Gala Red Pack will be distributed in four rounds. Users can participate in the interaction through the new Baidu App. Baidu said that this year's Spring Festival Gala red envelope will set a record high in the amount of money, and introduce a more convenient way of red envelope interaction combined with artificial intelligence experience.
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(2 hr ago) In terms of applications, Nokia X5 upgraded programs such as cameras, application stores, weather clients, theme stores, and switching assistants, among which the upgraded switching assistants support local application relocation. In addition, the update log shows that Nokia X5 Android 9.0 supports native text selection magnifier function, native Lock down locking function, forced horizontal screen function of native system, and improved system fluency.
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(2 hr ago) TSMC said on Thursday that its quarterly revenue would show its biggest decline in 10 years. The company warned of the impact of falling demand for smartphones. TSMC is currently the only supplier of Series A chips for the iPhone, and it is expected to continue to supply chips exclusively for the new iPhone this year.
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(4 hr ago) Yesterday there were three social software releases, and then the headlines of the clattering media articles were all "blocked" by micro-letters just after the release of xxx. Then many people are questioning whether Wechat violates the spirit of Internet sharing. It seems that I heard the abacus of Communist Weixin cracking.
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(5 hr ago) This is a spoiler of Rashomon style. The protagonist of the spoiler, Qin, is the first Chinese mobile Internet company to land on the New York Stock Exchange. Its market value once exceeded 15 billion yuan. Today, it is about to withdraw from the market.
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(5 hr ago) Noreen Krall, Apple's chief litigant lawyer, said in an interview with a through-train reporter that Apple and Qualcomm had three main differences in patent licensing: first, Qualcomm charged double fees for both chip fees and licensing fees; second, Qualcomm would not provide chips if it did not pay for licensing; third, Qualcomm would not provide chips if it did not pay for licensing fees; and third, Qualcomm would charge a licensing fee. It charges per cent for the whole phone, and many innovations in smartphones have nothing to do with the communications chips of the company.
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(5 hr ago) Many times when we think our imagination of smart home life has reached its zenith, there will always be companies telling us with some strange products - you are naive.
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(5 hr ago) In the evening of the same day, Gree Electric announced that in 2018, its total operating income is estimated to be 200 billion yuan to 201 billion yuan, and its net profit is 26 billion yuan to 27 billion yuan, an increase of 16% to 21% compared with the same period last year. According to the letter of concern, according to Section 2.15 of Shenzhen Stock Exchange's "Stock Listing Rules (Amendment 2018)", listed companies and relevant information disclosure obligors shall not disclose or disclose important information in any other way, such as news release or answering questions from reporters, before announcing it in the designated media.
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(6 hr ago) On January 17, IDC, a market research institute, released data on the market share of global public cloud IaaS (infrastructure as a service) manufacturers in the first half of 2018. Over the past five years, Aliyun's global market share has increased 12 times.
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(7 hr ago) Really, please stop talking about "encircling and suppressing Weixin", "challenging Weixin" and "declaring war Weixin".
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(7 hr ago) DDMQ is a distributed message queue based on Apache RocketMQ. DDMQ has been widely used internally and has been running stably for more than two years. DDMQ provides low latency, high concurrency, high availability and high reliability message service for drip trips, including online booking, orange garments, maps, finance, intelligent driving, intelligent transportation and takeout, etc. At the level of 100 billion, the overall service availability exceeds 5.9.
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(7 hr ago) According to Nintendo Hong Kong's official website, Nintendo will update its system in the next few days, adding Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese menu language support.
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(7 hr ago) This year's Spring Festival Red Packet will last 8 days (January 28 - February 4). The Spring Festival Evening Red Packet Interaction will be divided into four rounds. You can participate in the interaction through the latest version of Baidu APP. As long as you open Baidu APP according to the interactive password of the host of the Spring Festival Gala, you can get the red envelope.
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(7 hr ago) "It's probably the most expensive'peripheral'of the Skycat Elves ever!" Chen Lijuan, Vice President of Alibaba Group and Head of Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, said at a cooperation conference with BMW Group.
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(8 hr ago) Wu Ming, a cloud song smart CTO, responded today by microblogging to the issue of MT sharing links in the toilet, a social product of Weixin Shielding Company: "Weixin Shielding is only a small episode, which we also anticipate is triggered by its internal mechanism, and I believe it is not aimed at us."
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(8 hr ago) Interview: Although the overall decline in the PC market is bad news for Intel, the situation for Apple is a little different and worse. Intel's products cover all areas of personal computers. It will sell the cheapest, lowest-end computer chips and the most expensive PC core chips to the company.
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(8 hr ago) At the same time, NVIDIA only certified 12 of the more than 400 Freesync monitors, saying that only they support the perfect N card. Because NVIDIA does not recognize Freesync, Huang Renxun said in an interview with CES that those monitors that have not passed the G-Sync compatibility certification, with A card, the picture is also dirty.
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(8 hr ago) It should be noted that this work is provided by real, professional people (rather than machine translation) and complies with Google's own service quality control standards. The cost of translating words can be as low as $0.07. But for some small languages, such as Afrikaans, the word price can be as high as $0.18.
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(8 hr ago) On January 15, "Three App Wars Announcement Wechat" was a popular microblog search, with 42,000 articles discussed and 500 million readers read. During the same period, hot search also included "Luo Zhixiangguan Comment" and "Zhang Ziyila Black Fans" and so on. Toilet MT, chat treasure (atomic bomb short message), flash three social apps piled up to develop cloth fairs with remarkable effect, and achieved the same attention as star gossip.
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