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(Just now) Recently, GitLab released the Global Developer Report, which surveyed a total of 5296 software professionals from around the world. Most of them are software developers or engineers working in hardware, services, and SaaS industries. Small business.
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(34 min ago) According to analysts from Bank of America, Apple may launch an iPhone with a "foldable display" in the coming years. Analysts said that this iPhone or similar Apple device is expected to be launched as soon as 2020, and now Apple has registered a number of related technology patents.
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(34 min ago) From March 24 to March 26, 2018, the China Development High Level Forum was held in Diaoyutai State Guesthouse in Beijing in 2018 with the theme of "China in a new era." Up to now, it has been determined that there are more than 120 major overseas representatives attending the forum, including the chairman or CEO of more than 80 Fortune 500 companies and global industry leaders.
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(57 min ago) The world's largest social network platform, Facebook, has been in trouble by an event involving more than 50 million users' personal information data leaks. In the past week, Facebook has not only lost nearly 14% of its share price, but also has lost about 75000000000 of its market value, and some advertisers have said they will stop advertising to Facebook.
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(57 min ago) Facebook has leaked massive user data in the near future, and the data are also being used to affect Facebook users.
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(58 min ago) Ma Huateng in recent months, Tencent (Tencent, Jingdong) generous shares Yonghui, Carrefour, sea orchid house and BBK cooperation, the problem with the retail business, Ma Huateng said a lot of people asked him the reason behind, everyone said they cannot read.
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(58 min ago) Machine learning is a branch of artificial intelligence, which is mainly a study of computer algorithms that can be improved automatically through experience. According to foreign media reports, IBM has recently announced that its POWER server's machine learning is not only faster than Google's TensorFlow, but also 46 times faster.
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(59 min ago) Ma Huateng speech Ma Huateng said that the power of science and technology is more and more obvious, the market value of 10 enterprises around the world have gradually from the main energy, operators, into 7, 8 companies are the enterprise of science and technology, many traditional companies are using technology to achieve the transformation and upgrading.
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(59 min ago) Ma Huateng said with a smile, "just a small girl, and talked about the father-in-law, mother-in-law, brought back memories of my more than 10 years ago, we also face such a choice, when we choose the investment banks have listed, finally they say you so small, and small volume flow, or a choice.
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(59 min ago) Samsung Electronics said earlier that it expected to remain ahead of its Chinese rivals in chips, TheInvestor reported on March 24, Beijing time.
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(59 min ago) The day before, the Tencent's largest shareholder, the South African media group Naspers and electricity supplier for the first time in 17 years of Tencent holdings, sold about 2% shares; for the reduction, Naspers said, it is from the sale of 190 million shares of the Tencent shares (2% of its holdings) $9 billion 800 million in trading, growth will strengthen its assets the balance sheet and the fund with the money.
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(2 hr ago) In recent years, the two sides once again had friction due to the GPP policy led by NVIDIA. The impact of this event can be very small. If we follow the plan of NVIDIA, the AMD card in the future may be out of touch with the "game" brand.
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(2 hr ago) The theft of 100 bitcoin was "ghost" by the host in the case, Haidian procuratorate found technology crime prosecution department investigation, the suspect of a secondary Department of Haidian District, a technology company operation engineer. In a secondary server maintenance server found abnormal data, others have tried by means of hacker intrusion, server and try to steal the company bitcoin, after excluding abnormal interference, he gourmets or evil, the use of access login server administrator and inserted into a piece of code, which will be 100 companies transferred to bitcoin the registered in the foreign website bitcoin wallet.
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(2 hr ago) Although the hostile takeover of Qualcomm is stopped by the US president, chipmaker Bo Tong is still planning to move its headquarters to the United States. The Singapore company said Friday that its shareholders have been overwhelmingly approving the decision to move the company's official base to the United States, with a shareholder support rate of up to 99%.
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(2 hr ago) It is worth mentioning that in February 23rd, BBK just signed a cooperation agreement with Tencent and Jingdong, that is to say, BBK is a member of the new retail field of Tencent. This is similar to WAL-MART, the Tencent is the largest shareholder in Jingdong, and WAL-MART is the third largest shareholder of Jingdong and WAL-MART is also a camp.
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(3 hr ago) It's a little regrettable that the functionality to load the add - on has not been supported, and the developer says he will add it through future updates. According to the data, Foobar 2000 started its debut in 2002, and has gone through the course of 16 years.
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(3 hr ago) You can see that you can share the jitter video link in your friends circle, you can see it from your friend circle interface, and WeChat friends can't see the video link by sharing a friend's circle. But Bianews found that the chattering and video sharing links are still visible in private and group chat interfaces.
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(3 hr ago) He trained a model to predict the number of hits on the "Criteo Labs click log". The site is more than 1TB and contains feature values and click feedback data from millions of ads. The data were studied after 60 minutes of preprocessing, and 60 working machines and 29 parameter machines were used for training.
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(3 hr ago) In March 22nd, Synopsys Black Duck held a webinar -- "open source project, breaking the boundary" -- explore the origin and evolution of this year's outstanding open source rookie, and selected the following outstanding open source projects.
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(3 hr ago) First, say the front and the poster confirm the screen of SHARP S3 91%, but Liu Haidao is relatively narrow, but the width is not small. In addition, the so-called "extreme Chin" is not cut down, or even etched on Sharp LOGO. Some of the materials on the back can't be identified. They should be glass theoretically. But the rendering of the grit metal creates the texture of the frosted metal. It may finally be announced at the press conference.
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(4 hr ago) The participants in the survey, 43.52% of respondents worked in hardware, services and SaaS industry, government, aerospace and defense, automotive, consumer products, energy and utilities, industrial manufacturing, biotechnology / pharmaceuticals, health insurance, food and other industries accounted for less than 8%, other respondents who is the case as shown below:
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(5 hr ago) Eighteen years ago, a man named Lu Youqing left his life record after entering the late stage of cancer in the website “Under the Fir Tree”. Eighteen years later, the cancer was still unconquered. After a group of women became unlucky as their goal, they chose to The last few strokes of life on YouTube, the video site. What their works bring to people is not a heavy sigh, but a driving force for courage.
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(5 hr ago) ▲ Image Source: WWF's official website screenshot is just “a green show that is not environmentally friendly”? The "Earth Hour" controversy mainly focuses on the following two questions: Is it really energy-saving to turn off the lights for an hour? not necessarily. For a single family, turning off the lights in one hour saves very limited energy, and one hour only accounts for 1/8760 of a year.
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(5 hr ago) In the early days of the development and rise of video games, special game consoles were used as the carrier. Although early computers were also able to run some games, the games designed for computers in the mainstream public's cognition were obviously experimental. In the main business of professional computing to produce a little interesting adjustment.
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(5 hr ago) The recent Facebook data breaches have caused Zuckerberg's creation of information empire and its power to surface to the world. According to "New York Times" and "The Guardian", Cambridge Analytica, a British-based political consultancy based on data analysis, was charged with using Facebook's poor information management to steal personal data of up to 50 million Facebook users during the 2016 US presidential election. Help Republican candidates, current US President Trump, launch targeted political advertisements.
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(5 hr ago) Xinhua Viewpoint WeChat Public Account On March 24th, when you were still amazed at the changes brought by mobile payment, WeChat and Alipay have started to make payments out of the phone! At present, WeChat and Alipay have also announced that they will start high-speed "non-inductive" payments. The high-speed charges that have not changed for many years will usher in tremendous changes!
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(6 hr ago) On March 24, the two-day Alibaba first stage demonstration of poverty alleviation was held. The party secretary of Alibaba Group and Shao Xiaofeng, secretary general of Alibaba's Poverty Alleviation Fund, expressed to leaders of party and government from 21 poverty-stricken counties: “Getting Rid of Poverty This matter is not a charity or a charity in the eyes of Ali and us. It is a cause and a blessing."
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(6 hr ago) Foreign media published an analysis article on Saturday saying that flash purchase and good use of social media, so that Chinese technology startups Xiaomi beat Samsung Electronics to become the leading Indian smart phone market. Although Xiaomi plans to more than double India’s revenue this year to reach about US$2 billion, how to increase the supply chain to meet the needs of Indian users has become a new worry for Xiaomi. The following is a summary of the article:
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(7 hr ago) As a background, on March 22, US time, US President Trump signed the president’s memorandum. Based on the results of the “301 investigation,” it will impose large-scale tariffs on imports from China and limit Chinese companies’ investment in M&A in the United States. . For the communications industry that was the first to participate in global competition, since 2012, Huawei and ZTE have repeatedly been questioned and restricted by the US because of issues related to “national security risks”.
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(7 hr ago) In terms of configuration, the LG K9 does not use the popular full-scale screen, but a 5.0-inch 16:9 IPS display with a resolution of 1280 × 720, with Qualcomm Cellon 210 processor, 2GB memory 16GB storage, and support for memory card expansion. It has a front 5 million rear 8 million pixel camera and a battery capacity of 2500 mAhs.
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