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(15 min ago) Editor's note: for a long time, the number of female software developers is scarce, especially in the stereotype of early people. Their working ability and educational background are easy to be questioned. In fact, family environment, school education and marital life have greatly affected the life path of female software developers.
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(29 min ago) November 22 evening news, real-name authentication @ Shanghai Yingdong law firm senior partner Hui Xiang lawyer published "Alibaba legal adviser: abnormal public opinion operation to the public" article. In the article, the author said that over the past month, a sudden a large number of online Alibaba "monopoly market", Alibaba "forcing businesses to choose one" Ali platform "business bankruptcy runway & rdquo;
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(33 min ago) Apple introduced the current iPhone SE at a media event on March 21, 2016 and later that month, so the iPhone SE 2 may of course be launched in March. India website Tekz24 previously reported that the next generation of iPhone SE will use Apple's A10 Fusion chip, equipped with 2GB of memory, 32GB and 128GB storage capacity, 12 million pixel rear camera ...
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(35 min ago) Developers can choose to download the appropriate virtual machine image based on their own virtual machine software, including VMware, VirtualBox, Hyper-V or Parallels. Each mirror requires 17-20GB of free space to extract. Microsoft though hard to push Universal Windows
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(38 min ago) As a pay-as-you-go payment method, WeChat payment is also widely used in our daily life. In addition to payment and red packets, WeChat Wallet has a more popular feature of credit card payment.
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(39 min ago) The Brain team within Google is conducting a pilot study that uses existing speech recognition technology to document the doctor-patient medical conversation.
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(2 hr ago) They are start-ups in the Internet era, started out in the slightest, experienced the company's test of life and death, and eventually became the helm of the wave. Their entrepreneurial experience is regarded as the "Bible", their entrepreneurial story you must be familiar with.
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(2 hr ago) November 15 afternoon news, in April this year, China Unicom announced the common establishment of "China Unicom Air America" ​​company, is committed to promoting the development of aviation WiFi. At present, China Unicom has obtained relevant permission and will conduct business demonstration next month. This means that China Unicom will support wireless access to the aircraft.
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(2 hr ago) In order to further support the original high-quality content of the WeChat public platform, with immediate effect, WeChat public platform "Original Statement" and "Message" function open beta. After the first batch of WeChat certified public number operators login platform, the background will gradually appear "original statement" and "message" and other functions plug-in, can be used directly; follow-up will gradually open to the full platform account.
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(2 hr ago) Only the current statistics, there are nearly 500 accounts at the same time period, continued to issue more than 9700 net posts related articles. Every Ali large-scale activities, earnings release, the new business start-up and other time points, the above account will be promptly activated: and action consistent, consistent content, the same style, has been completely around the media in a short period of time, misleading the public - There are obvious organizational control, large-scale operation of the trace.
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(2 hr ago) Microblogging blogger Li sledgehammer students expected to receive a message from netizens, asking them to use iPhone X on behalf of the release of a QQ space to talk about, the purpose is to display only from the iPhone X. @ Lee sledgehammer classmates this is obviously a business opportunity, you can open the iPhone X on behalf of the QQ talk and microblogging business, a 20, guarantee the tail shows that weibo need to bring their own members, cash, do not accept returns ... ... have this business needs Most of them are estimated to be students or just graduated young people.
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(2 hr ago) Microsoft is offering free, time-limited Windows 10 development virtual machines, preloaded with Enterprise Windows 10, Visual Studio 2017 and a variety of tools designed to get programmers to work on its Universal Windows Platform applications.
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(3 hr ago) The main color for the white interface, together with different types of plates, plates in the soft and low-key color, without going through too much whitewash, with a simple picture to present the texture of the goods that just, as a consumer, which is carefully selected into Netease Intuitive feeling. First of all, not to mention how the quality of goods come out alone comment, detailed experience, browse the interface feel like Muji, no matter what, and Taobao that colorful, colorful feeling of the goods are different.
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(3 hr ago) Following the "glorious mission" summaries, quality, weather, maps, scenes 5 unique selling short video after the public. Today, the "Glorious Mission" officials once again released two unique selling short video, revealing the game the two most core of the game system: firearms and vehicles.
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(3 hr ago) Android QQ chat version of the new features - Recommend contact to recommend more new friends - voice messages change funny voice Meng Meng Letian - chat window revision common features at your fingertips - discussion group can be @ member important information timely attention - group file search quickly find the target File Android QQ light chat version v3.6.2 official version: Download
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(3 hr ago) This search problem seems to be related to the company's segment capabilities. Featured snippets are designed to answer queries on the fly, often with bad answers. For example, Google's home devices use a feature clip to answer the question, "Women Are Wicked," and replied in terrible crooks: "Every woman is to a certain extent a prostitute."
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(5 hr ago) The combined market capitalization of the three companies this year adds up to about 590 billion U.S. dollars (Tencent, about 300 billion U.S. dollars, Altay 260 billion U.S. dollars, and Baidu about 30 billion U.S. dollars), which is higher than the market value of (close to U.S. $ 550 billion as of Tuesday U.S. time) .
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(5 hr ago) Earlier, Samsung appointed a new generation of top executives last month, dismissing concerns that Vice President Lee Jae-Yong was detained. The company said the new artificial intelligence research center will be located in the company's mobile and consumer e-commerce joint research center, which is two of Samsung's three major businesses.
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(6 hr ago) "All in AI" and announced that he would return to the content distribution business a year later, Baidu began gradually approaching the headlines today, in the feed stream advertising revenue before the date, Baidu has launched a number of paws".
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(7 hr ago) Since this year, bitcoin soared 7 times. As of press time, Beijing time at 15:50 on the 22, bitcoin prices are still near the historical high, according to Bistamp data show that bitcoin prices rose about 1.5%, reported 8209 U.S. dollars / one, the previous day bitcoin rose to 8354 U.S. dollars, a record high.
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(7 hr ago) In November 22nd, Tencent announced a strategic cooperation with the blue hole, and obtained the sole agency operation of (hereinafter referred to as "Jedi survival") in China
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(7 hr ago) Lei Feng Net AI Technology Review By: Apple officially started in iOS11 with machine learning API in the system, simultaneously provides a lot of mobile phone functions based on machine learning / depth learning. In fact, before Apple has done a lot of research and development, but when they decided to run deep neural networks on the phone to provide easy-to-use features while not disturbing the normal user experience, major challenges also wait for Apple to solve.
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(7 hr ago) HomePod is scheduled to be released by the end of the year or until next year, this should be a great opportunity for Apple to seize the smart speaker market. Recently, a report by Bloomberg disclosed the development process of Apple HomePod. In fact, HomePod took more than 5 years from development to development - at first, HomePod was just an amateur project of Apple employees, and after many re-inventings, it became what we saw today.
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(7 hr ago) More than Bcache users report on mailing lists and Gentoo's Bugzilla. They have suffered serious damage to the file system and lost all data when they update to Linux 4.14. If the data is not backed up, it will undoubtedly be a disaster.
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(7 hr ago) The latest version of Firefox Quantum has attracted a lot of attention since its debut in November, and the Mozilla official stressed this time that the speed of Firefox Quantum will be Google Chrome several blocks in the privacy browsing mode.
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(7 hr ago) At noon today, the official Tencent suddenly announced a major news: officially reached a strategic cooperation with PUBG company, < Jedi survival: Battle Royale >) the exclusive right to operate in China.
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(8 hr ago) HIV is a virus that weakens the immune system of the human body. It destroys vital immune cells that fight disease and infection, and seriously affects the quality of life of the patient. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), about 1 million 100 thousand people in the United States live in the HIV virus infection.
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(8 hr ago) For hungry, Baidu takeaway in the "Baidu" two words have a certain period of use. According to the agreement between the two sides of the merger, Baidu takeaway brand reserved for 18 months hungry use, hungry after 18 months, can no longer use Baidu related brands.
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(9 hr ago) Google Alphabet parent company chairman, billionaire Eric Schmidt (Eric Schmidt) on Saturday at the Halifax International Security Forum (Halifax International Security Forum) said that in the United States, the polarization of the political environment, people continue to publish opinions left article makes Google almost impossible to correctly rank information.
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(9 hr ago) Here's the main idea: next to the canal that separates Brook forest from Queens, New York, is a large brick wall that once was a glass factory. Now, it has become an office for artists, metalworking workers, and a company called Looking Glass.
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