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(12 day ago) On Monday, Microsoft agreed to buy GitHub code hosting platform for $7 billion 500 million. But Microsoft is not the only company to try to buy GitHub. In recent weeks, Google representatives also discussed acquisitions with GitHub, according to people familiar with the matter.
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(5 hr ago) Valuation and recommendation: Xiaomi’s business model is to use cost-effective hardware to acquire customers + multiple categories to increase the viscous + high-margin value-added services to realize the Internet model, mobile phone and IoT hardware is the user base for realizing the Internet business. Based on the characteristics of industry development, we analyzed the hardware business in detail and forecasted the profitability of the three types of business.
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(8 hr ago) Linus Torvalds announced the release of Linux 4.18-rc1 on the kernel mailing list and closed the merge window. He said that you might think that for him now is still Saturday, and the pullover is still available on the last day of the merge window. But he is now in Japan and Japan is already on Sunday. He will stay on board on Sunday and decided to close the merger window in advance.
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(8 hr ago) Remember the Zapcc compiler? A compiler designed to reduce compile time is now officially open source. Zapcc is a C++ compiler based on LLVM/Clang. Since 2015, it has been working hard to make itself a faster C++ compiler than Clang itself.
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(9 hr ago) The QQ carrying dozens of products, large and small, is like a large ship. In the past year or so, the ship has finally returned to sea level after encountering a huge wave. According to Tencent's first-quarter financial report in 2018, the number of QQ monthly active accounts reached 805 million, which was a 6.4% decrease from the same period of last year but an increase from 783 million in the previous quarter.
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(11 hr ago) The news on iPhone SE 2 was quietly heard on the internet these days, claiming that Apple had completely cancelled the project. Interestingly, this time the source still comes from the accessories manufacturer Olixar, which can not help but suspect that the accessories business has a big brush presence of marketing suspicion, because the release of iPhone SE 2 protective cover and protective film renderings is also a manufacturer .
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(11 hr ago) Visit: Apple Online Store (China) Today, the WWDC 2018 conference is over. According to Apple's usual new product release rules, there is no time to accommodate iPhone SE 2 before the fall conference. Apple breaks the convention for small screens that have little attention. The possibilities are also minimal.
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(11 hr ago) Two tech giants said they will jointly develop retail infrastructure to provide a better personalized shopping experience. To this end, Jingdong said it plans to sell some of its products in the United States and Europe through Google Shopping.
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(12 hr ago) However, he immediately clarified that this situation will occur in any industry. The manufacturers do not understand their business model, especially those who have never worked with them before they want to stop the money. Touchard stressed that DxOMark never accepted the money, and the future is absolutely not. They have their own principles and will not compromise.
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(12 hr ago) Visit: Microsoft China Official Mall Fix Windows Update issue on systems running Windows 10 Home or Pro versions of 1507 (original Windows version), 1511 (noveled November), 1607 (creator update). Microsoft describes this as "This update contains files and resources to address the impact of Windows
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(13 hr ago) WebXR is a Web standard that will soon be popular. Just as historical HTML, CSS, and ECMAScript, WebXR is born for the new era of AR / VR.
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(15 hr ago) Two reasons for the slowdown in the growth of data center services The performance of Intel’s announced data center business last quarter was a staggering increase of 20% year-on-year, which also set Intel’s revenue record. At Intel’s recent earnings conference call, Robert Swan, chief financial officer, said that although Intel’s data center business should continue to grow rapidly in the second quarter of 2018, it is expected that growth will slow.
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(15 hr ago) On June 18th, Jingdong Group and Google announced that Google will invest Jingdong with US$550 million in cash. In return, Google will receive approximately 27.11 million newly issued Jingdong Class A common stocks with an offer price of US$20.29 per share, etc. The value is $40.58 per ADS (American Depositary Shares).
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(15 hr ago) Visit: Alibaba Cloud Server Ma Yun said that many Chinese companies are interested in investing in Malaysia. Alibaba's visit is on behalf of Chinese companies. “Alibaba has always been committed to helping Malaysia to upgrade its technology and help Malaysian small businesses to reach the world stage through the Alibaba ecosystem.
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(15 hr ago) AT&T launched the Apple iPhone X promotion for Father's Day. It is basically a one-on-one (BOGO) purchase. Specifically, the user purchases two 64GB Apple iPhone Xs in the AT&T Next (30 months) or Next Every Year (24 months) installment plans, both old and new users can participate, but the second iPhone X Must buy AT&...
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(15 hr ago) According to media reports, Google’s 550 million U.S. dollars stake in Jingdong became the largest news in the Internet sector during the Dragon Boat Festival. Of course, this kind of news may not have surpassed Wall Street's expectation because, in the past few days, Jingdong's share price has been “abnormally” rising continuously, and the wind has already been revealed.
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(15 hr ago) More than one friend looked down on the headline, so he steadfastly cheered Tencent to beat it. I asked them, who are even more immoral in information houses and addictive games, who have more original sins in Shakespeare and the glory of the king, Tencent’s charity and which are the nobler in the headline... They generally do not speak.
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(15 hr ago) English original: Google to invest $550 million in Chinese e-commerce giant
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(16 hr ago) This means that U.S. companies will have a huge opportunity to sell more products to Chinese consumers who want to buy foreign products. Liu Qiangdong said: "If the trade war continues for a long time, it will be a terrible thing." He told CNBC reporter that this trade war will cause great harm to American brands.
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(16 hr ago) Mahathir proposed to Ma Yun that he hopes that Alibaba will use his own experience to empower local farmers to help agricultural products find their way out through bilingual training in English and Malay. “Malaysia’s rural areas are not rich yet, and the government’s importance The goal is to support the development of rural areas and hopes that Alibaba will support Malaysian rural development through the Internet.
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(16 hr ago) According to WHO, the symptoms of addiction to games include uncontrollably playing games (frequency, strength, length of video games are taken into consideration), and video games are often placed before other life interests, even if negative consequences persist. Increase the playing time.
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(17 hr ago) Chinese-funded institutions and foreign-funded institutions hold different views. In the analyst roadshow, Chinese-funded institutions and foreign-funded institutions have given very different price ranges. The price range given by Chinese-funded institutions is much higher than that of foreign-funded institutions. The market generally believes that Xiaomi’s stock story is very exciting, but foreign companies believe that Xiaomi’s return to financial data is normal and cannot fully support high valuations.
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(17 hr ago) ITC's lawyer suggested that judge Thomas Pender judged that Apple infringed one of Qualcomm's three patents—battery energy-saving technology. However, the lawyer also stated that in order not to lag behind China, iPhones that use Intel chips and support next-generation 5G technology can enter the United States.
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(17 hr ago) Visit: According to the news from the Apple Online Store (China), Apple will launch two models of different sizes in addition to the 5.8-inch iPhone X, and their body size is designed to be 6.1 inches. And 6.5 inches.
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(18 hr ago) Viewing into the side of the mountain - Comment on Xiaomi's confusing financial report Huang Shizhong (Professor and Ph.D. supervisor of the accounting department of Xiamen University) Recently, he browsed articles and reviews on the Internet and found that investors are full of Xiaomi's financial reports. Confusion: Does Xiaomi have a serious loss or a high profit? In the end is the insolvency or strength? According to IFRS, Xiaomi lost 43.9 billion yuan in 2017. If it does not measure according to IFRS, it will earn 5.4 billion yuan. The difference between the two is as high as 49.3 billion yuan, of which the increase in profit of convertible redeemable preferred stock is as high as 54.1 billion yuan.
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(18 hr ago) Once the bill becomes law, it will require companies to share large amounts of user data and explain how it sends targeted advertisements. It will also force companies to give users the right to choose and refuse to sell their information to the highest bidder. Obviously, once the bill is formally implemented, it will affect the revenue stream of technology companies, so they will stand up and do not want to pass the bill.
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(18 hr ago) Reuters reported that, like the United States, Australia is concerned that Huawei is under the control of the Chinese government, raising concerns that sensitive infrastructure will fall into the hands of Beijing. In a letter from the Australian government, the chairman of the company and two directors agreed in a letter to the Australian government. “A recent public comment on China mentioned Huawei’s role in Australia and triggered some observational comments on security issues.
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(18 hr ago) If users need technical support, the Fire support team will assist with the Fire tablet's "screen sharing" feature. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, who had hoped the feature would be popular, later claimed that Mayday's response time had been reduced from its original target of 15 seconds to 9 seconds and was used by about a third of Fire users.
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(18 hr ago) Jingdong's supply chain and logistics advantages will be combined with Google's technological advantages to explore next-generation retail infrastructure solutions. Jingdong also plans to select high-quality products for sale through Google Shopping in multiple regions.
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(19 hr ago) In the past year, Alibaba and Tencent were caught in a money-burning battle in the field of mobile payments. This spring, Alibaba’s Ant Financials announced a rare quarterly loss. Previously, the company paid a lot of money to offer discounts and rebates. The purpose was to expand the number of Alipay users and keep up with Tencent’s WeChat payment in terms of users.
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