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(6 hr ago) Although the patent does not specifically mention that this is the Pixel model, we can clearly see the design style language of the Pixel device in the sketch. Although patent documents still fail to show that this is Pixel 4, Google is likely to adopt the most trendy design in the next generation of Android flagship.
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(7 hr ago) AI Frontline Guide: In November 2018, TensorFlow reviewed its added features over the years when celebrating its 3rd birthday. The TensorFlow team is very excited about the upcoming TensorFlow 2.0. Compared to the old version, what new features have been added to the version that the team sees as another important milestone?
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(8 hr ago) (Photo courtesy of Google) Google said in the blog post that each of the two largest solar power plants has an installed capacity of approximately 150 megawatts. Google said it will rank among the largest renewable energy power plants in the Tennessee Valley and the two largest solar power plants built for Google.
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(18 hr ago) For Google's research team, 2018 is an exciting year. Google Research promotes technology research in a variety of ways, including basic computer science research results and publications, as well as a number of research applications in Google's emerging areas (such as health care and robotics), open source software contributions, and close collaboration with the Google product team, all of which are designed to provide useful tools and services.
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(19 hr ago) In November, many Google employees left their offices to protest against the company's mandatory arbitration policy in dealing with sexual harassment. Because of this policy, employees can hardly bring employers to court during internal complaints. After the protests, Google chose "partial summation" to end its inappropriate policy of dealing with sexual harassment.
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(19 hr ago) Android has been supporting 64-bit processors on the system since the launch of Apple's 5S iPhone. But compared with the high unification of Apple's hardware and software, the support for 64-bit Android devices is much slower. Although our daily applications such as Taobao, Weibo and Weixin are all 64-bit programs, there are still some programs to follow. However, it is written in 32 bits.
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(20 hr ago) Editor's note: Julia Enthoven was a product manager at Google and is now working on an online video production project. Based on her experience in Google and her own business, she concluded that entrepreneurs should not start with APP, but should build websites.
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(23 hr ago) Following the launch of a new design on Google Drive last year and the testing of G Suite suite applications, Google today announced that Google Docs, Sheets, Slides and Sites have acquired the much-anticipated Material Design language. It's worth noting that this update does not involve new functions or other changes, just design adjustments on the user interface.
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(1 day ago) Google,, Automattic and many private foundations have jointly built a modern network platform, Newspack. In short: Newspack is a simplified version of WordPress, making it a faster and safer popular content management system.
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(1 day ago) Newspack does not focus on the back end of the site, but on simple solutions designed for small teams. Think of it as a rewritten lightweight version of WordPress, which has removed unnecessary parts. The exact functionality to be included in Newspack is still under consideration.
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(1 day ago) According to the 2018 financial report, Google’s revenue in the first three quarters has exceeded $97.6 billion, equivalent to a daily income of $270 million. Even in this volume, it is still growing at a high rate, with revenue growth of 21% in the third quarter. Profit increased by 37%.
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(1 day ago) According to CNET, Sake Dean Mahomed is an entrepreneur and surgeon who helped break the cultural barrier between India and Britain. Mahomed brought Indian cuisine and Indian physiotherapy, massage and shampoo to Europe in the early 19th century.
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(2 day ago) Today, Google announced that it will launch RCS Chat on the Google Fi network. Google said it is improving the data speed of roaming users. Previously, RCS Chat was only available in Android phones that Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile operators worked with.
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(2 day ago) Starting today, Google Fi users get support for RCS by upgrading Android Messages apps on supported devices. RCS supports input indicators, read receipts, share high-resolution pictures and videos, and send messages over WiFi and cellular networks.
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(4 day ago) When it comes to growing hackers, Silicon Valley may be the first thing people think of. As a popular technology, increasing the importance of hackers is becoming well known to many companies. The so-called growth hacker, refers to a way of user growth, that is, through certain means and strategies to help companies form rapid growth. For startups, especially startups, growth hackers can also achieve good results without advertising budgets, marketing campaigns and marketing specialists.
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(5 day ago) There is a flag in the Chrome OS 72 update - enabling user personal document volumes, which means that users can finally move the entire personal document folder to a readable and writable hard drive, which allows users to restore previously downloaded content in previous versions. If the user's Chrome OS device has no free space (usually 16GB/32GB), Chrome OS will automatically delete some of the downloaded content, which the user cannot manage.
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(5 day ago) Chromecast Audio has Wi-Fi connectivity and the ability to stream audio. It looks and works like a standard Google Chromecast, except that it transmits audio only via a spur line instead of an HDMI connection. The device was first used in 2015. release.
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(5 day ago) On the latest issue of Jamie Ferren's Tonight Show, one of this year's guest judges was Kermitthe Frog, who discussed the game with Jimmy Fallon on Monday's Tonight Show.
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(6 day ago) Google Search is launching a new feature today that puts the user's forgotten web search history in a prominent position. The goal is to make it easy for users to return to previous search results and visited sites. During the web search process, users can view previously visited pages and previously completed searches in Google's Activity Cards.
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(7 day ago) In view of this, the Internet Engineering Task Force has introduced the DoH specification to encrypt user queries, so that users can better protect their privacy when browsing the web pages. DNS-over-TLS Encryption Standard: We know that HTTPS Encryption Security Protocol can effectively prevent man-in-the-middle attacks, and can also allow intermediaries or operators to monitor users'real-time access information.
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(7 day ago) For example, when searching for "Barack Obama" keywords, users will display information from Barack Obama's Wikipedia entry and provide relevant links to jump directly to his social media account. But Wietze Beukema, a member of the PwC Network Threat Detection and Response Team, found that ordinary users could also hijack these knowledge panels and add them to any search term.
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(7 day ago) Wikipedia hailed Google Translate as the best translation service in the world and announced that it would be integrated into its own four-year-old translation tool. The foundation wrote in a blog post that the collaboration will also upgrade the support language of Wikipedia translation tools to 121 (15 new).
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(7 day ago) In addition, Google allows users to save or delete results by long-clicking links. This feature requires the use of the user's Google account, so you can view the search history synchronously on your desktop and mobile phone. At present, this function is only open to the United States.
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(7 day ago) From the perspective of CES over the years, Google's products and strategies must be a hard core or center for everyone's attention, this year's CES is no exception. It's worth noting that Google Assistant has become a hot topic this year. Manuel Bronstein, vice president of Google Assistant products, said that Google is building a complete ecosystem similar to Android around Google Assistant.
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(8 day ago) Nowadays, the accuracy of Google translation has been greatly improved compared with the past, which makes it more practical. Google has added real-time translation function in its mobile phone application with image recognition technology. Now Google also hopes that its AI assistant, Google Assistant, will be able to cope with more scenarios.
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(8 day ago) Quoting Phoenix Technologies News, Google announced Tuesday that it had leased the existing site of a shopping mall in Western Los Angeles to redevelop a new office park with an area of 584,000 square feet (54,000 square meters).
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(8 day ago) The small screen can display weather or other information, but it is not a full-featured smart speaker; as for that button, it is simply a trigger point. In this way, Google hopes to create the feeling of "Google Assistant is everywhere."
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(8 day ago) Beijing time January 8th news, according to US technology media TechCrunch reported that at today's CES conference, Samsung's voice assistant Bixby made a splash, because the company announced a heavyweight partner - Google.
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(9 day ago) Beijing time On the evening of January 7, the Turkish anti-monopoly regulator “Competition Committee” announced today that it has launched an anti-monopoly investigation on Google to assess whether its search algorithm and precision advertising service algorithm violated Turkey’s fair competition law.
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(9 day ago) As of this time last year, the search giant has successfully pushed the voice assistant to 400 million devices. Now, this number is approaching 1 billion units, and the goal will be achieved by the end of this month. We know that November and December have been the peak season for the sale of electronic goods, mainly because of the Christmas, Black Friday, online shopping Monday and other shopping holidays.
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