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(4 hr ago) Google Pixel 3A rendering map (from: Onleaks / 91 Mobiles) size, Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL will use 5.6 inch and 6 inch screens, respectively.
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(7 hr ago) Hood said that Google's privacy practices will also be questioned. "According to the Consumer Protection Act, our Attorney General has the right to initiate a lawsuit against Google and question their privacy practices." "This will be a multi-faceted lawsuit, and we hope that we can reach a certain agreement with them to fight for reconciliation."
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(7 hr ago) Among the patents first filed in December 2015, Google described the "magnetic handle/controller for control devices." In fact, some of the ideas in this patent have been deployed in Google Cardboard VR devices, using magnetic and mobile phone built-in magnetometers to control the phone without touching the screen.
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(1 day ago) On March 18, foreign media reported that Google had appointed Scott Beaumont, who had been in charge of Google's business in Greater China and South Korea, to take over its Asia-Pacific business.
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(1 day ago) Since the departure of Karim Temsamani in December last year, the position has been vacant and managed remotely by Google at the Mountain View headquarters. The Asia Pacific region is the company's biggest growth point and the most competitive region. According to Shi Bo Meng's LinkedIn, he worked for James Capel and HSBC. Shibo League has also worked in Google for ten years.
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(1 day ago) The Google Doodle celebration on Monday was officially launched for 52 years. The Tenji block was first introduced to the Japanese city of Okayama on March 18, 1967, next to the School for the Blind, and will continue to revolutionize the way the visually impaired interact with the world, making it safer and easier to move around in public spaces alone.
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(2 day ago) Sunday is St. Patrick's Day, a traditional festival in which Irish and non-Irish people around the world commemorate the most important patron saints. Google dedicated the animated graffiti to the Celtics on Sunday. Triskele is a triple spiral that symbolizes life and is one of the old Celtic designs.
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(2 day ago) Citing foreign media 9to5Google recently reported that Google's Chrome browser will support Nintendo Switch Pro controller and Joy-Cons natively. A new commit was submitted in the Chromium Gerrit source code library titled "Improving Support for Nintendo Switch Gamepads."
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(2 day ago) According to the Commit content, players can connect to the Switch Pro handle, Joy-Cons or Joy-Con Charging Grip via the Gamepad API. These handles can be connected by wire or wirelessly via Bluetooth.
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(2 day ago) Since the second half of last year, there have been a lot of rumors about the midrange of the Google Pixel series. From the Russian technology blog Wylsa's suspected real machine experience, to the information of anonymous sources obtained by the Japanese economic news Nikkei Asian, these seem to confirm that the Google Pixel series is expected to usher in a new member of the mid-range machine.
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(3 day ago) In the past few years, Iceland has become a popular destination for travellers around the world, even in cold weather. One of the most popular attractions in the country is a geothermal spa that can be visited all year round. However, contrary to popular belief, it is not always a frozen tundra.
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(3 day ago) Google Play on Android and Chrome will automatically add shadows around the corners of the icon, and the corner radius will be 20% of the icon size to ensure consistency across icons of different sizes. This change does not affect the impact of Google Play on other form factors, such as TV devices, wearables, and automotive apps, and this change will not affect the APK Launcher icon on Android.
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(3 day ago) The translation option appears in the suggestion bar of the Gboard keyboard, or the Google button on the screen is selected to open the translation. The Gboard keyboard will try to automatically detect the language, but users can also manually select the content to be translated. Although support for Google translation has just been implemented on the iOS version of Gboard, it has been supported for some time on the Android version of Gboard.
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(3 day ago) Visually impaired people use screen readers on their devices to listen to content. Screen readers often ignore images that do not describe or lack ALT text, and continue to read the text in Web pages. Now, Google wants to provide an option for unmarked images in the context menu of Chrome Browser (currently available in the Canary version of Chrome Browser) so that users can request that Google provide useful descriptions of images.
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(3 day ago) The popularity of Chromebook in American schools has made students and teachers loyal users of Google Docs, while creative students have fully exploited its functions under teachers'eyes and turned it into a popular chat tool.
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(4 day ago) Yesterday was March 14, not only the so-called White Valentine's Day, but also the Day, i.e. the Pi Day and the International Mathematics Festival.
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(4 day ago) Google released a 12-day analysis of large-scale service interruption accidents, pointing out that SRE overload system makes Google cloud storage error rate increased. Many users around the world reported problems with Gmail, YouTube, Google Drive, Google Music and other Google services on December 12.
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(4 day ago) Although this may hurt some honest Clipboard Manager applications, it is quite effective in overhauling the unhealthy tendencies of the Android platform. For App users such as automation platform Tasker or Titanium Backup, at most, they just lose some functions that may be `important', but not too `core'.
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(4 day ago) Call Screen can respond and reject unnecessary business promotional calls through Google Assistant, mark and help unwelcome calls. When a user receives a call, Google Assistant can help the user consult certain questions, such as who the caller is, what the host has to do and other content.
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(4 day ago) User feedback flocked to "I tried to open Facebook, but the page never opened properly." A Facebook user posted a screenshot on Twitter saying that they were displaying an error message when they tried to load the app "sorry, sometihing went wrong" (sorry, out some problems)".
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(4 day ago) Google will launch the next-generation smartphone Pixel 4 series in October. Today, the design of Pixel 4 XL is said to have been exposed on the Internet. On Thursday, a user posted a sketch on Slash Leaks that allegedly showed the design of Google Pixel 4 XL.
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(4 day ago) Google Chrome 73 has brought many benefits to Chromium web browser fans, including support for keyboard media keys, allowing users to control multimedia content on the site, and tag grouping support to better organize multiple tags.
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(5 day ago) But in the folding state, Google's solution is simpler, similar to Microsoft's Surface Book notebook, which leaves some space in the middle of the opposite screen. It should be pointed out that the application for a patent does not mean that the company will soon launch similar products.
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(5 day ago) March 13, according to foreign media reports, Google today released a new operating system Android Q Beta 1. Its main features include enhanced privacy and security, enhanced foldable screen support, new API interface, new media codec, new camera function, extensible neural network API (NNAPI), graphics API Vulkan 1.1, and faster. Apply startup speed.
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(5 day ago) Currently developers can download from It includes a preview version of the Software Development Kit (SDK), which provides developers with Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL, Pixel 3, Pixel 3 XL system images and Google's official Android emulator.
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(5 day ago) The three major US stock indexes closed up on Wednesday. At the close, the Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 148.23 points to close at 25,702.89 points, or 0.58%; the Nasdaq Composite Index rose 52.37 points, to close at 7643.41 points, or 0.69%; the S&P 500 index rose 19.40 points. , closed at 280.9.02 points, an increase of 0.69%.
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(5 day ago) On Wednesday, the US Internet giant, Google, suffered a number of disruptions in its products and services around the world, including Gmail, online storage Drive, Google Maps and YouTube video sites.
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(6 day ago) Business Insider quoted people familiar with the matter as saying that Google was streamlining its roadmap and had made the decision to abolish its hardware team. Obviously, this will have a tremendous impact on the company's hardware business, because earlier active work projects have now been cancelled.
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(6 day ago) Engineers found that there must be a fixed value in 64 bits to ensure that the serial number is a positive integer, which means that the entropy value of the sequence number generated by EJBCA by default is only 63 bits. Although 63 bits and 64 bits differ by only one bit, the difference between 2 ^ 63 and 2 ^ 64 is huge. Error issuance 63
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(6 day ago) In fact, Google announced the Lookout project as early as last year's Developer Conference (I/O 2019). With the help of artificial intelligence technology similar to Google Lens, it continuously observes the surrounding environment and provides audio feedback to describe what it sees to people with visual impairment.
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