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(1 day ago) From the time zone conversion, it can be seen that this corresponds to Barcelona's local time of 2:00 a.m., which is obviously unreasonable, or the explosion is wrong, or LG's choice of strategy is the way that South Korea and Europe are not synchronized. Compared with last year's G7 ThinQ released in May and launched in June, this year's group of 555 mobile phones apparently accelerated the pace.
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(4 day ago) Interestingly, Ken Hong, manager of Group Public Affairs at LG Electronics, responded to the media by saying that the leaked rendering was not G8 ThinQ, but the product did exist. In other words, the machine corresponds to another LG cell phone.
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(5 day ago) LG V40 ThinQ is from CNET. LG has not developed a special software system for G8, including gesture functions such as non-contact hovering and sliding. It is reported that the price of the machine may be set at around 1 million won (about 6,027 yuan), half the so-called 2 million won of Samsung's foldable screen mobile phone.
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(8 day ago) It took a year for the foreign evaluation website to conduct a 46-week power-on burn-in test on LG's mainstream OLED TV C7. The method is that 6 sets of C7 are powered on for 20 hours at the same time, simulating daily use, and the daily play time is 5 hours. 5 of them maintain the highest brightness, including a US news TV channel, sports channel, FIFA football game, Call of Duty football game, an interview channel, and a brightness of 200 nits, also playing the aforementioned A news channel.
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(13 day ago) The front is equipped with two 5 Gigabit USB 3.1 C-type 1 ports, a headphone jack and an SD/microSD slot that supports UHS-II. This product can be connected to dual 4K displays via DisplayPort and Thunderbolt 3.
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(13 day ago) CES 2019 will officially kick off in Las Vegas on Jan. 8, local time, tomorrow. But many manufacturers have taken the lead in developing a wave of muscles in the exhibition today, including the new LG products brought to the exhibition.
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(13 day ago) Tencent Technologies News, according to foreign media reports, AI has been very popular at the American International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), but on the eve of the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, IP Park, President and Chief Technology Officer of LG Electronics, South Korea, insisted that the next generation of AI would "provide a new, bold definition of a better life".
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(14 day ago) On the afternoon of January 8, Beijing time, according to Reuters, LG Electronics announced its fourth quarter earnings report for October-December 2018. The financial report shows that the company's operating profit for the quarter is expected to be 75.3 billion won (about 67.03 million US dollars), down 80% year-on-year, far lower than the average estimated 387 billion won by 11 analysts in the Refinitiv I/B/E/S survey. .
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(15 day ago) At today's press conference, we were the first to see the OLED ecosystem that the LG booth will begin to show tomorrow. In addition to the breakthrough in the display panel, LG's latest TV has new actions in AI intelligence, joined Amazon alxa, and now implements Google assistant, LG THIN Q a three-in-one solution, in language support, content Coverage and so on, have achieved a new and better change.
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(15 day ago) On January 8th, following Samsung, two other TV manufacturers announced that they will deploy Apple AirPlay 2 technology on their smart TVs from the beginning of 2019. The two manufacturers are LG and Vizio.
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(15 day ago) LG Display has not yet released images of any 88-inch Crystal Sound OLED display, but has already shared some details. There is a 3.2.2-channel sound system directly embedded in the display panel that, when combined with Dolby Atmos, produces dynamic audio from the top, bottom, left and right sides of the viewer.
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(15 day ago) It is based on 14nm process and adopts Kryo architecture. Qualcomm said that compared with the MY 820 processor, MY 821 improved 10% in performance and 40% in graphics processing performance, computing power and power consumption with Adreno 530 GPU (compared with Adreno 430).
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(17 day ago) The display panel has a contrast ratio of 1000:1, covering 98% of the DCI-P3 color gamut, and the LG 27GL850G supports NVIDIA G-SYNC tear-proof technology. The back of the display also has a red LED belief lamp.
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(17 day ago) LG offers sub-models such as PK3, PK5 and PK7 (XBoom Go Series Bluetooth Speakers), as well as WK9 and WK7 that support the Google Assistant Assistant.
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(19 day ago) Now, a solution proposed by the non-profit organization Resolve will probably help solve this problem by using a remote monitoring system with an AI camera. On January 3, local time, Resolve unveiled a custom device called TrailGuard AI that uses visual chips that recognize animals and humans.
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(19 day ago) (Photo courtesy of Let's Go Digital) It is reported that in this patent application, LG showed a rather special design - the integration of the camera module into the strap. In addition, the patent also mentions the 'mobile terminal' function, indicating that it supports cellular data connections.
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(19 day ago) Like the previous TwinWash washing machine, the new TwinWash also offers a second small-capacity laundry tank (hidden in a pedestal called SideKick). Users can clean up bulky items in a large-capacity main warehouse, while small-capacity sub-bins can be used to clean smaller, more refined items.
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(19 day ago) In fact, the ThinQ AI on LG TV was not debuted. Last year, Google Assistant was integrated for big-screen TVs. Despite its close relationship with Google, LG still decided to introduce Amazon's Alexa.
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(25 day ago) Unfortunately, according to the company's roadmap report for 2019, the shift may not happen so quickly. First, LG will use the mid-range Q9 to start the new year, rather than the high-end flagship that everyone expects. The machine is based on Gaotong Miaolong 660 platform and uses 6.1 inch Liu Haiping screen, which is 4 GB in storage.
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(26 day ago) LG officially showed it in August this year and called it the first "wearable" robot. It integrates artificial intelligence and is a human-centered auxiliary machine. Its purpose is not to replace human beings, but to extend and enhance human skills.
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(31 day ago) This design is reminiscent of the Tab Book Duo, which was released by LG in Windows 8 in 2014, indicating that we may be welcoming a Windows tablet. The design patent was released on December 14th, and we may see new equipment at CES in early 2019. Rendering / LetsGoDigital
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(32 day ago) The HU85L also retains the 4K resolution and 2500 lumen brightness of the previous model. Although the press release did not mention a feature of HDR-HU80KA, it referred to its "wide gamut". In addition to the usual USB, Ethernet and HDMI connection options, the projector is equipped with LG's WebOS 4.5 operating system, which allows users to access Netflix, Hulu and other streaming media services.
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(32 day ago) According to the current information, HU80K will be smaller than similar products on the market, with brightness up to 2500 lumens (ANSI standard) and resolution of 4K. It uses an ultra-short focus lens to project 90-inch images at a distance of more than 2 inches from the screen, and can expand to 120 inches at a distance of 7 inches.
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(34 day ago) Obviously, if you can use this monitor in an office, you must have an oversized desk. It is suitable for professional customers who need to open two (or more) windows at the same time and are always visible. In addition, 49WL95 also has other skills, such as input multiple sources at the same time, enabling seamless "Painting in Painting" function.
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(35 day ago) In the morning of December 18, Beijing time, people familiar with the situation said that LG Electronics Co. of Korea plans to start selling a large screen TV that can be rolled up like a poster next year, which is the core part of the company's efforts to revitalize the depressed business, according to Bloomberg News Agency.
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(36 day ago) The 32QK500-W features a restrained desktop display design, and the tilted “Edge-ArcLine Stand” looks better than a normal black box screen. Unfortunately, this forward-looking design does not extend to the port, although it is close to 2019. Year, but there is no USB-C or Thunderbolt 3 interface option on the 32QK500-W, only DisplayPort, Mini DisplayPort and two HDMI ports.
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(41 day ago) The company has managed to compress the 17-inch WQXGA (2,560 x 1,600) 16:10 display into a 15.6-inch laptop fuselage, using the 8th generation Intel Core processor, which integrates UHD graphics and supports up to 16 GB of memory and 256 GB of SSD storage, as well as an additional slot for additional SSD storage.
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(43 day ago) LG appliances that used to be mad are seemingly “invisible.” It has been two years since the last time they released ultra-high-end products in China. However, this well-known international company has basically disappeared in the Chinese home appliance market: few new products have been released, and sales have fallen sharply.
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(44 day ago) The Haro technical experts randomly dismantled the smart locks of 2000 lost bicycles and found that all the battery faults occurred. The explosion-proof valve of the battery core was opened, which means that the battery core could not be used. The batteries are INR 18650 M26 batteries produced by LG Chemical.
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(46 day ago) LG Gram 17 is equipped with a 17.3-inch screen with a resolution of 2560*1600 and a dark silver carbon-magnesium alloy with a thickness of only 17.8 mm (0.7 inches), thinner than the mainstream 15-inch notebook.
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