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(9 hr ago) The Baidu Inc developed self driving cars such as Google, Uber, Tesla and other world-class technology companies have started testing and deployment on public roads automatic driving vehicle technology, automatic driving technology is the automobile industry to the next frontier.
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(1 day ago) "All in AI" and announced that he would return to the content distribution business a year later, Baidu began gradually approaching the headlines today, in the feed stream advertising revenue before the date, Baidu has launched a number of paws".
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(1 day ago) For hungry, Baidu takeaway in the "Baidu" two words have a certain period of use. According to the agreement between the two sides of the merger, Baidu takeaway brand reserved for 18 months hungry use, hungry after 18 months, can no longer use Baidu related brands.
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(1 day ago) On November 22nd news, according to the Haidian court official website news that Baidu, unauthorized use of its development of the electronic map works, causing huge economic losses to the company, NavInfo will Baidu WebEX Inc, Baidu On-Line Company, Baidu cloud company to court, claims 100 million yuan. Recently, the Haidian court accepted the case.
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(1 day ago) On November 22, DeepSearch found a P2P CDN product named "Baidu Gold Mine" quietly launched. According to the official website, Baidu P2P CDN enables users to contribute to network idleness of the home through professional technologies and cloud computing solutions. Products that receive cash or cash equivalent returns.
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(2 day ago) The wave of artificial intelligence and OMO will drive the development of instant delivery into a "3.0 form" - a technology-intensive delivery platform that follows the self-distribution of businesses and labor-intensive delivery platforms. The core of "Future Logistics" strategy is to create a real-time delivery system based on user experience, innovation and technology as the driving force, and intelligent system to promote the instant delivery industry to complete the third phase of transformation and truly realize the mission of the Group.
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(2 day ago) Tencent Technology News (Xiang Xin) November 21 news, hungry and Baidu takeout "future logistics" strategy conference held, in addition to publishing the future of logistics strategy, the two companies also demonstrated a smart scheduling system, smart headphones and a series of Timely distribution technology innovation. More importantly, this meeting is hungry and Baidu take-away after the merger for the first time together, the group executives also introduced the latest progress in the integration of both parties.
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(3 day ago) Baidu takeaway said, according to the company's own operating conditions and hungry for all Baidu takeaway partners in the same conditions, the implementation of the same market investment strategy; has confirmed that Baidu takeaway hungry city manager can help Baidu takeaway local agents and hungry for taking "fusion" matters contact and discuss the requirements for the end of the partnership; partner, Baidu takeaway will return "in accordance with the provisions of operating margin and
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(3 day ago) Since the Baidu takeaway gave its relevant resources to support less hungry for the support of local partners, resulting in a sharp decline in its local market share, business development adversely, and a huge loss. Hope to cooperate with local hungry partners, or as soon as possible to end with Baidu takeaway platform related cooperation, and require the platform to return as soon as possible before the payment of the "operating margin" and "quality margin"".
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(3 day ago) November 20 news, the first steam about the car CEO Wei Dong announced the first steam about the car has completed 700 million US dollars B + round of financing, investors include Wei to capital, Baidu Capital.
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(4 day ago) In the just-concluded 2017 Baidu World Congress, Zhang Xuyang, vice president of Baidu, delivered a keynote speech at the Smart Financial Sub-forum, saying that artificial intelligence can better connect investment and financing and empower financial institutions to make financial services more accurate, faster, More temperature.
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(7 day ago) The | anshao, hunting cloud network for the Baidu World Conference sentinel Robin Li will attend the scene around the country gathered in China World Trade Center Baidu takeaway agent hotel entrance, hoping to see Robin Li, to solve its claims. Reporters at the scene learned, from 9 am start, has continued the Baidu takeaway agents came to China World Trade Center Hotel entrance.
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(7 day ago) Tencent (Han Yimin) technology news, November 16th, Baidu World Conference on 2017 afternoon ecological sub forum, Baidu vice president Wu Haifeng said today officially released bear no..
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(7 day ago) In November 16th, at the Baidu World Congress 2017 p.m. AI technology and platform Forum, Zhao Shiqi, deputy director of Baidu Natural Language Processing, released Baidu's shared Wi-Fi translation machine.
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(7 day ago) After the Baidu AI Developer Conference in July, the question that most people asked me is: Have you taken a ticket without any car in the ring? I can tell you that we did receive a ticket. What I would like to say is , Unmanned tickets have come, unmanned mass production will be far?
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(7 day ago) All of you who love AI and those who are concerned about AI, all of you who are engaged in AI, good morning everyone, thank you very much, Ms. Yang Jing gave me this opportunity to share the topic of artificial intelligence. My theme focuses on specific areas of AI - that is, knowledge maps.
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(7 day ago) As early as this July 2017 Baidu AI Developers Conference, had a live broadcast of Robin Li himself in Beijing Wuhuan sit driverless car video, causing the industry an uproar. In today's speech, Robin Li said, "After the July Baidu AI Developer Conference, people asked me the most questions: Are you sitting on a car without a ticket? I can tell you that we did receive A ticket.
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(7 day ago) Designed by Raven-H's design team, Raven-H was designed in collaboration with Teenage Engineering, a Swedish designer-driven consumer electronics company. The raven-H is brightly colored with classic RAL colors from Germany in 1920 and Kalix, a high-temperature nylon fiberglass composite from Solvey, on the material.
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(7 day ago) At the 2017 Baidu World Conference held this morning, Robin Li, the director of Baidu, made a keynote speech on the stage. At the beginning of the speech, Robin Li announced a heavy message, Baidu unmanned car will be produced in 2018.
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(7 day ago) Tencent science and technology, (Han Yimin) November 16th, Baidu World Congress 2017 held in Beijing. In January this year to join Baidu's president and COO Lu Qi proposed the brand-new development strategy for a large Internet Co, according to the new strategy, Baidu business will be divided into main channel and a moat of two parts, specifically, the main channel to Feed flow and two artificial intelligence business, on behalf of the future of Baidu refers to the moat; let the main channel of business navigation more robust business...
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(8 day ago) According to Chen Gang, secretary of the Party Working Committee of Xiong'an New District, the future development of the Xiong'an New District will be based on smart public transport, supplemented by driverless private cars, in order to build a road network structure and space allocation model for the future Xiong'an New District. Baidu itself has some advantages in urban construction and big data and automatic driving. Chen Gang, party secretary of Xiong'an New District, expressed his welcome to Baidu for establishing a national artificial intelligence laboratory in the Xiong'an New District, especially for the construction of an unmanned high-tech industry Demonstration Area.
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(9 day ago) ① because the acquisition agreement set the terms of confidentiality, so the problem raised by the agents can not answer; ② thank the agents before the trust and support, but there is no legal basis for the agents demand, hope that through the long-term cooperation to achieve win-win situation. The agent responded to this, said the very do not understand, and unacceptable.
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(10 day ago) In November 13th, Baidu takeaway agency sent a letter to Baidu takeaway actual control Fanglazhasi group board of directors and Mr. Zhang Xuhao, hoping to get a reasonable resettlement measures. Not long ago, in November 6th, from around the country more than 50 Baidu takeaway agents gathered Baidu headquarters building, to discuss that, once in billion euros to witness the scene and has been concerned about the progress of events.
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(10 day ago) In November 13th, Baidu, Lifan cars and new energy vehicles in the car sharing platform to reach Beijing strategic cooperation conference held with the hope of becoming the Lifan automobile car open platform Baidu Apollo partnership. The three parties will cooperate on autopilot, promote the automatic driving car sharing business application.
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(14 day ago) "Two months ago, we were full of longing for the future of O2O market. When we were hungry, we were able to merge with Baidu's takeout. After two months, both parties demonstrated their synergistic advantages. We also welcomed the new era of striving for excellence. Opportunities, but also means a whole new challenge. "Weihai Baidu takeaway CEO wrote in an internal mail to employees recently.
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(15 day ago) However, according to insiders Baidu Takeaway revealed that Baidu take-outs on the placement of agents on the delay failed to reach a unified, but in this case the relevant business departments in some cities to force the implementation of Baidu take-away and hungry agents merged, and eventually lead to agents Business dissatisfaction.
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(17 day ago) The morning of November 6th, hunting cloud network exclusively learned that the information is located in Haidian District Road 11, Baidu takeaway headquarters, the scene of more than 50 people from all over the country Baidu takeaway exclusive agents, to solve the interests of rights.
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(23 day ago) Just after the 5th anniversary birthday, the day before, Baidu SkyDrive launched a new feature - my card package on the web version, the user enters the Baidu SkyDrive web version of the home page to see the system prompts, "I added the card pack documents more secure storage!"
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(24 day ago) Last Thursday, when Robin Li talked to his classmates at the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, the vice president of the Academy of artificial intelligence at USTC asked him, "what's next for Baidu?""
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(24 day ago) Former president of Baidu Research Institute Lin Yuanqing left, in March before he, Baidu chief scientist Wu Enda leave. What factions are behind their resignation?. This article from the planet AI (ID:ai_xingqiu), finishing the jie.
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