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(13 hr ago) At the Baidu AI Developers Conference on -5 July 4th, Robin Li fulfilled the promise of mass production of unmanned vehicles. Baidu Apollo also presented the first safety report on automatic driving mass production in China, the Apollo Pilot security report.
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(16 hr ago) In July 16th, we were hungry and Baidu takeout announced that both sides in the 43 cities set up the kitchen and bright kitchen alliance. The platform opened the kitchen and bright kitchen area on APP, giving the alliance merchants the support of traffic. At the same time, the platform will use the rear kitchen camera to enable the intelligent video inspection workstation that can automatically identify the kitchen food security violations and ensure the safety of the food and food all day long.
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(17 hr ago) In July 16th, you were hungry and Baidu takeout announced that the two sides in the 43 cities set up a kitchen and bright kitchen alliance. The platform opened the kitchen and bright kitchen area on APP, with the help of the back chef camera to enable the intelligent video patrol workstation to automatically identify the kitchen food safety violations.
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(2 day ago) A ball-shaped blue bus will soon become a frequent visitor on Chinese roads. So far, 100 self-driving buses have been produced in a factory in Xiamen, Fujian Province, southeastern China.
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(3 day ago) On July 13th, in the case of “Oriental IC v. Baidu Infringement Picture”, Baidu issued a statement today stating that it will not accept the first-instance judgment and will file a lawsuit. At the same time, Baidu disclosed in the statement that Dongfang IC is the business of today's headline, and has repeatedly harassed Baidu App's daily operations in the app store, indicating that it has initiated an unfair competition lawsuit against Oriental IC.
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(4 day ago) The Shanghai Consumer Protection Committee on the "running routine" of air-conditioning maintenance, and then talk about 58 Baidu, 360 three platforms.澎湃News reporter Zou Juan intern Wu Yashe
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(5 day ago) After the city's Consumer Protection Committee exposed the results of the examination on July 2, on July 9, the platforms responded according to the agreement, and all of this was a case. On July 11, the Municipal Consumer Protection Committee once again talked about 58 outstanding platforms in the same city, Baidu, and 360. At the interview site, the journalists found that the platform has started to investigate the problems of the dealer's dishonesty. Some platforms have been removed from the market. However, the platform still does not support the online maintenance company.
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(5 day ago) According to reports, in September last year, Baidu and Shanghai Baosteel technical cooperation "smart steel package" launched. With the help of Baidu Yuntian Intelligent Internet of Things platform, intelligent ladle can reduce energy consumption, improve production efficiency and improve safety factor. In addition, since June last year, Baidu has also cooperated with China Southern Airlines to set up a “brush face” boarding at Jiangying Airport in Nanyang, Henan. In May this year, Baidu Map upgraded the panoramic platform and launched in July with Jinlong Bus. The driverless micro-recycling car "Apolon" and released the "Kunlun" chip.
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(6 day ago) In May, Baidu Alliance Ecological Summit, Baidu app, Baijia and the upcoming Intelligent Mini Programs will build its new platform for Baidu Alliance. In June, Baidu's internal Celebration Quarterly reported an average DAU of 137 million. Shen said at the scene, "the daily number of active users over 150 million is only a starting point, Baidu App has been able to meet the user's' search information flow 'needs."
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(6 day ago) Baidu signed the memorandum of cooperation with BMW in July 10th, and left: Vice President of Baidu, general manager of intelligent driving group Li Zhenyu, and Fu Lexi, the director of the BMW group, based on the content of this memorandum of understanding, and the BMW group will add as a member of the Council to the open platform of the Apollo (Apollo).
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(6 day ago) Liu Qiangdong late night "撩" Anlian boss to do the insurance dream: Jingdong-Anlian-Baidu staged a triangle love Anlian can not wait, there is a fourth behind! I chatted with Oliver, the owner of Allianz, for one night last night! Every time you meet, you can't finish it!
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(7 day ago) This article is produced by the NetEase intelligent studio. Focus on AI, read the next big time! According to public information, Lu Gallo was a post-90s born in 1990. He started learning piano and programming at the age of 6. He switched to school in Singapore and studied financial mathematics at the University of Liverpool in the UK.
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(10 day ago) Baidu's 2018 AI developers conference is still beyond expectations. Because in this morning's Robin Li speech, there were not too many "appetites". Instead, several important items were released at once.
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(10 day ago) On the morning of the morning of July 6th, a document received by Sina Technology showed that Iqiyi, the major shareholder of Iqiyi, recently reduced some of its Iqiyi shares, and put $259 million in cash.
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(10 day ago) On July 4th, at the 2018 Baidu AI Developer Conference, the big screen broadcasted the process of the 100th auto-driving bus “Apolon” ​​in the Xiamen production workshop. “Apollon” was also regarded as the world's first L4 class. Mass production of unmanned vehicles.
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(11 day ago) Baidu will launch self driving mini buses in Japan in early 2019, according to Bloomberg news, which was quoted by The Verge technology website in July 4th. In some cities in China, the self driving mini bus goes on line earlier.
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(11 day ago) The conference lasted for 2 days, creating a long record of Baidu AI Developers Conference. The main forum on the morning of the first day also lasted 1 hours, starting at 10 a.m. until 1 p.m.
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(11 day ago) In May 18th of this year, when Baidu AI "key Mr." Lu Qi left office Baidu president and COO, the outside world of Baidu's future AI investment and the direction of the AI as the core strategy to hit the question mark. In July 4th, Baidu 2018 AI Developers Conference on the first day of the scene, this doubt was dispelled.
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(12 day ago) After a year of AI, Baidu has started the process of accumulating from technology to value change on its own line of business, and Robin Li also gave a convincing transcript at today's developer conference.
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(12 day ago) Lu Junfeng, vice president of Su Ning logistics, which uses Baidu apollo technology, said that Su Ning is working hard to build a smart logistics system. The intelligent logistics terminal distribution of Su Ning makes the application of driverless technology have a big stage. There are three smart logistics scenarios in the intelligent community (unattended carts and cabinets), local life instant distribution (Su Ning stores unattended carts), and mobile distribution (UAV fixed lines). This will make it easier to popularize self-driving technology and mass production of unmanned vehicles.
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(12 day ago) Baidu Create 2018 AI Developer Conference site, Baidu founder, chairman and CEO Li Yanhong played a telephone recording, a guest who is about to participate in the developer conference and Baidu AI customer service after several rounds of dialogue, raised this question. Then the answer was revealed. The customer service in the recording was not a person but an AI.
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(12 day ago) Today, the annual Baidu Create2018 Baidu AI Developer Conference was held at the National Convention Center. Baidu comprehensively interpreted its artificial intelligence strategy, launched the AI ​​chip, and announced the production of L4 unmanned vehicles.
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(12 day ago) Li Yanhong, Zhang Yaqin, Li Zhenyu and their partners jointly released Apollo 3.0 surface vector, Apollo released three sets of autopilot solutions: Valet Parking, MicroCar and MiniBus. Help developers and partners create their own Apollon within three months.
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(12 day ago) Today, Baidu also released a new version of DuerOS 3.0. The DuerOS platform now has more than 16,000 developers, and Yuan Wei is the most special one. He is also a first-year student in Haizhou Junior High School in Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province. He started to contact computers in the fourth grade. The earliest development platform was the Raspberry Pi. After DuerOS, he began to learn the programming languages ​​such as Basic and Python.
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(12 day ago) On the morning of July 4th, today Baidu Creat 2018 Baidu AI Developer Conference was held at the Beijing National Convention Center. Baidu Vice President Shen Xiao announced that the smart small program was officially launched. Shen Wei said: Baidu smart small program fully access Baidu brain 3.0, the developer can call a few lines of code, at the same time, the smart applet will be fully open source in December this year, the future smart small program can not only run on the Baidu application, It will also be able to operate on external partner apps such as 哔哩哔哩, 58 City.
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(12 day ago) Mobileye is an automotive technology research and development company from Israel. Founded in 1999, it is mainly engaged in the development of vision-based advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), providing drivers with collision warning and protection, including lane departure warning (LDW), radar-based Visually integrated vehicle detection, front collision warning (FCW), distance monitoring (HMW), pedestrian detection, intelligent headlight control (IHC), traffic sign recognition (TSR), visual adaptive cruise control (ACC), etc. ...
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(12 day ago) Specifically, with the deep learning ability of Baidu AI technology, Dr. Chen has been able to establish a set of parasite identification systems in a few short months to identify more than 10 parasite eggs, several of which are more accurate than 97% in the pilot test for small range of clinical trials, comparable to 20 years of clinical experience experts.
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(13 day ago) Baidu has invested in the field of automatic driving, with the goal of integrating its system into a bus type, which will enter the testing phase at the end of the year. Jinlong joint car will be responsible for the production of the bus, the goal is to output 10 buses to Japan by 2019.
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(13 day ago) China's Internet search giant Baidu has signed an agreement with Softbank's autopilot subsidiary, SB Drive, to enter the autopilot market in Japan. Baidu and SB Drive have previously invested in the field of autopilot, and the cooperation between the two sides aims to integrate their systems into a big bus model and start testing by the end of this year.
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(14 day ago) The most exaggerated one is the repair shop that 58 city searches for, "neighbourhood easy road maintenance service", can not deceive, even destroy the machine, causing the machine to be unable to open. More surprisingly, the conference site, when the Deputy Secretary General of the Shanghai Municipal Security Committee asked the 58 city representatives, the registered name of the maintenance shop and the registered address, the representative expressed the privacy of the merchant and was not convenient to disclose.
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