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(2 hr ago) After many times, Xinli media turned around and turned to the embrace of reading. On the evening of Aug. 13, Yuwen Group announced that it would acquire Singaporean Media at a price not exceeding 15.5 billion yuan and settle the accounts in a cash-and-new-equity combination. Among them, Yuwen Group will pay Tencent 5.29 billion yuan, settled in shares, Xinli Media Management 10.21 billion yuan, 50% cash and 50% share settlement.
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(6 hr ago) Recently, Zhejiang Provincial Committee of Consumer Protection has received a number of consumer complaints related to Wechat payment, including the situation that consumers were swindled because of the false news issued by the circle of friends of Wechat and were pulled into black after payment through Wechat transactions.
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(21 hr ago) Tencent and today's headlines are still in the midst of competition in the field of pan-entertainment consumption. There is another third pole to participate in this user time battle. Momo is one of the articles. Intern reporter Tan Hanhan
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(1 day ago) The rapid development of artificial intelligence is taking the world into a new dimension, but it will also push the network world into the next battlefield. CAAD Village, hosted by Geek Pwn, landed at the world's top geeks conference DEF CON on August 10, local time.
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(3 day ago) Today, Iqiyi, Youku, Tencent Video three video sites issued a statement, starting today, the joint noon Sunshine, Huace Film, Li Mengying, Ciwen Media, Yaoke Media, Xinli Media six major film and television production companies, boycott The artist’s “high price” pay-for-fee phenomenon advocates the cost of production, the quality of service, and the actor’s style of industry.
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(3 day ago) The main contradiction at the current stage of the blockchain industry is that the contrast between the fullness ideal and the reality of the bones is technically still in the stage of social experiment. The scene is held with a "hammer" everywhere to find "nails." It is understood that in the first phase of the pilot application, the Shenzhen Municipal Taxation Bureau, Tencent, and Kingdee Software cooperated to create a full-process invoice management application scenario of “WeChat payment – ​​invoice issuing – reimbursement and reimbursement”.
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(3 day ago) On August 10, Tencent and PuBG officially launched the Jedi Survival series of hand tours at home and abroad have a good popularity. But the series of game configuration requirements are not low, can be said to be a number of low-end mobile phones blocked out the door. But the recent Tencent games have brought good news to these phones.
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(4 day ago) Is there a dream for the Tencent? There may not be a unified answer, but Tencent is definitely a product-driven Internet company. Ma Huateng, chairman and chief executive of Tencent, once said that "the Internet in China is driven by applications rather than technology" and that it is the infrastructure that most people would not notice, the data center, that supports modern society, to carry so many types of business.
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(4 day ago) Recently, the startup's “Front-edge CNC” has attracted industry attention for a essay on Tencent Cloud. Frontier CNC issued a message saying that the data on the company's Tencent cloud server was lost and could not be recovered.
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(4 day ago) It's a multi-faceted business battle, a headline battle between middle-aged Tencent and teenagers, two generations of Internet companies on the rules and boundaries of the competition order. Tencent and headline rivalries ran through May, and the war has not ended. For the first time, the two companies, with a total of 57% of the total China's total Internet use, opened the conflict for the first time - choking the top leaders and prosecuting mutual public relations to prosecute and suspend business cooperation.
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(4 day ago) In the previous article Tencent has no dreams, it was mentioned that Tencent is becoming an investment company. In fact, Tencent has invested a lot of Companies in recent years. Statistics show that Tencent has invested more than 600 companies in the past seven years. If categorized, these invested companies are broadly distributed in business logistics, O2 O, games, content, hardware, real estate and many other fields.
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(4 day ago) Tencent will sign an agreement with the venture capital company tomorrow. After the share purchase, Tencent will hold a 10% stake in Blue Hole. Last year, Tencent acquired a 1.5% stake in Blue Hole from the venture capital company for 70 billion won. Blue Hole stock is about 500,000 won per share in the over-the-counter market. The Korean game developer plans to attract investors by selling existing shares and issuing new shares.
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(5 day ago) Naspers said on Wednesday that in response to fierce market competition, it merged its on-demand video business Showmax Africa and Internet TV service Dstv Digital Media in the second quarter to form a new business unit called Connected Video.
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(6 day ago) Xu Zhenhua, a former senior R & D talented person of the Tencent game, was accused of violating the terms of competition restriction, the defendant went to court, and the two trial of the Shanghai central court decided Xu Zhenhua to compensate Tencent for more than 1940 yuan. The reporter found that the competition restriction and litigation in the Internet industry are very common in recent years. The basic model of the competition restriction clause is that the employee can not enter the "competitor" business in a certain period of time after the employee has quit.
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(6 day ago) After the tax extension pension insurance pilot, pension management second boots finally landed. In August 6th, 14 fund companies' pension target fund products were issued by the China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC), and the 14 public fund companies were all partners of the Tencent financial management platform. Tencent is in close communication with some partners, believing that investors will soon buy pension funds in WeChat - Wallet - Walton and do a good job of financial planning.
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(6 day ago) According to the document, as of March 17th last year, the Tencent bought 8 million 167 thousand and 500 shares of Tesla in the open market through the Huang River Investment Limited (Huang Investment Limited), accounting for 5% of the stock, with an average buying price of about $217 / share.
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(6 day ago) Last week, Starbucks and Alibaba announced a strategic partnership, hungry to Starbucks take-out, box horses to Starbucks to do "back cook". In response to "whether it is external competition force to cooperate", Ali CEO Zhang Yong more skillfully use "Ali and Starbucks have had 'pre marriage life", the strategic cooperation conference is only a wedding ceremony.
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(6 day ago) With painstaking thoughts, Tencent Cloud hopes to help customers solve this problem at the same time, and through the optimization of related mechanisms to avoid the recurrence of similar situations. At 11:57 am on the day of the failure of the failure process, our operation and maintenance personnel received an alarm that the space usage of the warehouse I was too high, and it was ready to initiate the relocation and expansion. At 14:05, the operation and maintenance personnel selected a batch of cloud disk relocation from the warehouse I. To the new warehouse II, in order to speed up the relocation, the data verification during the migration process is manually closed; after the 20:27 relocation is completed...
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(6 day ago) Cloud computing is a key business of many technology companies today, and it also provides low-cost operation and maintenance solutions for startup companies. For example, Tencent has invested a lot of resources in the "Tencent Cloud" service, attracting a lot of low prices. Start-ups, however, Tencent Cloud, which is holding high hits, recently lost user data and provoked claims of up to 10 million yuan.
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(6 day ago) Up to now, emerging online pyramid schemes have been launched in the name of charity, health products, capital operations, national policies, e-commerce, Internet technology, virtual currency, etc. Statistics show that when you see a friend posting "XX Money Project is very profitable" on social media, some people said that they would be interested in clicking to view. Among those who clicked and finally chose to believe, the proportion of seniors over 60 years old was 51.73% higher.
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(7 day ago) Related news: Tencent cloud physics hard disk firmware Bug caused user file damage: provide 37 times the compensation rejected original title: 11 million or 130 thousand, the venture company in Tencent cloud data in the end the value of the value?
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(7 day ago) According to QQ browsing organ micro-message, this Tencent programmer spent 2 hours and 08 minutes to develop, the operation only takes 3 steps. The first step: download the latest version of the mobile QQ browser, open the black technology skinning H5 page, click the "Start Experience" button to enter the skinning function. Step 2: Sweep the phone case with a “sweep”. Step 3: After the recognition is completed, the QQ browser automatically recommends the color theme that matches your phone case, and generates a preview interface. Click “One-click skinning”.
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(7 day ago) WeChat, the largest service provider of WeChat Ecology, submitted a prospectus to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange today. According to the prospectus, Weimeng's revenue in 2015, 2016 and 2017 was RMB 114 million, RMB 189 million and RMB 534 million respectively, with a compound annual growth rate of 116.4%.
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(7 day ago) Xu Zhenhua joined Tencent Games in April 2009. He was responsible for the development and operation of online games. He once developed the famous online game "Xuanyuan Legend", and obtained Tencent's stock options. At the same time, he signed the "Confidence and Non-Competition Commitment Agreement". Xu Zhenhua resigned from Tencent in May 2014. However, in January 2014, he privately set up his own company, Muxi Technology. After leaving Tencent, he established two companies, and developed a variety of games before and after, similar to Tencent’s games. Especially the "Mobile Legends"...
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(7 day ago) My colleague stayed in the company late at night a few days ago, and it was 12 o'clock. The light of the monitor reflected the grease on her face and the smile on her lips. 12 points, 0 points and 0 points. "Finally, it's time to kill the whole game!" For the night of chopping, little eight has been waiting for half a year.
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(8 day ago) On July 21st, the reporter of Nandu participated in the “2018 New Retail Innovation and Development Project” Summit Forum. ● A number of Shenzhen bosses said that they were invited to participate in the meeting, and they encouraged the purchase of tens of thousands of small program service fees.
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(8 day ago) On August 6th, Tencent Yunguan Micro released a description of the user's “front-edge CNC” data integrity damage and Tencent cloud compensation measures.
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(9 day ago) Zhang Xia, an analyst at China Merchants Securities, said in an interview with the South China Morning Post (SCMP) that "US tariffs, coupled with the devaluation of the renminbi, will significantly increase the operating costs of many Chinese technology companies that rely on imported raw materials, such as semiconductors and integrated circuits. And electronic components.
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(9 day ago) In fact, at the beginning of this year, Carrefour and Tencent and Yonghui did have achieved strategic cooperation, but they did not withdraw from the Chinese market. Instead, they integrated the global retail experience of Carrefour, the technical advantages of Tencent, and the business knowledge of Yonghui, especially in fresh products. On the other hand, Carrefour is still the largest shareholder of Carrefour China.
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(10 day ago) This makes it possible to develop unreal game business logic through Lua, which facilitates efficient iterative development of the game, hot update on the line, and supports Lua to C++ two-way, Lua to blueprint two-way calls, greatly improving development speed. Tencent also provides 20 AI services with full free access. .
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