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Netease(网易)News list

(1 day ago) In August, NetEase released its second-quarter financial report for fiscal year 2018, with revenue from online gaming services totaling $10.6 billion, up 6.7% from a year earlier. But since the fourth quarter of last year, Netease Game's revenue has declined for two consecutive fiscal seasons, and some people questioned whether Netease Game is no good.
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(3 day ago) NetEase has always believed that society should allow collision and exchange of different ideas, ideas and values. However, for some linear values, there is still a linear and persistent defense. Therefore, any ignorance of women's rights and the promotion of the “hemoditary” lifestyle, NetEase said it could not be accepted and could not be accepted.
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(4 day ago) "The current media industry into the second half, content consumption upgrade, content platform only rely on algorithm recommendation has been unable to meet the diversified reading needs of users." Li Li, CEO of NetEase Media, said at a strategic conference in 2018 that in the future, NetEase Media will empower and inspire value users, and continue to create a new ecology of content consumption upgrade around platform and originality.
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(4 day ago) We have an entertainment group, and some people will post the posters of the late stage of breeding cancer that they wrote, and they will comment on it. At that time, Weibo was called "boiled elbow", and there was a small advertisement for the beauty of children.
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(5 day ago) It is reported that Netease koala will use the shipping and logistics services of shipping logistics giant Maersk in 130 countries around the world to provide more efficient logistics services for more domestic and overseas quality goods and brands, and further promote the continuity of cross-border e-commerce business. increase.
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(7 day ago) On October 12, Netease Cloud Music announced a new round of financing, including Baidu, General Atlantic, and Bo Yu Capital, among which Baidu is a strategic investor.
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(7 day ago) Earlier this year, Netease Cloud Music made a brand new upgrade to its brand image, including fine-tuning of graphics and colors, wordmarking and slogan font redesign. Netease Cloud Music LOGO design inherits the traditional red color of Netease, while the graphic part is designed with the combination of “phonograph” and “symbol”, and has been used ever since.
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(8 day ago) "No follow-up, no news," for a long time, follow-up are unique features of Netease news, every day 4 million + Stickers fully illustrate that follow-up this form of expression fully mobilized the participation and enthusiasm of users, Netease follow-up to speak freely of the atmosphere of equality, emerged a continuous stream of grass-roots V and folk wisdom Hui.
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(11 day ago) On Oct. 12, Netease announced that it had reached a B round of financing, including Baidu, General Atlantic and Boyu Capital, among which Baidu was a strategic investor. After the new round of financing, NetEase still enjoys the control of NetEase cloud music alone. Gao Hu capital is the exclusive financial adviser for this round of financing.
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(11 day ago) The person in charge of Netease Cloud Music said that this round of financing of Netease Cloud Music is mainly to introduce long-term partners with high quality and superior resources, and to inject new momentum into the rapid development of business. Netease Cloud Music said that this round of financing will be mainly used for original musician support and music upstream and downstream solution establishment, and work together with partners to build a music ecological chain and value chain to bring users a better and richer music service experience. .
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(12 day ago) Sina Technologies News, Beijing time on October 11 afternoon news, "Forbes" released the world's best employer list in 2018, Google's parent company Alphabet two consecutive years to rank first. Alphabet is also the only company to get full marks. Companies on the Best Employers list are highly recognized for their corporate image, working conditions and diversity.
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(13 day ago) Netease Technologies News October 10, the Netease held a "fun to create a bright future" strategic conference in Beijing, announced the official online children's programming platform Netease card programming, which marks the field of education for many years Netease completed the important layout of programming education.
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(16 day ago) On October 7th, according to foreign media reports, sources said that NetEase has signed a $500 million loan agreement, which is its first foray into the joint loan market. ANZ Bank, Citigroup, DBS Bank and HSBC are the lead, bookkeeping and underwriting banks, prepaid for this three-year revolving loan. Five other banks joined as lead.
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(27 day ago) September 26 afternoon news, in response to the news from the media, "Netease Hangzhou Research Institute has begun to lay off due to the downturn in the game industry," Netease recruitment announced Weibo denied the matter, and said that "Netease departments are in large-scale recruitment.
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(29 day ago) After super platinum card, big platinum card, small platinum card, Netease platinum card family recently ushered in a special new member of the "platinum card Trend Play Edition", especially for music enthusiasts.
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(35 day ago) This article was published by a startup called "Extreme", which publicly accused Netease's product, NetEase Yun Yidun, illegally occupying its LOGO in search engines. To put it simply, in Baidu search "very accurate verification", the first one shows the official website of Netease Yun Yidun, but the picture shows the official LOGO.
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(35 day ago) On the evening of September 17, in response to Netease's response, it was extremely remarked to blame Netease, saying that "so far, Netease Yunyi Dun has not actively communicated with us."
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(42 day ago) Beijing Business Daily reporter recently found that NetEase has chosen to open a brand flagship store. According to Netease's strict selection, it has been in the second half of 2017, and it has been about one year since. The reason why NetEase's strict selection and cooperation has recently surfaced is because the company has upgraded the “Famous Brands” section to “Brand Pavilion” in the large version that was just updated in September.
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(42 day ago) How AI affects life has always been a hot topic. Recently, NetEase Seven Fish has conceived a "Seven Fish Intelligent Living Block" in its new media channel to demonstrate how people's clothing, food, shelter and transportation can be upgraded to AI-based intelligent services through cooperation with customers such as Panda, NetEase Cloud Music, Lai Yifen, Yi 23rd and 100 orchards.
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(44 day ago) Today is the annual Teacher's Day, and the tech circle is equally lively. It is said that Ma Yun will announce the resignation of Chairman Ali’s news and return to being the teacher’s initial heart. On the NetEase side, CEO Ding Lei issued a thank-you letter and announced that he has prepared two gifts for more than 15 million teachers nationwide. One is Netease's strict selection of VIP year card, worth 149 yuan. The second is to provide lifetime free VIP email service, worth 540. One year.
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(45 day ago) In addition, Sina Technology also found that Huiren’s foreign investment was called Beijing Zhisi Education Technology Co., Ltd., Huiren’s CEO Li Chen served as the legal representative, chairman and manager of the company, and Huiren’s shareholding was 51%. Beijing Rongji Jinfu Information Service Co., Ltd. (Ranji Information Technology Group Co., Ltd.) holds 49.00%, and P2P Enterprise Junrong Loan CEO Wu Hao is a director.
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(46 day ago) Compared with the first generation of product-oriented translation eggs, Translator Wang has added three common foreign languages and Chinese offline translation function, online voice translation language package has also expanded to 43, covering 191 countries and regions. At the same time, Translator Wang combines OCR recognition technology to support 7 languages offline photo translation, 21 languages online photo translation.
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(47 day ago) On September 6, NetEase announced today that its intelligent translation hardware, King of Good Translation 2.0 Pro, supports offline voice-to-voice translation in four languages, including China, Britain, Japan and South Korea, 43 online translations and photo-translation functions. It supports offline photo-translation in seven languages and 21 online photo-translations at a price of 1688 yuan.
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(52 day ago) The CCF International Conference on Natural Language Processing and Chinese Computing (NLPCC) is an annual conference of the Chinese Information Technology Professional Committee sponsored by the Chinese Computer Society. It is an international conference focusing on natural language processing and Chinese computing.
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(54 day ago) Most major US technology giants rose, Amazon rose 0.21%, and the stock price broke the $2,000 mark for the first time; Netflix rose 0.80%, Apple rose 0.92%, and Facebook rose 0.99%. Google fell 0.81% and Microsoft fell 0.06%.
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(62 day ago) The content of the NetEase blog will be migrated to the NetEase LOFTER platform. The NetEase blog provides the "One-click relocation of blog posts to LOFTER" function. However, users need to verify the mobile phone number of the blog in advance. Netease blog closed the inevitable Netease blog on September 1, 2006, later than Sina blog, Sohu blog, but Netease blog growth momentum is very fierce, only three years, Netease blog registered users reached 90 million Until 2010, Netease blogs are still at their peak.
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(64 day ago) From 00:00 on November 30, 2018, the website of Netease Blog ( will be officially suspended, and the server will be shut down. Users will not be able to log in to the website at that time and in the future.
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(71 day ago) Ding Lei's reply is as follows: I just went to understand: a product because of a large number of reports, by the competent department off the shelves. This report, I told you clearly, is not the behavior of NetEase games. Such a simple thing, unexpectedly in a short period of time a large number of "black public relations" to play, to "Netease game report" point of view of our splashing dirty water, serious damage to the image of Netease games, we will not tolerate this, will be investigated to the end.
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(75 day ago) Beijing time on August 10 morning news, NetEase (NASDAQ: NTES) yesterday announced the second quarter of 2018 financial report, affected by the earnings report, NetEase opened shares fell 6%, closing at the close, Netease shares fell 27.75 US dollars, reported 225.22 US dollars, The decline was 10.94%.
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(75 day ago) Based on non-GAAP, net profit of RMB 2.725 billion ($412 million), down 21.5% year-on-year. According to the NetEase, the company will buy back U.S. depository receipts in a total amount of not more than $2 billion in a total amount of less than $2 billion in the period of no more than 12 months since November 16, 2017.
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