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(3 day ago) In December 2018, Ms. Qi paid 5567 yuan to buy a medium and Long-style down jacket of Canadian goose on Internet Ekola. After receiving the jacket, she found that the workmanship was rough and there were many threads, which did not match the quality of Canadian goose in the past.
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(4 day ago) The original title of 5,567 yuan to buy Canadian goose is a fake? NetEase koala caught in the true and false doubts! This morning, I sent Dongguan to verify the authenticity of the same piece of clothing, identifying different results of true and false. This kind of thing has not only happened, but has been reversed. Recently, Netease Koala was caught in the true and false Canadian Goose.
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(5 day ago) At around 9:00 on the evening of the 14th, Netease Koala issued a statement saying that it is planned to be stored in the Oriental Notary Office of Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, and the goods purchased by Ms. Consumer Line, and will be witnessed by the staff of the national notary office and the authoritative media. Next, send it to the after-sales maintenance organization in Dongguan, Guangdong Province for identification.
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(5 day ago) The user indicated that he was a Canadian goose down jacket bought on the koala during the double eleventh period. After seeing the relevant news, I sent an official email to the Canadian Goose for identification. The reply was fake. I went to the Sanlitun store to find that the clothes were different. The user said that the koala has been called once. The koala said that the clothes can not be returned, and the different clothes are different.
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(8 day ago) OPL Final Battle 2019! Ping'an Jing professional league was officially launched:
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(10 day ago) Netease koala "fake goose" incident has been reversed many times. Previously, consumers exposed the fake identification of Netease koala goods issued by the official Canadian Goose. On January 8, NetEase koala issued the official authentic identification of Canadian Goose.
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(10 day ago) A screenshot of the mail provided by Ms. Wire shows that the Canadian goose's second confirmation email was sent back to NetEase Koala's customer service staff on Jan. 7, but NetEase Koala issued a statement on Weibo without a reply. Netease Koala responded to Ms. Online today that Ms. Online was identified as "fake" by official verification of Canadian goose, possibly due to the inaccurate provision of commodity information and other reasons.
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(11 day ago) On the afternoon of January 8th, a comparative test conducted by the Shanghai Consumer Protection Committee on some anti-smog products showed that NetEase's strict selection of 3D nano-film masks was less efficient in oil filtration, and Netease responded to Sina Technology with the selection. The mask is a PM2.5 protective mask developed in 2016. Before being put on the shelves, it is strictly selected by an authoritative third-party testing agency for testing. The test results all meet the PM2.5 protection standards.
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(14 day ago) Ms. Line said that in December 2018, Netease koala purchased a long female down jacket in Canada Goose, costing 5,567.04 yuan. After receiving the goods, I found that the work was rough, and there were many threads on the clothes. I sent the photos of the anti-counterfeiting logo, logo, and product logo of the clothes to the official website of the Canadian Goose for verification. I received the official reply and received the official reply from Koala. The down jacket sold is fake.
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(30 day ago) On December 18, Netease chose its first offline store to open in Hangzhou, a century-old shop by the West Lake. 300 square meters of shops, display more than 1000 kinds of goods, but also dedicated half of the space to create beds, sofas and other products-based experience area, shelves appear to be somewhat compact.
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(31 day ago) Netease Yanxuan is taking a big exam. On December 19, its first offline store finally opened. This is no less than the initial test of looking for ODM suppliers from the source. The difference is that in the past two years, its goal is to find as many qualified and stable factories upstream as possible. Now, it needs to find as many consumers offline as possible.
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(34 day ago) Gamelook reported that Netease became the champion in the November Chinese publisher's sea revenue ranking released by AppAnnie, which was the company's second top position in the sea revenue ranking after winning in August, and Tencent's ranking rose to fifth.
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(37 day ago) As an important "chess piece" of Netease Finance Department, Netease announced its departure on the eve of its fifth anniversary. On November 27, Netease announced that due to the company's business restructuring, all products will be offline in the near future, including, but not limited to, flexible insurance, three years of stable win-win, profit-increase insurance, intelligent investment, easy money bag, cash treasure.
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(37 day ago) Ding Lei was so touched by the report "This screen may change fate" just published by China Youth Daily. According to the report, 248 middle schools in poverty-stricken areas have changed the fate of their students through live broadcasting and synchronizing classes with the famous No. 7 Middle School in Chengdu.
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(38 day ago) After the opening of the store, the news was carefully selected by NetEase for one year. It was finally confirmed that the first store opened on December 19th, the first floor of Jiebai Shopping Plaza next to Hangzhou West Lake. According to media Reuters, NetEase's first offline store, with an area of ​​about 300 square meters, is not too big by the standards of the grocery store. It is determined that the goods on the shelves are basically "explosive models" on the e-commerce platform of NetEase, which are mainly used for all kinds of daily groceries.
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(38 day ago) On the evening of December 12, it was announced that the company had signed an acquisition agreement with Netease to acquire the main assets of Netease Comics, including App, website, copyright of some comics and related rights and interests.
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(39 day ago) How to judge an industry is preparing to take off on the runway, there are many standards. If a product, a company, an industry does not tell stories, spray golden sentences, do not play with feelings, do not sun data, or even do not like the development of cloth fairs, but can let users tend to be like birds, capital is not invited, this outlet will be stable.
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(43 day ago) "Hi, I am Tim Cook, you were chosen to be Apple's koi, click on the link below, Apple will send you a iPhone XS" Dear user, Marriott International is taking steps to investigate and handle security incidents involving Starwood's guest reservation database. Please log on to the following address to modify your information.
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(46 day ago) In an interview with the media, Ms. Chen said that the merchants insisted that everything was OK, just because the batches were different, so the packaging was different. Ms. Chen invited Australian friends to go to the mall to take photos of the packaging, but did not change the packaging. In this regard, customer service and re-export products are for domestic sales.
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(47 day ago) Starting from 12:00 on December 3, 2018, the official download service of APP will be stopped and the recharge service will be stopped. From 12:00 on December 6, 2018, new user registration and new host authentication services will be stopped; live service will be stopped; short video service will be stopped; users will not be able to continue using mint coins in their recharge accounts.
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(54 day ago) Recently, there are media reports that Netease will offline all its products on December 1, 2018. It is understood that the relevant financial products will no longer support asset inquiry and redemption operations after offline.
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(57 day ago) Some Netease financial investors said that they had recently received a short message from Netease, saying that due to internal business adjustment, the company will offline all Netease financial products on December 1, 2018.
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(57 day ago) Sina Finance and Economics consulted Netease Finance Customer Service on this matter, and the reply was true. The official announcement will be officially released on Netease Finance Official Website in the coming days. It is suggested that users log on to Netease Finance Platform before December 1, 2018 to redeem their assets. Users can also choose to continue holding assets, but after offline. It will only be transferred to insurance companies or fund sales agencies for inquiry and redemption operations, and Netease will not be able to continue to provide related services.
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(57 day ago) In 2018, Stone Legend and StarCraft II opened a new chapter in the competition as the first electronic competitions to join the Asian Games. In the future, Netease Blizzard will promote more projects to join the Asian Games and even the Olympic Games to build a world-leading professional competition system.
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(57 day ago) Why are pigs * favored by Internet bigwigs? This is of course not only because pigs are * naive and auspicious, but the huge commercial value behind them is the real concern of giants. Put aside the phenomenon and look at the essence, let's re-examine the matter of raising pigs from the perspective of measuring a business.
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(57 day ago) In July 2008, when countless people were immersed in the joy of the upcoming opening of the Beijing Olympic Games, Ma Yun, far away in Hangzhou, pressed the "Mission in Winter" confirmation key. In that internal letter, Ma Yun judged that the overall economic situation was not optimistic.
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(59 day ago) On November 21st, 36 氪 was exclusively informed that the rumored B-station and NetEase comics transactions have come to an end. Unlike the rumor that NetEase completely abandons the comics business, the final negotiation result of this transaction may be that B station purchases most of the copyright and operating assets of Netease comics. Netease may continue to incubate and adapt comics in the future.
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(59 day ago) Following an 8.42% drop in three-quarter earnings on November 20, Jingdong shares continued to fall, closing at 5:00 p.m. Beijing time at $19.49, down 7.67%, with the latest total market value of $27.955 billion.
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(64 day ago) Established in 1997, Netease has entered middle age. It is similar to the Internet companies that were popular at the same time, such as Sina and Sohu, relying on the advantages of portals, and hovering between the two-tier Internet echelons all the year round.
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(64 day ago) Although NetEase's latest quarterly earnings report showed that the company's revenue increased by 35.1% to 16.9 billion yuan, Ding Lei may not be happy. On the one hand, NetEase's net profit was 1.6 billion yuan, down 37% year-on-year. This is also the fifth consecutive quarter of Netease's net profit decline.
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