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(14 hr ago) The appearance of Meizu M822Q is similar to that of Meizu V8. The layout of M822Q is similar to that of Meizu V8. The layout of M822Q is almost no different from that of Meizu V8. According to the data given by the Ministry of Industry and Information, the size of BWH of Meizu M822Q fuselage is 153.64 × 75.56 × 7.95mm and weighs 168g. It offers four colors: black, red, blue and purple.
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(18 hr ago) Meizu 16th and Meizu 16X have a lot of the same design, in addition to the processor, appearance material, linear motor differences, screens, cameras and other original parts are the same, so Meizu 16th and Meizu 16X between the difference of 600 yuan exactly where? First of all, Meizu 16th and Meizu 16X are two mobile phones with different positioning. They are different for different users. The difference between 2098 yuan and 2698 yuan is 600 yuan, which is the difference between terminal and high-end for market positioning.
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(1 day ago) According to Huang Zhang, the X8 was delayed because of some problems in the production of COF packaging process LCD screens customized in Beijing Oriental, which can be solved step by step. So what is the problem? Huang Zhang did not further explain, it is no exception that the initial rate of good products is not high enough to meet the needs of the X8.
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(2 day ago) At the same time Meizu 16th, Meizu 16th Plus, Meizu 16X, Meizu 15 kiln white are also actively stocking, we will be on sale at 10 am on October 15th. We hope that more users will buy their favorite mobile phones at the same time, and once again apologize to those who love Meizu.
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(3 day ago) In the afternoon of October 12th, there were media reports recently that the P2P platform recommended by Meizu Wallet had a redemption crisis. Meizu responded to Sina Technology, saying that Meizu has established a “feeling friend gathering wealth exchange group”, direct communication between Latong Meiyou and Juai Finance platform, and will continue to follow up the progress of this matter, actively enchanting The communication between friends and Ju Ai Cai provides help.
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(4 day ago) The two products of White Nut Pro2s and Meizu 16X have some similarities: Nut Pro2s is an upgraded product of Nut Pro2, which has improved screen, performance and appearance. It is released with the flagship nut R1. The Meizu 16X can be said. It is a simplified version of the flagship Meizu 16th series, which is also the flagship positioning.
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(8 day ago) Come on the front, the box is mainly white, and the cover is black and white. The back of the package (introduced in English and Chinese): printed with 18W two-way fast charge Dual USB output compatible with a variety of fast charge protocol Lithium polymer battery model: PB04 battery capacity: 10000mAh / 3.7V (37Wh) rated capacity:
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(14 day ago) Because Meizu 16 series is very competitive at the same price, the demand for Meizu 16thth Plus products is far higher than expected, resulting in demand exceeding supply. The machine features a 6-inch 18:9 AMOLED display, a Qualcomm Cellon 845 processor, a maximum 8GB memory, and a 12 million (Sony IMX380) 20 million (Sony IMX350) dual camera, of which 12 million main lens units have a pixel area of 1.55 μ m.
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(16 day ago) On the core configuration, Meizu 16X uses a 6-inch Samsung AMOLED display with a resolution of 2160 × 10 ~ 80, a Qualcomm Cell-710 processor, 6GB memory, 64GB and 128GB storage, battery capacity of 3100mAhh, and screen fingerprint recognition.
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(20 day ago) On the core configuration, Meizu 16X uses 6 inches without bangs full screen, Samsung AMOLED material, with Qualcomm Cellon 710 processor, The 12 million (Sony IMX380) 20 million (Sony IMX350) dual-shot (Meizuchi 16th) has a unit pixel area of 1.55 μ m for 12 million main lenses, supports four-axis optical anti-shake, triple nondestructive zoom, pre-20 million pixels, and a battery capacity of 3100mAh.
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(25 day ago) Mr. Zhang Jia, the director of Meizu Technologies and Culture Creation, issued a message to Sina Weibo Certification Account "Ge Wenzhang" on April 15 that he could not identify with Yang Mou, senior vice president of Meizu Technologies, and that he could not lead Meizu Technologies out of the predicament.
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(25 day ago) Since the launch of the 16th series of Meizu 845, the Zhuhai mobile phone manufacturer seems to have changed the downturn of Meizu Pro7 and Meizu 15, the hot discussion on social networks and the shortage of various e-commerce platforms, which undoubtedly reflects the upward trend of Meizu mobile phones. Perhaps because of this, today's Meizu Performing Arts in Beijing. The Meizu 16X conference held by the center attracted many people's attention.
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(26 day ago) In addition, the 15th Anniversary Limited Edition of Meizu LIVE four-unit movable iron headset uses 5N high-purity OCC (single crystal copper) and silver-plated OFC (oxygen-free copper) composite wire, which makes it have a low impedance of less than 0.4ohm and brings a more pure and stainless sound.
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(26 day ago) In the aspect of exterior design, Meizu 16X adopts the whole metal integrated fuselage, the fuselage has no clearance, and is more sturdy; the metal 3D one thousand times grinding and the 138.5 °double R angle arc closing design make the smooth back cover smooth more hand. Provide inkstone black, morning gold, and metal to make ceramic texture upgrade, "Ruyao White" three colors.
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(26 day ago) In addition, the Meizu X8 back uses a bright porcelain stack technology, which allows the glass back shell to look more gloss, and of course the handle is even better. At the same time, the back of the cell phone provides fingerprint identification, and 0.2S can unlock / pay (supporting WeChat and Alipay payment).
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(26 day ago) At the same time, Meizu Mobile Power 3 is also the first dual USB interface of Meizu mobile power supply, before all have only one USB interface, the new product can charge two devices at the same time, more convenient. The 10,000 mAh polymer core with a rated capacity of 6,500 mAh/5V can charge Meizu 16th about 2.3 times or iPhone X about 2.5 times.
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(26 day ago) But the difference is that the Meizu 16X's back is made of metal instead of glass, but officials stress that they make metal into ceramic. In addition, the white version of Meizu 16X, is the second generation of Meizu Ru kiln white technology, paint adhesion increased by 300%.
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(26 day ago) This version uses the industry's leading photoelectric splash plating process, pre-set color plating on the glass, after the reflection of light, resulting in streamer effect. Compared to the glass coating process, the Meizu 16th Aurora Blue version costs 300% more to color.
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(29 day ago) Combined with pre-exposure finish, Meizu 16X uses a full metal fuselage, hidden antenna design, and the official hinted that Meizu 16X will provide Ruyao white color matching, which is the classic Meizu 15 color, extremely high face, as well as grinding black and grinding gold color matching. In terms of configuration, Meizu 16X uses a 6-inch 18:9 Samsung AMOLED full screen with a resolution of 2160 × 1080.
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(32 day ago) Meizu official issued relevant instructions to this: 1, Meizu said: 1, with 0.5 yuan to buy the product has been cut-off users, no need to fill the price difference, Meizu Mall will normally ship for you; 2, with 0.5 yuan to buy the product and normally sold products with the same function and quality control; 3, with 0.5 yuan to buy the product users are positive Often enjoy the after-sale service of Meizu mall.
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(33 day ago) It is reported that this is a wired device into a wireless Bluetooth device, Bluetooth 4.2 wireless transmission technology, up to 10 meters transmission, internal integration of high-precision processing chip, independent audio amplification processing, 20Hz-20KHz broadband sound coverage, weight of 8g.
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(44 day ago) On the core, Meizu 16x uses a 6.0-inch 18:9 Samsung AMOLED display with a resolution of 2160 × 1080, a Qualcomm Celldragon 710 processor, 6GB memory 64GB storage (and later 8GB 128GB versions), and a battery capacity of 3100mAh (typical value).
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(45 day ago) According to Huang Zhang, Meizu 16x is powered by a Cellon 710 processor that supports screen fingerprint recognition. In addition, Meizu 16x, like Meizu 16th, has a Samsung Super AMOLED full screen with dual speakers, a front 20 million pixel camera, and a rear 12 million (Sony IMX380) 20 million (Sony IMX350) dual camera that supports optical anti-shake.
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(46 day ago) The core selling point of Meizu 16 series is high performance-to-price ratio. It uses 18:9 full screen, carries a high-pass Paragon 845 processor, and is equipped with up to 8 GB of memory. It supports screen fingerprint identification. The starting price is only 2,698 yuan. This is the lowest price Paragon 845 screen fingerprint handset at present.
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(46 day ago) According to Huang Zhang, the founder of Meizu science and technology, Meizu has not released new opportunities such as 16x and X8, so the new Meizu M813Q may be Meizu X8. Huang Zhang's reply was to recommend the purchase of Meizu 16x, suggesting that Meizu X8 uses back fingerprint identification, which coincides with Meizu M816Q, a new machine for back fingerprints that just entered the Internet.
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(49 day ago) According to the information disclosed by Huang Zhang, the founder of Meizu technology, the products that Meizu hasn't released are Meizu 16x and Meizu X8. The Meizu 16x supports screen fingerprint identification, so the new M816Q Meizu machine that just entered the Internet can be sure that it is not the Meizu 16x.
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(50 day ago) As you can see, the color is similar to the gradient, with a color transition between the top and bottom, which looks great. If this color is confirmed, then Meizu 16th, 16th Plus will be available. In terms of materials, it should continue to use the four-curved 3D glass back shell, using a 7-layer coating process, with a ceramic texture, fine lines, smooth and elegant lines.
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(51 day ago) It should be noted that the delivery time indicated by the reservation is for reference only. With the increase of the production capacity of Meizu 16 series, the delivery time is very likely to be advanced. As the Meizu flagship of the year, Meizu 16th has a very high cost performance, the starting price of 2698 yuan is currently the lowest price of the 骁 845 flagship, very competitive at the same price.
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(52 day ago) Among them, 12 million main lenses are Sony IMX 380, 1.55 microns per pixel area and 20 million sets are IMX 350, supporting professional virtualization and triple lossless zoom. In addition, the Meizu 16x is equipped with a 710 processor, supporting screen fingerprint identification, battery capacity than the Meizu 16th is larger, the overall design language and the latter is not very different.
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(53 day ago) As for the price that Meizu cares about, some Meizu guesses in the community: "Meizu 16x visual price is similar to nut Pro 2S, I think the most expensive 100." In response to Huang Zhang's response, "well, 16x is very grateful." Considering that Meizu 16th has become the lowest price of the 845 flagship Yuelong at 2698 yuan (previously reduced price of 100 yuan millet 8 has now restored to the original price of 2699 yuan), the price of Meizu 16x is naturally worth looking forward to.
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