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Meizu(魅族)News list

(1 day ago) According to the current Meizu official website display, Meizu 16 opened the full amount of the reservation, will be shipped in 4-8 weeks after the payment, and each person is limited to one. However, Meizu emphasizes that the display delivery time at the time of booking is for reference only. Actually, the specific delivery notice will prevail, and the stocking will be stepped up and the delivery time will be updated.
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(2 day ago) Prior to this, Meizu Technology CMO and senior vice president Li Nan revealed that the price of Meizu 16 series was decided by Huang Zhang, and it needed an impact product to give users and the market a firm confidence that the company and channel gross profit have been kept to a minimum. Huang Zhang revealed that with the rhythm of RMB depreciation, 16 price cuts are hopeless, and it is not forced to raise prices.
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(3 day ago) Before, Huang Zhang said that the first batch of Meizu 16 stocks was 500,000 yuan, but this quantity was added later and became 1 million units, but even this is only a material, as for the final production, it is still waiting for the official final. confirm. Today, Huang Zhang appeared in the forum and said that the RMB continued to depreciate and the price of imported parts increased.
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(4 day ago) At this point, Meizu 16th has become what Meizu calls "the only yellow zodiac flagship of the year". Not long ago, the machine arrived as promised, with its strongest processor, first-rate CMOS and under-screen fingerprints, which are hardware enough to make the Meizu have a hard waist plate. But after all, the time of pure hardware is long gone, if you want to be the flagship of the year, you have to use it.
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(6 day ago) Such a huge amount of reservations also brought pressure to Meizu's stocking. On the evening of August 15th, Mei Zhang, the founder of Meizu Technology, made a sound in the Meizu community. Huang Zhang said that there are too many appointments for the Meizu 16 series. The supply chain does not know how to add a single order. I decided to terminate the official website reservation and change it to the official website of 200 yuan, so that we can increase the single-component materials according to the predetermined amount and meet the customer's needs as soon as possible.
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(6 day ago) At present, the rechargeable headnet has already got the Meizu 16th Plus, and the following is the charging performance test of this mobile phone brought by the small edition. Meizu 16th and Meizu 16th Plus are equipped with charger model UP1220S, input support 100-240V 50/60Hz 0.7A; output support 5V/3A, 8V/3A, 12V/2A.
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(7 day ago) During the World Cup, the news about England's happy football, in the editorial department, who is the most "happy mobile phone" brand in China, everyone agrees that Meizu has the most label-like brands. Seeing the slogan of Meizu's 16th series: “The pursuit of love from love” once again cites the views of most of our editors: perhaps in this fast-winning industry, we can still maintain our own brand that is not lost on all kinds of roads. Only Meizu is left.
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(9 day ago) Although not equipped with NFC, the Meizu 16 series is highly competitive at the same price. It not only provides flagship configuration: Super AMOLED display, Snapdragon 845 processor, LPDDR4X memory, UFS 2.1 flash memory, and also supports screen fingerprint recognition.
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(10 day ago) On August 8th, Meizu’s founder Huang Zhang’s “Make the Big Knife” Meizu 16 was finally released. After Bai Yongxiang and Yang Lan, Meizu’s senior vice president Li Nan took the R&D team to the front of the conference and went to the consumer. The person conveys all good faith.
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(10 day ago) The biggest highlight of the machine is the high performance and price ratio, Meizu 16th from 2698 yuan, this is the lowest price of the Cellon 845 model, very competitive. In addition to Cellon 845, Meizu 16 series in other aspects of the same eye-catching performance. It uses the Super AMOLED 18:9 full screen, the whole 6GB memory starts, provides the highest 8GB 256GB storage, supports screen fingerprint identification, and is claimed to be the fastest recognition speed, the highest recognition rate screen fingerprint mobile phone.
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(11 day ago) According to the information disclosed by Huang Zhang before, this Meizu 16X mobile phone will adopt Liu Haiping + back fingerprint recognition design, equipped with Xiaolong 710 processor, the configuration is higher than Xiaomi 8SE, the price is not more than 2000 yuan, highlighting its Value for money.
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(12 day ago) Asked about the pricing strategy, Meizu CMO and senior vice president Li Nan admitted that "Huang Zongding", "Huang Zong believes that now needs an impact product, giving users and the market a firm confidence, we are indeed pricing this time More aggressive. In addition to aggressive pricing strategies, Huang Zhang is also adjusting the Meizu brand's product line. Meizu's digital series will replace the Pro series as a high-end product line, and the X series will replace the MX series in the future.
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(12 day ago) In the new audio field, the Meizu is constantly introducing new products. In fact, it also reminds me of the memories of the audio network. It is true that we are still looking forward to such a MP3 audio product. The design style of the Meizu Gravity suspense sound box, which is officially released, has a bright future, and the "suspension" design is really a bit of Zen. Now we will see how the sound box is experiencing.
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(12 day ago) Meizu 16th Plus 6GB+128GB version is priced at 3,198 yuan, 8GB+128GB version is priced at 3,498 yuan, 8GB+256GB version is priced at 3,998 yuan, and officially opened at 0:00 on August 20. In front of Xiaolong 845 and screen fingerprints, Meizu 16th's 2698 yuan is indeed very cost-effective. Regarding whether it can be bought, there are charm friends posting in the community, and J. Wong (Huang Zhang) also responded.
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(12 day ago) After the press conference yesterday, many of them were very curious, because they didn’t wait for the model X8 mobile phone that was exposed in the forum before Huang Zhang. It is equipped with the Snapdragon 710 processor, and the price/performance ratio is very good. The competing product is Xiaomi 8SE. In response to the concerns of netizens, Huang Zhang also gave the answer in the forum, which said that they also have a new machine to be released in September this year, and it is the Meizu 16X, equipped with the Xiaolong 710 processor.
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(13 day ago) In appearance, the Meizu 16 series is equipped with a Samsung's 1080P resolution AMOLED display, and the symmetrical design of the Samsung S9 series, with a very narrow forehead and chin, and its border width of only 1.43mm.
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(13 day ago) Meizu 16th Plus 6GB 128GB 3198 yuan, 8 GB 128GB 3498 yuan and 8 GB 256GB 3998 yuan. If you take a closer look at the pricing of Meizu's 16th, it's interesting that each version is a dollar cheaper than the Xiaomi 8, which means a lot to the target.
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(13 day ago) Now that August is coming, it is time to see the true nature of Huang Zhang. However, regarding Meizu 16, Huang Zhang’s general Li Nan said in a few days ago on Weibo: Strictly speaking, the press conference has not been opened. The reason for this is that in the pre-heating stage of the pre-release conference, many aspects of this product have been exposed, including configuration and appearance.
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(13 day ago) Gravity is equipped with a 3 inch display, ingeniously reflecting the images and songs on the mirror to achieve an incredible suspension effect, as if a product coming from the future. As a sound, the sound quality is the first.
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(13 day ago) Meizu 16th series finally came to the unexpected appearance and unexpected feel. When the Meizu 16th series first broke the news, some netizens made the rendering of the so-called Meizu 16, and the first reaction after seeing the real machine is not to go out. material. In fact, the design of the Meizu 16th series and the 15 are in the same vein, the difference is in the details.
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(13 day ago) Specifically, Meizu M15 price dropped to 1398 yuan (4GB+64GB), Meizu 15 4GB+64GB version fell to 1998 yuan, 4GB+128GB version fell to 2298 yuan, Meizu 15 Plus 6GB+64GB version sold for 2498 yuan, 6GB The +128GB version is priced at 2,798 yuan.
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(13 day ago) Meizu 16th Plus 6GB+128GB version 3198 yuan, 8GB+128GB version 3498 yuan, 8GB+256GB version 3998 yuan. From now on, you can make an appointment at Meizu Mall, offline store, Tmall, Jingdong, Suning Tesco, and officially open for sale on August 20.
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(14 day ago) Today, some netizens exposed a spy shot that is said to be a Meizu 16 black version of the real machine, and was discharged with the black version of the iPhone X. It can be seen that the Meizu 16 has a symmetrical design on the back, and the vertical row is double-received. Below is the ring flash that Meizu loves. The whole is very simple.
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(15 day ago) In addition to official preheating, unofficial highlights are also emerging. How do you comment on Meizu 16? In the discussion, the famous director and screenwriter Lu Chuan (on behalf of "cocoa Xili" and "the gun seeking", etc.) also talked about his views on photography and technology, such as the OIS optical anti tremor is more important than the 3D modeling, and the large CMOS or CCD is more important than AI.
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(16 day ago) In contrast, the single-core and multi-core scores of the meizu 16th are indeed higher than the alps m1882, reaching 2384/8906. At the same time, this Meizu 16 is equipped with 8GB of memory and Android 8.1 system. According to the information disclosed by Huang Zhang, the founder of Meizu Technology, Meizu 16 also has a 6GB memory version.
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(16 day ago) Although Meizu 16 will be held on August 8th, it may be because of the high importance, Li Nan chose to go to Beijing three days in advance. Moreover, no surprise, the speaker of this conference will be him. Based on the current information, Meizu is expected to have at least three new machines, Meizu X8, Meizu 16 and Meizu 16 Plus.
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(20 day ago) We know that the model of Meizu 16 is M882Q, and the model of Meizu 16 Plus is M892Q. It is speculated that M872Q may be the standard version of Meizu 16. According to the information revealed by Huang Zhang, the founder of the Meizu technology, the 16 standard version of the Meizu group is the 710 processor of the meyolong, rather than the 845 of the meyolong, which is equipped with 6GB memory, and also supports the screen fingerprint identification.
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(21 day ago) At the end of 7, Meizu 16 finally came closer to us. The Meizu 16, which is operated by Huang Zhang himself, will be released at Beijing Performing Arts Center on August 8, according to a newly released invitation. After experiencing the failure of Meizu Pro7 and the farce of Meizu 15 and Yang Zhe, the friends seemed to welcome the light of hope.
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(22 day ago) In fact, the Meizu Gravity levitation sound has been released as early as 2016, but because of technical reasons no energy production, so has not been released. According to official data, the Meizu Gravity loudspeaker uses two 1.25 inch full frequency speakers, and the magnetic flux density is increased by more than 30% compared to the traditional sound box equipment, and the loudspeaker is more sensitive and improves the overall range performance.
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(23 day ago) According to the parameters given by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Meizu 16 series adopts 18:9 AMOLED full-scale screen, in which Meizu 16 screen size is 6.0in, Meizu 16 Plus screen size is 6.5in, the resolution of Meizu 16 Plus screen is 2160 × 1080.
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