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(7 day ago) With respect to the durability, Toshiba also promoted the P/E (programmable / erasure cycle) of the BiCS4 QLC product from 1000 to 1500 times, half of the traditional TLC, and believed that the consumer would be pleased if the price was given.
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(7 day ago) Toshiba's net profit in the first quarter of June 30th created a new high, benefiting from a $18 billion sale of flash chip business to Bain Capital led by private equity firms in the United States earlier this year.
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(8 day ago) However, Toshiba did not explain where its future growth sources will come from after it has no valuable flash chip business. The company's remaining major businesses, such as energy and social infrastructure, are working to fill the gap left by the chip business. Last year, Toshiba's chip business accounted for 90% of the company's total operating profit.
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(55 day ago) At the VLSI 2018 International Conference held on June 19th, Toshiba announced a new Bluetooth 5.0 low-power technology, which can greatly extend the Bluetooth transmission distance while maintaining low power consumption and high signal strength. In 2016, the company announced a similar technology, but at that time the transmission distance was 130 meters. The new technology solution announced now has not only a transmission distance of 603 meters, but also a signal strength of 113 dB, while the power consumption is only the previous one. 70%.
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(64 day ago) On the morning of June 13, Beijing time, about two weeks ago, Toshiba Group completed the sale of a 2 trillion yen memory chip business unit. Recently, Toshiba Group is planning to repurchase 700 billion yen ($6.3 billion) in its shares held in the business.
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(65 day ago) This article comes from the WeChat public number: Fachai_story, author: Da Shuai went to FOK Chai at three p.m., and Masuka Fujio woke up in his office. He asked the general's sister to refresh him with a cup of black tea, but the smell was not fragrant enough. So he added half a glass of brandy in his tea. In the big opening of the 100 people, it was filled with wine.
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(73 day ago) Tencent Technology News, Toshiba sold flash memory chip business, Sony's desalination hardware transformation to the content industry, Chinese companies continue to acquire Japanese home appliance business (such as Foxconn acquisition of Sharp) ... ... all kinds of information show that the Japanese consumer electronics industry has quickly fallen.
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(77 day ago) Visit: Microsoft China official business city first, it is two different BUG, one of which involves the Intel SSD 600P series and the Intel SSD Pro 6000p series, while another BUG involves the Toshiba XG4 series, the XG5 series, and the BG3 series of solid state hard drives.
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(83 day ago) Toshiba dynaEdge AR smart glasses, picture from: AnandTech Toshiba dynaEdge AR hardware consists of two parts: Toshiba AR100 HMD (Head Mount Display / Head-mounted Display Device) and Toshiba dyna Edge DE-100.
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(90 day ago) Last December, it was reported that the Ministry of Commerce of China has begun to assess Toshiba's sale of chips, and assessment officials expressed concern about the role of SK helix in the deal. If the transaction is approved, SK Hynix will have a large stake in the Toshiba chip business after sale.
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(93 day ago) The picture came from the Reuters, the Reuters said, the Toshiba Co announced that its net profit would rise 33% to 10700 billion yen (about $9 billion 750 million) from 804 billion yen, which was a second year profit after a huge loss in the Toshiba Co's Westinghouse electrical nuclear power business.
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(113 day ago) Although SK hynix’s acquisition of Toshiba’s chip division is facing challenges, the Korean chip maker is not worried. This is because SK hynix has achieved a major victory: It successfully prevented the Toshiba chip division from being taken over by a Chinese company.
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(114 day ago) Japan’s Toshiba’s $18 billion transfer of flash memory chip transactions has not yet been completed and it is expected that the Chinese government will issue an antitrust review at the end of May. According to the latest news from foreign media, Toshiba’s active shareholders said that the actual value of the flash memory business is twice the transfer price, and Toshiba should cancel the transfer transaction.
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(138 day ago) However, Toshiba said in a statement that the company is still planning to complete the sale of chip business as soon as possible, and it is now expected to be completed in or after April. Toshiba agreed last year to sell the chip sector to the US private Holdings Company, the Bain Capital led consortium, to repay the debt left by Westinghouse, a bankrupt us nuclear company.
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(142 day ago) Last year, a consortium led by Toshiba Japan and Bain Capital of the United States reached an agreement to transfer the flash chip business for US$18 billion. The final deadline for approval of this transaction is March 23rd. According to the latest news from foreign media, Toshiba said on Monday that it was unable to complete the audit before the deadline, but Toshiba will continue to transfer the transaction.
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(145 day ago) Tencent Technology News, according to foreign media reports, in order to complete the $ 18 billion sale of its memory chip business before the end of March, the Japanese Toshiba company must win the approval of China's anti-monopoly regulatory agency this Friday, from the current situation Look, it is likely to miss this deadline and instead seek alternatives such as IPO.
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(156 day ago) The promise of Google Glass has not yet been realized. In fact, currently there are not many smart glasses on the market. Even Google Glass has been returned to the laboratory for further improvement. However, if you are a business or a large organization and want a sense of future, you are seeing more and more choices.
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(159 day ago) Toshiba said today that the company is still waiting for China's anti-monopoly regulator to approve a $18 billion sale of the memory chip business. If the transaction cannot be completed as originally planned by the deadline of March, the company expects to be able to confirm at the latest by June. carry out.
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(163 day ago) At the end of last year, Toshiba Japan announced that it will transfer the television business to China Hisense Group. According to foreign media latest news, the transaction has been fully completed recently. According to foreign media reports Evertiq, Toshiba has completed the sale of all television transactions, according to the agreement, Toshiba has its subsidiaries, "Toshiba Vision Solutions," a 95% stake in the company sold to Hisense Group.
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(182 day ago) Tencent Technology News, last year, Japan's Toshiba and Bain Capital, the United States led the consortium reached an agreement to 18 billion US dollars in the sale of precious flash memory chip business. According to foreign media latest news, the transaction can not be expected by the end of March (the fiscal year end) was passed, but this will be good news for Toshiba, Toshiba is expected to get a higher selling price, or choose to go public.
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(182 day ago) TOSHIBA (Dow Jones) - Toshiba on Wednesday appointed an outsider to become chief executive officer and chairman (chairman) of the board of directors after a series of accounting scandals, record losses and the almost embarrassing delisting of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, .
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(197 day ago) Japanese Toshiba invented flash chips all over the world and sold it to Bain Capital's Consortium at $18 billion before its flash business. Toshiba is also the inventor of the laptop. According to the latest news from foreign media, the Sharp Co under the Foxconn group is negotiating to buy Toshiba notebook computer business.
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(210 day ago) The data chart of the 410 billion yen, about 240 billion yen is Toshiba's profits from selling Westinghouse electrical shares, about 170 billion yen after tax profit. Affected by this news, Toshiba shares rose up to 2.9% today. Toshiba said the sale of the stake transaction plus 600 billion yen in December last year issued new shares, will allow the company to avoid insolvent at the end of March to the end of the fiscal year.
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(218 day ago) Toshiba recently demonstrated the RC100 NVMe SSD at the CES 2018. The biggest bright spot is the RC100's DRAM-less design.
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(218 day ago) Also used as a non-cacheable RC100 SSD is a PCIe 3.0 x2 lane with continuous read and write speeds of up to 1620 MB / s (read) and 1130 MB / s (write-in). According to the official introduction, the RC100 solid state hard disk uses a master integrated cache (HBM) design, with random read and write IOPS up to 160 / 120k respectively.
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(222 day ago) The RC100 M.2 NVMe SSD series debuts at CES with a 22x42mm solid-state drive that outperforms the highest performing SATA solid-state drive on the market today with the new solid-state drive focusing on DIY manufacturers and PC gamers.
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(225 day ago) Type design HHHL/AIC expansion card style, named M9PeY; with M9PeG, radiating armor M.2 interface, size 2280 (22mm x 80mm); without M9PeGN, the radiating armor M.2 interface, size 2280 (22mm x 80mm), a total of three optional, the price should be also decreased.
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(236 day ago) According to TMHW reports, Toshiba announced that it will come up with 1.062 billion US dollars to prepare the seventh flash memory plant (Fab7), location Yokkaichi (Yokkaichi). In fact, Toshiba is currently building Fab6, which is located in Kitakami and is expected to be completed in the fourth quarter of 2018.
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(238 day ago) Toshiba did not disclose specific performance indicators, but said 64GB eUFS up to 170% faster than 64GB eMMC. The flash memory also meets the AEC-Q100 second-level standards, the lowest temperature tolerance -40 ℃, the highest 105 ℃, and in terms of specifications, in addition to the conventional bad block management, error correction, wear leveling, garbage collection, the main control will Monitoring P / E programming erase cycle, temperature, etc., feedback to the main processor, and make targeted adjustments.
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(240 day ago) Toshiba will probably need to make some remedial measures to ensure that it will not affect fair competition in the market, so as to dispel the concerns of China's regulators, people familiar with the matter said. In this way, the Ministry of Commerce of China may have the condition to approve the transaction.
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