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(7 day ago) Tencent Technology News, last year, Japan's Toshiba and Bain Capital, the United States led the consortium reached an agreement to 18 billion US dollars in the sale of precious flash memory chip business. According to foreign media latest news, the transaction can not be expected by the end of March (the fiscal year end) was passed, but this will be good news for Toshiba, Toshiba is expected to get a higher selling price, or choose to go public.
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(7 day ago) TOSHIBA (Dow Jones) - Toshiba on Wednesday appointed an outsider to become chief executive officer and chairman (chairman) of the board of directors after a series of accounting scandals, record losses and the almost embarrassing delisting of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, .
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(22 day ago) Japanese Toshiba invented flash chips all over the world and sold it to Bain Capital's Consortium at $18 billion before its flash business. Toshiba is also the inventor of the laptop. According to the latest news from foreign media, the Sharp Co under the Foxconn group is negotiating to buy Toshiba notebook computer business.
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(34 day ago) The data chart of the 410 billion yen, about 240 billion yen is Toshiba's profits from selling Westinghouse electrical shares, about 170 billion yen after tax profit. Affected by this news, Toshiba shares rose up to 2.9% today. Toshiba said the sale of the stake transaction plus 600 billion yen in December last year issued new shares, will allow the company to avoid insolvent at the end of March to the end of the fiscal year.
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(43 day ago) Toshiba recently demonstrated the RC100 NVMe SSD at the CES 2018. The biggest bright spot is the RC100's DRAM-less design.
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(43 day ago) Also used as a non-cacheable RC100 SSD is a PCIe 3.0 x2 lane with continuous read and write speeds of up to 1620 MB / s (read) and 1130 MB / s (write-in). According to the official introduction, the RC100 solid state hard disk uses a master integrated cache (HBM) design, with random read and write IOPS up to 160 / 120k respectively.
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(47 day ago) The RC100 M.2 NVMe SSD series debuts at CES with a 22x42mm solid-state drive that outperforms the highest performing SATA solid-state drive on the market today with the new solid-state drive focusing on DIY manufacturers and PC gamers.
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(50 day ago) Type design HHHL/AIC expansion card style, named M9PeY; with M9PeG, radiating armor M.2 interface, size 2280 (22mm x 80mm); without M9PeGN, the radiating armor M.2 interface, size 2280 (22mm x 80mm), a total of three optional, the price should be also decreased.
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(61 day ago) According to TMHW reports, Toshiba announced that it will come up with 1.062 billion US dollars to prepare the seventh flash memory plant (Fab7), location Yokkaichi (Yokkaichi). In fact, Toshiba is currently building Fab6, which is located in Kitakami and is expected to be completed in the fourth quarter of 2018.
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(63 day ago) Toshiba did not disclose specific performance indicators, but said 64GB eUFS up to 170% faster than 64GB eMMC. The flash memory also meets the AEC-Q100 second-level standards, the lowest temperature tolerance -40 ℃, the highest 105 ℃, and in terms of specifications, in addition to the conventional bad block management, error correction, wear leveling, garbage collection, the main control will Monitoring P / E programming erase cycle, temperature, etc., feedback to the main processor, and make targeted adjustments.
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(65 day ago) Toshiba will probably need to make some remedial measures to ensure that it will not affect fair competition in the market, so as to dispel the concerns of China's regulators, people familiar with the matter said. In this way, the Ministry of Commerce of China may have the condition to approve the transaction.
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(67 day ago) In order to avoid delisting from the Tokyo Stock Exchange due to insolvency, Toshiba is accelerating the sale of its assets to fill funding holes. After the television business was sold in November, Toshiba further announced that it would consider selling the United States Westinghouse-related assets to third parties and raising 600 billion yen by issuing new shares.
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(70 day ago) Toshiba recently announced a CMR hard drive that claims to have the world's first 14TB large capacity magnetic media. With a nine-disc, 3.5-inch design and a 7200rpm speed and 6Gbit / s SATA serial port, Toshiba is an enterprise- Create a product.
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(70 day ago) United States Western Digital and Japan's Toshiba have reached a settlement on the dispute over the flash assets transaction and both sides will continue their cooperation in the future. According to a number of media reports such as Bloomberg, December 12, Western Digital and Toshiba signed a settlement agreement, Western Digital also confirmed media reports.
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(71 day ago) Western Digital has agreed to withdraw the lawsuit filed in the Court of International Arbitration that has stopped the sale. Toshiba is allowing western counties to participate in additional investments in Yokkaichi City, Mie Prefecture. Negotiations were also scheduled for details such as setting a few restrictions for SK Hynix, a Korean semiconductor giant involved in the acquisition of Toshiba Memory, to prevent any influence over collaboration.
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(71 day ago) According to foreign reports, sources disclosed on Tuesday that the company and Western Digital have agreed in principle to resolve the differences between the two sides on the $ 18 billion sale of Toshiba's chip business and plan to reach a definitive agreement within the next 24 hours.
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(72 day ago) A Hong Kong activist wrote to Toshiba saying that after the recent capital injection, the Japanese conglomerate no longer needed to sell the chip division to a consortium headed by Bain Capital. According to Kin Chan, chief investment officer at Argyle Street Management Ltd, a Hong Kong hedge fund, they have written to the Toshiba board on Monday.
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(75 day ago) Data Sheet Western Digital, a Toshiba chip company partner, has long been considered the biggest obstacle to selling the chip business to Bain Capital as the consortium. Two sources said the settlement is under discussion in the agreement to require Western Digital to abandon the quest to stop the sale of the arbitration request, in exchange for Toshiba's agreement to Western Digital to invest in a new flash memory chip production line, this production line will be launched next year.
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(75 day ago) Informed sources said the Toshiba board has approved a settlement agreement framework for a final agreement to be reached next week. The possible objections raised by Western Digital are seen as a major obstacle to Toshiba's sale of its chip business to Bain Capital. The settlement agreement under discussion between the two sides will require Western Digital to abandon the arbitration application in return for investing in a new advanced flash memory chip production line that will be commissioned next year.
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(76 day ago) Tencent Technology News, Japan Toshiba, a company that has fallen into negative equity, is currently transferring non-core assets to raise cash. According to the latest news from foreign media, on Wednesday, Toshiba announced that it will transfer one of its professional basketball clubs to Japan's mobile game company DeNA.
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(79 day ago) Prior to this, Toshiba Corporation of Japan transferred its flash memory chip business "Toshiba Storage Corporation" to the consortium led by Bain Capital of the United States for a consideration of 18 billion U.S. dollars. However, the transaction was still being hit by a joint venture partner of Toshiba, the Western Digital Company Opposition.
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(82 day ago) After the completion of the advanced Japanese factory in which the western data is involved, the company will ensure that the new chip supplied by the factory is obtained. But people familiar with the matter say the two sides are still communicating on the key details, and the final agreement may not be reached. Since Toshiba announced the sale of chip business earlier this year to make up for the huge loss of US nuclear business, the two partners have been caught in a heated legal dispute.
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(84 day ago) Currently, Toshiba has designed 32GB, 64GB, 128GB and 256GB capacity of four, all single-chip package, the size of 11.5x13mm or less. Supporting master control error correction, smooth through, logical address to physical address translation and bad block management.
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(85 day ago) Toshiba today announced the new MD06ACA-V series of surveillance dedicated hard drives, the capacity of up to 10TB, which is following the MG06 series of enterprise-class products, Toshiba's second 10TB hard drive.
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(85 day ago) Since it's a hard disk for monitoring, the reliability is not a good thing: supporting 7 x 24 continuous uninterrupted operation, integrating the rotary vibration (RV) sensor, supporting up to 64 HD video concurrency, and the mean time between failures is 1 million, and the annual data writing volume is 180TB, which can be adapted to 0-70 C temperature range.
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(91 day ago) Japan's Toshiba is in financial trouble, cutting costs and selling non core assets. After the TV business was transferred to China's Hisense, Toshiba decided to cancel a number of ad spending, including the cancellation of the landmark Toshiba logo in New York Times Square, according to the latest news from foreign media.
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(91 day ago) Remember, before Hisense issued a notice, 12 billion 900 million yen acquisition of Toshiba imaging solutions company's 95% stake, and they will get Toshiba TV products, brands, operating services and other package business, and has Toshiba TV global 40 year brand authorization.
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(92 day ago) Two months ago, Toshiba released a 1TB 2.5-inch hard disk with a thickness of only 7mm, only a single-disc drive. It did not get too much attention after a similar product had been available, but now we find it the first to use the ninth generation of vertical storage technology from Japan's Showa Denko (SDK).
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(93 day ago) In response, Toshiba officially released the "Report on Toshiba's Computer Business", responding that Japan's Kyodo News Corporation on November 16 and November 18 issue of Nihon Keizai Shimbun, Tokyo Press published reports claiming that the company has the same Taiwan's Asustek (ASUS) company reached an agreement to sell Toshiba's computer business.
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(94 day ago) Francisco Tencent, Toshiba Co of Japan is in a state of negative equity, the company is to raise enough cash, avoid to appear insolvent before the end of March next year. Toshiba recently sold a lot of assets. According to the latest news from foreign media, in November 19th, Toshiba announced that it would sell the Westing House Electric Corporation.
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