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(11 hr ago) Two days ago, it was reported that Intel was ready to launch Core i9-9990XE processor. The 14-core 28 threads were not top-level, and TDP power consumption was increased to 255W level, but its frequency was as high as 5GHz. For this processor, the latest explosion says that its 5GHz frequency is not a single-core acceleration, but a full-core runaway frequency, with a maximum acceleration frequency of 5.1GHz. Intel also confirmed the existence of the processor, saying that it is customized for the financial services industry, with a small number, and has adopted an auction to ensure fairness.
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(12 hr ago) This driver includes the latest version of Intel audio driver (, which is optimized for Windows ML, increasing energy efficiency and performance performance. Support Windows 10 Ambient framework, solve the crash and hang problem of running Battlefield 5, repair the image problem of Farm Simulator 2019, and improve the performance of the sixth generation Core CPU running F12018.
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(1 day ago) Many doubts seem to have arisen from the outside world. Intel, which has always been renowned for its architecture and technology, seems to be holding on to some of its best areas and occupying a lot of energy in other areas. These seemingly unsystematic actions have led many players to wonder what Intel can do to solidify its leadership in the semiconductor industry. If we really abandon the advantages of architecture and technology, what else can Intel leave behind? "Intel is a data company.
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(1 day ago) Interview: Although the overall decline in the PC market is bad news for Intel, the situation for Apple is a little different and worse. Intel's products cover all areas of personal computers. It will sell the cheapest, lowest-end computer chips and the most expensive PC core chips to the company.
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(2 day ago) However, in a product change notice issued on January 14, Intel announced the immediate retirement of the Core i7 8700 (or writing i7-8700 below), the i5 8400 and i5 8500, all of which are bundles of 16GB capacity. Orders are no longer accepted as of September 30, and final order delivery and shutdown on December 27 th.
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(2 day ago) So the question arises: is the removal of verification on these chips at the silicon level (i.e., there is no photolithographic pattern) or at the software level (i.e., shielding)? According to foreign media confirmation, "F" chip Die and the original version are exactly the same, that is to say, from the silicon level, the nuclear display unit still exists.
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(3 day ago) Intel's semiconductor revenue rose 12.2% last year from 2017, driven by higher shipments and average sales prices. In addition, other major memory chip manufacturers also performed better last year, including SK Hynix and Microchip Technology.
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(6 day ago) Interview: Apple's online store (China) Reuters reported on Saturday that Tony Blevins, head of Apple's supply chain, said that Apple had considered buying 5G LTE modems from Samsung, Unifax and Intel for the 2019 iPhone product line.
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(6 day ago) Intel's ambition on GPU is not negligible. Now it is determined that it will launch the 10nm technology in 2020, which is closely related to Intel's next Gen 12 core display, and is extended on the basis of the latter. This means that future users of verification can also benefit from the optimization of unique games and applications.
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(8 day ago) "We see that a large number of 5G terminal devices will be launched this year, but a large number of listings will still wait until 2020." Sandra Rivera said. Intel's market-oriented multi-mode capabilities will support any previous standard, including 5G, as well as non-independent and independent, as well as all different frequency bands, from low to medium to high frequencies, including millimeter waves.
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(9 day ago) To obtain this data, the system uses a combination of multiple cameras and deep learning algorithms to extract the 3D form of the athlete during training or competition. The technology will also be used to cover the television broadcasters of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, which the company can use to provide viewers with a better insight into how athletes compare to each other.
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(9 day ago) Promote the promotion of blind area monitoring, active safety early warning and other product functions, and combine the technical and industrial advantages of both sides, promote the deployment of related products in Beijing urban public transport system, thereby improving the safety and intelligence level of Beijing urban public transport system.
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(10 day ago) On the eve of the CES Consumer Electronics Show, Intel subsidiary Mobileye announced a partnership with the UK's national mapping agency, the British Topographic Survey, to provide high-precision positioning data for UK organizations and businesses.
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(10 day ago) The concept of using Ao Teng to accelerate other hard disks is not new. Intel has been pushing 16GB and 32GB AoTeng M.2 hard drives (the official name is Ao Teng memory). There have been too many tests in this area. HDD hard disk speed is still good, but in the official definition, Ao Teng M.2 is not only dedicated to HDD, but also can accelerate the SSD hard disk of SATA interface.
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(10 day ago) On the morning of January 8, Intel held a press conference on the eve of CES 2019, at which Intel announced its strategic cooperation with Alibaba in the Olympic Games, based on the first artificial intelligence technology of 3D Athlete Tracking.
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(10 day ago) On the morning of January 8, Intel held a press conference on the eve of CES 2019. Intel announced more details about the 10-nanometer processor, announced strategic cooperation with Alibaba for the Olympics and launched Nervana Neural Network Reasoning Processor.
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(10 day ago) In terms of architecture, as shown in December last year, the "Sunny Cove" solution (Willow Cove in 2020 and Golden Cove in 2021) will be adopted, and the 11th generation core graphics will be integrated while the CPU is greatly upgraded.
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(14 day ago) Now, a year after the leak broke out, Intel executives reviewed the year's changes. He was proud of Intel's team's commitment to ensuring product transparency and safety, and summarized many of Intel's measures in dealing with security issues. The two vulnerabilities exposed at the beginning of last year are mainly Spectre ghost and Meltown fuse. At the end of the year, a third important vulnerability, Foreshadow, appeared. They have multiple vulnerabilities variants. Together, there are nine vulnerabilities. The impact of these vulnerabilities is different. Some of them are relatively simple to repair, but the handling of ghost vulnerabilities is more troublesome because of the way it uses side channel attacks. If it is repaired, it will affect CPU performance, even need to disable HT hyperthreading in serious cases, which is a serious loss to processor performance.
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(16 day ago) The H270 chipset is a companion product to the six-generation Core family. The positioning is lower than the Z270 and higher than the B250. However, the H-series chipsets of the past generations are not the focus of public attention. The specifications are not high and low. The specifications of the B365 chipset are basically the same as those of the H270. They are manufactured in a 22nm process and support 16 PCI-E 3.0 buses, 8 USB 3.0 and 6 USB 2.0 ports, and 6 SATA 6Gbps interfaces (RAID 0/1/5/10). )...
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(19 day ago) Earlier, the European online store began to book some of the nine-generation Core processor without nuclear display, but the price is much higher than expected. Now the New Egg Canada website has also started to book, but only the information of the Core i5-9400F processor is currently available. The acceleration frequency is increased by 100MHz to 2.9GHz and 4.1GHz respectively. The price of 314 Canadian dollars is more expensive than the current Core i5-8400 processor.
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(20 day ago) According to Intel's nomenclature, the suffix F stands for no nuclear display, which means that the processor is similar to the Ruilong 7, which is aimed at users of the high-end platform users who use the single display. This is the first time Intel has tried at this level for many years. In terms of specifications, the parameters such as the processor frequency of these suffixes F are exactly the same as those already listed. The 9400F is a 6-core 6-thread, 2.9/4.1 GHz, and consumes 65W.
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(24 day ago) Intel announced in May this year that it plans to expand its plant in Israel and has submitted relevant applications. Intel said in a statement that the new investment will be used primarily to upgrade the Kiryat Gat manufacturing facility in southern Israel.
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(25 day ago) To install the Windows Modern Driver, you need the Windows 10 October update (Version 1809) or higher. Now Intel has released Windows Modern Drivers with version number, and interested users can download it here.
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(26 day ago) Now, the new Core X series is also sold in Japan, the specific price is as follows: - i9-9980XE 18 core 36 thread: 25,980 yen (about 154 million yuan) - i9-9960X 16 core 32 threads:
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(28 day ago) What does Intel's world's largest Innovation Center for FPGA do? It is understood that the Intel FPGA Innovation Center in Chongqing is not only the only one in China, but also the largest in the world. So why did Intel choose to set up China FPAG Innovation Center in Chongqing? At the opening ceremony of Intel's FPGA China Innovation Center on December 19, Yang Xu, Intel's global vice president and President of China, said:
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(31 day ago) North, the manufacturer behind Focals AR glasses, acquired another set of "technology mix" behind AR glasses, the cancelled Intel Vaune glasses project.
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(31 day ago) Looking ahead, Intel initially plans to expand production facilities in Oregon, Ireland and Israel, and is expected to gradually build from 2019, continuing for many years. Intel said that expanding the plant, updating equipment, etc. will help it to work in the market, and will increase production efficiency by 60%.
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(31 day ago) Beijing time on December 18 morning news, according to the US technology media The Verge reported that Intel had cut its own augmented reality (AR) glasses project Vaunt, and now Vaunt AR glasses technology was bought by a company called North, the transaction amount Not yet disclosed.
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(32 day ago) In June of this year, former CEO Ke Zaiqi left the company because of the company's romance. Intel CFO CFO Robert Swan has been serving as interim CEO. It has been half a year since then, but he has not said that he will officially take over as CEO. The interview was also made in the website of Lun Zhou. It will not be in the position of CEO. The board is still looking for a CEO successor and will not be eager to make a decision.
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(32 day ago) Intel acquired California-based McAfee for $7.7 billion in 2011 and sold 51% of McAfee to TPG Capital last year, a $4.2 billion deal for McAfee. Sources said Thoma Bravo would pay a high premium over $4.2 billion if the deal was struck.
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