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(2 day ago) Those who know about the webOS operating system are either old Palm fans or veteran players, because it's been too long since it left behind mainstream vision. Of course, the last time the webOS was noticed was iOS11's extensive use of hand gestures. Some old Palm powder complains, many are the reference year webOS advanced idea.
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(2 day ago) Visit: Although the "pro-mother" of http://webosose.orgwebOS is not LG, its development path can be described as difficult. WebOS can be traced back to Palm. At that time, the main focus of the company's development was on PDA. The company tried to further optimize the system and began to embrace the era of smart phones, bringing many advanced system design concepts such as card-style.
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(4 day ago) What's new: Improvements: vmod_directors -- Much work on the shard directorvmod_proxy -- Proxy protocol informationvmod_unix -- Unix Domain Socket informationvmod_vtc ...
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(4 day ago) The cloud computing giant wants the public to help it improve its AWS documentation for free. The official blog announced that it uploaded both AWS developer guides and user guides to GitHub, and invited interested parties to contribute changes and improve documentation in the form of pull requests.
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(5 day ago) Original English text: Apple Open-sources SwiftNIO, a Low-level Non-Blocking I/O Framework for Swift
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(6 day ago) Google research software engineers Liang-Chieh Chen and Yukun Zhu stated that the main purpose of semantic image segmentation is to assign semantic tags to each pixel, such as roads, sky, people, or dogs, and many programs need such a function. Synthetic Shallow Depth-of-field effect, applied to Portrait Mode on Pixel 2 and Pixel 2XL phones...
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(7 day ago) Julian Andres Klode and Balint Reczey reported that they managed to increase the installation speed of the standard Ubuntu 18.04 LTS (Bionic Beaver) 64 bit bit by 10%, and the highest level of zstd configuration was 19.
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(11 day ago) In December last year, Google trained a neural network and discovered two exoplanets by analyzing some data obtained from the NASA Kepler space telescope. This work as a typical case of applying machine learning methods to astrophysics may greatly accelerate human exploration of exoplanets.
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(11 day ago) Second to fourth are Python based deep learning library Keras and Caffe and PyTorch belonging to Facebook. Last year, the announced stop Theano, Amazon official open source platform MxNet, Intel Chainer and Microsoft CNTK were listed.
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(12 day ago) And today, Google open source their code. Any interested classmate can download code and data and run it on his own machine. Exoplanets, planets outside the solar system. Astronomers estimate that as many as 400 billion exoplanets may be contained in the galaxy.
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(12 day ago) The U.S. delegation recently opened up mpvue, a front-end framework for developing small programs using Vue.js. Using this framework, developers will get a complete Vue.js development experience while providing code reuse capabilities for H5 and applets.
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(13 day ago) Recently, the world famous open source community Apache foundation announced the "Baidu open source ECharts project passed into the Apache incubator". This is the first Baidu project to enter the world's top open source community, and it also marks the open source of open source development in Baidu.
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(14 day ago) The total number of Tencent programmers was 15500+ and the annual new code was 500 million lines. The total number of projects was 31,908 and the number of users was 11,162. The per capita submission code line was the highest in Chengdu with 45,216 lines, followed by Shenzhen with 36,352 lines, and the language TOP10 They are:
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(14 day ago) Editor's note: This article is from the micro-channel public number "InfoQ", Author: Huang Yong community is no shortage of software engineers article on career development, and even can be said to be rampant. Many people can say two sentences on this topic, three or five years of work experience veterans, architects, VP or Ye Hao, CTO Ye Hao, have their own views and practical experience.
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(15 day ago) Instagram is open source for an improved version of Rocksandra, which reduces the latency of the Apache Cassandra database. Instagram began to replace Redis with Cassandra in 2012 and has been widely used in fraud detection (anti fraud), Feed and Direct inbox and other products and services.
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(22 day ago) The trend of these open source projects allows developers to share knowledge, while they can find ways to simplify the process and add new skills. In a blog published on Thursday, GitHub said GitHub users should focus on several key open source trends in 2018.
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(23 day ago) Archery is an open source vulnerability assessment and management tool that helps develop and infiltrate testers to perform vulnerability scanning and management vulnerabilities. Archery uses popular open source tools to perform a comprehensive scan of Web applications and networks.
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(26 day ago) OpenAuto is based on content created by Google Auto and converted into software that developers / DIY community can use. The instructions listed on GitHub do not apply to everyone, but for those of you who have played Raspberry Pi with a bit of experience, the entire installation process is relatively straightforward.
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(28 day ago) Spring Festival holiday, friends and relatives while away from home, you can also use some piecemeal time to collect learning materials, to charge their own power, good 2018 to become better themselves. We know that Google has always been a model for the industry in terms of open source and contribution to open source. 2017 What is it open source software, what is worth learning for us? Let us look together:
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(29 day ago) The Microsoft ASP.NET team officially opened Blazor, a Web UI framework that runs .Net from any browser through the WebAssembly.
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(32 day ago) LibreOffice 6.0 makes it easier for users to import or export various document formats by consolidating a series of new libraries. These libraries make LibreOffice 6.0 compatible with EPUB3 (Export Only), AbiWord, Microsoft Publisher, PageMaker, and QuarkXPress documents (imported only), and naturally other open source projects require these libraries to be used as stand-alone libraries as well.
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(35 day ago) In 2017, Mozilla acquired the application Pocket that provided later reading service, and promised to turn Pocket into open source service, so as to solve some users' criticisms and opinions on it. Pocket is an offline reading service software. The main function of Pocket is to mark users' pages that are not read or read, then synchronize to servers, and then you can read on different devices.
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(41 day ago) The Toyota Research Institute (TRI) announced on February 6 that it has again donated $ 1 million to the Open Source Robotics Foundation (OSRF), which is the second time TRI has provided financial support to OSRF. The last donation is in 2016, the same amount is 1 million US dollars.
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(45 day ago) Interest in free software is expanding beyond the programming community and potentially changing the world. But the word "free" in free software tends to be confused, and its other meaning is "free." When talking about free software, you often need to explain to others
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(45 day ago) The noun "open source software", a noun that almost nobody knows today, is actually only twenty years old. The word was first proposed by the executive director of Foreight Institute, Christine Peterson, in February 3, 1998.
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(45 day ago) "Fuse" and "ghost" two major CPU loopholes due to serious problems and a wide range of influence has aroused global concern. Entering February, malware that exploits "blown" and "ghostly" vulnerabilities is expected to emerge as soon as you assume that the flaws are about to settle.
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(46 day ago) Models under the "Open Devices" project can be freely researched by Android developers and fed back to AOSP. Of course, the most immediate impact for users of open source projects is that as long as someone is willing to maintain it, Mobile phone ROM almost to get unlimited updates.
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(51 day ago) The day before, the DeepMind open source Psychlab virtual laboratory, through the Psychlab, you can directly applied cognitive psychology, behavior research of intelligent body in a controlled environment. The Lei Feng network (public number: Lei Feng network) AI workshop compiles the contents as follows:
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(55 day ago) Mozilla (abbreviated MF or MoFo), the full name of the Mozilla foundation, is a non-profit organization for supporting and leading open source Mozilla projects. Mozilla Open Source Support (MOSS) plan is supported by Mozilla. MOSS is Mozilla's plan to support open source and free software movement, with an annual budget of about 3 million dollars.
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(55 day ago) Open source is changing the web, but because of the sheer number of projects, the coordination is so poor that the entire ecosystem is not coordinated. Linux has created 6 foundations, including Open Network Automation Platform (ONAP), Open Platform for NFC (OPNFV), OpenDaylight,, PNDA and Streaming Network Analysis System (SNAS) Project Cooperation LF Networking Fund (LFN) & nbsp ...
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