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(21 hr ago) Access: Alibaba Cloud - Up to 1000 yuan universal vouchers are immediately available Related articles: Independent research and development of domestic browser kernel Red core announced that 250 million financing shells Chrome's red core browser has received millions of government and state-owned enterprise orders red core browser Allegedly responded using the Google kernel:
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(3 day ago) The main targets are software engineering executives, development managers, compliance experts, senior engineers, and others involved in enterprise open source activities. Topics covered include why to use open source business models and how to develop open source workflow practices and integrated e-book download addresses that are important for your open source strategy
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(5 day ago) At the Defcon hacker conference, Musk said Tesla plans to open its security software to other car makers for free. At last year's National Governors Association, Musk gave some interesting insights into Tesla's safety work, especially when automobiles were driving themselves.
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(5 day ago) On August 12, according to foreign media reports, with the rise of autonomous driving and car networking technology, more and more unscrupulous people began to take risks to attack the car's security system. Tesla CEO Elon Musk believes Tesla's car safety software is the best solution on the market, and he plans to open source to other automakers for safer automation. Driving the future.
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(5 day ago) The mission is to provide a neutral forum for the film and media industries, coordinate cross-project work, provide a common infrastructure for building and testing, and help individuals and organizations participate in the open source ecosystem. According to the Institute's survey, 84%
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(5 day ago) Jim Zemlin, executive director of the Linux Foundation, said: Open source software enables developers and engineers to create stunning visuals and animations that we see every day in movies, TV and video games. Through the Academy Software Foundation, we have a home for this open source developer community that can collaborate and drive the next wave of innovation in the film and broader media industries.
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(6 day ago) Jim Zemlin, CEO of the Linux Foundation, said: Open source software enables developers and engineers to create the amazing effects and animations we see on the road, on TV, and in video games every day. With the help of the Academy Software Foundation, we will provide a new platform for developers in the open source community to drive the next wave of innovation across the entire film industry and even the broader media industry.
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(7 day ago) Compared with traditional financial services, one of the major differences in financial technology is its openness. When the existing industry runs a number of very complex IT systems (mostly developed decades ago), the emerging financial technology companies use open services to build applications, which is small and flexible. Digitization has gradually entered the life of consumers, especially the payment-oriented.
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(9 day ago) In addition to memory optimization, the 6.9 release brings performance optimization. WebAssembly has a new baseline compiler, Liftoff, that can launch complex websites with large WebAssembly modules such as Google Earth and AutoCAD faster.
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(12 day ago) Recently, Tencent has opened up its sluaunreal for gaming business, a Lua development plug-in for the unreal4 engine that allows developers to efficiently use Lua for business development.
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(13 day ago) NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory JPL has an open source rover project on GitHub, a scaled-down version of a six-wheeled Mars rover that utilizes off-the-shelf consumer-grade components designed to provide education in mechanical engineering, software, electronics or robotics. Learning experiences to encourage the next generation to enter the fields of science, engineering and robotics, and the future can help explore the solar system.
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(14 day ago) Recently, the Alibaba Middleware team announced the open source Sentinel and released the first community version v0.1.0. Sentinel, as the basic module in Alibaba's "big middle-station, small front-end" architecture, covers all core environments of Ali, so it has accumulated a large number of traffic reorganization scenarios and production practices.
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(15 day ago) Pika3.0 main new features new engine blackwidow multiple interface performance has been significantly improved We know that disk space is hard to come by, therefore, the same data new engine takes up less space since then, multi-data structure key length no longer 256 bytes limit The same zset structure with Redis precision. The new binlog (write2file) has higher resolution efficiency and smaller volume. It is more friendly to disk space. From now on, pika's binlog supports multi-version format compatibility, binlog upgrade no longer gives you efficiency. The higher server layer optimizes the server layer's call efficiency to the engine layer. Eliminates redundant code and optimizes the logic to improve the overall performance of the server layer. Now, the server layer code will be read more smoothly. Of course, there is still a gap in the poetry. And download address please see
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(15 day ago) The OSR is a scaled-down version of the Curiosity Curiosity Rover, with a similar 6-wheel steering and Rocker-Bogie suspension that can roll on most terrains. JPL released the OSR design under an open source license on GitHub, allowing anyone to download data and test plans to build their own rover.
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(16 day ago) The cloud native Computing Foundation (CNCF) today announced the acceptance of a cloud native Harbor open source mirror warehouse project as a CNCF hosting sandbox project (Sandbox), a landmark event for the Harbor project.
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(16 day ago) The picture comes from joinup and during the transition, government staff who use proprietary office suites will not be forced to change, but 112 staff members who like free and open source software have been invited to encourage all colleagues to adjust.
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(16 day ago) Harbor is the first project to join CNCF and was originally created in China. It was initiated and used internally by VMware China R&D Center in 2014 and opened to the community in 2016. The Harbor project is rooted, growing and growing stronger than the Chinese community. It is the only project in CNCF that supports the Chinese language. It is highly praised and loved by Chinese users.
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(17 day ago) Last week, the Android monopoly case brought Google to the top of the storm. In the monopoly case, Google was sued by the European Union for $5 billion. One of the reasons for being prosecuted was that Google declared that Android was open, but that they were only a part of the code, a lot of important. The code is all closed.
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(17 day ago) In July 31st, at the NetEase cloud Creation Conference, the NetEase cloud unveiled a single cluster of private clouds that can support 5000 physical nodes, as well as the latest products such as the micro service solution "light boat", industrial intelligence platform, and the first cloud computing stack.
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(18 day ago) Recently, the Apache Foundation, the world's leading open source community, announced that "Baidu's open source Doris project has passed through the Apache incubator". This is Baidu's second entry into the Apache foundation after ECharts, which fully demonstrates Baidu's "open source speed".
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(18 day ago) In the past few years, quantum computing has developed not only in quantum hardware, but also in the development of quantum algorithm. With the introduction of Noisy Intermediate Scale Quantum computer (NISQ), algorithms developed for understanding the performance of these machines are becoming more and more important. However, a common problem in designing quantum algorithms on NISQ processors is how to make full use of these limited quantum devices.
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(18 day ago) In addition, some quantum processors have complex geometric constraints and other nuances, ignoring these factors will lead to erroneous quantum calculations, or to calculations that affect optimization and modification. NISQ is a noisy medium-sized quantum, and NISQ computers are those that have 50-100 qubits and high-fidelity quantum gates.
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(21 day ago) The project launched the ReactOS 0.4.9 version in July 23rd. At present, ReactOS follows the rhythm of releasing a version every three months. Although this faster update cycle may mean a reduction in major changes, the current efforts of the project focus mainly on functional quality and detail improvement.
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(21 day ago) Fortunately, there are a wide range of open source file sharing applications that provide you with more storage capacity, better security, and less than Dropbox prices to allow you to control your own data. How low is it? If you have certain technology and a Linux server to use, try free apps.
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(22 day ago) There are quite a lot of applications for this microcomputer. With some easy-to-learn coding, you can use it as a VPN gateway to protect your network, music to play media stations, private clouds to store data, and more. Some descriptions of VoCore 2: Write code for VoCore 2 using C, Java, Python, Ruby, JavaScript, etc. to enhance its functionality.
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(23 day ago) Since Xiaomi announced in June that the self-developed mobile deep learning framework Mobile AI Compute Engine (MACE: has been open source, Xiaomi recently announced the open source mobile neural network framework benchmark project MobileAIBench. (
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(25 day ago) Recently, on the website of Facebook, Daniel Xu of the company announced that it was open source oomd under the GPLv2 license. Oomd is the user space memory overflow killer (OOM Killer), which is mentioned in the recent article on block I/O delay controller.
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(25 day ago) As the first GraphQL-as-a-Service company, Hasura has launched its open source GraphQL engine, which is the only solution that can immediately be added to the existing Postgres application based on GraphQL-as-a-Service.
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(25 day ago) According to a 2018 developer survey released by StackOverflow, Postgres ranks third in the most commonly used databases and is one of the two most popular databases for developers. The key role of the GraphQL service is to allow front-end developers to bypass complex and time-consuming steps to communicate directly with back-end developers and then wait for back-end developers to write APIs to build the functionality needed for new products.
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(25 day ago) Memory overflow killer, oomd will fully monitor the system and assess whether the system is under unrecoverable workload. Before the OOM Killer function of the system, oomd
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