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(8 hr ago) Airless tires are no longer a rare technology. Now in addition to the professional field, there are manufacturers to introduce ordinary civilian tires. As early as August of this year Michelin released the 3D Printed Visionary Concept Tire at Movin'On. This tire uses a coral structure, able to withstand a certain impact.
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(2 day ago) Space station crews believe it's just space debris, but neither alien creatures nor space research agencies accept the claim. Although space research agencies have repeatedly confirmed that this is only a meteor, conspiracy theorists think it is alien.
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(5 day ago) The picture taken at the end of last month shows the huge storm that Jupiter still rages in the northern hemisphere. Astronomers have long been puzzled by the planet's iconic weather system. NASA explained: "The storms turn counterclockwise and the clouds are dense, and in some of the bright parts of the storm smaller clouds can be seen, some of which are casting shadows to the right of the picture (the sun is from the left).
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(6 day ago) The Operation IceBridge mission is an annual survey of Arctic and Antarctic ice sheets. This scientific mission is the basis for our understanding of how ice and the sea interact and track the movement and thickness of various ice shelves.
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(6 day ago) Experts point out that our search for extraterrestrials, mainly from the characteristics of the Earth itself, will help scientists remove extraterrestrial worlds unfit for human existence and leave them with liveable planets like Frozen Enceladus and Janus Second-class. "Before we look for extraterrestrial life, we need to find out what type of planet may have a climate that is suitable for life and survival.
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(6 day ago) With the sheer volume of data about the thickness of ice sheets around the world, the rate of thawing, and the relative location of the various coastal cities, powerful web-based tools can accurately show which cities are likely to be submerged and which particular ice caps will cause them to happen.
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(8 day ago) Kathryn Hansen, a NASA science writer, took the picture on a flight of Ice Cliffs on the Antarctic Peninsula on November 12. Hansen said in a blog post: "If the A-68 is still part of the ice shelves, the A-68 will be so vast.
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(9 day ago) But the long narrow wing proposed by NASA faces such a problem that may cause bending vibrations. The video below shows the destructive impact of vibration: it is understood that the wing NASA project has been started from 2012, it also got a Skunk Works experimental aircraft department is a good helper - Lockheed - Martin.
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(9 day ago) Reported in the traditional aircraft design, the air tightly attached to the fuselage. In the new design, fans collect air and accelerate it, resulting in greater thrust. In the next few months, the aircraft will enter the preliminary test phase. In the new design, fans collect, accelerate, and convert these forces into thrust, creating the advantage, according to the new atlas website.
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(10 day ago) The energy provided by chemical fuel combustion can send astronauts to the moon, but it will be a long journey to Mars with this rocket technology. Although the exploration of nuclear fission technology dates back to the 50s of the last century, this kind of engine never really flies.
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(11 day ago) The work of NASA developers is one of the most challenging aspects of programming. They write code and develop mission-critical applications, and security is their primary focus.
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(14 day ago) The center of the figure has a weird shape that looks like a blustery hairline on the forehead (Photo: NASA / GSFC / SDO) In fact, the location of this round of charged particle clouds is also an active part of the sun Area.
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(14 day ago) NASA said after an "all-encompassing assessment" that it would be more reasonable to expect SLS rockets to fly Orion spacecraft for the first test flight in June 2020, taking into account all the challenges and risks that assembly and production processes may face. This is nearly a year later than NASA's initial 2019 launch date.
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(14 day ago) Antarctica is a strange place. Scientists have long studied the secrets of their huge ice sheets and Antarctic ice sheets, hoping to understand the unique geological features of the continent, but are often confused by new discoveries. Now, one of the puzzles that scientists have been puzzling for a long time may eventually have an answer, and it all starts with the surface.
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(16 day ago) Currently, the official gave it the name of a series of numbers - (486958) 2014 MU69. Obviously, the name is not good enough to memorize it, so NASA hopes people can help change the situation. Now people can go to the SETI Institute in Mountain View, California to submit their own name.
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(18 day ago) "It was like fireworks." the main researchers in twin studies, Cornell University School of medicine Chris Mason (Chris Mason) described. Figure /NASANASA to carry out a one-year plan last year and the Russian space agency "(One-Year Mission), the astronaut Scott Kelly (Scott Kelly) and Mikhail Kotniko (Mikhail Korniyenko) to the international space station a year...
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(20 day ago) In 1980s, scientists put forward a huge hole in the Antarctic ozone layer that expressed concern. NASA (NASA) said that in 2017 the ozone hole still exists, but the area is smaller than in previous years. The ozone layer acts as a protective cover on the earth, blocking ultraviolet radiation. NASA compares it to sunscreen in the atmosphere. If there were no ozone layer to protect us from the sun's ultraviolet radiation, our earth would be habitable.
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(21 day ago) (The original title: Hubble telescope, can not say goodbye to you) ① ② ③ Figure ① Hubble telescope shot of the butterfly nebula revealed the nebula is not visible in the center of the star dying stars throwing 20,000 degrees Celsius hot gas history. Figure ② Hubble telescope shot "the pillars of creation" is one of the most iconic images of outer space.
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(21 day ago) This is called "the hall" (Hall Thruster) of the ion engine is currently in development of the 3 "Mars engine" in one, it through the use of electric and magnetic fields such as xenon gas ionization to it, let it out and produce ions, and push forward thrust propeller.
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(22 day ago) NASA said in the tweet: "Happy Halloween! This is the real" pumpkin lantern "sun! This is our sun in 2014 photos." this photo was taken by the solar dynamic observation satellite (SDO) in October 8, 2014. "
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(22 day ago) A ride space flight captain time "journey" of the astronauts had not influence to. According to the Scientific American, the preliminary results of the twin research program of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) show that space travel strongly affects the way genes are expressed.
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(23 day ago) Some of the audio comes from important events in the planetary exploration timeline, such as Juno's encounter with Jupiter's powerful magnetic field in June 24, 2016. The probe has been collecting data for nearly 2 hours before passing through the bow shock of jupiter. Jupiter Juno bow shock experience is the first NASA Halloween playlist tracks.
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(25 day ago) Astronomy is very charming, when we look up at the stars, there are too many mysteries of space let us reverie. And since the telescope and the camera, we saw more and more photos of the celestial bodies in the universe.
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(29 day ago) Curiosity since 2012 after the successful landing of Mars, has made a lot of research work has made valuable research data of Mars, one of the most critical drilling work results from its equipped with the manipulator, but due to the position of the bit control portion of the mechanical fault, the drilling sampling function has been shut down for nearly a year.
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(29 day ago) This image from the advanced satellite Terra satellite borne thermal emission and Reflection Radiometer (ASTER) capture, so the color looks a bit unnatural. Red represents vegetation, and dark grey zone color shows where the fire is destroyed. This image covers about 40 square miles (about 104 square kilometers in area), including Santa Rosa and Napa.
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(30 day ago) On Friday, NASA astronaut Joe Acaba (NASA) completed his spacewalk, and return safely to the station, but he completed the task in a safe function failure and another important need of repair in the case.
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(31 day ago) According to foreign media theverge reported that in June 2016, the "Dawn" (Dawn) "detector completed its first mission of the valley god. Since then, the detector has been running on the orbit of the dwarf planet, where it continues its monitoring and research work. It seems that after a period of silence, the dawn is ready to go.
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(33 day ago) In the ongoing study, the academic community has long been found that is likely to support the existence of many external planets. The new research modifies some of the previous conditions for determining the basis of information, NASA explains that even if an extrasolar planets are closer to the sun, it is likely to be livable.
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(35 day ago) In Cassini's bold journey between Saturn and its iconic Saturn ring, the spacecraft's powerful mass spectrometer detects a puzzling chemical mixture that puzzles scientists at NASA. The most likely explanation? Chemicals are falling off the beautiful Saturn rings".
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(36 day ago) SLS is essentially a super heavy carrier rocket, "giant" said. Its first phase to 70 tons to 110 tons of the main task, and later will develop a 130-ton cargo-class load task, the final carrying capacity will reach 143 tons or even 165 tons.
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