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(10 hr ago) In our impression, NASA is often associated with distant space exploration. However, the research of this government agency is not all distant planets, sophisticated detectors, and some of their research projects are very close to our daily life, such as hair dryers, water softeners, skin creams and mine removal devices. NASA even has a cool interactive tool, NASA Home and City, which demonstrates the impact of space research on humans living on Earth.
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(14 hr ago) In this interactive tool, there are two columns: "Exploring City" (EXPLORE CITY) and "Exploring Family" (EXPLORE HOME). In the exploration of the city, NASA lists many of the impacts of related projects on the development of the Earth's cities during the space exploration process. For example, the development exploration and experience accumulated during the exploration of robot development has greatly contributed to the production of robots on the earth, such as Airport stress tests and more.
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(2 day ago) A random glance at space reveals many stars and planets. And how many lives exist in those galaxies? Recently, NASA showed a picture of hundreds of galaxies, suggesting that the agency may use the Hubble Space Telescope to explore them further.
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(2 day ago) Dave Fritts, chief investigator of the static PMC Turbo mission, said in a statement: We expect to get a very spectacular set of data from this balloon mission, but the camera may capture some very interesting events, and we hope to provide some new insights into these complex dynamic phenomena.
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(2 day ago) There's a huge flash point in the picture, NGC 4860, about 360 million light-years from Earth. The colorful spiral galaxy on the left side of the image is NGC 4858. Hot new stars are rapidly forming in its cantilever, and there are other things that make NGC 4858 "unique".
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(4 day ago) When the sun had not risen, everything looked so good, but when it was transferred to 3 pm, the city was so hot that it was crazy. It should be noted that ECOSTRESS measures surface temperature, not air temperature.
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(4 day ago) Although the first photo taken by the Parker detector did not bring much surprise to people, it was an important milestone because it represented that the detector's system was working as expected. On September 9, the protective door of the Wide Range Solar Detector Imager (WISPR) was first opened, and after that it was able to catch its first space photo.
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(4 day ago) This work will enable Ridings to manage 32 flight directors and trainee flight instructors for missions involving the International Space Station and Orion spacecraft. She replaced Norm Knight, who has been doing this since 2012, and was promoted to deputy director of flight operations.
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(5 day ago) If Musk and former Yusaku Maezawa wanted someone with space experience to help them launch the SpaceX lunar orbiter, they already had a volunteer, NASA retired astronaut Scott Kelly.
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(5 day ago) "Before you are friends, this will be a great adventure. I wish you a good trip, but if you need an experienced person to accompany you, then my 2023 trip will be open to you." It is understood that SpaceX's lunar mission will last for four to five days, a time span that is as good as a blink of an eye for Kelly, who has lived in space for 520 days. Although the former friend forwarded Kelly's tweet, he did not express his position on his proposal.
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(5 day ago) But if you want to build a long-lasting lunar base on the moon, that means people need to use the resources found on the moon to sustain the astronauts' lives. Fortunately, this planet seems to offer a lot. First, scientists have fairly determined that there is water ice in certain areas of the moon.
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(6 day ago) It marks the location of many distant galaxies where planets are likely to be detected, and its extremely sensitive mirrors detect the stellar regions that change luminosity, visually showing the use of other planet sites that are difficult to find in the prior art. NASA's Director of Astrophysic, Paul Hertz, said, "This series of brightness science images demonstrates the incredible star-seeking capabilities of TESS imaging instruments and shows their potential to find another planet." (click to enlarge)
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(6 day ago) Sina Science & Technology News, September 18 Beijing time, foreign media reported that if the NASA's James Webb telescope could be launched in 2021 as planned, it would be 14 years behind schedule. But once it goes into orbit and revolves around the sun 1.5 million kilometers from Earth, it will revolutionize astronomy.
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(6 day ago) Unlike the volcanic eruption lava of the Earth, ice volcanoes erupt by liquid or gaseous volatiles such as ammonia, water or methane. Previously, traces of ice volcanic activity have been found on many celestial bodies in the outer solar system. In 2015, the "Dawn" probe entered the Ceres and discovered a rounded mountain peak. The mountain named Ahuna Mons is considered an ice volcano.
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(7 day ago) Former NASA office investigator Joseph Gutheinz has been actively searching for all 50 rocks for years. After years of searching, he has found the location of most of the rocks.
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(8 day ago) Figure: An artistic rendering of a nuclear fission reactor built on the moon Can humans return to the moon? Should I return to the moon? The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is well aware that if the moon is to be used as a springboard for the solar system to explore missions, humans may have to return to the moon. Therefore, it has been trying to develop safely on the moon for several years. nuclear reactor.
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(9 day ago) The ICESat-2 satellite will use six green laser beams to scan the Earth's surface and measure glaciers and floating sea ice. Researchers say NASA scientists will have a more accurate picture of the effects of climate change through accurate measurements of ice thickness and quality.
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(9 day ago) Now, after a few months of sandstorms, the sky of Mars has gradually become clear. The team decided to launch the operation and they will send radio signals to the Deep Space Network in hopes of waking up the Opportunity. According to analysis, the opportunity number can meet the following conditions:
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(9 day ago) The photo was taken at Pacific Daylight Time on September 6th, 2018 at 6:26 pm, when the detector was performing the 15th close-range mission around Jupiter. According to NASA, there is not only one "Brown Barge" on Jupiter: it refers to the cyclone area usually found along the northern equatorial zone of the planet. It is generally difficult to see directly through the naked eye because of their color and darkness. The environment is mixed together.
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(10 day ago) At the moment, NASA is not clear about the specific conditions that have been explored on Mars for about 15 years. Starting in May this year, a huge dust storm engulfed the surface of Mars, making Opportunity no longer able to get energy from the sun. Opportunity was forced to disconnect from the ground on June 10 after its batteries were rapidly depleted because it relied entirely on solar energy.
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(10 day ago) The statement also said they would not release any information until the end of the Russian-led investigation. However, Russian media generally speculated that the pressure leak may be related to a NASA astronaut in space. In a conference call yesterday, NASA Director Jim Bridenstine and Roscosmos Director-General Dmitry Rogozin confirmed the need for a better understanding of NASA and Roscosmos technology teams in order to identify and eliminate the cause of the leak and continue normal space station operations.
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(11 day ago) Russian Businessman says investigators are actively investigating allegations that Americans intentionally sabotaged the Alliance spacecraft. The head of Russia's space agency said the preliminary results did not produce clear evidence and the situation was more complicated than previously thought. Sources told The Businessman that access to the Soyuz spacecraft must be approved by the Russian commander, but the possibility of unauthorized American access to the spacecraft cannot be ruled out. Russia is reportedly looking for videos of Americans on the space station.
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(11 day ago) ICESat-2 will focus on measuring changes in ice thickness in Greenland and Antarctica, as well as collecting data on forest growth and cloud height, using lasers to work with an accuracy of 0.5 centimeters, the official website of Nature reported on September 10.
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(12 day ago) Since NASA suspended the shuttle program in 2011, private space companies like Space X and Blue Origin have been active in space exploration in recent years.
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(13 day ago) NASA's new director, Jim Bridenstine, is considering selling the naming rights of rockets and spacecraft, as well as allowing astronauts to appear on ads and boxes to increase revenue and enhance the brand. NASA officials stressed that they have not made any decisions, but the idea is a huge cultural leap for the taxpayer-funded institution, which may require ethical constraints to prevent government officials from using public office for personal gain.
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(20 day ago) The most important task of Mars colonization is how to make use of the abundant resources on Mars to make it as habitable as possible. Now, NASA is launching a challenge called carbon dioxide conversion, aimed at finding ways to harness Mars'relatively abundant carbon dioxide resources and convert them into glucose to boost the biological environment in space.
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(20 day ago) According to the report, all the polyethylene materials that make up the Big 60, such as flat on the ground, are enough to cover 20 acres (about 80,000 square meters) of land, so large size, allowing it to rise 5 miles higher than other zero-pressure balloons. 8 km), and therefore closer to the edge of space.
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(22 day ago) This engine technology is cleaner, safer and more fuel efficient than traditional chemical rockets, but the engine has relatively low thrust and acceleration. NASA provided Aerojet Rocketdyne with a three-year, $67 million contract to develop the system, the Advanced Electronic Propulsion System (AEPS).
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(23 day ago) NASA's plan involves a system called the Deep Space Portal, which is the lunar orbit platform channel. The Deep Space Portal was first announced in March 2017. It is a small habitat that will operate around the moon and will serve as a springboard for humans and robots to explore the moon and beyond.
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(24 day ago) Dmitry Rogozin, president of the Russian Aerospace Group, said there had been an air leak and a drop in cabin pressure at the International Space Station on the evening of 29. The leak was found to be caused by microcracks in the Soyuz spacecraft docking to the International Space Station. NASA's (NASA) said a few days ago that the incident posed no threat to the safety of ISS personnel.
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