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(10 hr ago) NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory scientists said the spacecraft entered a "stand-by stand-by" condition when it issued a low battery voltage to ground operators. The spacecraft is equipped with a solar panel that powers its instruments, but relies on rechargeable batteries to keep it running when it travels to the dark side of the planet.
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(3 day ago) In order to find livable terrestrial planets in the vast universe, people have long been looking out of the solar system. The Kepler space telescope from NASA has always brought us some surprises. Recently, the researchers announced a new batch of Kepler's findings.
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(8 day ago) The aircraft will be the latest model for the X-Series and will be quieter than the supersonic aircraft previously designed. Known as the bass flight demonstrator, the aircraft will make its first flight by 2021 if the budget is approved and aircraft research and development can proceed as planned.
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(11 day ago) January 26, 2018. NASA's Earth 8 satellite captured the images of the Korean peninsula and showed how Pyeongchang and Gangneung host the Winter Olympics. Pyeongchang is located within the mountains, while Gangneung is located in the coastal plains. The ESA also released a video guide on satellite imagery showing the arctic temperatures of Pyeongchang and Gangneung, which host the Winter Olympics, through video shows.
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(11 day ago) And NASA is planning to send a submarine to explore it. The biggest challenge NASA engineers face is handling large quantities of liquid hydrocarbons. A new essay describes the study to be conducted in the future and how NASA's submarines can actually be designed to survive.
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(12 day ago) In December 5th, the new vision field took a star image called Wishing Well, which set a new record for the farthest image captured by the new detector. The new vision field took the image at the distance of 3 billion 790 million miles (6 billion 120 million kilometers) from the earth, and defeated the record of "dim blue dot" recorded by traveler 1 in 1990, when the spaceship was 3 billion 750 million miles (6 billion 60 million kilometers) away from the earth.
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(17 day ago) Much of the construction of the SLS Structural Testing Station has been completed, NASA will test the liquid hydrogen fuel tank here to ensure that the fuel tank withstands the extreme conditions of launch and ascent. SLS liquid hydrogen, along with liquid oxygen fuel tanks, will provide 773,000 gallons (nearly 3 million liters) of super-cooled propellant for four Rs-25 engines and a total of 2 million pounds of thrust at the core stage.
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(20 day ago) Remember earlier reports of satellite IMAGE by amateur astronomers that NASA thought were fatal? Now this discovery has been confirmed by NASA. It is understood that the IMAGE satellite, Imager for Magnetopause-to-Aurora Global Exploration, was launched in 2000 and is responsible for observing the plasma around the Earth.
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(20 day ago) Getting images like this requires skill and luck. The ISS is traveling at 5 miles per second (about 8 kilometers), so it travels through the entire lunar surface for a short period of time. In addition to focusing on capturing images of the International Space Station flying over the moon, Ingalls also highlighted the lunar craters and moon landscape.
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(21 day ago) According to foreign media reports, NASA's Mars rover Curiosity finally finally had the opportunity to stop for a moment and review its work. In the meantime, NASA invites people to join in and follow "Curiosities" to admire some of Mars' spectacular scenery.
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(22 day ago) Phoenix network technology news, according to "Daily Mail" Beijing time January 30th, according to a new research, during the implementation of the Mars mission, the astronaut's food is made from their own feces.
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(23 day ago) And on Monday, Vande Hei will go on another spacewalk with astronauts from Japan's space exploration agency, Norishige Kanai.
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(25 day ago) The chance of a Super Blue Blood month is very small. This is not just "super moon", nor is it "blood moon." This is also a "blue moon." The last time "Super Blue Blood Month" appeared 150 years ago. The appearance of the "blue moon" means that two full moons appear in a month. This astrological phenomenon is rare and occurs every three years.
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(28 day ago) Hongkong East network 24 Daily said in January that the fragments were taken from the international space station, and there was a huge luminescent object about 320 kilometers away. At this point, NASA stops live on the basis of "technical problems". In this regard, the netizens who love to study aliens, "Streetcap1", believe that the luminous object is a giant gold UFO flying around the earth, and NASA is deliberately interrupted live broadcast.
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(30 day ago) According to the daily mail of January 19th, NASA has completed the important launch test of RS-25 engine flight controller in Stanis space center near Saint Louis Bay, Mississippi. At the same time. The "shock absorber" 3D printed on the engine is also tested again. It is expected that human beings are expected to arrive on Mars in 2030.
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(30 day ago) The galaxy is so large that observations have shown that it was caused by two galactic clusters colliding with each other at speeds of up to several million kilometers per hour. Galaxy clusters are self-gravitational binding systems composed of galaxies, usually millions to tens of millions of light-years in size and containing hundreds of galaxies.
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(32 day ago) The lead author of the study. Anthony Jenova, a researcher at the Goddard Space Flight Center at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center. Antonio Genova said in a statement. Mercury is the closest planet to the sun, which makes it sensitive to the star's gravity.
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(32 day ago) A SES-14 satellite will take the European Ariane 5 rocket, eventually running at about 35000km high above the earth orbit, the satellite data and equipped with the GOLD instrument will collect ionospheric space weather events, because this is the most likely place of great.
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(33 day ago) Long-term stays on Mars or anywhere else require substantial energy support, including a journey back to Earth. However, carrying all the necessary fuel on board will not work because the energy we need is always too much. Therefore, we must master a new method of making fuel.
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(34 day ago) They fear that commercial spacecraft could put people at risk and that these companies will miss the crucial two to three year deadline. As part of the plan, two companies, Boeing and SpaceX, are developing spaceships to take NASA astronauts to the International Space Station.
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(35 day ago) Titan's Titan is Saturn's largest satellite, and according to current research, it is probable that there are oceans and rivers formed by liquid methane on Titan which are similar to the Earth. Cassini spacecraft data show that there is likely to exist on Titan's life-generated atmosphere.
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(37 day ago) Nissan has signed an automatic driving research project with NASA for five years. A year ago, Nissan introduced an automatic driving vehicle integration platform from NASA, which is called "Nissan seamless automatic travel" technology, namely SAM. The platform emphasizes human-machine assistance, artificial intelligence and manual remote control. When encountering sudden road conditions, automatic driving sensors can't cope with them, and it is artificially intervened.
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(37 day ago) Busy yet rigorous assembly NASA Goddard Flight Control Center has released a delay video introducing the test, let's review it below. As a sophisticated instrument, the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) consists of 18 mirrored gold mirrors.
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(39 day ago) NASA, the legendary entrepreneur Musk, who are dreaming of immigrants Mars, humans settled on Mars, need access to a stable source of water. According to foreign media latest news, NASA and the United States researchers came out a big good news, found in Mars underground, easier to exploit the water.
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(42 day ago) Recently, NASA scientists confirmed that the ozone hole area in the upper atmosphere has been reduced by about 20% since 2005, NASA said thanks to the worldwide ban on the ban on the use of chlorine-containing chemicals.
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(43 day ago) As the storm rages on its surface, the picture of Jupiter looks more like a giant painting than a planet. NASA scientists explain: "Jupiter completely fills the image, with only a glimmer of light and darkness in the upper right corner (dimly lit night) and no visible edges (Jupiter's curved edges).
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(45 day ago) But today (in the morning of January 6th local time), Young died of pneumonia complications at the age of 87. Young, born in September 24, 1930, received a degree in aeronautical engineering at Georgia Institute of Technology. After that, he joined the US Navy, served in USS LAWS during the Korean War and participated in the naval test pilot school.
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(45 day ago) Recently, NASA released an OSIRIS-REx detector that "photographed" the Earth and the Moon 5 million kilometers away. In the picture, the earth and the moon are opposite, the picture is rare.
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(47 day ago) Chlorofluorocarbons compound is a chemical substance harmful to the ozone layer generated by a human. The CFC bans on products to protect the ozone layer, and the new data show that it is working. In a recent press release, NASA explained that the winter ozone depletion in Antarctica was reduced by 20% compared to 2005.
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(48 day ago) NASA has unveiled the new 60 - year logo of the new design . To be honest , the new logo is much more like a sci - fi blockbuster from a certain landmark . On July 29 , 1958 , the 34th President of the United States , Mr . Dewhite David , signed the United States Public Act 85 - 568 , and created the National Aeronautics and Space Administration ( NASA ) .
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