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(1 day ago) Visit: the outer packaging of the Tmall magic box of Ali cloud server uses a darker white background, and the top view of the product is placed in the middle. Tmall fairy box M18_S, produced by Zhejiang Tmall Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd. The Tmall fairy box has voice assistant function, which can control the built-in application, control the smart home products, charge the phone and so on.
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(2 day ago) According to Vatti statistics, during the event, online purchase of "winning packages" designated products, the total amount of refund 29 million yuan. It is reported that orders from Tmall account for nearly half of Vatti's online orders. This also means that some Tmall users have become "big winners" during the world cup.
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(5 day ago) In the afternoon of July 12th, in the "Tmall double 11 carnival night" conference, Tmall president Jing Jie pointed out in his speech that the past ten years had been the ten year of the big business outbreak in China. In 2018, it coincided with the Tmall double 11 global Carnival 10th anniversary. This year's double 11 will be a large review of the past ten years in China's commercial creation, and the new retail and the new retailing. Globalization will become the two core key word of this year's double 11.
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(10 day ago) When asked about the sales problem, Jing Jie said that Tmall will not simply compare with anyone. "Our definition of the true core of 618 is the full spread of new retail in the true sense, allowing a large number of businesses to scale. Participate and bring results." Jing Jie admits that the positioning of 618 and Double Eleven is a test of Tmall's own, including “consumer operational capabilities, technical capabilities, supply chain capabilities, and a comprehensive upgrade of consumer experience and customer experience capabilities.” “Always Asked whether there is a real, scale-up upgrade in the true sense of this year and last year...
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(13 day ago) Today, Tmall elves officially announced that from August 8, 2017 to July 5, 2018, the Tmall elf intelligent sound box sold more than 5 million units in all channels and sold 15105 units a day on an average.
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(26 day ago) (time to send identification) it is reported that regular delivery service is a commodity with the stipulation and iconic character. The performance standard of the time delivery service includes the following three items, the buyer needs to meet the following three points at the same time: 1) the buyer's receiving address is in the area where the merchant promises to deliver the service regularly; 2) the buyer has taken and completed the payment at the specified time (at the specific time with the details of the commodity details or the confirmation of the order page or the order details page). (3) in the computer terminal, "my Taobao" - "bought treasure" click "check the logistics".
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(27 day ago) Zhabei store is the earliest store in Shanghai. It is near the "618" Shopping Festival. The 20 year old store is playing the popular song "our big China, a big home" and the big banner of "the line 618, the line under the line".
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(31 day ago) In the civil first-instance case of disputes over online shopping contracts concluded in the country in the past two years, the proportion of claims for damages contained in the plaintiff's lawsuit claims amounted to 65.84%. In the end, more than 60% of the cases were settled by means of withdrawal, including withdrawal of the case, withdrawal of the case, and mediation. Online shopping has developed rapidly, and disputes caused by it have also increased year by year.
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(34 day ago) Buy a mobile phone online, you can experience it in depth first, but also do not spend a penny. This experience can be achieved during Tmall 618. On June 13, Tmall Mobile launched a brand-new purchase model with “Credit-to-Pay” on the basis of sesame credit.
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(36 day ago) In June 12th, Ali literature announced the launch of a new digital reading product, Tmall reading APP, with Tmall books, which can be purchased at the same time when users buy some paper books from Taobao and Tmall.
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(37 day ago) On June 11th, RT-Mart announced that 100 RT-Mart stores across the country have completed Tmall's new retail upgrade and will fully participate in the Tmall 618 ideal living carnival season. The transformed store has borrowed from the experience of Boxma and Amoy Seda to provide online and offline integrated services for users within 3 kilometers of the store. This is the largest new retail upgrade in the traditional retail industry.
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(37 day ago) As you can say, the business of Tmall and Jingdong has not been in the first half of the first half of the business in the first half of the 6.18 year. It seems that both sides "agreed to become vulgar" to their own business.
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(40 day ago) In June 8th, Tmall president Jing Jie disclosed in the media interview that the mobile Tmall will be completely reformed, and Tmall will go down the line to become the entrance of the whole new retail ecology of the Tmall. "The real future of new retail is on Tmall. The new retail is in full swing, and the future Tmall mobile APP will enter the stage of creating demand from the demand to meet the needs, and millions of heroes will be digitalized. Jing Jie said.
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(42 day ago) This is the history of an electric businessman's blood and tears! No gorgeous language, I am one of the millions of lossless Taobao merchants. If my colleagues find out that I have said so much, it is actually that I will not play, begging people to leave. I have a bitter tear. Who do you understand the taste? Ma Yun, China's richest man, is just a figure for you, but for us these businesses, the cash is everything. Follow Ma Yun, or pour full, or bankrupt. I belong to the latter.
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(43 day ago) The rookie express tower is more than 5 meters high and has a positive octahedron shape. It is equipped with an automatic transmission system. Through the docking of drones and unmanned vehicles, it will be delivered 24 hours a day and no one will deliver it, declaring that the last 100 meters will enter the unmanned era. The rookie station technical personnel introduced that the express tower has a large capacity, can store 600-800 parcels, and the space can be flexibly adjusted to meet the needs of a densely populated and strained land. A courier tower can facilitate a shopping mall, a community, and an office building. Even a campus; unique bulk delivery capabilities...
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(44 day ago) Since its opening in June 1st, online and offline resonance has become the biggest attraction of Tmall 618 this year. According to official data released by Tmall, it is reported that this year, a total of more than 70 new retail businesses in the country are involved in Tmall 618.
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(46 day ago) In June 1st, the Tmall 618 Ideal Life Carnival season officially opened, Tmall 618 once again detonated the enthusiasm of Chinese consumers. Official figures show that only 13 minutes after zero in June 1st, the apparel industry's turnover exceeded that of last year.
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(47 day ago) In May 27th, the Alibaba Dharma artificial intelligence laboratory and Youku jointly launched a new product, the Tmall wizard box, to enter the market with a brand new smart hardware category. This crossover will have a profound impact on the two areas of smart speakers, TV boxes, and smart home scenes.
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(48 day ago) Original title: Tmall, box horse, hungry, word of mouth, what exactly is the new retail Alibaba wants to do? Alibaba has announced that it will build "new retail city" across the country through many formats such as Tmall, box horse, word of mouth and starvation. As the capital of the country, Beijing has become one of the main positions of Ali's new retail layout and pilot.
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(51 day ago) Tmall announced 618 related rules recently, prohibiting the purchase of single bills, and avoiding the single cash return. If a businessman is careless, he may be deducted for illegal operation. According to Tmall 618, the following actions are in the minefield:
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(51 day ago) In May 27th, the Alibaba A.I. Lab (Alibaba A.I. Lab) held a "dazzling AI life" super conference in Shenzhen. The conference was broadcast live on TV and launched three new products - the Tmall fairy square sugar, the first Tmall elf Tong Zhineng sound box, and the Tmall magic box 4. Wei, Reno Wang, kangaroo, stone and other stars also appeared to help.
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(51 day ago) The “Credit Recovery” service is Tmall’s joint sesame, and users who have passed sesame credit verification can enjoy credit prepayment. That is, the user can get a certain amount of advance payment after successfully submitting the recovery slip to ensure the safety of the recycling of the old machine. Credit recovery is mainly for pick-up orders.
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(52 day ago) Visit: The first piece of Alibaba Cloud Server is the Tmall Genie. The Lynx Genie is the AI ​​smart product brand released by Alibaba AI Labs in July 2017. The same day, the first hardware product of the Tmall Elf was released on the same day. .
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(61 day ago) In May 16th, Tmall did not worry about the line of the shopping flagship store, and the first "Tmall care center" ("Pro heart service center") to support its service (hereinafter referred to as "Pro heart service center") was also started to run in Hangzhou Wulin Yintai store. Tmall plans to extend the offline service center to 50 stores throughout the year.
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(70 day ago) Fast Technology understands that this year's Tmall 517 Communication Carnival, from May 8 to May 17, just open the mobile phone Taobao / Alipay APP, sweep through the AR, sweep three operators logo, you can open Hidden entrance into the virtual business hall, not only that, there are red packets up to 517 yuan can take.
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(83 day ago) On the two day of world reading day, online booksellers were giving discounts, attracting fans to "cut" their hands. When the price of paper books keeps rising, and when we rush to hoard the books, Tmall quietly announces the sale of e-books.
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(85 day ago) Since the Alibaba and Marriott opened a new company last year, two new developments have been made in the recent cooperation. From this week, users can book all hotels under the 10000 flag at the flying pig flagship store in Marriott.
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(86 day ago) In the morning of April 23rd, today, the Alibaba AI labs announced the cooperation with the three auto industry partners of Daimler (Mercedes Benz brand), Audi and Volvo. In the future, three automobile companies have mass production models with networking functions, all of which support Tmall elf voice assistant.
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(88 day ago) On April 20th, the first cross-border offline store of the Tmall International, West Lake Yintai Store opened for trial operation. The scene was full of people, and a long line was just opened.
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(89 day ago) Today, Ma Yun received a gift from Thailand's minister of Commerce, Bangkok, on behalf of the Thailand Government: a fresh gold pillow durian. In April 19th, the Alibaba signed a series of agreements with the government of Thailand to sell gold pillow durian for Thailand in 3 billion years in three years. In addition, will be the construction of intelligent logistics system, to promote the export of fruit of Thailand China, and opened the official flagship store Thai fragrant rice.
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