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(9 day ago) 812 million order means what? Ali official also specially made a map of the image information, do a show - up side by side: 1200 laps around the earth, filled with about 19800000 carriages or 1 million 240 thousand high-speed trains (16 marshalling) - spread covering 99 (the smallest state in the world), 36 Monaco, 1.8 Nauru - in a heap can be filled with 80 thousand Boeing 747 aircraft, 45 thousand water cube swimming pool, more than 5400 night in the palace of Heavenly Purity express little brother sent these parcels is the world's largest migration of goods...
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(10 day ago) Today, the entire technological advancement and business innovation are mutually reinforcing. Double 11 is the best example of a business innovation based on technological innovation, both of which produce a perfect chemical reaction.
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(10 day ago) In the "double 11" opening three minutes later, Lynx trading volume exceeded 10 billion, breaking 9 billion 100 billion, and soon after it successfully exceeded last year's "double 11" transaction record of the whole day, continue the world The largest single-day shopping activity scale.
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(10 day ago) On November 11, 2017, just past zero, the bright dome of No.1 Building in Xixi Park, Alibaba is lit up. Here is the Lynx double 11 global carnival technical operations command room, the atmosphere filled with a relaxed and happy atmosphere. This is totally different from the tense atmosphere of previous years.
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(10 day ago) Lynx double 11 trading volume over the years (Sort: Ecommerce) Related articles: Aliyun He Yunfei: hybrid cloud "double 11" 1 hour expansion 100000 server ant gold clothes CEO Xi Yin Dong: double 11 total number of payments has been broken 13.6 Million Lin billion president of the rookie: the future one billion packages a day will soon become a reality
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(10 day ago) 11 seconds breaking billion, 28 seconds 1 billion, 3 minutes 01 seconds 10 billion, 40 minutes 12 seconds 50 billion, 9 hours 04 seconds to reach 100 billion ... 13 hours 9 minutes 49 seconds, 2017 Lynx double 11 global carnival deals Amounting to over 120.7 billion yuan, more than 2016 double 11 full-day turnover.
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(11 day ago) Inventory this year double 11 important transaction volume data (at 0:00 on November 11) 100 million - 11 seconds 1 billion - 28 seconds 10 billion - 3 minutes 01 seconds 191 million - 5 minutes 57 seconds (over 2012 Turnover for the whole day) 20 Billion - 6 Minutes 05 Seconds 36.2 Billion - 16 Min 10 Seconds (over 2013 all-day turnover) 50 Billion - 40 Minutes 12 C 55 Billion - 1 Hour 57 Billion - 1 Hours 0 minutes 49 seconds (Super 2014 full-day turnover) 80 billion - 2 hours 15 minutes 18 seconds 91.2 billion - 7 hours 22 minutes 54 seconds (super 2015 full day turnover) 100 billion - 9 hours 0 Minutes 04 seconds 111.1 billion - 10 hours 54 minutes (November 11 commemorative figures) 116.1 billion - 12 hours a whole 127.7 billion - 13:09:49 (super 2016 full-day turnover)
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(11 day ago) Jack Ma on the evening scene, said in the evening premiere, I hope everyone together in the song on the twelfth night composing music together to write songs, Ma said that everyone read " Duo, duo, duo, duo ", take" chop hand "" chop "homophonic words.
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(11 day ago) Part of the show: the opening track is designed for "cat late" reprogramming classic songs , played by British pop singer Jessie J. "The cat later" theme song "I wish you two happy 11 > by Farrell Williams as a songwriter, Wu Yifan sang in the chorus.
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(12 day ago) Actor Ma Yun debut, the long-awaited "Gong Shou Road > coming from the stage premiere; legend Fan Bingbing disappeared, and by some mysterious power to thousands of households; there is a big wave of domestic and international superstar in Niicole Kidman, James, Figo, Sharapova, Zhang Ziyi, Fan Bingbing, Li Yuchun, Wu Yifan, Karen Mok, Liu Tao, Lin update Zhang Jie, Wowkie Zhang.
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(12 day ago) Countdown to 2 days, the annual "chop hand Festival" coming soon, your shopping cart full of it? Yesterday, Tmall officially opened the double 11 "God privilege", November 8th 10:00:00, November 10th 18:00:00 during the scheduled one baby, which can be locked in November 11th 0 without queuing to submit orders in panic buying, as long as 00:00:00-01:00:00...
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(13 day ago) In the latest issue of Dream Big Home, led by Hu Hai-Quan and challenged by Jike Junyi, a car-repairing house of 85 square meters was transformed into a comfortable space suitable for a family of six people within 24 hours. How to quickly design a program, and can "WYSIWYG" the program quickly landing as a key point.
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(15 day ago) In addition to Wu Yifan, Li Yuchun, Zhang Ziyi and other domestic entertainment stars, today's vivo2017 Tmall double 11 global carnival night committee officially announced the list of international sports stars.
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(15 day ago) In October 31st, Fujian city of Putian province Shanting Town, UAV group Alibaba rookie network, full of Meizhou Island residents ordered six boxes of goods, to provide logistics services for rural Taobao. Only 9 minutes to successfully fly across the Strait, announced the first domestic UAV group cross sea express flight success.
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(15 day ago) From November 11, less than 5 days left, the reporter learned from the ant gold service recently, this year involved in providing consumer insurance for Lynx dual 11 PICC, Ping An Insurance, CPIC, China Life Insurance, 12 Insurance companies have been prepared in place, will provide nearly 50 kinds of consumer insurance.
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(16 day ago) Visit: Ali cloud technology quickly learned that the Tmall double 11 carnival night for the first time the reality of 3D modeling and motion capture technology to the domestic mobile phone platform, the star of the action and even a vivid expression details are reduced, and then through the special encryption algorithm will model the compression at about 20M.
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(19 day ago) From the days of cat two 11 there are 9 days, in order to allow local people to better participate in the days of cat two 11, many countries and regions in advance of payment agencies a few months, began to pay to upgrade their online payment network. Among them, the Philippines and Hong Kong's local wallet will be the first time this year to participate in "double 11".
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(20 day ago) Recently, some news said, Midea and other household electrical appliance enterprises suspended the Tmall double 11 air conditioning pre-sale, and then misinterpreted as the contradiction between the two sides, leading to speculation. In November 2nd, the United States and Tmall Electric City administrative micro-blog joint rumor said yesterday Tmall double 11 pre-sale consumer enthusiasm is too high, the Tmall official flagship store a small amount of goods shortage, after the emergency mobilization of inventory, has resumed the sale.
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(21 day ago) Visit: Ali cloud, this is the largest next generation of ultra large cloud computing data center, that is known as Ali cloud North China 3 nodes. Sky Patrol is the world's only data center high precision intelligent operation robot. In October this year, "Tian Xun" was sent to Zhangbei again to help the data center operation and maintenance, becoming "floret" the most intimate partner".
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(22 day ago) October 26th @ Tmall double 11 carnival night administrative micro-blog announced the first star face covering posters, less than one minute is recognized by fans, Wowkie Zhang will attend Tmall double 11 party news spread throughout the entertainment circle. Wu Yifan, Li Yuchun, Wang Jiaer... With the unveiling of the poster, exciting names scream fans.
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(22 day ago) There are 12 days, once a year the double 11 Carnival will officially debut, now double 11 is no longer simply buy online buy, Ali will also prepare many stars to participate in the party, has become a part of Chinese culture. This year, the University of Berkeley singing group calculasian and employees of the Alibaba, creative interpretation of the Tmall double 11 theme song "I wish you a happy 11 double", with a cappella (pure vocals) the three song melody adaptation together...
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(23 day ago) The day of the cat is coming soon, this day is not only the mainland chop hand festival, but also the global user's carnival. Today, Lynx Supermarket announced that during the two 11 will be combined with dozens of old brands and a large number of high-quality domestic brands stationed in Hong Kong, Hong Kong consumers also participate in this shopping carnival.
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(27 day ago) It is reported that this year, Tmall 11, Tmall is ahead of the layout of the Global 100 fresh consumers to create high-quality brand of origin, origin, promote industrial upgrading. More than 50 of global government, association of official authority, as one voice quality origin joint endorsement, signed to Tmall's "100 high-quality origin" certification, and an invitation to the double 11 global consumers.
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(29 day ago) If you think that "double 11" is just the "buy, buy, buy" chop hand chop non-stop promotional discount Festival, it may be wrong. The shopping season, which is approaching its nine birthday, is becoming younger and more unique.
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(33 day ago) Through the charter service, sent to Russia and Europe, the average cargo only 10 days, will be able to reach the hands of consumers across the continent. In the package on the basis of massive increase in logistics speed is still faster than the previous 1 times. In addition to charter flights, rookie in France, Spain, Russia and other countries of the overseas warehouse has also been predicted by the algorithm to help businesses ahead of cloth.
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(35 day ago) Speed ​​sale of Russian station has opened a day cat entrance, which also means that the days of the cat's ecological circle to radiation to the Russian region. In the past, there have been foreign media pointed out that the day the Russian station has begun to enter the test mode, and will begin in mid-October full operation. According to the Chinese Embassy in Russia revealed that the day the official launch of the day cat market is October 18. But now it seems that the day cat in the sale of the module has been officially launched, and has started the relevant promotional activities.
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(40 day ago) This week, organized by the Alibaba Group hosted the cloud of the General Assembly was tyrants of the trend, for several days to occupy a number of technology media headlines. On the other side, hundreds of days of cat business gathered in Hangzhou, the headquarters of Ali, but not for the cloud habitat site, but for their own rights, to discuss to be repaid.
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(40 day ago) From August onwards, the network of commercial banks to take the initiative to Taibao Taobao business to enhance the credit line, a total of more than 10 million businesses to obtain credit loans, the total increase in the amount of over 60 billion. The latest data show that 8,9 two months lynx, Taobao platform business loans compared with the same period last year increased by 33%, total loans increased by 62% year on year.
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(53 day ago) In addition, the three directors involved in a serious warning, included in the year-end performance evaluation, affecting their promotion during the year, equity incentives, year-end awards and other qualifications. The rest of the staff involved, are to be warned. But the days of the cat said that Ali health and the "you really nice today," the team's business contacts and the final cooperation is not an independent event, and "smart skin" project without any association, there is no theft of code behavior; and continue to invite "You really nice today" team, together with the two products from the design to the core code to do a comprehensive review (review) ...
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(67 day ago) At 15:01 this afternoon, Apple's official website, Tmall App Store official flagship store officially opened iPhone 8, iPhone 8, Plus pre order. As one of the starting channels, Tmall officially released the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus pre order data.
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