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(2 day ago) On March 15th, Tmall announced that Tmall Supermarket has entered 11 cities in Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Suzhou, Wuhan, Chengdu and Chongqing in one hour and will finish in the first half of this year. The layout of 20 cities.
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(3 day ago) The state quality inspection administration official website released the first quarter of 2018, 5 kinds of casual clothing e-commerce product quality supervision special inspection results, the sample of Jingdong, Tmall, Gome, Suning, Amazon and other 14 domestic mainstream e-commerce platform for enterprise sales of 309 batches of products, involving 285 production enterprises. After inspection, 214 batches of products were qualified and 95 batches of products were unqualified.
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(9 day ago) According to the upgrading plan of the organization, the newly established Tmall consumer electronics business department covers the business of the original mobile phone business department, electrical appliances business group, electrical appliances business and supply chain department. Yang Guang, the former general manager of the original Tmall supply chain innovation department, will be the general manager.
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(11 day ago) In March 4th, Tmall gold makeup Awards held in Shanghai, as Tmall since the birth of the third president, took office just two months Tmall president Jing Jie debut Tmall activities, and expounds the new logic of the development of Tmall.
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(14 day ago) "Tmall based on the analysis of the influence of star consumption, can provide the basis and reference for the brand of the star." Tmall announced that it will launch a "Star shop plan" to provide a "package" service for stars. It includes providing full-time staff for accessing and opening stores, providing cross brand joint name and multi brand cooperation, and providing all-round guarantee at the supply chain and logistics level.
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(16 day ago) Recently a "Hebei guy chasing the beauty of Chongqing bring back the old hometown of rural areas, his girlfriend quit work was poor," the news of a ripple. For modern women should do the eyes of elders, "home hostess" or "insist on doing their own" issue aroused heated debate.
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(17 day ago) Recently, Alibaba announced its new retail logistics speed plan, which consists of not only 30 minutes to reach the box, up to 1 hour up to Lynx supermarket, Lynx will launch 2 hours up to service, you can also book a specific period of delivery.
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(19 day ago) When these goods are shipped from overseas to China, the logistics data have begun to be "up chain". These data include the origin country of goods, Qi Yunguo, port of loading, mode of transportation, port of entry, inspection and quarantine number of bonded warehouse, customs declaration number and so on. These information provided by all parties have become a combination.
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(35 day ago) Visit: Ali Yun Ma Yun and International Olympic Committee President Bach, "in Tmall, you don't need to run to the fitting room to keep changing clothes. Tmall's virtual fitting glasses can save you the trouble of trying clothes." Field staff explained, Bach listened and nodded, the virtual mirror greatly.
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(39 day ago) In 2017, Tmall international to focus the use of technology to promote the global origin innovation floor, block chain technology and big data tracked by the plan, will gradually realize the import link, collection of production, transportation, customs clearance, inspection, third party inspection and other information, to make every cross-border imports of ID card".
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(41 day ago) The Spring Festival is a national reunion time, but also a rare training holiday for the office workers, but the perfect spring festival will also bring a little inconvenience, that is, the Spring Festival does not express. Courier companies also celebrate the new year. In the past Spring Festival, there are often some cases of rejection and backlogging. Therefore, this year, the State Post Office emphasized repeatedly: "we must fully protect the" express net, no rejection and no backlog "before the Spring Festival.
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(45 day ago) Today, the world's first smart bathroom landed at the West Lake in Hangzhou, which was jointly set up by Lynx and Intime. This is another attempt by Lynx Retail. From the field photos, many girls have long line up, do not say they do not know if they are in the "toilet."
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(48 day ago) The day before the Spring Festival in 2018, Tmall released the delivery time and transaction flow adjustment notice. Announcement shows that during the 2018 Spring Festival (February 8, 2018 00:00:00 to February 24, 2018 23:59:59) consumer payment orders, businesses (virtual category * except) in February 27, 2018 to 23:59:59 before delivery and ensure that consumers can see the status of orders logistics company in the logistics system check.
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(53 day ago) On the same day, Tong Wenhong, CPO of the Alibaba Group and chairman of the Nomad Network, said at the rover's global partner conference that the two major weapons in the logistics business are talent and culture. This is also the core of the company's management. Only a company with a sense of mission and culture can unite a group of loyal, ambitious employees and attract real talents who are "smart, optimistic, pithy and introspective."
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(55 day ago) Man Zhou registered 17 companies in Guangzhou with the word "Lynx" and was sued by Alibaba Group Holding Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang Tmall Network Co., Ltd. On December 19, 2017, Hangzhou Intermediate People's Court of Zhejiang Province issued the "Ban on Appeal" which requires these companies to immediately stop using the name "Tmall" for business activities until the effective date of the judgment .
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(63 day ago) Both robots for the exhibition theme, the store's main shopping guide is Lynx elf, at the same time, each one of the commentators before the brand interpretation of the introduction. Show intermittent, off-site small robot dance performances, attracted a large crowd crowd. Why did you suddenly want to show robot brands and products offline? Huabo, chief project manager of Lynx Robot Festival, said that in fact, the project was preheated as early as September 9, including UFO projection at the top of the Badaling Great Wall and the reading of "Lynx Robot Festival" had broken by two thousand in three days More than six million.
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(67 day ago) January 10, Lynx and rookie announced that now with the United Logistics partners and merchants launched based on the store's delivery of "regular delivery" service. It is reported that consumer online shopping orders, you can choose from the nearest physical store delivery, the fastest 2 hours can be served, you can also schedule a specific period of delivery.
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(67 day ago) This is the second box horse Xiansheng reached 30 minutes, 1 hours to reach the Tmall supermarket, and a fast logistics services online and offline integration based on the introduction of new retail ali. Instant logistics is becoming the mark of new retail. Data map currently, Watsons's Tmall flagship shop has opened the service.
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(79 day ago) The current variety of Internet packages after another, like Ali Bao Card, Tencent Wang Card, Baidu Shengka, Jingdong card, etc., they have ultra-cheap traffic tariffs, some packages also provide free-flow services, such as Tencent card support Tencent Free flow, Baidu's card support Baidu's App flow-free.
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(81 day ago) December 27th, today, Alibaba group CEO Zhang Yong announced in an employee's open letter that Taobao and Tmall will serve as the base of Ali's new retail, and integrate Ali's logistics, finance, technology, cloud computing and other basic capabilities to help the whole society to upgrade business. The group decided that Jiang Fan, vice president of the group, was appointed president of Taobao and appointed Vice President of the group as president of Tmall.
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(82 day ago) On December 26, Lynx announced that the Lynx supermarket has opened its service for one hour in five cities: Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Wuhan and Hangzhou. This means that Chinese families can consume their food three meals a day By Tmall supermarket one-stop solution.
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(93 day ago) According to Lynx official revealed that with the official appearance of the 2022 Winter Olympic Games emblem, Beijing Olympic Winter Games Organizing Committee will also be opened simultaneously on the Lynx franchise pre-sale activities. Starting from 14:00 on December 16, a limited edition of 2022 emblem badge pre-sale; Consumers can log Lynx browse and purchase, including emblem, including dozens of models of Austrian goods, all products will be officially shipped in a month .
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(105 day ago) December 3, the Fourth World Internet Conference staged in Wuzhen, Albatros Lynx unmanned supermarkets as the only independent exhibition project, stunning debut, won the Nobel Prize winner, the Chinese Academy of Engineering's unanimous praise.
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(105 day ago) Israeli scientists, Nobel prize winner Daniel Shekhtman field experience a no supermarket, and was full of praise for this Chinese Internet Adventure: "amazing smile, actually this is a discount, I never had the experience!" Daniel Shekht Mann by clearing door, bought a Tmall doll China academician of the Academy of engineering, the national first prize the progress of science and technology winner Ni Guangnan, also no magic retail experience in the loud shouts of applause.
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(114 day ago) Since the hot pot as a new category, not overnight popular. Tmall food fast food category small rain new moon introduced, in March this year's spring rum since hot chafing dish launched the market, not a climate. At that time, a regional brand of sausage was the first attempt to start "self heating"".
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(115 day ago) The day before, the Shanghai Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau released the 2017 Shanghai set-top box product quality supervision and inspection results. The results show that the spot checks of 22 batches of products, after testing, 3 batches of substandard products. Spot checks found that the nominal Shenzhen mercury communication technology limited production of "MERCURY" network player M1 type, Zhejiang Tmall Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd. production of "Tmall's box" M16C model, 1905 interactive (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. production of "1905 movie box" model XC-FBY1...
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(115 day ago) According to Ali official data show that in 2017 Lynx double 11 global carnival final transaction value of 162.8 billion yuan, the day the logistics orders 812 million. The total number of logistics orders increased by 24% over the same period of last year, but the delivery and receipt of 100 million speed, but an increase of 20% over last year.
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(125 day ago) 812 million order means what? Ali official also specially made a map of the image information, do a show - up side by side: 1200 laps around the earth, filled with about 19800000 carriages or 1 million 240 thousand high-speed trains (16 marshalling) - spread covering 99 (the smallest state in the world), 36 Monaco, 1.8 Nauru - in a heap can be filled with 80 thousand Boeing 747 aircraft, 45 thousand water cube swimming pool, more than 5400 night in the palace of Heavenly Purity express little brother sent these parcels is the world's largest migration of goods...
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(126 day ago) Today, the entire technological advancement and business innovation are mutually reinforcing. Double 11 is the best example of a business innovation based on technological innovation, both of which produce a perfect chemical reaction.
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(127 day ago) In the "double 11" opening three minutes later, Lynx trading volume exceeded 10 billion, breaking 9 billion 100 billion, and soon after it successfully exceeded last year's "double 11" transaction record of the whole day, continue the world The largest single-day shopping activity scale.
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