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(3 hr ago) Tencent Technology News, 2017, millet mobile phone to achieve a miraculous rally, sales doubled. However, it is surprising that according to the latest news from foreign media, Foxconn, the foundry of Xiaomi, recently made a loss of 525 million U.S. dollars.
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(1 day ago) At the millet annual meeting in 2018, Wang Xiang, senior vice president of Xiaomi, said that the internationalization of millet has progressed so rapidly that it has entered 73 countries and regions with market share ranking first in India and nine countries entering the top three. Into 2018, millet accelerated the process of internationalization:
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(8 day ago) The epitaph of space pioneer Constantine Tsiolkovsky reads: "the earth is the cradle of mankind. But man cannot live in the cradle forever. They are constantly striving for the living world and space." At first carefully through the atmosphere, then conquering the entire solar system. "
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(8 day ago) Some people love it ethereal silence, some people think it differentiated treatment is low cost, but it does lead to a focus on design and quality of minimalist wave. It is MUJI. However, in the "worship without India" who praised the design of the original Kenzai, the country also gave birth to a number of "design MUJI, the price of millet," the "learner", almost the same design and a large fraction of the price Will undoubtedly bring a great sense of crisis to MUJI.
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(9 day ago) The founder of the millet, Lei Jun once said: "standing on the mouth of the wind, pigs will fly." Fully open the financing channels, millet to do that fly pig? 2 月 8 日,华米科技在美国纽约证券交易所(NYSE)上市,成为小米生态链首家在美上市企业。 This time, the total amount of financing is over 110 million US dollars.
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(9 day ago) On the first day of IPO, WMI closed at 11.25 U.S. dollars, up 0.25 U.S. dollars or 2.27% from the issue price of 11 U.S. dollars. The next day, Wami Technology rose 1.16% to close at $ 11.38. To the closing price, the market value of 676 million US dollars.
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(10 day ago) Web information shows that the machine is a full-screen 3.0 (Xiaomi MIX 2 is a full-scale screen 2.0, screen size is 5.99 inches, consistent with Xiaomi MIX 2, the resolution is 2160 × 1080.Configuration, Xiaomi MIX 2S will carry the latest Qualcomm Cellon 845 processor, based on 10nm process. Equipped with 8 GB memory 256GB storage, the camera supports four-axis optical shake-proof, support all Netcom 6 mode 43 frequency.
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(10 day ago) Through the 2015~2017 years from the low valley to the peak of the roller coaster, millet withstood the external pressure to achieve a backlash. Looking back on the whole 2017, Xiaomi sales increased by about 120 billion, up by 50% compared with the previous year, and the number of millet phone shipments increased by 122.6% over the same period last year. Lei Jun could be seen as a beautiful turnaround in the external questioning and hustle and bustle.
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(10 day ago) On the evening of February 8th, Xiaomi bracelet maker Huami Technology officially launched on the New York Stock Exchange, becoming the first Xiaomi ecological chain company to list in the United States. CEO Huang Wang also ushered in the brightest moment of his entrepreneurial career after four consecutive ventures.
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(10 day ago) After 5-year investment in 100 eco-chain enterprises reached a basic goal, Zhang Jun, the founder of this eco-chain, believes that the successful launch of Hua Mi Technology to the United States is a tremendous victory for the millet eco-chain model. However, Wami technology is not completely rest assured.
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(11 day ago) Millet 7 has a 5.6 "FHD + level screen with 2160 x 1080 resolution. Equipped with Snapdragon 845 chipset, while matching 8GB RAM + 128 GB storage. It has 16 million pixels + 16 million pixel dual camera.
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(12 day ago) To explore the independent brand, to complete the command, is Huang Wang has been trying things; the ecological chain millet vanguard, Liu De ecological chain Corps vanguard, the outside world also has been pressure in Huang Wang shoulders; for a long time to get rid of others OEM image and create a unique to China and Huang Wang brothers of their products, is the whole team fought for years of target.
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(12 day ago) Video Please poke here video, millet detailed list of astonishing number of products created by millet: every day, millet phone camera 200 million times, millet bracelet record 370 billion steps, millet smart TV 84 million play, millet air purifier purification 1.5 billion cubic meters, millet water purification 8 million cups of water, millet sweeping robot cleaning 7.9 million square meters, millet smart speaker dialogue 3.4 million times.
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(12 day ago) Beijing time on the evening of February 8th, China Institute of science and technology bell listed on the New York Stock Exchange (code HMI), issue price per ADS (American Depositary Shares) $11, the total amount of financing more than $110 million. As of the close, China stock price rose 2.27%, to close at $11.25, a market capitalization of about $670 million. This is the first company to land in the American stock market in the millet ecological chain.
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(14 day ago) Tencent technology news, February 7th, Lei Jun issued an open letter, said that 2017 is the reversal of millet year, ahead of schedule to achieve the goal of revenue in the early 100 billion, and the market share has returned to the world's top five.
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(14 day ago) In October 2017, Xiaomi realized its revenue target of over billions set by the beginning of the year. Across the threshold of hundreds of billions, millet just spent seven years. Lei Jun said: "Revenue has exceeded billions. Among international technology giants, Apple spent 20 years, Facebook spent 12 years, Google spent 9 years, domestic technology companies, Ali spent 17 years, Tencent spent 17 years, Huawei Spent 21 years.
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(14 day ago) The principle is to use convection heating mode, heating the air at the bottom to make it rise along the vertical air duct, and press the cold air downward to form air convection, heating the indoor air and improving the heating efficiency. The official said, Chi meters electric heater is made of high density electric iron chromium aluminum alloy material, the length of 20 meters, electric heat, cooling temperature reaches 120 degrees Celsius in just 72 seconds, can quickly increase the room temperature.
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(14 day ago) It should be noted, however, that the test page is the latest version of v7.0, generally higher than 6.x, taking the Kirin 970 Huawei Mate 10, for example, to reach 210,000, while the Xiaomi 6 for the Cellon 835 is about 200,000.
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(15 day ago) In February 6th, millet officially announced that millet bus Beijing Tianjin Hebei interconnected card was officially launched, and a card went through three buses and the subway. At present, a limited time offer (card fee of 10 yuan).
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(16 day ago) February 5, millet founder, chairman and CEO Lei Jun officially served as vice president of China Quality Association. Earlier Lei Jun also won the 2017 Top Ten economic figures, the State Administration of Quality Supervision, "the annual quality figure" award.
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(16 day ago) Millet body fat scale is one of the products in the millet ecological chain. Unlike millet scale, the body fat scale is more than 30%, the scale is the thinnest part only 14.75mm, and it can measure 10 physical data.
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(16 day ago) In terms of configuration, Xiaomi 6X is a product targeting the middle end. It will use 18:9 full screen. It will be equipped with Xiaolong 636 processor. It is an upgraded version of Xiaolong 630. Based on 14nm technology, it adopts 8 core design, and achieves a perfect balance between performance and power consumption control.
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(18 day ago) In February 2nd, the international data agency IDC released the global mobile sales report. The report shows that in the fourth quarter of 2017, the global sales of Xiaomi mobile surpassed OPPO ranked fourth in the world, second only to apple, Samsung and HUAWEI.
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(19 day ago) This may not be thought of by many people. For the millet scheduled to be listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in the third quarter of 2018, the news is clearly as good as possible. Beijing January 26, Coolpad Group announced that Xiaomi Communication Technology Co., Ltd., millet technology limited liability company, millet House Commercial Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Tongda Communication Electronics Co., Ltd., violated the Cool Affiliated Company patents. And these four companies, millet accounted for three of them.
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(21 day ago) News (text / Luo Ming) a few days ago, the prosecution of milky patent infringement of millet news downtown hubbub, some users think Cool conscience is too bad, want to take advantage of millet listed before the prosecution of a fishing, millet is said through the media have not yet received At the same time, he pointed out that the accused of patent infringement by Coolpad was not clear and severely shamelessly returned. Cool also outdone, yesterday directly on the official notice of indictment, the two sides seems to be really knife-dry on the job.
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(21 day ago) In 2017, Xiaomi and Google partnered with an Android One product, A1, which is actually the overseas version of the millet 5X. However, this product is indeed the first millet MIUI is not pre-installed products, but in accordance with the requirements of Google integrated native system. As a result, the system iteration speed is very fast.
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(23 day ago) Both boxes carry the Amlogic Cortex-A53 four-core processor, 64-bitt 1.5GHz, and the built-in Mali-450 GPU(3 2 core. 750MHz, output resolution 4KT 3840x 2160) HDR, support H.2654KPU 2KR 60 frame / sec video decoding.
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(23 day ago) According to a civil complaint, the Plaintiff alleged that the defendant millet communication technology limited company, millet Technology Co. Ltd., Shenzhen tongtianda Communication Electronics Co. Ltd. and millet home business limited Shenzhen branch in the first production, offering for sale, sales of infringing products such as infringement of the plaintiff three invention patents:
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(23 day ago) January 29 news, launched by the millet interactive entertainment App "Fun" officially open the external test, from now on, "happy" will be opened at 13:30 and 20:30 every day to start two live broadcasts, Where the answer to the question 12 users will be able to divide the spot bonuses. It is reported that there will be music will be January 30 the same day opened 20:30 million cash special.
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(23 day ago) IT House January 27 News Coolpad Group announced that the company received the subsidiary Yulong Computer Communications Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. (plaintiff) notice, the plaintiff recently with Xiaomi Communication Technology Co., Ltd. (defendant), millet Technology Co., Ltd. (Defendant 2), Shenzhen Tongtianda Electronics Co., Ltd. (Defendant 3) and the first branch of Xiaomi Co., Ltd. Shenzhen (Defendant IV) patent infringement dispute to Shenzhen, Guangdong Province Intermediate people's court filed suit.
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