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(7 hr ago) China has experienced the PC Internet and the wave of mobile Internet, and BATJ has successfully realized the transition from PC to mobile Internet, firmly occupying the PC and mobile terminal entrance. Other business models are supplemented by BATJ, forming a counterpart of the Ali department and the Tencent department, and the flow type Internet enterprise's creation dividend has basically disappeared.
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(8 hr ago) In the late spring of 2018, Lei Jun of millet CEO just talked about the end of domestic CDR affairs with the head of securities company. On his way home, he leafed through several pushes in his cell phone and saw Dong Mingzhu's invitation to the National Audit Office for auditing and evaluating the two enterprises.
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(1 day ago) This seems to be a problem with no standard answer - but in the opinion of Cui Baoqiu who has been involved with Xiaomi for almost six years, among the many labels on Xiaomi's body, [Technology] [Artificial Intelligence] is undoubtedly the most important two of them. one. As the chief architect of Xiaomi, vice president of Xiaomi artificial intelligence and cloud platform, he is clearly more in-depth knowledge and understanding of Xiaomi as a technology company and an artificial intelligence company.
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(3 day ago) One, millet wireless charger out of the box millet wireless charger box is not a word on the front, the entire white box only product map. The product information on the back of the box is as follows: Name: Millet Wireless Charger, Applicable models: Mi MIX 2S and (Qi) certified products, product materials:
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(5 day ago) Millet wireless charger uses a heaven and earth cover-type packaging design, customary white simple packaging, front view of the product appearance. Except for the single product wireless charger and the manual, there are no other accessories. The millet wireless charger adopts a round pie type design and has a pure white appearance. It looks very clean and simple; the body is light and thin, and it is easy to carry and store.
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(6 day ago) In December 2013, at the award ceremony of CCTV's “China Economic Year” awards ceremony, Lei Jun, the recipient of the annual character award, said that if Xiaomi’s operating income beat Gree in 5 years and she hoped that Dong Mingzhu would lose a dollar for himself, Dong Mingzhu responded strongly at the scene. Road, "If you want to bet, you will bet 100 billion yuan.
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(6 day ago) GoPro, which was worth more than US$10 billion, has now lost a market value of US$761 million. Analysts said that the acquirer can use GoPro's brand and profit from equipment sales. "The Information" previously reported that according to HP's bid for the same difficult-to-produce electronics manufacturer Palm in 2010, GoPro could sell for about $1 billion.
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(6 day ago) In fact, GoPro's CEO Nick Woodman stated that they are open to selling companies. Of course, the premise is that this format can help GoPro expand its business scale and have a better profit prospects.
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(10 day ago) Xiao Jun, co-founder and CEO of China's smartphone and consumer electronics manufacturer, Lei Jun, said in an interview with Hong Kong Media that he agrees with the notion of “don’t be greedy” and hopes to include it in the company’s charter.
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(10 day ago) On April 9, Xiaomi announced today that it will open three new mobile phone factories in India. At the same time, Xiaomi will co-operate with a mobile power plant in India to open mobile phones. So far, Xiaomi has reached six mobile phone factories in India.
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(10 day ago) According to two informed sources, Xiaomi, a Chinese smart phone and electronic product brand, is in negotiations with financial technology startup Zest-Money on the injection of funds. Xiaomi has partnered with the company to provide EMI loans (installment loans) for its products on, an online portal.
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(10 day ago) Someone left a message under the headline of Xiaomi’s chairman Lei Jun: “Abandon your own employees, disband the Henan team on the spot, what do you think?”, “The brothers and sisters who were still fighting for your cause yesterday are what they received today. Did the paper dismiss the book and considered the feelings of so many people?"
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(12 day ago) With the increase in car ownership, many Internet entrepreneurs have focused their attention on the automotive aftermarket. They have pondered, in this huge "gold mine" in the end what sub-sectors are able to real money?
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(12 day ago) "The music shot to shoot oneself dead, from then on, the Internet TV is the storm and the millet two for the first place." In the April 2nd storm of "the 2 king of the rose storm return" the storm AI television media communication meeting, the storm TV CEO Liu Yaoping repeated this sentence.
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(13 day ago) Eight years ago today, Xiao Jun, the founder of Xiaomi, led the start-up team to drink a bowl of millet porridge. A small company called Xiaomi quietly opened its doors in the Silver Valley Building of Baofu Temple Bridge.
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(15 day ago) Unconsciously, on April 6 this year, Xiaomi, which changed the mobile phone industry, has been established for eight full years. Xiaomi co-founder and CEO Lei Jun sent internal emails to all Xiaomi employees.
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(15 day ago) On April 4th, announced today the 2018 Smart Class Daily Report Card. In the field of wearable devices, the relatively low-priced wristband is still the best-selling product, among which the Glory Bracelet 3 has won sales and sales. In terms of brand, Glory, Huawei, and Xiaomi are ranked one to three.
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(15 day ago) According to recent news, according to AI Finance News, Xiaomi dismissed a marketing team with more than 40 employees located in Henan on March 30. About 80% of the employees were dismissed, including some employees who just submitted applications for correction. . Xiaomi responded by saying: It is a normal job adjustment.
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(16 day ago) On April 3rd news, according to foreign media reports, China encourage Alibaba group and other technology giants in the domestic market of CDR (China depository) pilot program is getting quite early positive response, which indicates that the stock may soon landing A shares. The plan also won the support of Lei Jun, the founder and chief executive of millet.
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(20 day ago) The back cover around the ceramic coated with sealing glue, after heating with professional rocker to mobile phone slot, in order to separate the shell. When removing the cover of the ceramic battery, attention should be paid to opening it slowly from one side to prevent the tearing of the fingerprint line. After the back was lifted, a wireless charging coil was seen.
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(20 day ago) Judging from the actual experience, the P60 adopts the latest 12nm process from TSMC, and the use of the A73 large core and G72 GPU ensures performance. Coupled with the in-depth optimization of Tencent's games, to ensure that the king's glory high frame rate and chicken performance stable. Not only that, the supply chain further confirmed that vivo and Xiaomi's Helio P60 will be launched in the second quarter.
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(20 day ago) MIX2S appears to be familiar with the appearance of the official, the fact is indeed the case, because millet continued the design style of the previous generation MIX2, on the front at first glance feel exactly the same, but there are still some adjustments, first a lot of left and right border narrow, followed by the forehead Narrower than the previous generation, the overall size of the machine is slightly smaller than MIX2.
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(21 day ago) Millet company senior vice president Qi Yan in 2017, millet breakthrough hundreds of billions of revenue, only 7 years. HUAWEI took 21 years, apple spent 20 years, Ali, Tencent took 17 years, Facebook spent 12 years, and Google spent 9 years.
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(22 day ago) Millet mobile phone in the industry to support the first door card simulation capabilities, development version of the line after receiving users praise. Now, the millet door card emulation function has been officially launched on the MIUI 9 stable version, and only need to upgrade to the latest MIUI 9.5 stable version to open the experience.
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(23 day ago) Although the current PC market is bland, it still has a lot of fun in specific segments. For example, laptops, Huawei and Xiaomi are the two major mobile phone manufacturers are all working hard. In the Air series of thin and light, Pro series of high-performance this, Xiaomi is now cutting into the high-end games, the price is also rising.
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(23 day ago) The latest data from IDC show that in the fourth quarter of last year, the global market has increased 96.9% against the trend and 57.6% in the Chinese market. It has become the only mobile phone manufacturer that has achieved growth in the global market in the fourth quarter of last year.
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(23 day ago) Based on the MIX's previous foundation, Xiaomi launched the MIX 2S may be more to complete the route from the concept to the flagship of the series, make up for the lack of previous generations of cameras, but also provides a different for Liu Haiping today. Select, today's article we will take you to learn about MIX 2S this product.
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(23 day ago) As Lei Jun said at the press conference, compared with the recent period of time, Xiaomi MIX2S's full-scale screen looks more harmonious and has more impact. After all, there was no bangs on the top. This time, the MIX2S's back was finally replaced with a pair of photos, just vertical, and the center of the back was fingerprint recognition.
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(24 day ago) The millet MIX 2S continues the design language of the series. The front top and left and right frames are very narrow, leaving only one chin. The front camera is still in the lower right corner. Rear is a dual camera, the upper left corner is arranged vertically, the flash is located in the middle of the two cameras, as well as post-fingerprint recognition.
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(24 day ago) This shape is in good agreement with the earlier leaked phone case. It is said that the aircraft will also be a full screen 18:9 design, but the passport photo is back red, front black, photographed by the Ministry of Industry a dark, simply can not see the details of the front, only vaguely see the top of the camera and handset.
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