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(5 hr ago) The rise of WeChat applets is not only arrogant Apple, but also anxious domestic mobile phone brands. On March 19th, the 21st Century Business Herald reporter learned that Xiaomi, ZTE, Huawei, Jinli, Lenovo, Meizu, Nubia, OPPO and vivo nine mobile phone manufacturers will jointly launch fast application standards. Its purpose is to empower developers to expand the future of the scenario and access it in a standardized way.
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(3 day ago) The following are the WeChat official announcements Original: Good news, first reported, the gospel of the public number operator to - the WeChat public number automatic logout mechanism is about to go online, 210 days of inactive non-certified public accounts will be automatically logged out. Will directly improve its occupancy of users and platforms, such as nicknames and micro-signals, to meet the needs of small partners who do not log off their accounts for long periods of time.
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(3 day ago) On March 17th, the WeChat official announced that it will launch the automatic logout mechanism of WeChat public number. The non-certified number that is inactive for 210 days will be automatically cancelled. The official stated that it will directly improve the situation of its resources such as nicknames and micro-signals occupying users and platforms, and meet the need of small partners to log out of long-term non-use of accounts.
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(4 day ago) At the time of the arrival of 315, the female writer 66 who had previously been exposed to rotten fruit in Jingdong but was not properly dealt with in 2015, once again aimed the muzzle at Jingdong, triggering a new round of tears.
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(5 day ago) Today is March 15 International Consumer Rights Day, the new upgrade of "12315" Mini Programs also officially launched.
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(5 day ago) New line 12315 Mini Programs joined "electronic map" the function, the user sees the uneven preparation complaint, but does not know the enterprise registration name, may click the choice directly in the electronic map, the system will determine the enterprise automatically, and matches the jurisdiction authority. In a variety of needs, "intelligent recommendation", "intelligent solution" function, according to history big data can automatically recommend processing units for users, as well as quick response to user consultation.
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(5 day ago) Looking for opportunities for blockchain riches: the anxiety and fantasies of ordinary people appear repeatedly in the headlines of the "blockchain" news, many of the big guys or "shake the flag" or a tense discussion, Let the issue of "block chain" not only for the big guy and practitioners, but also affect the nerves of ordinary people.
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(6 day ago) According to the official, "plug-in is a functional component that can be added directly to the applet. A developer can develop a plug-in similar to the development of a small program for use by other small programs. At the same time, the applet developer can directly use the applet. The use of plug-ins to provide services for users, without the need for repetitive development.Developer tools to add "code snippet" function to facilitate developers to communicate development experience."
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(6 day ago) At present, WeChat hop advertising has been opened to the outside world. Previously, McDonald's and Nike have taken the lead in participating as pilot brands. Users can “embark” a customized advertising pedestal during the game. How much money should be spent on advertising in WeChat games? Recently, there have been several projects on the Internet that are suspected of playing games with small games.
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(6 day ago) In this regard, the WeChat public responded that in order to respond to the request of the competent authorities, we temporarily adjusted the message opening function, and the new registered account has no message function. In the last three months, the account that has not yet used the message function will be retracted. Permissions.
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(6 day ago) Today, the WeChat brand owners Protection Conference is held in Guangzhou, and the WeChat team officially released the 2018 WeChat brand rights holder protection report. The report shows that WeChat has established the brand protection plan of WeChat brand protection platform, public platform operation protection and electronic infringement complaint system.
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(7 day ago) As of December 2017, the number of Internet users in China reached 772 million, the number of mobile Internet users reached 753 million, and mobile Internet users accounted for 97.5%. With the rapid development of the Internet and the digital economy, various forms of business have continued to flourish in the social networking platforms of the Internet, and the associated protection of intellectual property rights is facing new situations and challenges, bringing new challenges to the platform.
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(7 day ago) The WeChat public platform is now an important channel for enterprises, institutions, media, and individual vocalization. The government is constantly adjusting and enhancing. Each time the functional changes have a far-reaching impact. In December 2017, WeChat fully opened up the public platform for original and message functions. All public numbers can apply for original annotation of articles and open readers' messages for interaction. This is considered to be a major positive aspect of the content industry.
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(10 day ago) Recently, in the global travel industry's most important tourism exhibition - Berlin International Tourism Expo (2018 ITB Berlin), Germany's largest hotel group MARITIM WeChat officially announced a joint Tencent Maritim Hotel, to stay in MARITIM Maritim brand of the tourists Chinese official WeChat small program service.
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(11 day ago) At this year's two sessions, Ma Huateng shared some ideas on the "E-certificate link": "ID cards", Hong Kong and Macao Passes, and Home Return Cards were all "inserted" into WeChat card holders for residents of Guangdong, Hong Kong, and Macau, Dawan District. A more convenient life experience.
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(11 day ago) At the two sessions of the national science and technology giants, Ma Huateng still had no pressure to grab a headline. During the gathering interview of the NPC delegates, Ma Huateng admitted that during the Spring Festival of last month, WeChat's global user account exceeded one billion.
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(11 day ago) WeChat payment promotion in Hong Kong is very strong. In February, WeChat Pay HK provided a subsidy of HK$10 to McDonald's orders of more than HK$25 per meal, and also distributed red packets worth about HK$10 million during the Chinese New Year.
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(13 day ago) WeChat on the line a lot of people's livelihood government applet, as long as the finger gently, all kinds of government affairs people's livelihood can be done on the phone. Yesterday, WeChat sent the official public number for us to introduce several very useful applets, no longer have errands everywhere.
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(15 day ago) In November of the third quarter of 2017, the Tencent reported the third quarter of 2017, which showed that the number of monthly active accounts of WeChat and WeChat was 980 million, up 15.8% from the same period.
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(16 day ago) At the end of the video, he hoped Ma Huateng could see this video and begged for the introduction of WeChat technology into France, rescuing the local people in the heat and water. Yesterday, Ma Huantong said in an interview that he has seen this video. Ma Huateng said: "There are hundreds of people in this video forwarded to me.
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(17 day ago) The interface journalist then tried to find the trace of WeChat's "shopping" entrance, and did not find it. The insider told the interface reporter, in fact, "micro selection" has not been in the WeChat entrance for public testing, at this stage, it is still a grayscale release. However, micro - selection did not reveal the duration of this grayscale period and the formal release time.
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(17 day ago) Joint authority with multiple product capabilities to continue to combat rumors As an important means of WeChat team rumors governance, WeChat public platform set up by the WeChat rumor center through the introduction of the National Food and Drug Administration system 289 institutions, five central media, 32 Internet letters China Series account more than 800 third-party authority for joint rumor.
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(17 day ago) March 2 news, WeChat issued a notice tonight evening, the recent treatment of gambling accounts, conducted a focused publicity. A total of more than 6,000 gambling micro-channel group restrictions on group processing, and more than 40,000 accounts to limit the use of functional restrictions or restrictions such as logging ban.
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(18 day ago) Nike recently launched a new generation of flagship running shoes, Nike EPIC REACT FLYKNIT.Not only on WeChat, but also on a large number of ads in common media such as Weibo, and jumping is just one of them. The alphabet brother, Cavani, Mbappe O Beckham, Bill Nye, Kevin Hart one after another.
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(18 day ago) 17:25, another use of Android mobile phone users found that today's headlines from the circle of friends to share the articles into the article on the title link "format, circle of friends and other friends can see the pictures, but only through the URL to access the article.
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(18 day ago) These require the use of link domain name in violation of the recent "WeChat" and "public platform operation specification WeChat external links content management norms", seriously affecting the circle of friends, group chat and other functions of the user experience, therefore, in February 11, 2018, WeChat related violations were limited in the dissemination of Online activities in the circle of friends.
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(18 day ago) In March 1st, the Tencent official announced that the Guangdong Provincial State Taxation Bureau and Tencent WeChat cooperate to provide consumers with the "WeChat sweep one sweep invoice inspection" function.
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(19 day ago) Many "hop" users have recently discovered that after jumping in a box it becomes an ad for Nike, and an "ad" appears in the corner of the box. The ad from NIKE REACT, this is the latest Nike cushioning technology, mainly used in basketball shoes.
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(19 day ago) The road to commercialization of the "jump one jump" of the WeChat game is finally opened. Today, the WeChat game "jump one jump" can be the first advertisement on the line: Nike. A WeChat executive at Tencent also confirmed it in a circle of friends.
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(21 day ago) On the night of February 26, Hou Yi, the founder of Box Horse, directly shouts in the WeChat community that Wang Huiwen, president of the Greater China Retail Business Group, said: "The United States regiment closed the box in the first two years and this hatred has not been reported yet. This year the box Horse will launch a new takeaway model to see if you can get rid of half of your valuation, do not be happy too early ... ... "
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