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(16 hr ago) As the world's tallest building, Khalifa Tower attracts 3 million tourists from all over the world every year, one fifth of whom are Chinese tourists. In order to serve Chinese tourists, Khalifa Tower and Wechat launched the tour guide program "AT The TOP".
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(3 day ago) Sina Technology News, April 17 morning news, recently Beijing Intellectual Property Court accepted the case of the plaintiff Tencent Technology Company, Tencent Computer Company v. "WeChat automatic red envelope" software operators unfair competition disputes.
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(10 day ago) The @ Friends Club receives a reminder from the Friends Club message. Just like the common Friends Club interactive reminder, click on the comments from the message list to enter the Advertising Details page, view the advertisement and respond to the Friends. As soon as this function has been opened, it has been spit up by a large number of netizens. Many people have said that whoever dares to speak his advertisement will immediately pull the black and never leave a living.
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(11 day ago) On the evening of April 8th, the WeChat advertising team said that from now on, the friend circle advertising @朋友 comment interaction ability is fully open. Advertisers do not need to operate, and all circle of friends ads have the ability to interact with @朋友 comments by default.
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(11 day ago) "Buy things are not lined up", this phenomenon is spreading from mainland China to the outside world. Nowadays, young people in China have long been accustomed to go out without a wallet. Whether it is going shopping or eating, the mobile phone sweeps away.
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(11 day ago) Wechat Nine Palaces or the newly added "Medical Health" service has been upgraded to "Ten Palaces". Titanium media exclusively learned that the "Wechat Payment" page will add a "medical health" entry, which belongs to Tencent Service (non-third-party services), and is still in the gray level testing stage.
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(11 day ago) It is reported that on March 18, some WeChat users can use the "I-pay-Tencent" service through the WeChat client's "I-pay-Tencent" service to obtain quick consultation, lightning purchase, booking registration, booking medical examination and other convenient medical services. At that time, medical health will become Tencent service section the tenth application, the entrance is "Tencent Health" Mini Programs, Tencent Medical Health Division is responsible for the operation.
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(11 day ago) The first song: Time: October 1, 2011 version: Weixin 3.0 song: Scream - Michael Jackson Weixin said that Weixin 3.0 version is dedicated to MJ version. This version updates the functions of "shake one shake", "float bottle", "send video message" and so on.
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(12 day ago) Many people infer that Facebook's ultimate goal, if it wants to emulate and surpass Wechat, should be to become a super-app-like application. But can Facebook really achieve that goal? Many inventions have revolutionized culture and society.
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(17 day ago) Yu and Tang are Wechat friends. On August 16, 2018, Yu called Tang Mou to say that his father had to pay hospital fees when he was ill. He wanted to borrow 5,000 yuan from him. Tang Mou quickly transferred 5,000 yuan to Yu Mou in his Wechat.
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(17 day ago) The point of view in Fig.1 is that it may be a multi-user spit, and Tencent has finally improved the "good-looking" function in the new WeChat. Don't worry. It's not back to the point. It's not pushing it back. It's not pushing it to a look. It's added to a friend's function similar to that of a friend's circle. In other words, in a new version of WeChat, users can shield and designate WeChat friends to view their own "good-looking" 's articles.
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(17 day ago) Wang Qinghua, professor of the Law School of Beijing Normal University and director of the Center for Digital Economy and Legal Studies, presided over the meeting. He welcomed and thanked the scholars for their arrival. He proposed that data rights intersect with different disciplines and involve many levels of legal issues.
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(19 day ago) The first pilot plaza, Shanghai Baoshan Wanda, said that after the on-line "Wechat Senseless Payment" parking service, the car owners'parking time was reduced from 20 seconds to about 2 seconds, and the speed was increased by 90%. It realized the convenient experience of "no collar card and no sweeping code for entrance and exit".
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(21 day ago) On March 26, the official public numbers of Tencent and Wechat announced Wechat Logistics Assistants. This logistic assistant, which was mentioned many times in Wechat Open Class, finally appeared in front of users.
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(23 day ago) IT House I March 28-according to first-hand video, Mr. Xu from Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, joined a group of 255 people, all of whom came to bid for jade jadeite. He photographed five items and spent more than 70,000 yuan.
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(23 day ago) Recently, a media test said that after using Wechat for text chat, the advertisement content in the document recommended by Wechat "Selected" is closely related to the chat content, and it is suspected that the advertisement will be precisely pushed.
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(24 day ago) In this regard, Tencent WeChat team responded to the news reporters, this is because the Shenzhen Airlines App "hijacked" WeChat jump, WeChat has communicated with the other party, the recent Shenzhen Airlines will issue a version of the repair. Shenzhen Airlines said that it has already fixed this problem and will not cause user data leakage.
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(24 day ago) With the continuous development of small-program ecology, more and more businesses and developers choose to build their own malls on small-program. With the growing business, logistics has become a "roadblock" that troubles businesses and developers.
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(28 day ago) March 22, 2019. From February 28, a small number of micro-credit users can directly access the official shell search program and experience related services through the shell search in the "I-Payment-Third Party Service" of the micro-credit client. At present, the product is in the gray level of the "Payment" entry.
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(29 day ago) According to the results, the average daily total payment volume of Wechat in 2018 was more than 1 billion transactions. In 2018, Wechat's business payment revenue more than doubled year-on-year. In the fourth quarter of 2018, monthly active businesses grew by more than 80% year on year. In October 2018, WeChat Pay launched its first cross-border mobile payment service in Hong Kong. The volume of transactions in Hong Kong increased more than 10 times year-on-year.
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(30 day ago) (1) Beijing Microcast Vision Technology Co., Ltd. immediately ceases to use micro-credit account portraits and nicknames originating from Weixin/QQ open platform when recommending friends to trembler users in trembler, until the final legal documents of the case come into force; (2) Beijing Microcast Vision Technology Co., Ltd. immediately ceases to provide authorized micro-credit/QQ login services provided by Weixin/QQ open platform for trembler. Multi-flash usage (except for those accounts that had been logged in through the Wechat/QQ account before the ruling came into force) cannot be similarly provided to applications other than tremolo.
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(31 day ago) Phoenix Technologies News (Author/Huazijian) March 19, in response to Tencent's accusation of illegal authorized users of tremolo, the official said in the evening response to Phoenix Technologies that the so-called "multi-flash illegal access to users'tweets/QQ avatars and nicknames from tremolo" published by Tencent on March 19 was a rumor.
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(31 day ago) This means that users must "pick one from two" on their nickname and profile picture on WeChat / QQ or multi-flash.
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(32 day ago) Recently, the Public Security Bureau of Xinlin District, Daxing'an Mountains, Heilongjiang Province, successfully cracked a case of online pyramid selling: illegal elements, under the banner of love and mutual assistance, defrauded money by organizing pyramid selling through Wechat Groups. More than 160 local people involved in the case alone, the police carried out investigations and visits throughout the country and recovered more than 200,000 yuan of stolen money.
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(32 day ago) Wechat Security Center today issued the "Notice on Combating Illegal Credit Activities of Wechat Individuals". According to the announcement, since 2019, according to the evidence submitted by users'complaints, more than 2500 illegal lending accounts have been processed step by step, and more than 1000 illegal lending groups have been closed down, which will be strengthened in the future.
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(33 day ago) The renamed toilet MT anonymous chat can also grab the red envelope first to look at the toilet MT first, perhaps because the name of the toilet MT is too many users spit, so the toilet MT has quietly changed its name to MT, and during this time MT also Got an upgrade.
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(33 day ago) Sina Technology Li Nan's cancellation or not cancellation has become a problem, causing extensive discussion. Unlike abandoning general Internet product accounts, in the face of QQ, even if you want to cancel, most users will probably hesitate. Looking back at the history of China's Internet development, QQ is one of the most important products.
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(34 day ago) According to the Voice of China report, WeChat has become a social software that is almost essential for everyone's mobile phones. Adding friends and leaving WeChat form has gradually become a new social etiquette in our daily life. . But setting up WeChat friends as a course, and using "1000 friends" as the assessment criteria, is really a new thing.
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(35 day ago) On March 15, Xiaohongshu began testing the LBS-based short video card product "hey". Users can enter the short video recording interface by opening the small red book App and clicking on the yellow circle in the upper left corner.
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(35 day ago) March 15, the news, Wechat recently made some changes, to see the "good-looking" renamed "look", the public number under the picture "good-looking" will also be renamed "look".
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