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(3 day ago) In this regard, Zhang Xiaolong said that the phrase "because you see, so exist" can be understood from many levels, such as Wang Yangming's "Hearts" level, but not just from this dimension, everyone has their own understanding. It will be a little better. "I think it's a particularly good startup page, because he left the imagination space to the user himself, and 1 billion users have a understanding of 10 billion, and he will find the point to touch it.
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(10 day ago) Recently, the first case in China that was convicted by the court for the development and promotion of WeChat plug-in was settled in the first instance. The Shenzhen Intermediate People's Court made a first-instance judgment, and found that the “data genius” of the alleged infringing software package provided “violent plus powder”, “one circle of friends and comments”, “one-click forwarding of friends' content” and “address book” 13 special features such as buddy group breaking the business model of WeChat...
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(10 day ago) What are the hazards of illegal plug-in software? The so-called special functions of WeChat plug-in software - "violent plus powder", "one-click forwarding friends circle", "one-click praise commentary", "global virtual positioning", "WeChat group automatic promotion" and other malicious functions not only cause harassment to normal users, Seriously disrupting the health and ecology of the platform, it also violates the "People's Republic of China Anti-Unfair Competition Law" and other laws and regulations as well as "Tencent WeChat Software License and Service Agreement" and "WeChat Personal Account Usage Specification" and other software agreements and platform rules.
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(16 day ago) 1, you can directly watch the live broadcast on your own micro-signal, while watching the live broadcast, direct WeChat payment, the process is too smooth, too strong, once officially launched, is definitely the biggest vent in 2019. 2, currently only WeChat live broadcast can only directly say micro-signal, you can promote your own micro-signal, other vibrating voice fast hand Taobao live broadcast can not mention micro-signal, WeChat live broadcast welcome to say micro-signal, this is too powerful, describing all the short Chinese Video and live broadcast platform.
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(17 day ago) 1. Small program (game) advertising revenue share proportion adjustment June 1, 2019, small program (game) traffic main income share overall adjustment, specific adjustment as follows: Creative games: one-day advertising revenue stream less than 2 million parts, developers can get 70%; one-day advertising revenue stream more than 2 million parts, developers can get 50%, no upper limit. 。
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(18 day ago) In contrast, the young WeChat seems to be "slow", and many long-awaited features have been slow to go online, such as voice progress bar, night mode. And these features have been implemented on QQ. The voice progress bar should say that the WeChat user is most expecting the function, and the voice progress bar should be able to rank in the top three.
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(19 day ago) The specific operation mode of this function can be clicked from the "look and see" entry. You can see the WeChat friends click through the "Reading" tweet. After clicking, you can see the friend who has clicked in the last seven days." Looking at the list.
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(19 day ago) Similar to the circle of friends, you can set which "not watching" content of friends, or set which friends do not see their "watching" content. In December 2018, WeChat ushered in a major update of version 7.0, and the “likes” at the bottom of the public article was changed to “good-looking”.
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(24 day ago) May 24, Beijing East Group announced the "Factory Direct Quality" plan in Beijing, which aims to recruit more than 100,000 manufacturing enterprises nationwide, and help these high-quality production capacity build efficient access by providing customized marketing, technology, logistics, finance and other comprehensive support systems.
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(25 day ago) You can set it in "I - Payment - Top Right (Three Points) - Service Management", according to the function introduction, here you can specify the service that appears in "Payment", if you choose to close some services, corresponding The service portal will be hidden, but will not clear any historical data.
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(26 day ago) The answer may be sleeping and driving. Now, Wechat wants you to drive without offline, and the legendary "Vehicle Wechat" is finally coming. At today's Tencent Global Digital Ecology Conference, Zhong Xuedan, vice president of Tencent Chevron Federation, brought good news to the owners. At present, Tencent Chevron has integrated the Wechat service into the Eco-Vehicle Network, which is expected to land in the coming year. Wechat finally got on the bus.
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(26 day ago) Wechat Intelligent Dialogue Black Technology has been applied to nearly 100 hardware micro "micro" from Wechat. With intelligent dialog technology as the core, it integrates two systems, Wechat Intelligent Speech and Wechat Intelligent Listening. It provides users and industry developers with a variety of solutions in the field of voice AI.
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(26 day ago) Meanwhile, Vehicle-based Wechat Service was launched for the first time. It is understood that Vehicle-borne Wechat is customized for driving scenes. It provides the function of sending and receiving messages and voice calls based on full voice interaction mode. Users can complete the sending and receiving of messages only by mouth and without hands. In addition, combined with on-board hardware, the steering wheel button can be used to issue instructions at one button and wake up Wechat.
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(26 day ago) Flying chat all privacy tips do a good job. Flying chat can be logged in with mobile phone number, and does not support third-party account login mode. After the user clicks to send the validation code, a privacy prompt pops up and reminds the user that he may apply for address book permission, which is better than most applications.
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(26 day ago) Tencent Technology News, May 21 news, in response to Nepal's ban on domestic WeChat payment, WeChat responded that WeChat payment has been severely cracked down by technical means for overseas illegal collections.
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(26 day ago) In addition, Xu Lei said that in 2018, the turnover of new products on the Jingdong platform exceeded 300 billion yuan. In the next three years, Jingdong hopes that the cumulative turnover of reverse-customized products and exclusive new products on the Jingdong platform will reach 100 billion yuan. It is worth noting that Xu Lei announced the details of the new cooperation between Jingdong and Tencent. "Jingdong will use the resources of WeChat first-level entrance and the WeChat market to create a new platform that is different from Jingdong's existing scenes and models.
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(28 day ago) Tencent Technologies News, on the afternoon of May 18, local time, in San Francisco, USA, at the world's largest venture carnival, Wechat joined forces with Maker Faire, the world's largest venture community, to launch the WeChat Maker / Wechat Maker program, announcing that it will jointly promote long-term cooperation at the level of "micro-messaging venture" and launch WeChat Maker Handbook.
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(28 day ago) A few days ago, Xinhua publicly criticized the Internet for being full of Apps with "news can make money" as a promotional gimmick, among which the funny headline is "lying gun". On the third day of the Xinhua news agency's publication, the funny headlines were taken off the shelves of the Apple Store. Fortunately, the downtime was not long, and it did not have too much negative impact on the App.
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(28 day ago) Tencent Technologies News, May 20 news, Wechat red envelope today supports a 520 yuan red envelope, which is also the annual practice of Weichat red envelope 520. On weekdays, Weixin red envelope has a single limit of 200 yuan.
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(28 day ago) Previously, according to Bianews, today's headline is about to launch a heavy social product called "Flying Chat", which will not be embedded in today's headlines, but will launch an independent APP. Some sources also revealed that the former employees of Wechat have been "digging horns" in the headlines today.
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(28 day ago) In addition to the larger red envelope, WeChat also prepared a number of preferential activities around 520: WeChat payment and eight well-known brands such as United Chizhi, Watsons, and Cool Music, and launched the “520 Advertising Season” in 35 shopping centers across the country. From May 20th to May 31st, you can pick up the coupons by scanning the small program code of the shopping mall event poster.
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(30 day ago) Tencent Science and Technology News, May 16, the Asian Food Festival series was officially held in Guangzhou. As one of the sub-activities of the Dialogue of Asian Civilizations, the Asian Food Festival will fully demonstrate the long-standing and innovative development of Guangzhou's food, dialogue with Asian civilization, and help Guangzhou integrate into Asia and the world.
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(31 day ago) The relevant person in charge of the LeTV Holdings Debt Handling Group disclosed: "The agreement did not follow any normal process of the company, nor did Jia Yueting sign, and even if Jia Yueting did not know the specific details, the handling personnel stamped. Therefore, the agreement There are serious flaws in the signing, which not only do not comply with the relevant management regulations of the company, nor meet the relevant regulations of the listed company, and should not have legal effect.
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(31 day ago) On May 16th, the official public number of the vibrato released the "Description of the recommended tweeting user to update the avatar / nickname." In the description, Wangyin said that Tencent has submitted an application to Tianjin Binhai New Area Court. It believes that users who log in to chatter through the WeChat/QQ open platform, their user avatars/nicknames and other data are Tencent’s business activities and commercial competition. Core resources.
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(32 day ago) Netease Technology News May 15 news, Tencent today announced the first quarter of 2019 financial report; earnings report shows that Tencent's first quarter of 2019 revenue of 85.47 billion yuan, an increase of 16%; net profit of 27.21 billion yuan, an increase 17%.
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(33 day ago) On the afternoon of May 13th, WeChat officially released the “Notice on Handling the Dealing Cards of Friends Circles” (hereinafter referred to as “Processing Announcement”), and once again explicitly prohibited the use of interest-inducing users to share content on WeChat, illegal platform accounts and personal accounts. Or will be permanently banned.
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(33 day ago) After the modification, the status of the article changes to "Modified". Users can see the updated content by visiting the push article, and the modification time will be displayed at the bottom of the article. However, currently only 20 typos can be modified on the PC side and can only be modified once. The subscription number assistant app can only modify 5 typos.
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(34 day ago) WeChat official said that it will impose penalties for violations: 1, including but not limited to stopping the link content to continue to spread in the circle of friends, stop accessing the relevant domain name or IP address, and ban the relevant open platform account or application sharing interface; For violations that repeatedly violate violations and confrontation behaviors, a step-by-step mechanism will be adopted, including but not limited to lowering daily sharing quotas, restricting the use of WeChat login function interfaces, permanently blocking accounts, domain names, IP addresses, or sharing interfaces; Use WeChat plug-in and implement a personal account that induces user sharing through WeChat group...
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(34 day ago) Some of the subjects only changed the violation words in the course introduction page after the violation activities were processed, but still used various ways to lure users to share the circle of friends in the business process, and some even changed the domain name, added similar business, etc. Malicious confrontation and multiple violations.
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(35 day ago) It is reported that there are two changes in the inside test of the good circle. The first one is to add entries to the search page. It should be noted that there is no entrance to click the search button directly on the top of the Wechat. Only by clicking the search button on the discovery page can we see it. If you don't see the entrance of the circle, you can search the circle to add the display directly in the Wechat.
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