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(4 hr ago) Yesterday there were three social software releases, and then the headlines of the clattering media articles were all "blocked" by micro-letters just after the release of xxx. Then many people are questioning whether Wechat violates the spirit of Internet sharing. It seems that I heard the abacus of Communist Weixin cracking.
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(7 hr ago) Really, please stop talking about "encircling and suppressing Weixin", "challenging Weixin" and "declaring war Weixin".
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(8 hr ago) Wu Ming, a cloud song smart CTO, responded today by microblogging to the issue of MT sharing links in the toilet, a social product of Weixin Shielding Company: "Weixin Shielding is only a small episode, which we also anticipate is triggered by its internal mechanism, and I believe it is not aimed at us."
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(8 hr ago) On January 15, "Three App Wars Announcement Wechat" was a popular microblog search, with 42,000 articles discussed and 500 million readers read. During the same period, hot search also included "Luo Zhixiangguan Comment" and "Zhang Ziyila Black Fans" and so on. Toilet MT, chat treasure (atomic bomb short message), flash three social apps piled up to develop cloth fairs with remarkable effect, and achieved the same attention as star gossip.
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(9 hr ago) In today's Wechat ecosystem, Xiao program or Zhang Xiaolong's most valued card. But even Zhang acknowledged that he was not optimistic about it at first. Three years ago, Zhang Xiaolong sat down with the Wechat team on the evening of announcing the launch of Wechat's "Application Number" (the predecessor of the widget), discussing not "how beautiful the future of the widget is", but "how many ways the widget will die".
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(15 hr ago) Whatever other social software you talk about, the last step is to tweet each other - is that really the case? They are the toilet MT launched by Wang Xin in prison for more than three years, the multi-flash launched by the byte beating of the teacher, and the chat treasure that the press conference has not yet opened, the underpants are all scraped clean (of course, the promotional way it announced is really refreshing).
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(15 hr ago) It is worth mentioning that from the screenshots shared by Luo Yonghao, in addition to being blocked by micro-envelopes, Chat Po App has also been removed from the shelves by Tencent App Po. From this point of view, Tencent has completely blocked Chaobao App. On January 15, three social apps, toilet MT, multi-flash and chat treasure, were released on the same day, and Wechat blocked on the same day.
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(1 day ago) Well, I'd like to share my views. A good person said that the closestool was blocked because it was too high-profile, the product did not do well, so high-profile press conferences, on the contrary, no company in China is so high-profile, and then pointed to Wang Xinbo's eyes, if you want to really do things, you need to keep a low profile, in order to do things.
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(1 day ago) January 16, Zhang Xiaolong said in Wechat Open Class: This year, enterprises can customize their own characteristics of Wechat red envelope cover for employees to send Wechat red envelopes to relatives and friends. This function has now been officially opened to the outside world. Enterprises certified by enterprise Wechat can apply for customized Wechat red envelope cover only by landing in the background of enterprise Wechat.
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(1 day ago) Wang Xin's anonymous social intercourse is not a social intercourse, it is a psychiatric hospital, and all the users left behind have serious mental illness; Luo Hanzi's red envelope social intercourse is not a social intercourse, but a dream of the poor forcing people to show off their wealth in fantasy, which is in line with the current Lao Luo's state; and the video social intercourse is more than a social intercourse, just a community attempt after the lack of innovation, community and social intercourse. The difference between a word and a world.
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(1 day ago) Less than five days ago, Lao Luo, product-oriented Zhang Yiming, and Wang Xin, who launched a special cross talk show and was "technically innocent", all chose to announce social products today. The comments of Weixin's campaign against Weixin became very popular. On January 15, 2019, the tenth day of the lunar month, on a day without any special implications, star entrepreneurs are different from others in launching social products after crashing into cars.
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(1 day ago) Gu Xiaobin, a senior member of TechWeb's Wen/Tuanzi Lianshang Network, also specially watched the Yellow Calendar for them on January 16. He did not want to open the market and move the land. What he said was not an auspicious day. Ma Huateng could not help but leave a message "rest assured" when he saw it. When Wechat blocked the download links of these three products for the first time.
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(1 day ago) As the science and Technology Conference drew to a close, Luo Yonghao said, "History will remember this day." This is not because Luo Yonghao finally made his public appearance more than two months later, but because on this day, three new social apps were blocked successively by micro-envelopes.
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(1 day ago) Following is the full text of Fang Xingdong's circle of friends and Ma Huateng's comments: Let the competition become more fierce and break the depressing pattern of Weixin dominating the world in the past five years. As for who can stand out, I don't know. But I know one thing: Whose products can really go abroad, the first to go global, who may surpass Wechat.
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(1 day ago) In The Thirteen Langs of the South China Sea, Tang Disheng, who wanted to come to visit his teacher, imitated the words of Thirteen Langs, and was reprimanded by Thirteen Langs. He said and wrote like he had no fart, because "learning from me is like living, like dying from me."
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(1 day ago) The founder of the hammer, Luo Yonghao, said that history will remember this day, "Remember that these three just social software were completely blocked by national-level applications." Zhang Yiming did not attend the multi-flash conference, and 93-year-old product manager Xu Wei At the press conference, Zhang Xiaolong of WeChat was called "Dragon Uncle."
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(1 day ago) AXA Group (AXA) announced through its AXA Partners business unit that it will release the first WeChat applet on January 15, 2019 to provide end-to-end travel insurance services for WeChat users. The small program, called AXA Professional Travel Insurance, has been fully integrated into the WeChat Go ecosystem and provides travel insurance and one-stop value-added services for Chinese tourists.
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(2 day ago) Today, Wang Xin, the founder of the company, has launched a new venture after he was released from prison: MT, a social software toilet. However, as soon as the product was released, its promotional links were blocked by Wechat. Wang Xin also scolded Tencent on Weibo and said, "I don't know what you are afraid of?" Wang Xin also said that Tencent's Wang card, which cooperates with China Unicom, also blocked the toilet MT and users could not receive the SMS authentication code.
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(2 day ago) In response, Chen Lin, vice president of byte beating and CEO of today's headlines, responded calmly at the launch meeting. He said that Duoshin and Wechat are not the same kind of products, and Wechat does not need to regard Duoshin as a competitor. Chen Lin said: "Wechat is like a square, in which there is a lot of pressure, and I dare not speak casually or relax.
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(2 day ago) "Before Chaobao was released, I told the technology team as quickly as I could, you shouldn't. Those two are big manufacturers. You're still early." Luo Yonghao said, but did not expect to know before the release, chat treasure has been blocked by micro-envelope. "Micro-envelope killing, I'm essentially uncomfortable. Wechat, I want to talk to you. Luo Yonghao said, but he believed that it was not just Tencent and Wechat, but the business environment of China. The anti-monopoly law and anti-unfair competition law were not perfect.
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(2 day ago) Quick as technology officially releases an upgraded version of bullet text messages tonight - Chaobao, as in the rumors, Chaobao does have the functions of "good things" and "collecting money" as well as watching news.
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(2 day ago) However, "the teacher did not die before the death", as of press time, the toilet MT and multi-flash have been blocked by WeChat... The positioning of these three apps has its own characteristics, among which the most "Bing Qiang Ma Zhuang" byte beats, the breakthrough of the choice is " young". Before the press conference, Zhang Nan, the president of Vibrato, announced a data: the DAU has exceeded 250 million.
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(2 day ago) Wang Xin, the former founder of "China's most cattle product manager", was hailed as "the best product manager in China". Less than a year later, with the new social product "Toilet MT" King returned, hoping that as a breakthrough to be able to make a comeback, however, it was unexpected that the new product just emerged, was social brother Tencent Wechat hit the head.
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(2 day ago) Tremolo released a new short video social product today. However, the audiences at the conference were embarrassed when they tried to download the code, and the download link of "multi-flash" was blocked by Wechat. Most of the audiences who want to experience the experience of "tasting fresh" at the scene will see the copy link downloaded from the browser after the Wi-mail scanner.
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(2 day ago) Today, there are three social apps released, which are widely regarded as call-board Weixin. They are former founder Wang Xin's first anonymous social product, "Toilet MT", Zhang Yiming's byte-beating product "Flychat" and the upcoming new social app "Chat Bao" like technology Luo Yonghao.
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(2 day ago) For Wang Xin, who is not released from prison, it is a bold attempt to advance into society, and even some adventures. In the social field, WeChat sits on 1 billion users, firmly occupying the first spot, and no secrets are gone, the dead and the bullets are cool, and all kinds of anonymous social software are mostly dissatisfied with the wind and waves, even more Many creatives are breaking ground, Wang Xin still feels a bit "survival in the seams."
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(3 day ago) In the past year, people have been talking about social products frequently. Including the recent public lecture by Zhang Xiaolong, the soul figure of Weixin, and the headline CEO Chen Lin's question of "the social end", all add a new heat to this topic.
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(3 day ago) From the description of the official website, the toilet MT is a network of people's networks, the shadow of the circle of friends, all the invisible on WeChat, and even the deleted content may appear here. Obviously, Wang Xin's toilet MT is not a positive benchmark against WeChat, but it is quite a sneak peek at the WeChat corner. Whether it can shake the WeChat giant is also worthy of attention.
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(4 day ago) On Jan. 11, at a recent Wechat Open Course, Wechat's official platform showed the first Internet credit service product of Wechat, Weichat Payment Point, similar to Ant Jinfu's Sesame Credit.
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(5 day ago) It's not unimportant, it's not impossible. On the evening of January 9, at the end of his long speech, he explained, "Because there's no need to mention it, this piece has been exceptionally well done."
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