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LeTV(乐视网)News list

(8 day ago) According to industrial and commercial data, New Vision Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. has registered capital of 5 million, of which Liang Jun invested 4.5 million, accounting for 90% of the shares; light source capital founder and CEO Zheng Hao Le invested 500,000 yuan, accounting for 10% of shares. Liang Jun jumped from Lenovo to LeTV in 2012 and personally led the team to launch LeTV Super TV.
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(15 day ago) Yesterday morning, LETV convened the second temporary shareholders' meeting this year. In the bill that was voted on yesterday, it included a vote on the music network, Sun Hongbin controlled Tianjin Jia Rui Huixin, Tencent's Linzhi Li Chuang, Jingdong's Jingdong state, the suing sports culture, TCL new technology and other companies and institutions to the new capital increase. The 11 companies and agencies plan to add 2 billion 740 million yuan to Lok fun.
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(16 day ago) On June 5th, held the second extraordinary general meeting of 2018 to discuss the “Proposal on’s New Capital Contribution of RMB 300 Million to LeTV” and “About Tianjin Jia Rui Huixin Enterprise Management Co., Ltd. to LeTV. The "Three Billion Bill" and other 11 bills.
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(17 day ago) In the afternoon of June 4th, Chongqing music video microcredit Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Chongqing small loan") was established in March 10, 2016 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of music vision network. Chongqing small loan is mainly engaged in loan business, and there is no competition among other enterprises which are actually controlled by Jia Yue ting.
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(17 day ago) June 4th News Network (300104) on the interactive platform today, the board of directors and management are trying to solve the company's current business difficulties: to improve business operations to restore the company's cash flow and supply and marketing system; actively negotiate with the related financial institutions to extend the loan period, try to solve the business difficulties faced by the company; seek a second. The three party will increase capital to solve the financial pressure faced by the subsidiary, and coordinate the related party to repay the debts owed to the listed company in cash or assets.
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(17 day ago) The specific conditions are as follows: the unfulfilled internal related examination and approval procedures are guaranteed by the Jia Yueting affiliated party; the operating funds of the affiliated parties; the defects in the management of the company funds; the problem of the personnel's unindependence and so on. In the aspect of violation guarantee, it has not passed the compliance process, which is reflected in the music view listing system for the music view sports and the music view cloud repurchase responsibility and the movement loan joint and several liability.
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(20 day ago) On the evening of June 1, LeTV released an announcement to announce the valuation report of Le Rongzhi New Electronic Technology (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. (who used to be named Xin Leshi Zhijia Electronic Technology (Tianjin) Co., Ltd.) and Chongqing Leshi Small Loan and other related companies .
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(23 day ago) Once the market value of one hundred billion yuan, now full of holes, when Jia Yueting wrote the story was falsified, the new owner Sun Hongbin is hard to do, LeTV (300104.SZ) stock price crisis is becoming more and more serious.
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(26 day ago) In response to the related transaction between (300104) and major shareholder Jia Yueting, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange asked LeTV. On the evening of May 25th, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange issued an inquiry letter to LeTV. On May 23, disclosed the 2017 Annual Track Report on Information Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. by Sino-German Securities Co., Ltd. It shows that the company has failed to perform the deliberation procedures for related party transactions and Jia Yueting violated the competition commitments of the industry.
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(26 day ago) (Original title: Shenzhen Stock Exchange asked LeTV again: whether there is a joint office with Jia Yueting, pay for wages.) A comprehensive report from reporter Shen Yuxi in the inquiry letter from Shenzhen Stock Exchange stated that LeTV was required to state the following: LeTV was not timely The details of the related transactions of the disclosure and performance procedures, including the related parties, the time when the transaction occurred, the transaction content, and the transaction amount, explained the reasons for failure to perform the deliberation procedures and disclosure obligations, and the rectification measures to be taken by
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(38 day ago) Liu Shuqing said that music network management has been actively and actively maintaining communication with Jia Yueting (and Jia Yuemin, Wei Gan) and related parties, including the recent media and investors' general concern for the purchase of land investment items. The company has many times with Mr. Jia Yueting, the telephone, mail communication, and will be obtained. The information is disclosed in time and abroad.
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(38 day ago) On May 14th, music network today held the 2017 annual performance communication conference. Zhao Kai, Secretary of the board of directors of music television, said that in view of the current situation that the new equity is frozen and pledged, if the debt maturity company cannot repay the company, the company may lose the risk of controlling the shares of the subsidiary, which may lead to the merger of the company that can not be incorporated into the merger of the listed companies. The scope of the report will lead to corresponding adjustments in the scale of income and net profit resulting from the adjustment of the consolidated statements of listed companies.
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(38 day ago) We hope that Jia Yueting can formulate a repayment schedule as soon as possible. Liu Shuqing, chairman and general manager of, stated that the company had not been notified by Mr. Jia Yueting or its affiliates and the media reported that “Jiayue Ting’s FF car has arrived in China”. Love, don't understand.
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(38 day ago) The financial report pointed out that as a result of the continued tight funding from related parties and the impact of liquidity, the company’s reputation and credit rating declined. LeTV's advertising business revenue decreased by 87.39% year-on-year, terminal revenue decreased by 75.09% year-on-year, and member and issuance business revenues decreased by 50.66 year-on-year. %.
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(38 day ago) " A total of 10.882 billion yuan worth of impairment losses for various assets was collected in 2017." Is the qualification of a listed company still secure? If the accounting firm also issued an audit report “cannot express opinions” in 2018, will LeTV be delisted in the future? Zhang Jian, Chief Financial Officer, said that in February 2018, the company disclosed the "2017 Annual Results Express", and it is expected that the net profit attributable to the mother would be a loss of 11.609 billion yuan.
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(43 day ago) In this financial report, LeTV also disclosed seven risks currently facing the company, among which the company’s actual controller, Jia Yueting, once again mentioned the risk of losing control of LeTV. LeTV's quarterly loss of more than 300 million's quarterly report shows that in the first quarter of this year, the company's total operating income was 437 million yuan, a year-on-year decline of nearly 90%; the company's net profit was -307 million yuan, compared to the same period last year. With a profit of 120 million yuan, the figure dropped sharply by 346.2%.
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(55 day ago) (the original title: 140 thousand in the first quarter of the 140 thousand retail players to fight music network: Huijin is not moving, chapter Jianping reduction), an surging press reporter said that the company's reputation and credibility are still in a serious negative opinion whirl in the reporting period because the company is affected by the tight funds of the related parties and the persistent influence of liquidity.
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(57 day ago) According to the statistics of, the company’s litigation and arbitration involved as the plaintiff amounted to RMB 244 million (including the original claim amount, liquidated damages, attorney’s fees and other expenses); the total amount of the company’s sued case amounted to RMB 3,305 million. Yuan (including the original claim amount, liquidated damages, attorney's fees and other expenses), and US$53.764 million.
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(57 day ago) On the evening of April 24th, LeTV announced that the company's holding subsidiary Xin Le Zhi Zhijia and JD signed an intentional agreement. According to the contents of the announcement, the two parties agreed to carry out in-depth business cooperation in the areas of e-commerce, member accounts, advertising systems, logistics, voice technology, music and new product procurement, and unbounded retail, to jointly develop markets and serve users. Share customer resources and service capabilities.
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(58 day ago) A breakdown of the hot events in the A-share market in the first quarter of this year, LeTV's resumption of the absolute list. After Levision resumed trading on January 24, it was 11 word limit stop. Although in February the market had set off a "buy music network" sound, LeTV after the bottom line also appeared in the K-line ten consecutive Yang, but from the fund quarterly report, fund managers have collectively LeTV from the fund top ten Shigekura cleared out.
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(62 day ago) The TV media of 28,000 Sinopec gas stations across the country will appear as LeTV (300104). On April 19th, a reporter of learned from LeTV. LeTV and marketing platform company Huayi Technology reached a strategic cooperation on April 17th. LeTV will integrate the Internet and video playback hardware software. The advantages of development and system integration, big data applications, and film and television production, provide Huayi Science and Technology with the construction of 28,000 gas station convenience store in-store television media platforms for Sinopec...
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(63 day ago) On April 19th, the music network closed up in the afternoon, and the list reached 600 thousand hands, with a turnover rate of nearly 10%. In the evening of April 18th, the music network announced that, as of now, the investors in Xinle who have reached investment intentions include Tencent, Jingdong, Suning sports, TCL and so on.
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(64 day ago) Up to now, the investors who have reached investment intentions in Xinle, including Tencent, Jingdong, Suning sports and TCL, have increased their total capital by 1 billion 900 million yuan, and the shareholding ratio of LETV has decreased from 40.31% to 33.46% after the capital increase.
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(64 day ago) On the evening of April 17th, LeTV announced that it was unable to confirm whether the funding source of FF was directly or indirectly related to the company’s related party’s receivables or Jia Yueting’s relevant pledged loans that did not perform.
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(69 day ago) Tencent Technology News. On April 13, further received an inquiry letter from the Shenzhen Stock Exchange requesting that the valuation of Xin Le Zhi Zhijia be cut sharply, the reasonableness of the account exchanges, and the guarantees of Rui Chi Smart Car and Jia Yueting guarantee. Instructions.
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(70 day ago) On April 11th news, LeTV Holdings Limited wrote back today that Ruizhi Smart Motors (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. is a affiliate of Faraday Future (“FF”), two companies and LeTV Holdings And LeTV does not have any legal relationship.
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(71 day ago) stated that the company and Jia Xideing, CEO of Faraday Future Global Business, a related party of Rui Chi Motors, and their affiliates have accounts receivable, other receivables and other related arrears. As of December 31, 2017, the balance of the related party's arrearage of listed companies was 700, 09.5945 yuan.
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(72 day ago) On April 9th, LETV issued to the third session of the board of the fifty-seventh meeting resolution announcement, said the company has up to now, will be held by the Xinle intellectual home equity pledge, if the company can not repay the debt to equity pledge is disposed of according to law, the company will face Xinle Zhi home may lose a controlling stake, and therefore the risk of the company's articles of association adjusted to lose Xinle tomoie actual control rights.
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(73 day ago) On the evening of April 9, LeTV announced that it expects a loss of about RMB 3.1 billion in the first quarter and a profit of RMB 125 million in the same period last year. stated that in the first quarter of 2018, the company’s advertising revenue, terminal revenue, and member income all experienced a significant decline from the same period of last year.
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(73 day ago) Regarding Jia Yueting’s affiliated company’s acquisition of Nansha in Guangzhou, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange sent an inquiry letter to LeTV (300104). On April 9, the Management Department of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange's Growth Enterprise Company issued an inquiry letter on LeTV Information Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd.
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