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(3 day ago) The Windows 10 19H1 feature update is expected to be officially launched in March/April next year, and we have seen many exciting improvements from the latest preview version of Build 182828. In addition to the newly designed bright theme, the new version introduces a new screenshot tool that improves the printing experience, optimizes Windows update settings, adjusts screen brightness settings, and improves many features such as Narrator.
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(24 day ago) Windows 10 Build 18267 is being rolled out to Windows beta subscribers who subscribe to Fast Ring. The latest Windows 10 19H1 (2019 Spring Update) preview update brings a new change that makes the user's computer more useful.
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(33 day ago) Google said that the mobile sector is growing at an alarming rate, but the desktop market is still growing slowly. The desktop is still an important device for daily tasks in home and office environments. Accessing PWA applications through the desktop can provide users with a near-native application experience, and compatibility and reliability are satisfactory.
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(35 day ago) Although few people use built-in backup tools in Windows 10, it is certainly unexpected that features are not available, and users do not have a detailed understanding of why this happens and how to solve the problem. "This is true on two different computers, one with a built-in hard disk for backup and the other with an external hard disk.
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(48 day ago) Tencent Technology News, according to foreign media reports, according to the latest report released by StatCounter, the website traffic monitoring agency, the global market share of Microsoft Windows 10 has increased from 48.19% to 50.07%, more than half. The market share of Windows 7 systems continued to fall, from 38.65% in September to the current 37.2%.
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(50 day ago) Microsoft announced that it would officially introduce the Robotic Operating System (ROS) to Windows 10 at the 7th Robotic Operating System Developers Conference in Madrid, Spain.
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(63 day ago) In Microsoft's new Preview Build 17758 of Windows 10, released last week, Storage Sense was introduced once again.
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(78 day ago) Visit: Microsoft China Official Mall - Home But the bad news is that Edge is not doing well in the desktop browser market. The Chrome browser is still triumphant, breaking through the shackles of the 60% range and moving towards two-thirds of the market.
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(80 day ago) Visit: Microsoft China official Mall - home page visit: Microsoft Store
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(83 day ago) But the problem with cumulative updates is that the upgrade packages are getting bigger and bigger, making it increasingly inconvenient to download and install them. To this end, Microsoft has also designed an incremental update that includes only changes after the last cumulative update, but it still needs to cooperate with cumulative updates, which Microsoft will abandon after February 12, 2019.
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(91 day ago) Several Windows 10 betas released by Microsoft recently did not add much new features, and the focus was on fixing bugs. The next development of the Windows Big Update is almost complete, and Microsoft has given it the official name version 1809, which is expected to be released in September and released in October. Since the last big update, Microsoft seems to have given up on the name of the update, but instead named the update based on the year and month of the update release.
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(92 day ago) On August 18th, Microsoft pushed a new preview version of Windows 10 Build 17741 for members of Fast Ring, which is part of RedStone 5.
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(101 day ago) At the Black Hat conference in Las Vegas this week, Amichai Shulman and Tal Be'ery, security researchers from Kzen Networks, revealed that the Cortana vulnerability could be exploited to circumvent the security of Windows 10. Notably, the vulnerability was fixed in June of this year.
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(103 day ago) Recently, Microsoft tested A/B's graffiti function in Windows 10 Mail application. In today's release update, this feature has been opened to the Fast channel and the Windows Insider members of the Release Preview channel, and this change will be seen on more devices in the future.
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(103 day ago) For example, StatCounter, the latest data shows that Windows 10 has completed its Surpassing of Windows 7 in January this year, now 47.25% in the Global Desktop market, and Windows 7 has fallen to 39.06%, and between the two sides is accelerating.
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(107 day ago) The top 10 are as follows: On the web browser side, there is no surprise. Chrome still maintains a leading position, ranking first with 64.67% share, and there is a trend of upward trend. The top 10 accounts for the following: NetMarketShare counts the usage of web technologies based on statistics on real-time users' network usage.
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(119 day ago) Visit: Microsoft China Official Mall - The first public version number of Windows19H1 is Build 18202, which is on the Prerelease channel. In contrast, the current official version of the April update is Build 17134, and the latest version of the RS5 Quick Preview is Build 17713 released on July 11.
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(122 day ago) Visit: Microsoft China's official business city - Windows (from: Microsoft official website) in the developer conference (Build 2018), Microsoft said it once broke through 700 million, but the follow-up has fallen. In June, the company announced the installation of Windows equipment more than 700 million, I did not expect later said it was an accident.
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(123 day ago) Starting today, Microsoft will bring continuous updates to OneNote on the Windows 10 platform, bringing a range of improvements and new features to Insider members and the average user. OneNote's product manager, William Devereux, announced the good news in a tweet published today and details the updated log content today.
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(126 day ago) Visit: Microsoft China Official Mall - Windows Image from Earlier this month, Microsoft released the first Windows 10 RedStone 5 version to the Insider member of the Slow Channel, which is more than 2 released from the Windows 10 April 2018 update. Month time.
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(129 day ago) The Emoji is the "brother" of the former popular doll image Ninja Cat, and the image is a cat wearing a spacesuit. This Emoji is limited to the Windows 10 platform and therefore cannot be used on Android or iOS platforms.
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(130 day ago) Visit: Microsoft China Official Mall - Windows originally hoped that 1803 would continue the naming rules of "Creators Update" and "Fall Creators Update", but did not expect it to eventually carry "Windows 10 April" The name of 2018 Update" is coming.
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(130 day ago) Since the release of Build 10240 in July 2015, Windows 10 has been in existence for three years. Although it was top secret, Synaptics's sneak accidentally exposed Microsoft's next-generation OS (operating system).
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(130 day ago) Visit: Microsoft China Official Store - WindowsWindows 10 Build 17713 Main Updates Edge Browser Improvement: Specify the website multimedia autoplay control user can now set the autoplay permissions independently in the "Webpage Permissions" section of the webpage identity panel.
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(133 day ago) Visit: Microsoft China Official Mall - Windows This editor actually likes Windows 10 very much. In the work, the mail that comes with Windows 10 is set as the default mail client, which is very satisfactory regardless of UI interface, notification or quick update.
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(139 day ago) Access: Play In the latest 2.1.5 version, Launcher 10 provides a notification that the dynamic tile can display the background image (if any), and the dynamic tile calendar event can be activated only if the calendar item is activated or on the calendar. It can be displayed only when the display is set in the app.
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(139 day ago) Visit: Microsoft China official Mall - WindowsWindows 1064 continues to increase its dominance, its share increased by 1.5% to 57.03%. The only exception is the Windows 1032 bit and the Windows XP 32 bit, and the Steam user group of each operating system has dropped by 0.1%.
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(144 day ago) Enhanced call experience; flexibility to change the layout of group video chat; screenshots when chatting; more convenient screen sharing; new contact layout; select customizable themes; improve media libraries, notification panels, and more.
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(144 day ago) Visit: Microsoft China official mall Windows 10 Build 17704 version of the main update content: Microsoft Edge browser's improved Microsoft Edge Beta LOGO Microsoft introduced a new Edge "Beta" icon, to help users to distinguish between the official release of the official version and the development of preview version.
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(145 day ago) In the past, Microsoft would choose to centrally release a number of cumulative updates during each month's Patch Tuesday event day. However, in recent months, Microsoft has released multiple cumulative updates every month. In addition to the patch Tuesday event in June of this year, Microsoft has just released a cumulative update for the three major versions of Windows 10 Version 1607/1703/1709 last week, and today Microsoft again released the KB4284848 cumulative update for the Windows 10 April 2018 update...
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