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(1 day ago) Recently, Apple's two new patents have been exposed. The patent describes a complex system that allows users to control their Apple Watch through wrist movements without touching the screen. In addition, the user can take pictures by pointing the iPhone at the object.
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(1 day ago) The latest news shows that Apple is working with Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical to see if Apple Watch can be used to prevent stroke. Stroke refers to brain damage caused by poor blood flow in the brain. Common symptoms include partial paralysis, partial blindness, difficulty in speaking or understanding language. Some symptoms may be temporary, while others may be permanent.
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(2 day ago) Apple Watch started supporting eSIM from Series 3, but at first domestic support for eSIM was limited to individual cities. Fortunately, eSIM's expansion of cities is still in an orderly way.
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(3 day ago) On Thursday, CNBC quoted sources familiar with Apple's plans as saying that Apple was negotiating with at least three private health insurance companies to subsidize the purchase of Apple Watch for people over 65.
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(3 day ago) Elissa Lombardo on Twitter @Cook tells Cook about her husband's experience with Apple Watch. Two days after wearing the device, her husband was reportedly reminded of a previously undiscovered atrial fibrillation problem, possibly due to 150 heartbeats per minute detected, prompting Mr. Lombardo to seek emergency medical care.
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(9 day ago) Considering its fashion-centric features, Apple's accessories market is very diverse, especially on Apple Watch. Customized watchbands allow consumers to wear them for a variety of activities, occasions and dress styles.
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(10 day ago) Visit: Apple's online store (China) Barry Maden's wife Tara said that Barry originally purchased the wearable device because of its fall detection function. Maden experienced a brain injury earlier, and the couple expected Apple Watch to call 911 when he fell (no one else nearby).
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(10 day ago) Visit: Some of the lights in Apple Online Store (China) are transparent and some are dyed. The lights are embedded in the watchband. Light-emitting diodes at one end can emit a variety of colors. These light tubes themselves are made of retractable materials, and the light will spiral around the tubes with different refractive index.
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(11 day ago) Visit: Apple Online Store (China) He believes that the ECG feature on Apple Watch may cause unnecessary concerns for healthy people, and it also takes up valuable professional medical time and resources for patients who have serious health problems. service.
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(12 day ago) The OTO that embraced Android in an all-round way glowed "the second spring" in that era. At that time, MOTO ACTV was one of the products of that period, which was amazing in both productivity and creativity.
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(12 day ago) Move ECG is equipped with three electrodes for measurement: two on the back of the watch and the third on the edge. Users can measure by touching both sides of the watch at the same time, and the watch will give a vibration warning when measuring. Subsequently, users can find all the data in the matching APP Health Mate.
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(26 day ago) Many of your avant-garde friends are dazzled by different models and ribbon styles when choosing Apple Watch. How to choose the most suitable Apple Watch? Let's get to know it now.
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(30 day ago) Interview: Apple Heart Research, a collaboration between Apple and Stanford Medical College, recruited 419,093 participants from November 29, 2017 to July 31, in the American Heart Journal, which is scheduled to be published by Apple Online Store (China) in January next year.
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(32 day ago) According to a report by foreign media Cult of Mac, a new report from the analysis company IDC shows that the total sales of wearable devices will reach 125.3 million this year, of which smart watches account for about half. The company expects sales of wearables to reach 189.9 million units by 2022, a growth that will exceed smartphones and PCs.
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(37 day ago) Visit: Apple Online Store (China) According to CNET, LTE connectivity is one of the reasons for the growing interest in smart watches, but a more important factor may be the addition of new health features to Apple Watch.
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(38 day ago) If you're not buying Apple Watch Series 4, you can still experience the benefits of the digital crown with built-in electrodes, even though you can't use the ECG ECG function just launched. Unlike using infrared light only to measure heartbeat, AW4 combined with electrodes digital crown can complete heartbeat test in one second, faster and more accurate.
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(39 day ago) Apple has enabled ECG in WatchOS 5.1.2, which is currently available only to U.S. users over 22 years of age. Although this feature has not been extended to more markets, Apple Watch Series 4 users around the world have been able to get a better heart rate measurement experience.
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(49 day ago) According to MacRumors, an internal document distributed to Apple Store and Apple licensed service providers in the United States shows that although Apple Watch usually has a 14-day refund policy, Apple will receive refund requests related to the upcoming heart health function within 45 days after users purchase Apple Watch. 。
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(50 day ago) Visit: Apple Watch, a customized red Caviar edition of Apple Online Store (China), has black diamonds, the best of which is white caviar, and the whole watch is covered with white diamonds. It was inspired by Almas, the world's most expensive caviar.
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(60 day ago) Apple's autumn new product launch this year will be "dull" a lot, the protagonists of the iPhone XS/XS Max and the iPhone XR may not surprise too many users. However, the new Apple Watch, which appeared as a supporting actor, was highly praised and even became the most worthwhile product to buy.
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(60 day ago) Switzerland's watch industry is famous all over the world. The watches produced by Swiss luxury watchmaker are known for their mechanical accuracy and high price. However, the appearance of Apple Watch has created another history - Apple has become the world's largest watchmaker.
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(62 day ago) Access: Apple's online store (China) features, with the Apple Watch magnetic charging dock, you can lay the Apple Watch and untie the strap for charging, or side charging. When you charge, your Apple Watch automatically enters the bedside clock mode, so you can also use it as an alarm clock.
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(64 day ago) Visit: Apple Online Store (China) For customers who want to buy a strap, Nike requires that they become a NikePlus member, but registration for the site is free. Nike's new Apple Watch strap is limited to the Nike website and can't be purchased from Apple's online store. Related article: Apple's new (PRODUCT) RED version of the loopback sports strap
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(66 day ago) According to foreign media MacRumors, Apple released a new version of the Apple Watch magnetic charging dock on Thursday, model MU9F2AM/A, which has been added to the Apple Watch accessories page of Apple's online store.
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(70 day ago) A new survey shows that more and more people are hoping to buy Apple Watch during the holiday shopping season this year, which indicates that Apple's wearable devices are becoming more and more popular. Of course, Apple's phones, tablets and laptops still appear on many people's holiday season shopping lists. After surveying consumer desires for the holiday season, Gazelle found that four of the five most popular products came from Apple.
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(70 day ago) A new survey shows that more and more people are hoping to buy Apple Watch during the holiday shopping season this year, which indicates that Apple's wearable devices are becoming more and more popular. Of course, Apple's phones, tablets and laptops still appear on many people's holiday season shopping lists.
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(71 day ago) The biggest embarrassment of Apple Watch in China is not that Series 4 does not have ECG, but that it has eSIM function, but can not really be used to make phone calls. But China Telecom finally took action to break this situation. According to a recent release by Telecom, if you use the mobile phone number of Telecom, you will be able to achieve the same number for the iPhone and Apple Watch to exhale or access.
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(72 day ago) Visit: Apple Online Store (China) is currently open to Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu and Nanjing in China Telecom, which is limited to local mobile phone accounts. China Unicom supports the opening of mobile accounts in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Changsha, Shenzhen, Tianjin, Wuhan and Zhengzhou. China Mobile still has no news.
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(77 day ago) Steven Woltz, an industry analyst at Apple online Store (China) market research firm Strategy Analytics, said: "Global smartwatch shipments have soared by 67%. It grew from 6 million in the third quarter of 2017 to 10 million in the third quarter of 2018.
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(78 day ago) Apple will soon release its quarterly earnings report. Although the company has yet to release specific data on Apple Watch, UBS analysts are optimistic about Apple Watch's business. They believe that Apple Watch's shipments will reach 24 million yuan in 2018, including Series 1, Series 3 and Series 4.
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