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(17 hr ago) The listing will be carried out using the so-called CDR (China depository certificate) model, similar to the ADR (US depositary voucher). Although this is not technically a stock, it is a proof that investors can hold shares listed elsewhere.
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(3 day ago) Tencent Technology News, China's e-commerce giant Alibaba is accelerating internationalization in the Asia-Pacific market, before he was hesitant to miss the opportunity to establish a presence in India. According to the latest news from foreign media, Alibaba plans to acquire an e-commerce company in Pakistan.
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(4 day ago) Welcome to the WeChat Subscription No.: sinachuangshiji blacklist event of the "Creation Record", which was caused by a blacklisted fraudulent customer who was listed by the Alibaba B2B company as a product for sale. The outcome of the incident was reflected in the departure of the company’s CEO Wei Zhe, the company’s VP and director, and the general salesman.
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(4 day ago) Alibaba group announced today that it will increase its investment to Lazada group by 2 billion US dollars, aiming to speed up the growth of Lazada, the largest business platform in Southeast Asia, and deepen its integration with Alibaba ecosystem.
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(7 day ago) Tencent Technology News, according to foreign media reports, London hedge fund, activist investor TCI on Thursday called Altaba to reduce holdings and sell Alibaba Group shares. Altaba was formerly Yahoo, and its holdings of Alibaba Group currently have a value of US$76 billion.
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(10 day ago) The report also shows that many industries in China have begun to show the momentum of global brand leadership, and many domestic popular hot brands have been recognized as premium brands globally. (The picture shows the top ten brands of Brand Finance China's most valuable brands. Alibaba and Tencent have become the top ten Internet technology companies. Tencent is behind Alibaba and ranked seventh). The report believes that Alibaba As the world’s fastest growing large retail brand, it did not show any sign of slowing growth in 2017.
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(10 day ago) The data map may prevent the largest number of games in the world today from entering the Olympics, including League of Legends and Jedi Survival. Both games are distributed in Tencent by China. E-sports has become a huge business, attracting many viewers to watch the game.
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(15 day ago) Visit: Peng Lei, chairman of Alibaba Cloud Server Ant Financial Group, and Peng Lei, vice chairman of Alibaba's Poverty Alleviation Fund, said that “only when women are lifted out of poverty can we fundamentally ensure that rural families are out of poverty”. At the same time, as one of the important actions of the Alibaba Group to eradicate poverty among women, the first Magic Beans Mama Entrepreneurship Competition was officially launched to provide all-round support for distressed women out of poverty, such as platforms, funds, and training.
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(15 day ago) Francois Pross Te, Francois Provost, said in an interview in Shanghai on Wednesday that, as part of Renault's efforts, Chinese consumers will be able to buy Renault car online through Alibaba's Tmall service. Renault says its goal is to increase China's sales by five times over the next five years.
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(19 day ago) For the second year in a row, deputies to the two sessions are concerned about stepping up efforts to crack down on the crime of manufacturing and selling counterfeits, and will continue to improve legislation and increase penalties. This year, Zhu Zhifu, a member of the National Committee of the Chinese people's political Consultative Conference, will submit a proposal to step up the crackdown on counterfeiting and sales, and disclose that he has hidden his identity and conducted an investigation and investigation in a leather goods city. Witnessed a black friend successfully completed a fake package of "international trade", "it is breathtaking."
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(21 day ago) The famous U.S. investment website said in a commentary today that Amazon is now the hottest e-commerce website and one of the top five "FAANG" technology leaders that American investors are most concerned about. However, it is often referred to as "China's Amazon" Alibaba is actually more investment-worthy than Amazon, and founder Jack Ma is working hard to create a vibrant technology company ...
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(22 day ago) March 1, Morgan Stanley today released investment research report, continue to maintain Alibaba stock "overweight" rating, the target price of 250 US dollars.
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(22 day ago) February 28 evening news, Alibaba today disclosed the proportion of criminal penalties in the new year's crackdown case. Ye Lifei, director of intellectual property protection at Ali Platform Management Department, disclosed that after 80 and 90 they became the absolute main force in the manufacture and sale of fake products, and the erosion of counterfeit cancer has left young people desperate to commit crimes.
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(23 day ago) Visit: the Ali cloud server, the first joint research institute opened abroad by the Alibaba, has 50 researchers. With the combination of Artificial Intelligence Technology Research Institute of Nanyang Technology University people-oriented, and the world's leading Alibaba Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology, computer vision, machine learning, and further explore the forefront of artificial intelligence technology, artificial intelligence will be provided to cover the city transportation, retail, family, community, hospitals and nursing homes and other scenes of solution.
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(24 day ago) Hualian shares today announced that Alibaba has recently contacted Rajax (Rajax's main operating brand "hungry") and expressed the acquisition of all shareholders, but the company is currently not Alibaba Rajax equity transfer signed any agreement .
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(25 day ago) On the afternoon of February 26th in Beijing, Alibaba joined the Pingchang Winter Olympic Games as a sponsor. They promised to bring a revolutionary experience to the audience and change the way people buy tickets and souvenirs.
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(28 day ago) The United States authoritative science magazine "MIT Technology Review" (MIT Technology Review) officially announced in 2018 "the world's top 10 breakthrough technology." Chinese technology giant Alibaba has become a leading researcher in four technologies for artificial intelligence (cloud AI), adversarial neural networks, sensor cities and materials for all.
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(28 day ago) China's Alibaba group is negotiating a small stake in the acquisition of Sequoia Capital's news aggregation and e-book website Dailyhunt.
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(30 day ago) Interview: Aliyun Highgate navigation data show that the Hengyang Nanyue Temple, Shaoguan Nanhua Temple, Zhengzhou Shaolin Temple ranked the top three hottest destinations; barley net data show that during the Spring Festival, Beijing Temple of Earth Temple Tickets seconds seconds, set Internet sales of new records, and Longtan Temple Fair, Yanqing ice and snow culture temple fairs and other popular tickets, but also within 20 seconds by the second space; Lynx data show Laoganma, permanent, rabbits, Zhang Xiaoquan, Xilingyinshe, Longquan sword, overseas Chinese has become the hottest New Year brand.
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(32 day ago) According to Japan's Kyodo News reported on February 19th, Olympic sponsors China business enterprises Alibaba group for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, held in the Winter Olympics in Pingchang Korea cut the operation cost of the Olympic publicity initiatives, including the use of cloud technology, IT system to ease traffic congestion. The Alibaba concluded with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) last January to the top sponsor agreement in 2028.
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(32 day ago) Not talking about "sesame seeds open the door," but in the spring sunshine of blue sky in Sanya, Bihaiyinsha, Ma Yun said that businesses like Alibaba, "must participate in the development of this treasure in Hainan." This morning, Ma Yun, chairman of Alibaba Group Board of Directors in Hainan accepted an interview with Hainan Daily said that "Alibaba are" full of expectations and full of hope.
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(38 day ago) Recently, Alibaba and Disney announced that they have signed an important license agreement. The deal includes more than 1,000 episodes of distribution rights and media rights to Disney cartoons, as well as many of its live-action movies such as the Pirates of the Galati and the cartoon magnolia.
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(41 day ago) Website screenshots, according to the agreement, Alibaba will assist the comprehensive upgrading of the home stores, based on the two member system to open up and digitize the products, so as to achieve the scene reconstruction and upgrading of consumers' choice of building materials and furniture. The home is the domestic home industry leading enterprise, with home as the main body, with e-commerce and logistics as the support of large commercial chain group company.
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(43 day ago) In February 7th, according to foreign media reports, as Chinese e-commerce giant, Alibaba group is on artificial intelligence (AI) field of large-scale investment, and now the Alibaba plans to remake about the relationship between human and robot movie.
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(44 day ago) "The annual tax is 36 billion 600 million yuan, the average daily tax is over 100 million yuan, the tax on the upstream and downstream of the ecosystem is more than 290 billion yuan, and the direct and indirect creation of 33 million jobs in the industrial chain is directly related to the downstream industry." This set of data is 2017 days before the annual data Ali announced.
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(45 day ago) Visit: Ali cloud this list on 2017 the number of global block chain business enterprise patent ranking (not with the applicant), the top 100, China list of enterprises accounted for 49%, followed by the United States accounted for 33%, from Russia, Japan and other countries are also on the list of enterprises.
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(48 day ago) Jingdong CEO Liu Qiangdong has been "spare no effort" for the welfare of employees. In the evening of February 1st, Liu Qiangdong said in social media: "I just looked at all the numbers last year! Paid 6 billion of the insurance and provident fund for the brothers! More taxes are paid! We insist on full pay five social insurance and one housing fund!"
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(48 day ago) In February 2nd, British Prime Minister Theresa May attended the Sino-British Business Forum in Shanghai and talked to Chinese entrepreneurs. "We have just reached an agreement with Alibaba to work together to build a small town in Wuxi, and there is unlimited potential for cooperation between the two sides in more areas."
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(49 day ago) Related articles: Liu Qiang East: Jingdong employees last year to pay insurance and provident fund 6 billion Alibaba suspected anger Liu Qiang East: pay five insurance one gold is the obligation
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(49 day ago) Liu Qiangdong, who wrote in social media today, said last year that it paid 6 billion of the insurance and provident fund for Jingdong employees, "more taxes." Liu Qiangdong said, stick to the full pay five social insurance and one housing fund, "if the labor outsourcing or pay less, at least a year can earn 5 billion yuan!"
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