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(2 day ago) Ai Fanyue reported yesterday that Android P, the next generation Android operating system, will introduce gesture operations. Google’s official blog describes the new features of Android P. The screenshot (has been removed by Google) reveals unexpectedly that Android P will introduce gestures. evidence of.
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(5 day ago) Now the alliance has made new progress. The Convention on green application of Android has been released. There are three main points: 1, App limited cross wakeup and chain start. In addition to the active interaction trigger of the user, it avoids the process of starting other applications that are not in operation.
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(5 day ago) Does it look strange? Carefully observe the navigation bar below is running Android Oreo (Android P Beta version) Pixel 2 navigation bar: you can see that the multi task button on the right has been canceled, and the middle main button has become a very strange pill shape.
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(5 day ago) One of the series of wallpapers shared on the social platform Instagram today is made with the theme of popsicles. Google usually names the Android version in an alphabetical order with desserts or candies, so the popsicle in the figure above fully meets these two criteria, so the probability of being used is very high. Of course, Google officially did not confirm this name and did not rule out the possibility of using other desserts.
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(5 day ago) As a manufacturer of Android phones, Huawei has potential conflicts. US spy agencies openly urge US citizens not to use Huawei phones to avoid privacy threats. Of course, there is no conclusive evidence that Huawei is doing something unfair.
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(6 day ago) News: ( However, in many cases, they have discovered a "vacuum zone" - some vendors do not actually have a patch. Wired reported that SRL researchers have dished out a number of dishonest manufacturers, even if they are big names such as Xiaomi, Jiajia, and Nokia. On average, they also accidentally missed 1~3 security patches.
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(16 day ago) For supporting Pixel and Nexus devices, Google released the April 2018 Android security patch on April 2018, which totally repaired more than 60 security vulnerabilities and BUG.
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(20 day ago) Not long ago, Cambridge Analytica, a data analysis firms Analytica for the Trump campaign, got data from Facebook fifty million users. Facebook has violated the user's agreement and infringed on the privacy of the user, and has been strongly criticized by the public opinion.
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(20 day ago) Before the HMD combined Google launched a Android Go system, NOKIA 1, and now the first ZTE Android Go phone is quietly coming. According to GSMArena, ZTE Tempo Go is officially released in the United States, the first Android Go smartphone in the United States.
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(20 day ago) The application has fixed this issue. The app name is Nacho Notch - Notch Hider. Just as the literal meaning can hide bang space, the clock, notification and other relevant information will still be displayed naturally. Write in the app description of the Play Store that if your phone has bangs, the black area at the top of the screen will often make you feel very annoyed.
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(22 day ago) According to CNET reports, the US Federal Circuit Court of Appeals and this Tuesday ruled that Google's use of Java to develop the Android system violated Oracle's copyright. To know that this lawsuit began in 2010, has always been the attention of the outside world.
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(23 day ago) The release notes update log download address is as follows: DevelopKotlin Lint Checks - enhanced Lint code quality checks, can be run through the gradlew lint command line.
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(24 day ago) As shown in the above figure, in order to easily track the user's phone and messages, Facebook secretly did so before October 2017, which took advantage of the old Android API permissions.
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(27 day ago) If you are using the Cortana app on the Android side, the new version of allows you to call or send text messages to someone on a touchscreen screen. Although these features are still very basic, However, the user can issue "Call [contact name]" or "Text [contact name] after calling Cortana
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(30 day ago) It will use the free download game part of the props charge mode, Ta Ma Keji is once a very popular electronic pet game, after everyone can develop their own pet on the phone! After the advent of the Bandai virtual electronic pet device, commonly known as the electronic chicken, on November 23, 1996, it triggered a breeding boom in the world and Tajikiki has been popular in the West for 20 years.
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(31 day ago) After clicking on the Home key, the system returns to the interface again. Google has not officially announced the function, nor does it reveal why it has been made. The external media speculations are partly due to the addition of Android Auto Wireless, which aims to enable the on-board information entertainment screen and continue to use the mobile terminal.
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(32 day ago) It is reported that Chi is the latest tablet called Hi 9 Air, equipped with the MediaTek Helio X20. Although the X20 is not MediaTek's newest and most powerful high-performance chip -- which is called Helio X30 in 2017 -- but for Chihiro, this 64-bit processor is still a huge improvement.
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(34 day ago) According to the running score information on GeekBench, the Samsung SM-A600FN (which should be a Galaxy A6) still uses the same Exynos 7870 processor as the 2017 A3 and several J series phones.
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(34 day ago) Dennis Troper, product director of Google Wear OS, said: “At the Baselworld 2018 next week, we can see that the watch industry is ushering in rapid growth. The new name we announce can better reflect us. Technology, vision, and most importantly, for those who wear our watches.
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(38 day ago) In March 12th, Google has published the first developer preview of Android P, according to the Forbes website. What are the highlights of the new function? Android P supports the IEEE 802.11 protocol, that is, the WiFi RTT (Round-Trip-Time) protocol.
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(38 day ago) However, from the spy photos that have already been exposed, this wave of new machines without exception has been accompanied by Liu Haiping, and even niche manufacturers have played the "Android version of the iPhone X" slogan. For the topic of the plagiarism of the iPhone X that was hotly debated by public opinion, some manufacturers took out technical patent documents to show their innocence.
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(39 day ago) At the end of last year, Google want to get 1 billion users under a Android Go release, equipped with Android Go ultra low with mobile phone recently debut at MWC2018, then those lying in your drawer of the ancient god is not to be born again? Will it be a long - life medicine for old mobile phones?
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(41 day ago) In the eyes of many users, the iOS platform may be much more powder than the Android platform, so user loyalty is certainly higher, but it is not. According to the latest statistics, Android users are actually more loyal to the operating system than iOS.
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(41 day ago) Android 9.0 Petit Four If you are a big fan of the Android system, you may already know that Google had used this name in the Android 1.1 version.
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(42 day ago) At the time of Android 1, there was an obvious dock at the bottom, but in the latest version of Android Oreo, dock has been completely transparent, while dock is semi transparent in Android P. On the whole, this change is only superficial, and there is no special change in use. The up arrow arrow left for the Android 8, Android 9 is right
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(42 day ago) This project is committed to creating a common underlying system for smart devices chip group has (or ROM), can be adapted to compatible with a variety of new and old processing platform, such as Qualcomm snapdragon processor 2100 smart watch platform, including the BLOCKS is building its own modular smart watches. BLOCKS will officially announce the Project OpenWatch project next week, which may open the era of smart watch custom brush ROM.
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(42 day ago) The egg will open a red background, very much like an inverted "Beats" Logo. But some netizens point out that it is more like Patreon's Logo. When you roll up and down, the color of the egg will change, the head of the letter P will shrink more and more, but the longer the tail will drag.
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(43 day ago) Google announced Android Chrome v65 (65.0.3325.109) has been released, the next few weeks will be on the Play Store shelves. Google has been working hard to improve the safety of Chrome browser and promote the healthy development of the Internet industry, according to the previous plan from Chrome 68 all HTTP sites will be marked as unsafe sites.
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(43 day ago) This release includes the following new features: ● Set language preferences for web content in Settings> Languages ​​● Provide simplified views for all supported documents in Settings> Accessibility Settings ● Easily share and delete downloads on the Downloads page content.
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(44 day ago) Rumor has it that Android P, the next major release of Android Oreo, which Google calls Pistachio Ice Cream, will release a developer preview in the coming weeks. Citing the latest from XDA Developers, the Android P system allows users to use their phone as a wireless keyboard and wireless mouse over Bluetooth.
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