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(1 day ago) For this matter, Essential's reply is somewhat ambiguous. After all, Google has not announced the release date of the next major Android version. Assuming Android Q will come as scheduled, our company will arrange for this to do... We will consider the user's position and make a commitment to our products.
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(3 day ago) The recent version of TIM creates to-do items, sets up timed reminders, and transforms time management talents. Chat messages support right-click add to to-do, and manage important matters efficiently. A new category navigation bar is added to the cloud file to quickly find files by category such as recent browsing and local files.
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(3 day ago) Earlier this week, a survey showed that although the Google Play Store’s app downloads far exceeded the Apple App Store, the latter’s revenue was almost twice that of the former. New research from Creative Strategies now explores how consumers view and consume the App Store.
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(4 day ago) Image from 9to5MacGoogle's development on Emoji is much slower than Apple. After Apple Color Emoji launched several years ago, Google finally launched its own open source Color Font standard in 2013.
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(5 day ago) Visit: Microsoft China Official Mall - Office In this version, Microsoft also provides some new features for Outlook on the Android side. You can delete contacts directly on the contact page. In addition, Outlook has added a do not disturb mode to help users block messages and notifications during meetings or breaks.
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(6 day ago) It uses 5.99 inch 2160 × 1080 full screen, the back is all metal fuselage, uses nanometer injection molding technology, concealed antenna design. Core configuration, this machine is equipped with Qualcomm 660AIE processor, 6GB memory 64GB storage, battery capacity 3010mAh.
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(8 day ago) In some seasons, the weather changes quickly and unexpectedly. However, CARROT hopes to use a beautiful interface and rich information, so that users can cope with various emergencies. It is worth mentioning that it is also able to push AI comments.
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(10 day ago) Google's Chromium technology evangelist Franois Beaufort today shared with the company the new features that are coming on the site, making them better compatible with Android apps.
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(10 day ago) The new feature will be deployed to the upcoming stable version of Chrome OS, and interested users can use the Chrome OS developer channel to get ahead of schedule. After the user enters the developer channel, the user can activate through the chrome://flags/#enable-touchable-app-context-menu experimental tag.
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(12 day ago) The latest Android Emulator, which is open and downloaded today, has been optimized for AMD processors. Previously, many AMD users were limited to software support, and now the hardware acceleration performance is finally possible. In addition, Microsoft's contribution to open source materials and the recently released Microsoft Windows Hypervisor Platform (WHPX) API enable the simulator to be compatible with Hyper-V.
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(16 day ago) When Android P was announced in May of this year, Google said it would integrate the magnifying glass function, and in the official blog post published on July 4, Google once again introduced this feature in detail. You can see through the above animation, the magnifying glass will follow the movement of the text, help the user to accurately position the cursor, and help users to easily filter the content that needs to be copied.
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(19 day ago) If you're a developer, you can now submit an app based on Android P (API level 28) to the Google Play Store. Friends who participate in the beta (beta) will receive an app update to test on various test hardware.
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(22 day ago) The new feature The flag for disabling incremental dexing (useDexArchive) has been removed.Android Studio 3.2 gave warnings when it found differences in versions between runtime and compile classpaths. Android Studio 3.3 reports these differences as errors.Android Studio 3.3 Canary 1 includes Kotlin 1.2. 50. The ability to update the Kotlin plugin in Android Studio is temporarily disabled; this is to prevent the installation of incompatible plugins while we resolve some issues.The new getRawAndroidResources() method in the Gradle build API returns a file collection containing all resources for The variant. This method has been added primary as a step toward migrating the Kotlin Android Extensions plugin to this API so that it will no longer need to use the MergeResources task. This new method is in incubation...
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(22 day ago) Firebase is very popular among top Android developers because it provides cloud messaging, push notifications, databases, analysis, advertising, and other more back-end and API, allowing developers to easily integrate them into their own projects.
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(22 day ago) Sina Technology News, Beijing time in the late June 29th news, mobile security company Appthority report said that because of the Firebase database configuration error, leading to thousands of iOS and Android applications leaked more than 113 GB of data.
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(28 day ago) Visit: Microsoft China's official website As for iOS, the performance of Edge is not too bad, currently it ranks ninth in the App Store Utilities category download list.
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(30 day ago) Google says its plan defines a better model to measure the security of biometrics. As the next major version of the company's mobile operating system, this summer's Android P will take the lead in deploying substantial improvements and weakening its authentication methods.
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(34 day ago) The smooth standard of Ingigo is basically set at the level of Xiaolong 820/821. In addition, the test also provides Peak Mode, Sustained Mode, and Experience Mode for use with different VR usage scenarios.
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(35 day ago) It mainly consists of three parts: lightweight Android system, Google Go series comes with applications, and Google Play Store designed for entry-level devices. Its significance is to keep entry devices updated while not excessively low consumption. End hardware resources.
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(37 day ago) Visit: Apple Online Store (China) Auto-Complete Verification Codes Nowadays, when a large number of app registrations or sensitive information needs to be verified, they are generally verified by sending a one-time verification code via SMS, for example, a bank app performs a transfer transaction.
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(40 day ago) Google launched Project Treble after the release of Android 8 last year, which aims to modularized systems to reduce the workload required for device updates, and ultimately to help reduce the fragmentation of Android ecosystems. The work seems to have been fruitful.
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(40 day ago) Google recently released a test version of the next generation system, Android P Beta, which supported not only Google's home devices but also NOKIA, OnePlus, millet, Essential, Vivo, SONY and NOKIA.
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(43 day ago) In addition, when the user clicks on the version number, an Android P Easter egg will appear. It is expected that before the official version comes, Google will also provide an egg for the user.
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(45 day ago) These Emojis already exist in Unicode Standar, and now Google follows the relevant regulations to introduce them to the Android system. Foreign media Emoji Pedia said: "If you do not mention gender, you should show gender neutral.
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(46 day ago) Visit: Microsoft China Official Store In this update, the Edge browser also allows parents to access the family account to allow/block certain websites, which means that parents have more control over the Internet that children are exposed to. Like the PC side, the Edge browser also has improved document reading capabilities, allowing users to access e-books downloaded from the Microsoft Store. However, bookmarks, notes, and highlighting are currently not yet available.
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(47 day ago) Chrome developer Franois Beaufort has revealed that the Chrome operating system team is planning to allow Chrome devices to manage all Android files in Files.
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(47 day ago) Currently, users of Chromebooks can only access pictures, video and audio files from their Android devices, but this change allows them to access all file types. FranoisBeaufort says:
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(51 day ago) Google hopes to advance the AR and VR experience on a variety of devices and platforms, including mobile/desktop VR headsets, Google Daydream View, Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Windows Mixed Reality devices.
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(52 day ago) Last month Google added iOS and Android AR sharing experience (Cloud Anchors) support for ARCore 1.2 on I/O. The goal of Cloud Anchors is to realize the real world relative location data shared by multi users, thus realizing cross platform AR interaction.
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(53 day ago) Mueller said that the app is currently open for testing on the Android platform in the form of early access. The final 1.0 stable version also needs to wait a few weeks for continuous improvement. The Android version of Carrot Weather will have all the features of the iOS version, including a deeply customized interface, and filtering Dark Sky or Weather Underground as your preferred source of weather data.
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