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(1 hr ago) From the data rankings, we can see that the Chinese market has a distinct polarization. The top six manufacturers are all shipments in the first quarter of 10 million, and the four ranked Meizu, Jinli, Samsung and chili are all million. Samsung ranked ninth, with only 2 million 140 thousand shipments in the first quarter.
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(4 hr ago) Chinese mobile phone maker Xiaomi, whose operating system is derived from customizing Google's open source code, is the so-called "MIUI". In India and other overseas countries, millet mobile phones still use customized interface. However, according to the latest news from foreign media, Lei Jun, the head of millet, said recently that it will launch some red rice mobile phones equipped with official Google system in some developing countries in some developing countries.
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(18 hr ago) Micro-blog, CCTV financial map, China has established 5G cooperation mechanism with the European Union, Japan and South Korea at the government and industrial organization level. In the second half of 2019, 5G was initially equipped with commercial conditions, hoping to launch the first 5G mobile phone.
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(1 day ago) Today, JD “JOY SPACE” unrestricted retail flash shop announced its landing on the Happy Coast in Shenzhen and will continue to operate until the 27th. This time, the Shenzhen store focused on handsets, including 39 new handsets from brands such as Huawei, Samsung, OPPO and Xiaomi, and collaborated with the online store to launch the product on the Jingdong platform.
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(2 day ago) The fierce competition in the smart phone market in India has led to serious damage to the profits of mobile phone manufacturers. Industry insiders say India handset manufacturers, including Chinese smartphone makers OPPO and vivo, and Lava, Intex and other mobile phone manufacturers, have cut thousands of store sales and cut the wages of in-service salesmen, the industry said.
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(3 day ago) Glory 10, entering the AI2.0 age of 2599 yuan as president Zhao Ming, said that glory has been leading the trend in color since 2016. 2018 is a year for glory for glory, and the glory of a new species of mobile phones.
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(4 day ago) DxOMark CTO Frederic Guichard (left) and Sr.VP global level business senior vice president, Etienne Knauer (right) DxOMark is what kind of organization. In fact, DxOMark is not a camera evaluation institution established in recent two years, it has nearly ten years of history.
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(5 day ago) The revenue of iPhone X accounted for 21% of the entire industry, while the profit accounted for as much as 35%. Tencent Technology News, April 17 According to foreign media reports, Apple has always played a very important role in the smart phone market, especially in terms of profits, it is the majority of the proportion, which is basically 90% the above. If some statistical methods take into account the losses of other brands, Apple’s profit ratio has once reached 103%.
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(5 day ago) April 17th According to the latest quarterly research report for Q4 2017 issued by Counterpoint Research, the global mobile phone profit decreased by 1% in the quarter (October-December) as the high-end smartphone market did not grow as expected.
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(5 day ago) At the end of the month, a book published an article on "your mobile phone is being quietly monitored and people can see all the contents of the screen." This paper introduces a monitoring software, as long as the software installed on the other mobile phone, you can monitor other people's mobile phone, mobile phone QQ on WeChat and others, calls and SMS records can be perceived, even at the current position of the other party, will be able to monitor.
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(6 day ago) Surveys of university students’ mobile phone use show that 82% of college students believe they have “mobile phone dependence”. College students use mobile phones for an average of 5.2 hours per day. 13% of students use mobile phones for more than 9 hours per day and 14% between 7 and 9 hours.
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(6 day ago) A teenager in the United States recently encountered this situation. He was wisely used by Siri to call 911 for help. Unfortunately, he did not succeed in the end. The accident sparked heated discussions at home and abroad. The most commonly seen title in the country was "A 16-year-old boy was mischievously used as a Siri alarm and eventually died of suffocation," triggering numerous public criticisms of the police.
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(7 day ago) More than 150 years later, MIT materials scientist and engineer Canan Dagdeviren) and her colleagues are giving new meaning to Whitman's poems.They are working on a device that can rely on people's heart beating to produce electricity.
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(7 day ago) Di Jean, the owner of a mobile phone store in New Delhi, told the author that Chinese mobile phone brands have also sought Indian stars such as Amir Khan as image ambassadors, a move that has also boosted sales.With the development of mobile network technology, India has gradually transformed from functional mobile phone to smart phone, and has become an emerging smartphone market. Chinese mobile phone manufacturers actively distribute the Indian market with local marketing mode, excellent quality and appropriate price, for example,China's Xiaomi plans to open three new mobile phone factories in India, such as Oppo, which is aimed at India's young people.
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(8 day ago) According to China Voice of the Voices, the Shenzhen Consumer Council recently released the "Comparative Experiment of Mobile Phone Cases in 2018" on its official website. Shenzhen Consumer Council, Futian District Council, Yantian District Consumer Council, Bao'an District Consumer Council The Shenzhen Quality Consumer Research Institute was commissioned to carry out comparative tests on plastic mobile phone shells and compared the 30 mobile phone shells of 28 brands selling online and offline.
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(9 day ago) It can be seen from the following three pictures that the size difference between the two cell phones is not very large. The size of Razer Phone is 158.5 x 77.7 x 8 mm, 6.24 x 3.06 x 0.31 inl, and the weight is 197g / 6.95 ozon.And the size of millet black shark is 161.6 x 75.4 x 9.3 mm 6.36 x 2.97 x 0.37 in..
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(9 day ago) Visit: Apple Online Store (China) Every year in September, when Apple's CEO Cook showcased a new generation of Apple mobile phones to the world in Apple's autumn new product launch conference, millions of finished products were already in the warehouse. Soon, they will arrive at the sales terminal through various means of transportation and will eventually be purchased by tens of millions of global consumers who are still passionate about Apple.
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(9 day ago) At present, people demand for mobile phone is no longer confined to the use of smooth and nice stage, but also the more specific requirements, it also gives some specialized market segments of the small manufacturers to bring the opportunity, today we look at the mobile phone, is a flagship mobile phone - mobile phone gaming game shark.
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(9 day ago) According to the headline news, a mobile internet cafe appeared in a stationery shop near Nanchang Primary School in Jiangxi Province in recent days. It is understood that stationery shop owners provide their old mobile phones as equipment to primary school students.
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(9 day ago) According to Xiaomi's description, the products on the list have no corresponding national and industry standards. This comparative test refers to the European Union standard EN14372:2004 "Children's Articles and Child Care Products - Tableware and Feeding Apparatus - Safety Requirements and Testing" and does not apply to mobile phone sets.
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(9 day ago) Recently, the Shenzhen Consumer Council released the "2018 mobile phone protective sleeve comparison test report", the report pointed out that the testing found that 23 models of mobile phone shell quality beyond the international first-class standard, 201 chemical test, found no toxic and harmful substances, accounted for nearly 80%.
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(10 day ago) On April 13, according to foreign media reports, Google has been trying to push dozens of smartphone makers and hundreds of operators on the market to regularly release software updates to fix security problems. However, a recent analysis by a German security company targeting hundreds of Android smartphones has found a disturbing new problem:
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(10 day ago) Screenshots in Taobao's development of the world's most stringent chemical testing indicators According to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology "2017 Communications Statistics Communique" shows that the total number of domestic mobile phone users has reached 1.42 billion, mobile phone user penetration rate of 102.5 / 100 people. Among them, 75% of mobile phone users choose to use mobile phone shell, about 1 billion mobile phone shell users nationwide, nearly 70% of the national mobile phone shell from Shenzhen.
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(10 day ago) The U.S. delegation took delivery of the 500,000 takeaway riders. In the past year, the riders sent a total of 7 billion single takeaways. The 500,000 take-out riders are the largest cost for the US group to take delivery. How did the U.S. team use technical means to put the 500,000 riders into effective work?
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(10 day ago) In the view of many blockchain industry technicians and industry insiders, the above-mentioned blockchain concept mobile phone does not clearly specify what specific blockchain technology is used. The so-called encryption function is unknown, and its technology is also common in ordinary mobile phones. Have applications. Because the mobile phone's computing power is hard to match with the mining machine, "mobile phone mining" is not realistic.
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(10 day ago) In response to the argument that China Unicom has shut down its 2G network, Tencent’s “First Line” has been confirmed by China Unicom’s official confirmation for the first time. This also means that the 2G network that has served 10 years will be withdrawn from the stage of history.
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(10 day ago) "Hisense will be officially launched 5G mobile phone in the next year," the afternoon of April 12th, Hisense in Qingdao headquarters building, general manager of Hisense communications company, Fang Xueyu accepted the media interview, first disclosed Hisense with 5G mobile phone (launched next year), hope to achieve the corner overtaking".
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(10 day ago) According to dezeen, more than 50 leading experts in the field of robotics called for the boycott of the Korea Academy of Science and Technology (KAIST) because they fear that the cooperation between KAIST and the defense manufacturer Hanwha will accelerate the use of automated weapons, that is, “killer robots”. development of.
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(11 day ago) Tomorrow, there will be a new brand in China's mobile phone market. It is called "Black Shark." According to an official poster, this is a mobile phone that dominates the game market.
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(12 day ago) The most obvious change in the implementation of the three major operators "speed down fee" is the emergence of a number of "unlimited" packages. It may be noted that these unlimited flow packages have a common feature, that is, the speed limit will be carried out after a certain amount of flow is exceeded. Take China Mobile 98 yuan ice cream set as an example, the domestic speed limit after more than 20GB flow, the speed limit after the speed limit is not higher than 1Mbps.
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