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(10 hr ago) The statement is widely interpreted as the company is already nearing production of its long-awaited folding phone Galaxy X, with some speculating that it may be unveiled at the earliest Mobile World Congress this month. A Samsung representative told Wired that "we do not have any further information."
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(18 hr ago) Before the 5G was in trouble, there was a need for negotiations between operators, governments, infrastructure manufacturers, chipmakers and organizations that wanted to bring them together. Mobile World Congress will be held in Barcelona next week, and many dialogues will take place here. But the real purpose of the show is to take a look at the capabilities of the next generation of networks and phones.
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(19 hr ago) Each challenge will make the entry of several phones in speed compared with the OnePlus 5T. The categories of challenges include unlocking the phone, taking photos, turning on the flashlight, playing music, and more. The result is the same as expected with a handset maker, which will win every round of the competition.
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(19 hr ago) Online shopping is still the reason why there is such a big gap between the biggest enemy of the offline store, according to Fu Ying observation is mainly by online shopping to diversion. According to the 41st CNNIC report, as of December 2017, the number of netizens in China reached 772 million, of which 27% were rural netizens, with a total scale of 209 million, an increase of 7.93 million or 4% from the end of 2016.
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(23 hr ago) Researchers at the University of Georgia and the University of San Diego in California analyzed data from a longitudinal study of the U.S. "Monitor the Future." The study surveyed more than one million U.S. teenagers, aged 13 to 18, on issues related to how long kids use their cellphones, computers or laptops, social interactions, self-assessment of happiness, and more.
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(1 day ago) Allegedly LG new flagship phone will use Qualcomm Snapdragon Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor, 64GB internal memory, 4GB of memory, stereo speakers, wireless charging and three anti-function. It is reported that Judy will use the 6.1-inch HDR 18:
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(4 day ago) In addition to profit margins unmatched in the industry, iPhone revenue is quite horrible. According to the latest data from Strategy Analytics, a market research firm, the iPhone hit a record 51% revenue last quarter for the entire smartphone industry, creating a new record.
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(5 day ago) Neil Mawston, managing director of Strategy Analytics, said: "The iPhone is an incredible money-making machine, and the average selling price for iPhone is nearly $ 800, four times the industry average.
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(5 day ago) January 16, the National Civil Aviation Authority released "onboard portable electronic equipment (PED) use evaluation guide." The guide made it clear that after the technical testing, revision of rules and other work, the conditions for the use of open portable electronic equipment has been basically mature.
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(5 day ago) Tencent Technology News, in the smart phone industry, artificial intelligence chip has become a new focus of competition, Apple, Samsung, Huawei has been the layout of the three giants, allegedly late Samsung is expected to surpass two rivals in the second half.
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(6 day ago) In the last few years, HTC was the most spectacular - in 2011, HTC was the third largest smartphone maker after apple and Samsung.
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(6 day ago) Tencent science and technology news, as is known to all, the India market has become the most successful area for the internationalization strategy of mobile phone manufacturers in China. According to the latest news from foreign media, authoritative report shows that the smartphone market in India increased by 14% last year, and the global performance is the best. The share of Chinese companies has climbed to 53%.
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(6 day ago) Xinhua news agency, Madrid, February 13 (reporter Guo Qiuda) Zte Corp held a press conference on the 13 day in Madrid, Spain, and launched the new mobile phone AXONM in the Spanish market.
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(6 day ago) After selling the Motorola Mobility Holdings Inc, Google soon began developing its own cell phone, and its mobile phone business has been developing for many years. But in the global mobile phone market, Google has a weak sense and its market share is almost zero. According to a foreign media analysis, Google can make good mobile phones, but its sales and after-sales service capabilities are now poor.
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(6 day ago) Tencent Technology News, February 13 According to foreign media reports, smart phones and PCs are now vulnerable to cryptocurrency-related attacks, and some even make people feel "dumbfounding."
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(7 day ago) Arborvitz said Magic Leap One will be available this year and is priced in the middle of the Magic Leap price range. Arborvitz also said at this price point, the company will have a product line in the future may also have higher or lower prices of products, Magic Leap will launch a high-end version of the product, for the ultra-professional groups, there will be For the public's products.
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(8 day ago) [event] the driver returned to the mobile phone network of about 150 yuan for the "lost" by Liu App checked from Wan Jiali square to Meikailong, costs about 35 yuan, "unexpectedly, the master said himself from Wanjiali road over more than 30 kilometers away, in addition to delay his doing things, and asked my wife to 150 yuan.
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(9 day ago) In February 12th, Kevin Wang's diary revealed that more than 120 million mobile phones were shipped on 2017, of which about 90 million feature machines and more than 35 million smartphones were genuine African No. 1.In addition, Wang's diary also said:. Communications are now starting to power emerging markets.
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(9 day ago) These are not just logs of our activities, they create digital files that trade between companies and are used to make inferences and decisions that affect our lives and our lives. More importantly, this usually happens with our consent or control. The new, sophisticated approach built into your smartphone makes it easy to track and monitor our behavior.
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(9 day ago) In the early days of the reform and opening up and the rapid development of the township enterprises, the young people of the small town were undoubtedly the backbone of this trend of development. However, with the rapid development of economy and the basic worry of material life, some young people have lost their passion for struggle, and their minds are nowhere to be placed. What attracts their attention is only live, gossip and exciting games on cell phones.
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(10 day ago) A recent article that could crack the fingerprint of a mobile phone with a little bit of work is widely circulated online. Mentioned in the article, simply through the simple treatment, you can unlock the fingerprint on the phone, anyone's fingerprint, or even a napkin can be unlocked.
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(10 day ago) 33 models of new models of smart phones were listed, representing a year-on-year decrease of 35.3%, accounting for 64.7% of the total number of new models of handsets in the same period, supporting 31 models of the Android operating system. In terms of brand composition, in January 2018, domestic shipments of mobile handsets reached 33.495 million units, down 18.0% over the same period of the previous year, accounting for 85.7% of domestic handset shipments in the same period. 45 new models were listed, down 22.4% from a year earlier, 88.2% of the number of new models listed in domestic mobile phones.
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(10 day ago) A few days ago, Jinli's supplier Ofie Technology said Jinli owed more than 600 million yuan and was more than two months overdue, and now it has stopped shipping to Jinli. The crisis in the financial chain of Jinli has been settled, it said. Because the supplier's foreclosure causes the capital to be unable to withdraw, the other party applies for the property safeguard measure to cause the Jin Li to be unable to sell the asset to cash in, in the short term is difficult to repay.
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(10 day ago) (original title: big hand entertainment marketing drag down mobile phone business?) "Last summer, Joker endorsement Jin S10 mobile phone advertisement in Shanghai Jingan a commercial broadcast Jin Chairman Liu Li Yong admitted in an interview, Jin is due to funding problems in 2016 and 2017 marketing expenses and investment cost overrun, the marketing expenses 6 billion yuan.
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(12 day ago) This security risk stems from the fact that the phone is equipped with a series of sensors, and of course not just GPS and communication interfaces. Gyroscopes and accelerometers can also track the way the phone is taken and other actions. App installed in the phone can use these sensors to perform unpredictable tasks users, such as tracking the user's movement in the city streets.
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(12 day ago) "To make a mobile phone does not make money, just to make friends." At the Nut Pro 2 conference, Law Wing-ho issued a new "Cheung breathing" smart air purifier, which basically opened the way for the hammer to expand categories.
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(12 day ago) "I lost my cell phone and the money was stolen." When you see the hard to save 100 thousand hard-earned money by Bibi as Mr. Ruan heart in the blood (the police and the victim of the bill) and the cause of all this in addition to his mobile phone is lost because of a photo album... Mobile phone payment software in the mobile phone to save 100 thousand hard-earned money lost money Bibi found out by a mobile phone is lost, Mr. Ruan rushed to the operating room to re submit a new phone card.
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(12 day ago) From "minute millet extermination" to "sales of 50 million to 100 million is not a problem", Gree cell phone available in the past three years, has always been like Dong Mingzhu solo.
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(12 day ago) In July 2017, Apple reported that there were more than a thousand repaired Apple mobile phones with fake parts for assembly, falsification of part serial numbers, vandalism, etc. posing as a cause of failure due to quality problems during the warranty period. The company suspected it existed Fraud.
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(13 day ago) The current trend of smart phones is full screen, but many smart phone makers who have been prepared for rainy days have been studying the feasibility of folding screen phones. At the moment, we have seen many patent photos of folding phones exposed. In addition to Samsung, another LG from South Korea, which has just dropped out of the Chinese market, also exposes a patent for a folding screen phone.
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