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(12 hr ago) However, he immediately clarified that this situation will occur in any industry. The manufacturers do not understand their business model, especially those who have never worked with them before they want to stop the money. Touchard stressed that DxOMark never accepted the money, and the future is absolutely not. They have their own principles and will not compromise.
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(17 hr ago) Visit: According to the news from the Apple Online Store (China), Apple will launch two models of different sizes in addition to the 5.8-inch iPhone X, and their body size is designed to be 6.1 inches. And 6.5 inches.
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(2 day ago) Case > usury: annualized as high as 1200% according to the law weekend report, a young man borrowed 1300 yuan from the "worry-free" app, the borrowing period was six days, but the actual hand was less than 1000 yuan, withholding more than 300 yuan of "beheading interest".
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(3 day ago) In the Internet age, there is a problem that often comes to mind: what is it called black technology? From time to time, the threshold of black technology has become so low. Looking for it, there is always no such thing as 3 words.
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(3 day ago) Note: Cost-performance score = average run score V7 version) / current price (refer to JingDong official store) statistics time: May 1 to May 31, 2018; data model: Android phone; single model total record number > 1000. We still combed a total of 50 models on sale, according to the value of value in order of ranking.
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(4 day ago) Considering that there are 26 days remaining from the end of July, it will be no suspense to finally break millions of dollars. Design, Atom equipped with a 2.45-inch TFT display, 8-core 2.0GHz processor, 4GB RAM, 64GB ROM, front 8 million + rear 16 million lenses, supports 4G dual card dual standby, and even fingerprint, NFC, IP68 Waterproof, FM radio and other functions, battery capacity 2000mAh.
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(4 day ago) China News Service Beijing, June 14th (reporter Wu Tao) The three major operators have accelerated their speed and reduced their fees. They have entered the fourth year. There are no shortages of “National Long-distance Roaming Fee Cancellation” and “International roaming charges are substantially reduced”. Pounds and good, mobile roaming charges will also be canceled from July 1, but many mobile phone users report that the monthly bill has not been reduced, or even increased, which is why?
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(4 day ago) Per Capita Calls Rising Continuously Mr. Li, who has worked in Beijing, recently changed his mobile phone package and replaced the original monthly 58 yuan package with a 88 yuan package. "58 yuan includes 1GB of traffic, 150 minutes of free calls; 88 includes 10GB of unlimited traffic and 50 minutes of call.
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(5 day ago) In the new territories, the capital is planned to be placed in a stake of no less than 51% of the company's voice holding holdings. The assets and liabilities of the company as of December 31, 2017 were set up, but according to the announcement, the parties failed to agree on the important terms of the transaction scheme and decided to terminate the rearrangement.
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(5 day ago) Today, in the preheating of smart phones, "a very scary technology" seems to be the standard. There are hammers, millet, and Huawei. Looking at several conferences, each "very scary technology" is different.
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(5 day ago) With the reputation of the "king of Africa", the invisible champion in the mobile phone industry has failed to finish landing A shares in the form of backdoor listing. The new territories pump group Limited by Share Ltd (Xinjie pump, 002532) announced in the evening of June 12th that the company decided to stop planning the reorganization because the parties failed to agree on the important terms of the deal.
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(5 day ago) Under the current technology, “Liu Haiping” may be the best solution for balancing costs, screen share, and market acceptance. However, it is believed that everyone who pays attention to mobile phones is looking forward to when mobile phone makers can kill Liu Hai. Come up with a better overall screen solution.
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(6 day ago) On June 12, Shanghai, vivo officially released a screenless NEX mobile phone without Liu Haiping, starting at RMB 3,898. First, there is no comprehensive screen for Liu Hai. With a 6.59-inch screen, the left and right frames are 1.71 mm, and the overall screen ratio reaches 91.24%. After Liu Haiping was removed, he replaced the full-screen sound technology and removed the handset of the call to make the screen sound.
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(6 day ago) The "space navigator" has set up different task modules, which are divided into 3 difficulties, primary, intermediate and advanced, which include psychological games, physical challenges, and social ability testing. For example, after the simulation loses contact with ground control, driving a spaceship to return safely, eating and sleeping in a weightless environment, communicating with different languages and cultural backgrounds, and so on.
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(6 day ago) On the afternoon of June 11, according to Counterpoint, a market research organization, the top five brands in the global smartphone market share in the first quarter of 2018 were Samsung, Apple, Huawei, Xiaomi and OPPO.
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(7 day ago) Mr. Peng: "the thief said that you did not give me the bank card password and the mobile phone password, all the documents do not return. All documents must be handled at least 20 thousand pieces. " Mr. Peng rebuffed the unreasonable demands of the thief. Unexpectedly, the other side had stolen the phone card to find Mr. Peng's family number, and repeatedly harassed.
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(7 day ago) In May, the number of new mobile phones listed in China decreased significantly. According to the report, in May 2018, 62 new types of new models were listed, down 50.8% from the same period, including 9 2G mobile phones and 53 4G phones in the new models; 323 new models were listed in 1-5 months in 2018, and 31.3% were listed in the listed new models. There were 69 2G mobile phones, 2 mobile phones, and 252 4G phones.
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(7 day ago) 1 Why does the flow buy more and more, and my traffic becomes less and less? “Once one G was enough for one month, it is now just 15 days.” Many people around complained that mobile phone traffic was not enough, and even many people began to question the "unusual consumption" of mobile phone traffic.
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(8 day ago) Mobile phone chip integration Beidou function into standard daily economic news reporter learned from Xiaomi: Millet 8 also supports GPS, Beidou and other navigation systems. In addition, most domestic smart phones such as Huawei and vivo are equipped with BeiDou navigation technology. Daily economic news reporters inquiries millet official website found that Xiaomi Group's now sold Xiaomi, red rice series mobile phone products support GPS, AGPS, GLONASS, Beidou four positioning methods.
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(9 day ago) Tencent technology news, according to the Nikkei News quoted sources, Apple has notified suppliers to reduce the output of new mobile phones this year by 20%. Affected by this news, in June 8th, Apple's share prices fell sharply in some suppliers around the world.
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(10 day ago) Samsung is the largest smartphone manufacturer in the Q1 and Q2 quarters, but is under fierce competition from Chinese manufacturers, the Q1 quarter shipments fell 9% year on year, and the Q2 quarter is expected to ship 73 million smartphones, flat with the Q1 quarter, and the market share is expected to fall from 21.4% to 20.4%.
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(10 day ago) On the morning of June 8th, there will be data companies that announce the global sales of mobile phones at regular intervals. The different priorities of each company also help us better understand the market situation. For example, IHS Markit, a research institute, announced the shipment of different mobile phone models in Q1.
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(10 day ago) While the proportion of online sales of smart phones in China is lower than that in India, the Chinese market is still in the leading position in terms of global online smartphone sales. "Amazon is the largest online sales channel in the United States, and the company has contributed 22% of online smartphone sales," said research director Peter Richardson.
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(10 day ago) The XDA Developer Forum has seen a spy photo of Google's next generation smartphone Pixel 3XL. The equipment in the photo is in line with Bloomberg's previous prediction that the Pixel 3XL will be equipped with a "edge screen" and a larger frame at the bottom, usually called the "Chin".
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(11 day ago) A new mobile phone card has been changed, but it has been unable to drive a special car. The reason is that the cell phone number shows arrears on the software of a network. In June 5th, Mr. Fang of Chengdu reflected the story on the cover news. In addition to unable to get the car, he accidentally inherited the "debt" of others. "Now this network car company asks me to pay two arrears, I certainly won't give it."
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(12 day ago) Purism has been making sure that hardware (not just software) is open source-friendly, which runs counter to the practice of mobile component manufacturers. This is a tough battle, but Purism is finally able to get development kits that should be made available to developers and some supporters as soon as possible.
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(12 day ago) Previously, the main method of walking tests was the “TUG” standing-walking test, which allowed the testers to wear the usual shoes. They stood up from a chair with armrests and walked to the mark 3 meters away from the chair and turned to walk. Sit back in the chair. The newly developed mobile phone software "iTUG" can measure the torso front, rear, up, and down, and the left and right torso accelerations when walking by using the sensors on the smartphone, and score the resulting values ​​to determine the degree of walking obstacles.
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(12 day ago) The 13-year-old son called “I was kidnapped.” At 17:00 on June 3, Zhang Li (a pseudonym) who had been cleaning at a mall in Jiajiang, Leshan City, suddenly received a Beijing Unicom number starting with 170. “Mom, mother!” The voice of Xiao Jun was on the phone. Zhang Li asked who was on the phone. Xiaojun said, “It was an uncle.” Then Xiaojun made a sudden call and hung up.
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(12 day ago) In the era of mobile Internet, mobile phones have become a necessity for people, and the speed of replacement is very fast. It has been reported that more than 9 of the people in the family have more than 1 discarded mobile phones. For such a mobile phone, many choose to sell, but is it really safe? Will it not cause privacy leakage? China and the new network reporter conducted an interview and investigation.
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(13 day ago) WWDC18 was opened in the early hours of the morning and data protection is of course a very important aspect of software development. In particular, at this point in time when the European GDPR regulations came online and the Facebook data disclosure scandal broke out, many people are very concerned about what Apple plays in all of this. Character.
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