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(9 hr ago) Google also said that Google Play game application page re-arrangement adjustment, "Arcade" tag can display game video warm-up video, and the new "New" or "Action" tab allows users to quickly find the same type of game .
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(11 hr ago) Download: iOSAndroid "Jedi survival" There are 100 players involved in each game, players airborne skydiving to all corners of the map, empty-handedly looking for weapons, vehicles and supplies, and fighting in a variety of terrain. In order to win, strategies are as important as marksmanship. Each game of the game is randomly converted into a safe zone, and weapons and props obtained in each zone are randomly generated. China's Jedi for survival is operated by Tencent.
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(1 day ago) Configuration, the aircraft equipped with Qualcomm Xiaolong 845 processor, equipped with 8GB of memory, running Android 8.0 system. The Xiaolong 845 is the flagship chip of Qualcomm in 2018. It is based on the second generation 10nm process process. It is built on the Kryo 385 architecture. The CPU frequency is up to 2.8GHz, the GPU is Adreno 630, and it supports dual-channel LPDDR4X memory. The peak download rate It is 1.2Gbps and the peak upload rate is 150Mbps.
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(1 day ago) Between the age of 45, few games have been played in the past six months and people with mental problems have been screened out. After the experiment, they answered 52 questions to measure their aggressiveness, sexist attitudes, compassion, interpersonal awareness, impulse-related behaviors, mental health, and executive control functions. The results show that the experience of violent games only had a significant impact on the three participants, and the probability of guessing was even lower. Researchers believe that violent games do not have harmful effects on people.
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(2 day ago) Radeon Software Adrenalin Edition 18.3.1 drivers include optimizations and enhancements made by Project ReSX, which have significant performance improvements over older game frame rates, such as the popular "Chicken", average frame on the RX 580. The rate has increased by up to 11% compared to the end of last year. In addition, Watching Vanguard has increased by up to 3%, and Turret 2 has increased by up to 6%.
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(2 day ago) The team also released a demo video of this one before. We can compare the new screenshots and enjoy the first chapter of the game. Latest game screenshots:
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(3 day ago) "Metro Parkour" is a puzzle casual mobile game developed by Kiloo Games on the iOS and Android platforms. The game was released in October 2012 and is a classic parkour game comparable to the Temple Run. . According to the developer, "Metro Parkour" is the most downloaded game in 2017, with more than 400 million downloads on the Android and iOS platforms.
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(3 day ago) In 1981, Microsoft launched a Microsoft-based version of MS-DOS, a floppy disk, which opened the company's long game history. In the blink of an eye, 37 years have passed and many changes have taken place in the world.
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(4 day ago) At present, 45% of the top 1000 game developers who use AdMob advertising services have deployed new “reward advertisements”. Users feedback well. Users can get another chance to play games through the form of small games, and even get some game loot. . In addition, Google also introduced another form of advertising service, multi-option video advertising, you are free to choose different advertising videos in order to obtain game rewards.
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(8 day ago) Valve demonstrates five years it developed the first new PC game "Artifact", by magic author Richard Garfield led the development of trading card games.
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(8 day ago) On March 8th 2018, 13:10, Douyu TV received a $630 million investment from Tencent. They not only successfully Close their E round, but also got Tencent's strong endorsement to prepare for IPO.
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(9 day ago) Map of Xiamen's "Eat Chicken" Game Map Recently, some users have said that the popular "Chicken" game "The Jedi Survival" map is very similar to the map of Xiamen. Even the location of the bridge is exactly the same. The map prototype for the survival of the Jedi was alleged to be a matter of Xiamen. Xiamen netizens said that they were indeed very similar. They were proud to map the prototype of the city they lived in.
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(10 day ago) The tester selected three scenes, and compared the FPS, loading time, and so on. According to the test, D encryption has no adverse effects on the average number of "Final Fantasy 15", in three scenarios, and the demo version of the final version of the frames are basically the same.
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(10 day ago) "In a substantive debate, when our attention is dispersed by video games, we should think more about how to get rid of guns on the hands of dangerous people." This video has been passed to the official YouTube channel of the White House. Content creators like Dat360NoScope have not been identified.
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(10 day ago) Nowadays many technology companies and car manufacturers are developing self-driving cars, which will liberate the hands of car owners. So how do you drive the "boring" time?
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(10 day ago) During the Artifact presentation to the media today, Valve President Gabe Newell confirmed that the studio will launch the game again, and said that Artifact is the first one in several games we are going to release.
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(10 day ago) In yesterday's interview, the CEO of Valve talked about how the hardware and software of his company to help the game industry: "so, you can have new games like PUBG, and can use all other multiplayer games, Chinese technology, is now a huge market of any development PC game developers, so PUBG can start from zero to become the Steam's third big money game.
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(11 day ago) Game player groups will not only in their home "Gua son" travel videos on social networks, but also eager to communicate in the end "Gua son" with what he can to make props and other small animal happy playing together. According to App Annie released the January global Mobile Games index list of the latest travel, "the frog" with popular Chinese, strong won the January 2018 global iOS download charts, according to foreign media reports, the game IOS downloads in a month's time has exceeded 10 million.
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(11 day ago) The annual Arnold Strongman Classic challenge is held in Ohio, USA, and all the strength athletes from all over the world will come to participate. The competition less attention to endurance, speed or physical quality, more concerned about the success of the competitors weightlifting, breaking the world record.
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(11 day ago) However, the two games can be simplified by the same version of the PC version, but the novice tour is different from the previous version, and the The Sims Mobile will be more like the PC version. So the latest version is obviously better than the first two. The Sims Mobile allows you to play the role of God in the game, you can decide when you want to play the role name, appearance, clothing, hairstyle, daily life, to their goals and personality.
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(11 day ago) On Twitter, IGDA launched a campaign to defend video games and warned not to use them or any form of media as a scapegoat. It says the fact is very clear - no study shows the causal relationship between playing video games and gun violence.
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(12 day ago) Recently, players have discovered that a new $11 action game "Shadow: Treachery cannot be tolerated" on Steam has been downloaded and cannot be played. It shows the lack of exe files, and it was discovered when they searched for a folder. There is nothing in the folder ...
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(12 day ago) According to a number of media reports, a few days ago related parties broke the news, Tencent executives have been approached with the "travel frog" development team, is likely to become a "travel frog" agents, not only that, Tencent also intends to acquire HIT-POINT company.
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(12 day ago) Visit: the Microsoft China official mall in the patent description shows that the application includes this application as a document and a native digital content assistant. It allows users to personalize contents and games for playback, downloading, sharing and exchanging; computer software for creating, watching, publishing, producing and playing, as well as playing animation, video, audio and graphics.
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(12 day ago) On the morning of March 8th, according to Reidi's breaking into the net, Douyu, the live gaming platform, was invested 4 billion yuan by Tencent and tied to Tencent's deep strategy. Douyu refused to comment on outside rumors. This was also after two rounds of financing by Tencent. Douyu gets Tecent financing again.
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(12 day ago) Smith said, "RAD [racing car auditory display] is the first system to enable blind people to play real 3D racing games -- with complete 3D graphics, real vehicle physics, complex track and standard PlayStation 4 controller.
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(12 day ago) However, there is a small number of people in the industry facing such problems every day, one of which is Rusty Moyher, the developer of Austen. Five years ago, he was diagnosed as repetitive strain failure (RSI), and as a code playing game planning, this illness almost brought his career and passion for games to a devastating blow.
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(12 day ago) Thanks to its high level of integration, the Hades Canon Mini is only 1.2 liters in volume and has an internal dual fan design. It offers two HDMI, two DisplayPorts, two Thunderbolts 3, six USB 3.1, one USB Type-C, one SD Reader, DC 19V power supply.
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(13 day ago) Tencent Technology News, Beijing time on March 7 news, gathering era (Nasdaq: YY) today released as of December 31 in the fiscal fourth quarter and full year earnings. The report shows that the joy of the fourth quarter net income of 3.6265 trillion yuan (about 557.4 million US dollars), representing a year-on-year increase of 46.8% from 2.4842 trillion yuan; net profit of 7.404 billion yuan (about 113.8 million US dollars ) ...
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(13 day ago) Picture from the network, not the developer in order to understand, here we copied a Baidu Encyclopedia: repetitive strain injury (repetitive strain injury, abbreviation RSI), or repetitive strain and fatigue muscle injury, repetitive motion injuries, is due to the long time repeated use of a group of muscle damage.
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