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(8 hr ago) Since the first generation iPhone SE has been around for many years, Apple will focus on the inherent enhancements of new devices, such as the faster A10 Fusion processor. Storage capacity, it is said that only 2GB RAM + 32G / 128GB ROM combination.
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(16 hr ago) In most cases this is good news as the police may lawfully take the stolen iPhone back from the thief. But in this case, the problem is far from resolved, and although the "Find My iPhone" feature clearly shows that the iPhone 8 is inside the police station, the police still can not find the lost iPhone in the police station.
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(2 day ago) However, the report also pointed out that China's OLED display manufacturers have expanded production capacity, LG Display and BOE are about to deliver cell phone OLED display. In addition, the data quoted by market research firm IHS Markit does not indicate a reduction in demand for iPhone X or a reduction in OLED display orders due to seasonal factors.
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(5 day ago) Every iPhone in China has an inextricable link with China, but only after the domestic enterprises provided only the assembly or some processing services to Apple, they could only feel disappointed with the core components such as processors, cameras, screens and memory chips .
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(5 day ago) Which one is true? In a world longing for immediate judgment, one does not seem satisfied with the conclusion that both are true. But that's it. Overall, Apple's recent holiday quarterly earnings extraordinary and very complicated.
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(6 day ago) In fact, many iPhone users also believe that pressure sensitive screen is a tasteless feature, practicality is not strong. After giving up the 3D Touch, Apple is also relaxed, because the manufacturing costs, this can reduce the cost of the iPhone, reducing the complexity of the product design or manufacturing difficulty.
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(6 day ago) In 2015, Apple launched the 3D Touch feature in the new mobile phone, but it did not reach the Apple Corp's expectations. According to the latest news of the foreign media, in this year's new mobile phone, Apple will cancel the press screen function.
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(6 day ago) Apple also announced three models for the iPhone 7 that meet the conditions of the program. The author of the iPhone 7 back model A1780, model is also consistent. Production time and model all meet the scope of Apple repair, ah, there is a feeling of the Son of Heaven.
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(6 day ago) The agency learned from supply chain sources that the technology is currently being developed and that many details are still waiting for the final decision. Barclays predicts that Apple will use TrueDepth-like but somewhat improved sensors for future iPhones, and Apple may use the ToF (Time-of-Flight) method to collect sensor data.
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(6 day ago) Recently, there are reports from Korea that we may not see the iPhone X of small bangs until 2019. If today's report is true, we will see it as early as this autumn. Since the launch of iPhone X, the design of its front TrueDepth camera system has been controversial. Some users think that this does not affect the use. Some users believe that this affects the experience, especially when the screen is displayed.
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(6 day ago) LCD 6.1 inch iPhone will also reduce the number of high-end components, such as the use of aluminum alloy frame, rather than the iPhone X stainless steel frame. Guo Mingchi believes that lower prices will help 6.1-inch iPhone achieve better sales, this device sales forecast for this year to 100 million units.
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(7 day ago) Let's take a look at the 2018. Today's TrendForce message says global growth in Smartphone Production in 2018 could fall to 2.8%, before their forecast was originally 5%. So TrendForce thinks that the mobile phone market will have a general decline in 2018. The market share of giants like Samsung will be reduced from 21.9% to 20.3%, and the total output of the whole year will be reduced by 5%.
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(7 day ago) The good news is that the machine is equipped with a USB-C interface and a headphone jack. Well-known source Evan Blass (@evleaks) exposed the aircraft a month ago, claiming to have a 6.2-inch screen. From the external point of view, Doogee V bangs just set the Selfie camera, handset and ambient light sensor.
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(8 day ago) FilipeEsp ó sito said in a tweet: "my iPhone 6 Plus benchmark, whatever its performance, can really return to its original speed. It should be noted that the device's battery has been downgraded under the new battery health features in iOS 11.3.
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(9 day ago) Last week, we learned about iPhone X calling, when many users said that their iPhone X failed to light up when there was an incoming call, so they did not get the call, which caused a lot of trouble. The first time Apple also said they have launched a survey on this issue, but now, the incident seems to have intensified trend.
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(9 day ago) News of the iBoot source code leaked in iOS this week has drawn much attention. Although Apple has already announced that the leaked part belongs to iOS 9, the age-old iPhone has multiple hardware and software protection, it will not lead to large-scale security incidents, but We still very much want to know who these sources were leaked, for which reason, the first exposure of this news Motherboard found a leaked anonymous sources of information.
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(9 day ago) Editor Ashley Carman, a beautiful woman with beautiful brown hair, tested the $40 case and was teased in comments. She said its biggest selling point was its strong suction. Every time I tried to bring it out, I lost my boss's strength.
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(10 day ago) The circular said the morning of the 8th, the house Panmou looking for his father to the battery car ride, his father did not give to use because work, Panmou at home more and more angry, not only did not give the battery car ride, iPhone did not agree to buy previously, he was angry Under the lit clothing was burnt home. At present, Panmou has been under criminal detention.
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(10 day ago) Near March, and soon to enter the 2018 "Apple's new cycle", then this year, Apple will launch what products? In addition to the three full-screen iPhones and iPads with Face ID, these well-known new products may give us some "little surprises" such as cheap HomePod and next-generation Apple Pencil.
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(11 day ago) It has been two months since 2018, and many companies have already finished the annual meeting and distributed the year-end bonus. Everyone is waiting for the Spring Festival. As a general rule, high-tech companies have high wages and good welfare, and even annual prizes are very generous. What happened this year? First look at Alibaba, Ali's annual meeting is generally held in September Anniversary, last year's 18 anniversary of a total of more than 40,000 employees to participate, including the jackpot is 18 copies of "100,000 yuan empty shopping cart" ...
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(11 day ago) Jun Zhang believes that Apple is more likely to launch the new 6.5-inch iPhone X this year, but it will not change much in design. The overall shape is similar to that of the iPhone X. However, the 6.5-inch iPhone X The biggest bright spot will be with a new Apple Pencil stylus.
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(11 day ago) The survey involved a variety of screenshots, information and so on. Finally, it was discovered that the source code was originally shared by a low-level Apple employee in 2016, initially sharing the code with friends in the jailbreak community. The Apple employee is not satisfied with Apple, the purpose of stealing source code is not to make malicious software, just want to share the source code and jailbreak community.
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(12 day ago) From the photos provided by the staff of the salon, the iPhone 6S mobile phone was picked up this time. The front panel has been completely removed and burnt and blackened. The cause of the fire is not yet understood. Visit: Apple Online Store (China)
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(12 day ago) Last October, well-known analyst 郭明錤 had published a report that in 2018 all three iPhone will adopt a full screen design and use the Face ID function. Given that iPhone X was released months after the release of Face ID module capacity, many people are still skeptical of this statement, but today's latest supply chain news shows that Apple really intends to do so.
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(12 day ago) Yesterday, the Beijing Administration for Industry and Commerce within the area of ​​Apple cottage repair points were seized and a fine of 270,000 yuan, but also will open a comprehensive census of such counterfeit stores, the news that many users clap clap. However, in addition to the cottage, in fact, there are still many digital market "bad habits", such as the loopholes in the rules after the sale of diamonds.
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(12 day ago) Well, then, here are some information about dating, so you can do better on this occasion later, to reduce this awkward situation. There's a dating site called, which conducts annual surveys on "single men and women" in the United States that combine ideas from more than 5,000 single youths and inform the general public of the results in a timely manner.
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(12 day ago) In a statement released on Thursday morning local time, apple confirmed that the code leaked to GitHub was indeed iBoot source code, but stressed that they were part of iOS 9. IOS 9 was released 3 years ago and is now replaced by iOS 11, and only a small number of iOS devices still run iOS 9. Visit: Apple Online Store (China)
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(12 day ago) Although the gap at the top of the screen may be slightly smaller, but the analyst did not mention the use of ordinary LCD screen, the cheaper iPhone X version. However, what he mentions is what many Face ID critics might like to hear.
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(13 day ago) The small pepper S11 machine also has obvious bangs, but the width of the border around it is very touching. The screen is a 5.5-inch 18: 9 full-scale screen, with a resolution of of course 1440 × 720.Although the photos of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology are not very clear, but according to the experience of the S11, It is believed that the corners of the screen on both sides of the bangs are only for appearance, not usable, and that the bottom should also be a large chin with a fingerprint identification key.
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