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(12 hr ago) Maybe some people want to say, isn't Fujifilm just learning Instagram? Polaroid is so mad? Polaroid (Polaroid) as early as 1963 on the launch of the captured color photos immediately developing camera, their company name "Polaroid" is straight over we are familiar with now the Polaroid, also let Polaroid has become synonymous with developing the camera immediately; and square photos, a white border has always been a Polaroid sign.
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(1 day ago) November 22, according to "Financial Times" reported that Foxconn Zhengzhou factory use students to work overtime to install iPhone X. Six high school students said that they assemble cell phones daily at the Foxconn plant in Zhengzhou and work 11 hours a day. Foreign media said that this constitutes an illegal use of interns overtime.
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(1 day ago) The students, aged 17 to 19, said they were told that working for three months at this factory was for "working experience" to enable them to graduate. One student said: "We are being forced to work here by our school. This work has nothing to do with our studies.
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(5 day ago) Fuji film intends to increase its depth of cross-border beauty business. Some products Source: Network Flamingo's product packaging Picture credit: Network The forthcoming ASTALIFT flarosso consists of 6 series with a total of 20 models of highlights, blush, eye shadow, eyeliner, eyebrow pencil and lipstick, priced at about Between 120 and 260 yuan.
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(6 day ago) Fujitsu said the company's technology addresses issues such as "trading across multiple blockchains," and "automating the execution of a single transaction." In addition, Fujitsu said it intends to commercialize the technology in 2018, but it depends on the results of additional testing and development of the product.
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(8 day ago) Due to the initial iPhone X production problems, Foxconn latest financial report shows the biggest year-on-year profit decline in a decade. Bloomberg reported that Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd. (Foxconn) profits in the third quarter dropped to 700 million US dollars, down 40% over the same period last year.
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(9 day ago) Before there were reports that the TrueDepth sensor iPhone the existence of X capacity problem can not be guaranteed. Foxconn three quarter revenue mainly depends on the mass production of X iPhone, while another part of the iPhone 8 assembly orders.
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(11 day ago) Due to a decrease in major selling points and consumer preferences for both the iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X models, Apple analyst Guo Mingchi predicts a 50-60% decline in iPhone 8 production this quarter.
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(13 day ago) Tencent science and technology, Foxconn group bought Sharp Co, get valuable LCD panel business, but its appetite is too big, but also want to meddle with other companies. According to the latest media news, BOE and Foxconn two companies are currently in urgent need of funds to buy Sike, are injected into Japan Display Corporation (JDI).
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(13 day ago) Foxconn really wants to do mobile phones seriously. In 2016 April, they achieved a 2/3 stake in SHARP to 388 billion 800 million yen price after the fourth quarter of the year, the old factory to profitability, earnings reached $37 million 150 thousand.
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(14 day ago) Recently, HERE announced that it will cooperate with Fujitsu, Japan's information and communications technology company (Fujitsu), to develop advanced integrated driving solutions and mobile services, for the benefit of the global auto driving market.
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(17 day ago) Before Apple CEO Tim Cook said that Apple will certainly as soon as possible to the consumers delivery. Cook also mentioned whether individual consumers or the company's channel partners, they are iPhone X - feedback "very strong" this information, therefore, the company of equipment can be sent to the hands of consumers to feel excited.
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(17 day ago) iPhone major foundries for Hon Hai, and Shuo, Wistron, due to Hon Hai sprint large-size iPhone new machine manufacturing, but also makes a slight change in the order of the three plants. India mainly by the Wistron surgeon; as for the iPhone 8, iPhone 7 small size models and approximately 30% of the proportion of iPhone 7 Plus by He Shuo charge.
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(20 day ago) 1, in today's Apple Store retail store in Sanlitun, cattle for iPhone X fare increase recovery is not large, 64GB version price is 9000 yuan, 256GB version is 11000 yuan. 2, apple through the new way to increase production lines to enhance production capacity, only in Shenzhen Foxconn Guanlan factory, in October 20th added six production lines.
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(21 day ago) Fujitsu and China Lenovo Group are expected to announce the final agreement to consolidate personal computer business this week. The Japanese company has clearly retained a key part of the brand and has given up a majority stake in Fujitsu Client Computing Limited, a subsidiary of its key PC subsidiary, Fujitsu Client Computing Limited (hereinafter referred to as Fujitsu PC Subsidiary).
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(21 day ago) Lenovo on the sale of sale shares payable to Fujitsu price include: the assumption that the target group has zero net debt and normal working capital shall be paid in cash on delivery date to Fujitsu's 17 billion 850 million yen (about 1 billion 37 million yuan), and calculation of business performance based on the cut in March 2020 2 billion 550 million yen (about 148 million yuan) to 12 billion 750 million yen (about 741 million yuan) price adjustment performance in March 31, 2020, to be paid in cash in the short term.
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(24 day ago) Apple iPhone X Foxconn shares rose 3.6%, TSMC shares rose 2.5%, setting a new high. Including the Swiss technology, blue technology, including other Apple suppliers also rose. iPhone X local time on Friday to start pre-sale, Apple said the phone needs to "break the record" in the United States delivery time up to 6 weeks.
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(27 day ago) In October last year, Lenovo and Fujitsu launched negotiations on the acquisition of the personal computer business, which was scheduled for spring this year. Unexpectedly, the negotiations were deadlocked, and the final agreement had not been reached, and now the cross-border transaction finally ushered in the final dawn.
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(31 day ago) KGI securities well-known analyst Guo Mingji said earlier, in the iPhone X before the listing, Foxconn will be able to ship Apple Corp approximately 2 million to 3 million IPhone X. Guo Mingji said, with the improvement of production yield, to the first quarter of next year, iPhone X shipments will grow by 50% qoq.
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(35 day ago) Original title: Foxconn America cannot guarantee the rights of taxpayers $10 billion to build industrial park plan by Foxconn a democratic representative told "the Wall Street journal", this is the reason to postpone the vote, worry that Foxconn can not fulfill its commitments, the state can not guarantee the rights of taxpayers.
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(37 day ago) Apple iPhone X plans to be available for sale in November, but before the bottleneck because of the problem, the factory delivery is not optimistic. However, according to the latest supply chain news, the supply of upstream parts began to stabilize, iPhone X delivery will also be substantial growth.
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(39 day ago) Of course, this is only the first shipment, followed by the second installment, the third installment may also increase. Moreover, we are more concerned about is how many units sold to the country. iPhone 8 starting, Zhengzhou Customs has revealed that from September 9 to 14, Zhengzhou Customs supervision of the new Apple mobile phone area 118.05 million units, model for the Apple 8Plus, of which 902,400 units sold abroad, the other 27.81 million units Zhengzhou customs declaration in customs clearance, sold to the domestic market.
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(41 day ago) Foxconn, the maker of Apple's iPhone, has announced that its revenue in September this year was NT $ 451.4 billion ($ 14.83 billion), up 42.4% from the previous month, but it was the same as last year. Down by 3.7%.
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(48 day ago) Foxconn will manufacture liquid crystal displays at the factory, from driving to aircraft products, as well as consumer products such as mobile phones and televisions. The park will consist of a multi-billion dollar thin film transistor liquid crystal display plant, an LCD module packaging plant and a technology-intensive plant focused on molding and tooling and mold processes, as well as assembly plants for the production of terminal equipment.
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(49 day ago) According to financial news station Brightwire reports, sources said, iPhone X production is less than 10% of the expected, that is, there are 90% did not complete the assembly in Foxconn, so the first batch of millions need to be postponed to December. This is not the first time we heard a similar news, from the wide range of sources can be judged, iPhone X production problems should not be Apple's a hunger strategy, but is facing the difficult facts.
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(55 day ago) Over the past decade, iPhone has become the world's most successful mobile phone. The world's largest iPhone generation processing manufacturer - Foxconn Technology Group is using financial strength to help the industry chain of many downstream enterprises.
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(56 day ago) Doctors and nurses are not only busy with their hands at work, but also need to communicate with some foreign language patients from time to time. In view of this, Fujitsu labs has developed a "hands-free voice translator" that can be worn like a business card, so as to facilitate cross lingual communication between doctors and nurses.
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(62 day ago) You might think that a universal translator takes a few years or even decades of time to enter the stage of practical application, but in fact, the Fujitsu Corporation now intends to promote this kind of equipment in the hospital in Japan, below we try to understand the specific situation. In 2016, the national communications and Technology Research Institute of University of Tokyo and Affiliated Hospital, Fujitsu Corporation (NICT) cooperation to create a speech translation tablet computer, the device can be on the user's voice and language recognition, such as Japanese, Chinese and English etc....
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(63 day ago) September 21, according to "Washington Times" reported Monday, the United States Wisconsin Governor Scott. Walker (Scott walker) signed a $ 3 billion incentive plan for Foxconn in Wisconsin southeast to build a super panel factory.
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(76 day ago) According to the Wall Street Journal's latest report, Apple's upcoming iPhone 8 borderless OLED display and face recognition technology in the early mass production of multiple problems, which may lead to "supply shortages and delivery delays."
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