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SamSung(三星)News list

(8 hr ago) Intel is expected to rank second in revenue of $ 61 billion, the first time since 1993, though revenues are expected to grow by $ 4 billion this year. Back in 1993, Samsung Electronics ranked seventh in the global semiconductor market.
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(16 hr ago) Beijing time on November 23rd morning news, Samsung Electronics said on Wednesday that the company has set up a AI R & D center. Samsung has three major business groups, and Samsung assigns new tasks to the chief strategy officer, so that he can find new business.
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(17 hr ago) According to foreign media reports, Samsung Electronics announced on Wednesday that it will set up a new research center for artificial intelligence (AI) while strengthening the company's chief strategy officer's functions and finding new business areas for its three major business groups.
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(1 day ago) Earlier, Samsung appointed a new generation of top executives last month, dismissing concerns that Vice President Lee Jae-Yong was detained. The company said the new artificial intelligence research center will be located in the company's mobile and consumer e-commerce joint research center, which is two of Samsung's three major businesses.
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(1 day ago) Samsung fans may be jealous or curious about the Face ID face recognition feature on iPhone X phones, but unfortunately they are unlikely to achieve the same 3D face recognition on Galaxy S9.
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(1 day ago) iPhone X so strong sales momentum, I believe many smart phone manufacturers will feel very desperate. For Samsung, see their own "old enemy" products so easy to sell, I really do not know whether the laugh or good cry (after all, iPhone X's OLED screen is its own supply).
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(2 day ago) It is reported that the aircraft is currently on sale in South Korea, as to whether or not to other markets, Samsung has not made a decision. In addition, the machine and other versions of the Samsung S8 specifications. It uses a 5.8 inch screen and a resolution of 2960 x 1440, powered by Qualcomm snapdragon 835 processor, with 4GB memory 64GB memory, the main camera 12 million pixels, the battery capacity is 3000mAh.
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(2 day ago) Today, Samsung announced that it will hold a new conference on December 1, officially releasing its high-end business flagship W2018. At the same time the conference is also the world's tenth anniversary galactic charity ceremony, Han Lei, Cui Jian, Wang Xueyi, had Po, etc. will attend. Currently the new flagship has been exposed, it uses dual-screen, clamshell design, the screen size is 4.2 inches, equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor, equipped with 6GB of memory + 64GB memory body.
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(2 day ago) Manufacturers such as Microsoft, Apple, Google, Itexamotech are all developing speech recognition, and speech recognition has become the standard of many devices. Such as Microsoft Cortana, Apple Siri, etc., as Android phone maker's Big Brother, Samsung also has its own voice assistant.
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(2 day ago) The selected users will visit Samsung's Digital Plaza between December 1 and December 11 and will then have to pay for the purchase of Galaxy Note 8 or Galaxy S8. The entire event requires an additional 50,000 won participation fee (about $ 45), which will be refunded if the consumer decides to keep the Galaxy handset after a month.
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(2 day ago) According to foreign media reports, Forbes magazine recently released the annual list of the richest families in Asia. The Ambani from India successfully reached the summit and pushed the top of the list last year with the Lee family from South Korea to second place. It should be noted that this list contains only at least three generations of business continuity family.
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(2 day ago) If we now have the iPhone X or iPhone 8 series, you'll definitely want to add a wireless charger for them and use the wireless charging feature. There are many excellent wireless charger on the market, maybe we can look to Apple's old friend - Samsung body.
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(3 day ago) November 20th news, according to foreign media 9to5google reports, for some time, many people think that Google has given up all the hope for the tablet PC to optimize the Android platform. In fact, the Android tablet will be replaced, and the next generation of the Android tablet will be Chromebook.
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(3 day ago) News pictures (Samsung Chromebook 311.6) at present, there are about 60 Chromebook notebook computer capable of running Android applications. Some of these devices can also be converted, allowed to be folded in a "flat" mode.
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(3 day ago) TheReg got the relevant parameters of SZ985, and compared with Optane P4800X, found that in addition to delay slightly higher, random / continuous read and write can cover the Intel head. Of course, the so-called "delay too high" is also a sharp contrast between Pyramid, the general SSD reading and writing experiments between 110~120 s, and Optane is about 10 s, SZ985 is 12~20 "s".
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(3 day ago) After Li Jianxi's father, Samsung founder Li Bingzhe (Lee Byung-chull) died in the 80s of last century, Li Jianxi inherited Samsung, the largest family owned enterprise in South korea. Among the top 100 billionaires in the Bloomberg billionaires index, Li Jianxi is the only South Korean on the list.
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(3 day ago) Because the Chinese version is about to go public in China, Samsung Electronics temporarily canceled Bixby's media communications. In a recent visit to Samsung, South Korea's Suwon headquarters, Tencent technology was informed of the news.
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(4 day ago) As a wireless charger for mobile phone wireless charging device, Samsung is also committed to promoting the development of wireless charger, compared to the current iPhone 5W charging, Samsung has long been fast charging technology on wireless charging, using Samsung's own 9V fast charging After the device is connected, the wireless charger can reach a maximum of 15W input power.
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(5 day ago) Samsung W-series phones are famous for raising money for charity. However, it is unclear whether the Samsung intends to do the same thing on the W2018. Before the release, there have been a lot of rumors about this phone online. It is reported that Samsung W2018 equipped with 4.2-inch internal and external dual FHD screen, using the rear fingerprint sensor and iris scanner.
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(7 day ago) IPhone X the price to start this mobile phone, love may be a factor, material consumption and otherwise rely on it to reflect the ability of substances may also be an important promoter. In this regard, the Salithru team for iPhone X, Samsung S8/S8 and Google Pixel 2 users of consumer ability to do research.
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(8 day ago) iPhone X since the listing can be said that no serious illness, small illnesses continue to drop paint, handset noise and screen low temperature failure and other issues after another, but to say that the most worrying, or "Green Line." IPhone X is said to have a chance of a green screen appears, very loud.
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(9 day ago) According to the latest revelations, both inside and outside the W2018 are 4.2 inch 1080p screen, the overall weight of 234 grams, a thickness of 15.9 mm, equipped Xiaolong 835 processor, 6GB ram, 64GB storage battery, 2300mAh.
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(9 day ago) What is the so-called "routine", he carefully conceal mentioning guess is Face, the AH ID face unlock (kill fingerprint) or abandon the 3.5mm headset hole, however not "bang"...... Go back to the release time, GS8 and GS6 are released in March, listed in April, GS7 was released in February, listed in March, so the GS9 established in January CES 2018?
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(9 day ago) Tencent Francisco, even days, apple iPhone X mobile phone broke the "green line", users see the dazzling green lines on both sides of the screen, Apple has provided the replacement of mobile phone service. However, according to South Korean media reports, the fault is likely to have a relationship with Samsung screen quality, Samsung mobile phone has also been in trouble broke the pink line. But the ultimate reason is also determined by Apple's survey.
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(9 day ago) On November 14, Wang Dongsheng, founder and chairman of the BOE, said in Wuhan that next BOE will strategically deploy in the field of Internet of Things (IoT) to explore the opportunities and challenges in the market of devices, smart systems, health services and sensors under the Internet of Things (IoT) era , And work together industry chain partners to create IoT ecosystem.
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(9 day ago) Concept Map Today, GeekBench 4 database appeared model SM-G965F run points, the chip identified as Exynos 9810, system Andrews 8.0, from the model projections should be Galaxy S9 +.
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(9 day ago) Samsung Galaxy Note 8 "heaven 2: Revolution" special edition has been in South Korea to open consumer purchase, is expected in November 16th in South Korea local pricing will be on sale; 1331000 won, equivalent to NT about 35900 yuan.
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(10 day ago) But whether it is S8 or Note 8, the fingerprint identification module is placed on the side of the camera, it is quite inconvenient, often inadvertently, is considered the biggest failure of two flagship machine. Today, friends @ two Zhang Wei fat exposed alleged Galaxy S9 CAD rendering, can will continue to post center double camera obviously (160 billion 16 million pixels), but see from the level of arrangement to vertical, and the fingerprint identification from the right to the bottom, which everyone should be happy.
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(10 day ago) According to "Korea Herald" reported that the market research firm Strategy Analytics report released on Sunday said that Samsung Electronics in the fourth quarter of this year China smartphone market share will drop to less than 2%. According to Strategy Analytics previously reported, in the third quarter of this year, Samsung's share in China's smart machine market was 2%, ranking ninth.
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(10 day ago) "Now it's not good to talk about cell phones without AI." Zhang Daijun, president of the Samsung Electronics China Research Institute, said with a smile at AIWorld2017 World Artificial Intelligence Conference held recently.
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