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(1 day ago) According to the information from GeekBeach exposure, Samsung's low-end new processor number is Universal7570_Go, single-core running 617, multi-core 1669, processor base frequency 1.43GHz, quad-core design, 1GB RAM, The system is running Android 8.1.
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(2 day ago) At present, many mobile phone manufacturers have cooperated with Google to launch Android Go devices. Now Samsung has joined in. On June 22nd, according to SamMobile, a device model SM-J260G appeared on GeekBench. The machine is equipped with 1GB of memory and runs Android 8.1 system.
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(2 day ago) The front face of the charger is square, using skin like material, and the middle carving is stamped with Samsung's Logo:SAMSUNG. The charger wire is also provided with wire tape, which is very convenient for wire storage. The plug of the charger is a beauty rule, but it can also be used in China.
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(3 day ago) It sounds strange, but in a recently discovered patent, this point is explained in detail, suggesting that Samsung does not intend to use a frontal bangs, but is more interested in some very innovative methods. As seen in the sketches, Samsung can almost eliminate the bottom of the chin, and keep the small border for all the front parts, such as the camera and the receiver, on the top of the display.
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(3 day ago) Samsung has already disclosed that it will be the Xiaolong 730, which is the first to be announced by 10nm, an improved version of 8nm. Back to Samsung's 7Nm EUV (ultra violet photolithography), the use of wavelength 13.5nm ultraviolet (wavelength range is 10~400nm) instead of the present 193nm ArF (argon fluoride) immersion lithography, thus making the transistor more precise.
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(3 day ago) Samsung's NF1 NVMe hard drive looks like an M.2 interface, but it is not, it is NGSFF specifications, 3.05 cm wide, 11 cm long, a bit wider than the M.2 22110 hard drive, mainly for the data center market, replacing The traditional 2.5-inch NVMe hard disk, ultra-small size can be inserted in the 2U rack 72 8TB hard drive, composed of 576TB hard disk array, which is the world's largest capacity 2U disk array.
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(4 day ago) Hardware specifications: The aircraft is equipped with Exynos 8890 processor, equipped with 4GB of memory +64GB storage, camera 16 million pixels. Previously, South Korean media ETNews quoted a person familiar with the situation as saying that Samsung is developing a collapsible smartphone. If Samsung can solve the technical problems and achieve a truly "foldable form," then it is possible to lead the market in the brand-new mobile phone design field and differentiate itself from its rivals. Competitiveness.
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(5 day ago) The device may have a 10.1-inch display with WUXGA resolution and a resolution of 1920 x 1200. The device runs Android 8.0 Oreo and has some very good hardware features.
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(5 day ago) The Mali series can be seen on the Huawei 970, MediaTek X20/X25, Samsung 8890, and other processors. The PowerVR series is equipped with MediaTek X30 and Apple A10 processors. The Qualcomm 845 and 835 chips use the Adreno series. .
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(5 day ago) According to reports, Samsung will begin mass production of DRAM chips manufactured using EUV 1ynm in 2020. EUV lithography is currently used by Samsung, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., and Intel for 7nm process nodes, and is generally manufactured by an AP (application processor).
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(7 day ago) A jury in Texas, a federal local court in Texas, ruled on Friday that Samsung infringed a patent for a university in South Korea to pay the latter $400 million, foreign media reported.
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(8 day ago) In addition to Samsung, the two other chip makers, Qualcomm Corp and GlobalFoundries, were also found to have infringed the patent technology, but the two companies were not told to pay any damages to the Korean technical institute. It is reported that the Korean Institute of technology has launched a lawsuit accusing Samsung Electronics of violating its finned transistor technology (FinFET) process related proprietary technology.
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(10 day ago) However, the above news was overturned by the well-known broke man Onleaks. He emphasized that the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 full-body CAD photos of the world’s first two weeks of the previous week were more credible, but there was no confirmation of such a key.
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(10 day ago) On June 14th, GSMArena revealed that Samsung had demonstrated the working principle of this folding smartphone at the CES2018 show. The machine was named Galaxy X. According to industry sources, the Galaxy X is priced at about $1,850 (approximately RMB12,000). It is reported that the Samsung Galaxy X will be put into production sometime in November to ensure that it will be released on time in 2019.
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(10 day ago) Earlier this year, Samsung announced plans to launch a smart speaker using the Bixby voice assistant in the second half of the year. However, apart from confirming the existence of the device, the company has not disclosed any information about the speaker. According to information previously obtained, the Bixby speaker was developed under the code name “Lux”, and the Samsung patent shared by LetsGoDigital today revealed the possible design of this speaker.
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(10 day ago) The company said on Wednesday that its Samsung NEXT business in Silicon Valley has set up a new fund to invest in early start-ups "solving AI, and using AI to solve computer science problems."
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(10 day ago) Is Intel's technology really bad? Obviously not. Although all called xxnm, but in contrast, Intel is undoubtedly the most rigorous, has been in the pursuit of the highest technical indicators, and because of the rapid increase in the difficulty of semiconductor technology, Intel 10nm has been hard to produce.
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(10 day ago) Park Hyung-woo, an analyst from SK, said: Parts affiliates and Tier 1 subcontractors are expected to begin supplying parts to Samsung’s mobile phone unit in November this year so that the company can assemble the handset for launch next year. According to the information currently available, this foldable phone has two modes. One of them is a one-handed folding mode with a screen diagonal size of 4.5 inches. After the expansion, the diagonal of the screen reached 7.3 inches.
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(10 day ago) The image above is a prototype of the Samsung Sound Screen debuted at the SID 2018 Display Week. This move is expected to reduce the number of components visible on the front of the Samsung Smart and eliminate the need for huge speaker openings in all directions.
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(11 day ago) phoneArena said that this design is reasonable, because the rotatable speaker and 7 microphone design can increase the recognition speed, and realize that the user can automatically adjust the position of the speakers. In addition, Samsung Smart Speakers have a small display with touch functionality that can be used to display text, photos, videos, and recognize various gestures.
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(11 day ago) As before, it is available in 24K yellow gold, 18K rose gold, and platinum. The phone's storage capacity is 64GB and 128GB. Some of these personalization options can include only the back fingerprint area as a precious metal material, or customized patterns such as roaring lions and tigers, etc., or they can be customized in all directions, but only 99 places, and it takes 21 days. Time to make.
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(12 day ago) Tencent Technology News, June 12 According to foreign media reports, Apple and Samsung's long seven-year patent war between the seemingly unfinished. Samsung has just rejected the court’s demand for compensation of Apple’s $533 million verdict and has submitted a motion for a reconsideration.
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(13 day ago) Apple and Samsung are the two biggest smartphones in the world, both of which take more than 95% of the smartphone market's profits. The relationship between apple and Samsung can be said to be both a deadly enemy and a good friend. Apple needs Samsung to provide parts such as screens, chips and other parts, and Samsung has also gained a lot of profits. Both sides are the competitive enemy in the terminal market. Both the new model marketing war and the seven year old century patent war have been strife.
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(14 day ago) On June 9 news, according to media Business Korea reports, this year, Samsung Electronics continues to maintain its position as the world's leading semiconductor industry leader. With the slowdown of Intel's growth and the prosperity of the memory semiconductor market, Samsung Electronics is likely to dominate the semiconductor industry for the second consecutive year.
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(15 day ago) There are also two domestic mobile phones in TOP10, namely Red Rice 5A and Red Rice 5 Plus (the Indian market is called Redmi Note 5), while other seats are all taken by Apple Samsung. Since the current price of the iPhone 6/7 has dropped to the mid-range level, Apple's products actually cover a very rich price segment, prompting consumers with limited budgets to start falling into the market.
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(15 day ago) The three-circumference size of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is 161.9 x 76.3 × 8.8 mm, which is thicker than the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 (the 8.6mm is thick and the screen size is 6.3 inches.)
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(15 day ago) In the first quarter, Samsung's sales in the semiconductor industry amounted to US $18 billion 607 million, an increase of 45.4% over the same period last year, a growth of 1.6% over the same period and a market share of 16.1%. This enabled Samsung Electronics to further expand its lead in Intel. In the quarter, Intel's revenue was $15 billion 745 million, an increase of 11.1% over the previous year and a market share of 13.6%.
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(16 day ago) Obviously, OPPO's scheduled screen will not be equipped with OPPO Find X. Because Find X was released in mid-June, there is a conflict in time. According to previous news, OPPO Find X will use a 6.42-inch screen.
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(16 day ago) First of all, fingerprint sensors that are only partially integrated into the display are consistent with Samsung's attempt to increase screen coverage. Galaxy S10 may keep a narrow border at the bottom of the screen, which is where a small part of the sensor will be placed.
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(16 day ago) As a modular display device, the The Wall Professional is designed to be modular in order to be added or removed according to the customer's display size requirements. At the same time, Samsung announced that its customers could book The Wall from now on. The shipment time is expected to be the 3 quarter of this year.
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