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(1 day ago) Editor's note: the the Atlantic monthly magazine recently published an article linking the Gates hearing in 1998 to the Zuckerberg hearing in 2018. The article believes that the Internet was still better than Facebook, although there was a network bubble.
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(2 day ago) In the primitive order, people can be naturally forgotten in the original order, and each person's behavior, behavior, and conversation will be recorded. Of course, most of them will be forgotten, but some words and deeds will be remembered for a long time, and thus be Judging as good, capable, bad, lazy.
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(3 day ago) Judging from the domestic development process, smart speaker products that have been available for only 2-3 years have gradually passed the first initial exploration phase. In particular, from the recent smart phone conferences attended by all major players, compared with the previous generation products, in order to avoid homogeneity, various companies entering the market gradually have their own positioning and play.
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(3 day ago) China Securities Network (intern reporter: Zhang Xian) April 16th, International Medicine (000516) signed a "New Medical Innovation Cooperation Agreement" with Alibaba and its subsidiary Ali Health and jointly invested in the construction of "Ali Health Xian High-tech Co., Ltd." "Internet hospitals," "co-established" medical artificial intelligence laboratory "and other agreements, after the signing of the agreement, the two sides will be in the "Internet + medical health &rdquo ...
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(5 day ago) Following the closing of the live broadcast and commenting functions, Vibrato also cancelled the video watermark because all videos uploaded to the chatter were watermarked and downloaded locally, regardless of whether or not they were audited. This led to some problems when the video was transmitted through other channels, causing confusion and misunderstandings of media and netizens.
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(5 day ago) Recently, white Formica Mobell to bicycle beauty group consortium, Chinese the original story, into the "garbage time". A month ago, soon after the network drops to eat in the car about exclusive delicacy, sound criticism, also ushered in the amateur competitors, Ctrip, the U.S. group, began to snatch net about the car market.
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(6 day ago) On April 12, at the 2018 China "Internet" Digital economy Summit, Pony Ma, chairman and chief executive officer of Tencent's board of directors, gave a speech on the theme "Internet for Digital China Construction."Said it will use seven tools, including Mini Programs, to help the digital development of various industries, to build a smart life.
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(8 day ago) The background is that there are only a few hundred third-party fund sales licenses on the market. "This means that more than 90% of third-party wealth companies will face no product to sell. At the same time, subjectively they will face the dilemma of being unable to sell." Huang Jianxiang said bluntly. On the same day, Chen Wen, a researcher at the New Finance and Venture Capital Research Center of Peking University, said in an interview with a 21st Century Business Herald reporter that the Internet asset management business rectification emphasizes licensing and that the design of asset management products requires the support of brokers and other license plates; Asset Management Product Sales...
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(10 day ago) April 9, 2018 - 2017 is a year of AI (artificial intelligence). After a whole year of development, what is the development of the talent market in the AI ​​field? In response to this problem, the domestic high-end talent career development platform recruitment and joint GMIC Beijing 2018 Conference recently released the "AI Talent Competitiveness Report" (hereinafter referred to as the "Report").
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(11 day ago) Since the end of January this year, China Ping An issued an announcement saying that the Group has submitted an application for the independent listing of Ping An Health Medical Technology Co., Ltd., a listed entity of “Peaceful Doctor”, on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Many leading Internet medical companies have taken steps forward. Sprint the runway of the IPO.
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(15 day ago) Du Chuan means that, without an authorized license, an asset management service on an internet platform without agency qualifications will be scrutinized. On March 28th, the first meeting of the Central Deepening Reform Commission reviewed and adopted the Guiding Opinions on Regulating the Asset Management Business of Financial Institutions, and regulated the asset management businesses of formal financial institutions such as banks, insurance companies, brokers, funds and trusts. .
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(16 day ago) After the Internet giants entered the game, the fund sales area began to rise. Ant Financial, Tencent Financial, Baidu Finance, and Jingdong Finance all held third-party fund sales licenses. Together with Dongfang Wealth’s Tiantian Fund, Tencent’s share of the same flush fund, it’s easy to buy. Funds, etc., divided up the majority of fund sales market. At the same time, the endless stream of red package promotions also came into being one after another.
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(17 day ago) March 31st is the anniversary of the 20th anniversary of the establishment of Mozilla. Mitchell Baker, Chairman of the Mozilla Foundation, issued a blog post commemorating this special day.
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(22 day ago) On March 28th, according to CoinDesk website, Kakao, a Korean Internet giant, has confirmed that it will set up a new block chain company, but it denied plans for the first ICO.
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(25 day ago) The theft of 100 bitcoin was "ghost" by the host in the case, Haidian procuratorate found technology crime prosecution department investigation, the suspect of a secondary Department of Haidian District, a technology company operation engineer. In a secondary server maintenance server found abnormal data, others have tried by means of hacker intrusion, server and try to steal the company bitcoin, after excluding abnormal interference, he gourmets or evil, the use of access login server administrator and inserted into a piece of code, which will be 100 companies transferred to bitcoin the registered in the foreign website bitcoin wallet.
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(30 day ago) According to Tencent Technology News, according to foreign media reports, some people recently compared risky technology stocks with relatively safe utility stocks. This reminds people of what happened before the dotcom bubble burst 18 years ago.
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(30 day ago) Tencent Technology News, March 20, according to foreign media reports, according to a study released by Morgan Stanley this Monday, the current trend of Bitcoin and the Nasdaq during the Internet bubble of 20 years ago is very similar, but the expansion The speed is much faster than that year.
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(30 day ago) According to incomplete statistics, there are more than 60 newly-emerged enterprises in the domestic Internet industry. Although there are a large number of internet companies, only Xiaopeng, Weilai cars, cars and homes, and Weimar cars will be among the Internet car makers planning to launch mass-produced cars this year.
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(31 day ago) They may be outside of your life circle, but China's middle-aged and old people are also deeply influenced by the Internet. On March 19th, the Tencent Social Research Center and the Chinese State Academy of Social Sciences Investigation and Big Data Research Center and other institutions jointly released the “Internet Life Research Report for Middle-aged and Older People”, which reported a multi-faceted interpretation of the Internet life of people over the age of 50. The various online behaviors surrounding the "silver family" and how to promote and promote the use of the Internet by the middle-aged and the elderly provide a new perspective.
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(32 day ago) On March 18, according to foreign media reports, the Shanghai Stock Exchange recently announced that the Internet e-commerce supply chain Asset Backed Securitization (ABS) initiated by Ant Financial has been approved as the country's first single.
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(32 day ago) A copyright proposal considered by the EU requires all platforms that host a large amount of content uploaded by users to scan all content in order to ensure that there is no copyright infringement. The proposal aims to prevent the media from pirating, but it may have a serious impact on a large number of developers who use services such as the code repository GitHub. According to the new law, GitHub will be forced to filter the code.
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(33 day ago) A few days ago, Apple’s co-founder Steve Jobs’s application letter when he was young triggered a great deal of attention. According to the latest news from foreign media, the auction of this cover letter has ended and a British buyer successfully bid for the item for US$174,400.
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(33 day ago) “A license plate containing 5 business licenses can have a maximum bid price of 3 billion yuan and a fair price of at least 1.2 billion yuan. Whether it is internet payment, mobile phone card payment, or bank acquiring business, as long as the business covers the whole country, Individual business licenses can be as high as 700 million yuan and the fair value is more than 400 million yuan.
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(35 day ago) In the financial field, the most vulnerable problem to consumer fraud is Internet finance. On March 15, "International Consumer Rights and interests Day," the paperboard combed "training loans" and "medical and American loans", promising high fixed returns and self-financing platforms. Illegal precious metals trading, a variety of incomprehensible "currency" several common financial fraud, the hope is that consumers can tell the truth.
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(35 day ago) In December last year, Ford Motor Co. and Alibaba Group also signed a letter of intent for cooperation, announcing that the two parties will carry out multi-dimensional cooperation in the areas of car networking, smart mobile services and digital marketing. In the initial stage of cooperation, the two parties will focus on conducting pilot research on digital solutions for new retail sales of automobiles and using digital channels to tap new retail opportunities.
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(36 day ago) Today is the Internet, also known as the World Wide Web 29th birthday, from the initial dial-up Internet access to the current fiber-optic connection, the Internet continues to develop, this is the first time in history that more than half of the global population online. In the past few years, new problems have emerged in the Internet, because network access has become necessary, and the digital divide between accessers and non-access users is obvious. Those unable to access the Internet cannot obtain the world’s largest source of information.
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(37 day ago) The publication of outstanding cases of educational informatization has resulted in the formation of 30 regional and 60 school demonstration cases in the field of basic education. Through the resource system, we have achieved full coverage of resources and services for more than 10 provinces, developed 362 school hours of digital education resources for rural primary and secondary schools and distributed them for free. The “One Division One Excellent Course, One Lesson One Teacher” activity has added a new class “Excellent Class”. 10,000 yuan, an orderly promotion of the construction of a teaching resource pool for vocational education, and the identification of the second batch of more than 500 national quality online open courses.
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(37 day ago) Recently, there has been constant friction between the "classical Internet" and "modern blockchain." The "Internet Plus" that was frequently shouting in the past two years seems to be a reverberation from a distant era.
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(45 day ago) Ten years ago in the IT Times editorial, Thomas Friedman discussed in the book "the World is flat" that the advent of technology has made China and many developing countries part of the world economy, and the world has become flat. The earth is getting smaller. Today, the same trend is happening in China, and with the development of the Internet, especially the mobile Internet, the gap between urban and rural areas is gradually being bridged.
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