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(5 hr ago) Today, Musish is online. It's a brand new version of Apple Music, which uses a design similar to the official Apple Music. You need to log on to your Apple ID when you use it, and you don't need to worry about security because you use the official Apple API to complete the authorization. Visit: Apple Online Store (China)
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(4 day ago) Visit: Apple Online Store (China) Apple Pay is expanding steadily in Europe, Asia and the Middle East, and landed in Belgium and Kazakhstan last November. Last month, Apple Pay landed in Germany and is about to land in Saudi Arabia.
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(10 day ago) Early on January 8, Beijing time, Apple confirmed today that it is levying a sales tax on the purchase of TV, movies, music and audio books on iTunes in Canada. The change took effect last week, and now Apple confirms the new policy.
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(10 day ago) The product is called "Griffin PowerBlock Fast Wireless Charging Pad with Apple Watch Dock". Next is a mobile power supply with built-in Qi wireless charging, with a battery capacity of 5000 mAh, a micro-USB, and a USB-A port (10W output).
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(15 day ago) Visit: Apple Online Store (China) Cedric M. uses sandpaper to create wooden textures, then uses synthetic fiber dyes and paints to color Pencil's nibs, pens and caps, and has earned wide acclaim after sharing photos on Reddit.
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(18 day ago) Beats 1 Radio presenter and DJ Zane Lowe recently accepted an interview with Globe and Mail, in which he talked about Apple Music's situation compared to its main competitors.
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(18 day ago) Visit: Apple Online Store (China) AT&T This charging accessory is called Power Drum, which can charge the Apple Watch on the front and the iPhone on the top. The Power Drum uses the Qi standard and can output 10W of power, but the iPhone wireless charging is only 7.5W.
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(22 day ago) In addition to the potential protracted battle with Qualcomm, Apple has recently been sued by Fintiv, a Texas company. The company claims to be a new company made up of "veterans" of the industry. It was founded in 2018, but has more than 20 years of industry experience. The company employs between 11 and 50 people and belongs to the mobile payment and marketing industries.
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(22 day ago) Visit: Apple Online Store (China) Fintiv is a typical patented troll company. The problematic patent relates to the storage and use of digital wallet data for mobile devices. Fintiv believes that patent-infringing devices include almost all iPhones, Apple Watches, and more.
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(30 day ago) So far, we've seen a lot of Android smartphone makers or their brand ambassadors promoting their own products on the iPhone, such as Samsung and Huawei. Apple Apple Music's official Twitter account was found to use Twitter to send text messages.
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(35 day ago) More than three years after the launch of Apple Music, one feature will be cut off, but many people probably never use the function called Connect. Connect came out with Apple Music in 2015. Apple hopes to use it to connect artists and fans. Users can see new songs, photos, videos, song lists, interviews and blogs released by concerned artists. This is seen as a social attempt by Apple.
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(35 day ago) Visit: Apple's online store (China) CommBank posted the news on the official Twitter account, except for the time, other details are not clear. CommBank is one of the four largest banks in Australia. The other three major banks are National Australia Bank (NAB), Australia and New Zealand Banking Group (ANZ) and Westpac Bank (WBC).
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(35 day ago) But the incident caused Tumblr to suffer a lot, and its owner was at least somewhat worried about losing millions of iOS users. However, the content rectification ban for Tumblr will not take effect until December 17, which means that the Tumblr app will have more time to display adult content. Visit: Apple Online Store (China)
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(36 day ago) Visit: Apple Online Store (China) Beijing Rain Shanghai Apple Pay Express Traffic Card Discount 1 Concerning the Discount on this Apple Pay Traffic Card is only for new users. If you do not have the traffic card function before your iPhone in Beijing and Shanghai, you can participate in the discount.
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(36 day ago) Starting Dec. 10, Apple launched a low-key wave of Apple Pay traffic card discounts. If you are a new card user, there will be a 30 yuan fee to send 30 yuan event.
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(37 day ago) Interview: HomePod sells for 269 pounds after Apple Online Store (China) uses promotional codes. The promotion was sent by email, which included a button "Click to get the promotion code". At present, it is not clear whether Apple will offer promotions in other countries and regions.
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(37 day ago) If you need to back up image and video material, it's better to have a local storage device that supports high-speed transmission. It would also be convenient to mobilize information at any time. Faced with this demand, Les LaCie launched a Mac-compatible 6TB desktop storage device. Today, the product is officially available on Apple Store.
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(38 day ago) Apple has already opened Apple Pay's bus card function in China this year. Apple Pay users in Beijing and Shanghai can already enter the iPhone or Apple Pay on the bus and subway.
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(38 day ago) Access: Apple online Store (China) Apple CEO Tim Cook confirmed in July that the, Apple Pay will launch, Apple Pay in Germany at the end of the year, and that the, Apple Pay will also be listed as "coming out" on Apple's German website.
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(38 day ago) In an interview with Reuters, Vestag said that she will pay close attention to Google and Amazon before her end of the term. In the past 18 months, Google has been fined a total of 6.8 billion euros (about 7.7 billion US dollars) for violating EU regulations.
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(39 day ago) Visit: Apple Online Store (China) 1. Apple Watch Magnetically Charging Base Open-Box Packaging, as always, uses Apple White Simple Style, shape is square. Compared with the old model, there is an extra charging line at the bottom of the new packaging picture.
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(39 day ago) If you've ever visited Apple's Apple Store retail store and been helped by its employees, you might think that Apple keeps these people at a high salary, but that's not the case. According to the Guardian, the salaries of Apple salesmen are actually lower than the industry average.
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(42 day ago) Another Lisa computer was also successfully auctioned, with a target price of $30,000 to $50,000 and a final transaction price of $31,250. Some of the items related to the late Apple founder Jobs have a collection value. Recently, there is also a report that the first issue of the Macworld magazine with the signature of Jobs is being auctioned, and the transaction price may exceed $10,000.
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(43 day ago) It was reported on the morning of December 6 that a handwritten manuscript by the late Apple CEO Steve Jobs failed to sell at the auction of History of Science and Technology and Space History at Bonham, New York, USA, for a maximum of $28,000.
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(45 day ago) Access: Apple Online Store (China) IDC data refer to a wide range of wearable products, in addition to smart watches, there are also sport bracelets. Overall, the global wearable product market reached 32 million units in the last quarter, up 21.7% from the same period last year.
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(46 day ago) Access: The Apple Online Store (China) table itself mentions that the board uses 6800, 6501 or 6502 microprocessors, and Jobs boasts that the product has a complete CRT terminal and 58 IC, as well as 8K memory and basic ROM. At the bottom of the table, the price of the motherboard and brochure was $75, which Jobs thought was a good deal. He also provided contact information and several Polaroid photos.
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(46 day ago) It is believed that every user who has visited Apple Store's official retail store to buy products will have heard of the salesman selling Apple Care. So what exactly is Apple Care? Is Apple Care worth buying? We will answer all the questions in this article, such as what services are available after the purchase of AppleCare, how to repair them, and how to transfer AppleCare.
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(49 day ago) As expected, Apple Pay was launched in Belgium today, and Apple users in Belgium can finally use Apple's contactless mobile payment system, provided that there is relevant bank support. It is worth mentioning that Apple Pay in the region has taken an exclusive partnership with BNP Paribas and its subsidiaries Fintro and Hello Bank.
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(51 day ago) In recent years, the development of mobile payment has exceeded our expectations and changed our payment life. Recently, Merchant Machine, a market research company, released the number of mobile payment users on different platforms worldwide in 2017.
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(52 day ago) The new iPad Pro screen has larger visual area, and the new Apple Pencil, which supports magnetism, has become more efficient. For example, two light stylus can activate additional functions... All of these provide a better experience for users who use the iPad to create content. Perhaps you also have an impulse from your heart:
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