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(1 day ago) Visit: Apple Online Store (China) Just Water is a water company. The main raw materials for packaging are paper and plant materials. Most of them are recyclable, and the carbon emissions are much lower than most of the peers. It is more environmentally friendly than standard plastic bottles. .
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(3 day ago) Apple Music has a carefully selected playlist and a carefully planned music collection, and its "For You" (recommended for you) greatly improves Apple Music's recommendation function. Apple Music upgraded "For You" now makes more personalized music theme recommendations for each member, changing from daily updates to full-time updates.
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(4 day ago) Apple updated the precautions for the second generation of Apple Pencil on April 16th. It is mentioned that the second generation Apple Pencil and iPad Pro 2018 will have strange interference effects on the car electronic key, if you are using the second generation Apple Pencil charging while using the vehicle's keyless entry system may cause keyless entry system sensing failures.
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(12 day ago) According to data released by the Wall Street Journal last weekend, as of February of this year, the number of users of Apple Music Music in the two giants of streaming music music reached 28 million in the United States, while Spotify Premium has 26 million subscribers in the United States.
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(14 day ago) HSBC analysts said in a memo on Thursday that by 2024, Apple Card may bring $1.5 billion in revenue to Apple and hopefully make the company one of the top ten card issuers, not only for cooperative banks. Goldman Sachs brings unexpected benefits, and it is also true for this iPhone maker.
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(14 day ago) The Student Edition Apple Music is priced at 49 rubles, before 60 rubles. The home subscription price has dropped from 190 rubles to 149 rubles. The subscription annual fee has been reduced from 1200 rubles to 999 rubles.
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(15 day ago) Visit: Apple's online store (China) HSBC's Nigel Fletcher pointed out in a report that the bank has a "huge potential exclusive market", probably half of Apple's US installation base (about 146 million).
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(15 day ago) Visit: Apple's online store (China) Singapore's transportation agency is expected to increase support for Visa cards in the second half of 2019. The New York City bus system will conduct a pilot Apple Pay payment. According to TechCrunch's Matthew Panzarino, this spring began and then extended the functionality to other product lines for the rest of the year.
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(17 day ago) According to the New York Times, in the 48 hours after the launch of the March 25 launch, Apple's Apple News service received a good number of initial users. More than two hundred thousand iPhone,iPad and Mac users have enabled Apple News subscriptions.
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(17 day ago) Access: Appearances in the Apple Online Store (China) include Continuity Camera, FaceTime Group Chat, Hey Siri, AirDrop Airdrop, iPad Multitasking, Apple Pencil, iWork Suite and more.
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(17 day ago) Visit: Apple Online Store (China) Apple has admitted in the past that this Apple Watch may have problems with battery drum kits and can provide up to three years of free repair service after purchase. However, the complaint alleges that the company often blamed the problem on “accidental damage” and therefore “refused to provide repairs” during the warranty period.
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(21 day ago) Visit: Apple Online Store (China) Apple News+ subscription service is priced at $9.99 per month (free for the first month), the same as before Texture. But for Android users of Texture, this may not be a good news, because Apple News+ only supports iPhone, iPad and Mac platforms.
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(21 day ago) Visit: Apple Online Store (China) has its weaknesses in regional markets, including China and Europe. In fact, Jabra beat Apple by 14% in Europe, thanks to the arrival of new brands such as Arbily, HolyHigh and Vigoshop.
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(21 day ago) Apple Card is undoubtedly the most popular product at Apple's March 25 launch. Although Apple introduced the features of Apple Card in detail and launched a special website, there are still many doubts about the credit card which will not be available until summer. Some details of the card were disclosed by media such as 9to5Mac and TechCrunch.
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(22 day ago) Access: Apple Online Store (China) physical card is not charged, although (titanium alloy) is expensive. There is no extra charge even if the replacement card is lost. After the card is stolen, the card can be frozen in the app. The physical card opening process is also extremely simple, no need to call to activate, just need to put the card close to the iPhone, and no signature.
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(22 day ago) In the early morning of March 26, Apple held the spring 2019 conference as scheduled. At this conference, Apple did not announce any content related to new hardware. It only released three subscription services and one entity of Apple News, Apple Arcade and Apple TV. Credit card Apple Card.
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(23 day ago) Visit: Apple Online Store (China) This location is scheduled to open on April 17. The Jewel Changi Airport is designed with a five-story open-air garden and more than 280 stores. Another new store is located at Marina Bay Sands Resort next to Singapore's Central Business District. Both locations look unique and consistent with the Apple Store 2.0 design that the company has advanced in recent years.
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(24 day ago) Updates to iOS 12.2 and macOS 10.14.4 have brought new Apple News, to users, but some Apple News users and Apple News subscribers have found the new service a little bad because it has been dodging.
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(24 day ago) Visit: The new iOS 12.2 document released by Apple Online Store (China) recently shows that the ECG monitoring information function can be used not only in WatchOS 5.1.2 version of Apple Watch 4, but also in non-American WatchOS 5.2 version of Apple Watch 4 and devices above the 5S of the iPhone.
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(24 day ago) After releasing the official version of iOS 12.2 on Monday, Apple subsequently released the latest version of the Mac operating system, macOS Mojave 10.14.4, which supports the Apple News+ subscription service announced at the press conference.
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(24 day ago) Visit: Apple Online Store (China), a company based in Cupertino, Calif., has partnered with Goldman Sachs to open a new business. As a card issuer, payment processing is performed on credit cards and MasterCard.
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(25 day ago) (photo via:Cnet) Foreign media Deadline points out that the series of < Little America > is based on real stories in Epic magazine. It shows a collective picture of American immigrants and is a true portrayal of the United States itself.
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(25 day ago) Apple held its first conference in 2019 at 1 am on March 26, Beijing time. Before the conference, Apple had already launched a series of new products on the official website, such as iPad Air, iPad mini, AirPods and iMac product series. There are updates.
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(25 day ago) Access: the entire registration process for the Apple online Store (China) is also very simple. If you are currently using Apple News, you just need to make sure the system and application are running the latest version. IOS 12.2 or above is required on iPhone and iPad for use.
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(25 day ago) Visit: Apple Online Store (China) 1. What is Apple Card Apple Card? Apple Card is a credit card service launched by Apple. It can be used only on the iPhone, but also can handle physical cards as traditional credit cards to support Apple Pay.
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(25 day ago) In the live broadcast, this passage of "lights out time" is the longest, it seems that the scene is moving more laborious. As one of Apple TV's many content partners, Sesame Street really brings us a surprise.
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(25 day ago) "We need to remain open, resolve our differences and contribute to our hopes and dreams," Apple online Store China said at an on-demand, on-demand (pictured via:Apple Insider) Oprah conference.
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(25 day ago) Visit: Apple Online Store (China) Just pick up the iPhone to sign up, get a virtual card in one minute, the initial partner can choose Goldman Sachs and MasterCard (global), and then start to experience the data with the smartphone Integration capabilities, Apple Card can easily check the balance, quota and details, unlike the traditional credit card bills, all of which are graphical, you can see the business information in graphic form, and even locate on Apple Maps The place of consumption.
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(25 day ago) Appearing after Apple New+ is the Apple Credit Card Service Apple Card. Apple Card can be seen as Apple's positive move in the payment field after Apple Pay. At the press conference, Apple announced that Apple Pay's 2019 transaction volume is expected to reach $10 billion.
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(28 day ago) Visit: The Apple Online Store (China) now has the "Browse" tab in the middle of the Apple Music icon bar, adding a playlist of "100 Hottest Singles a Day" below the "New Album". Next up are Weekend Warrior and the latest music.
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