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(1 hr ago) Moreover, some mobile phone manufacturers, such as glory, Redmi, iQOO, etc., will ensure the performance of the flagship mobile phone as much as possible under a limited budget. At the same time, chip makers update the flagship SoC every year, which also guarantees the performance of the flagship phone.
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(9 hr ago) Tencent Technologies News, June 17, according to Taiwanese media reports, TSMC sprint 5 nanometers, has asked equipment suppliers to layout production capacity before October this year, is expected to produce in the first quarter of next year, Apple will be the first customer to import production.
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(1 day ago) AMD's processor + X570 chipset provides a total of 44 PCIe 4.0 channels, of which 36 are available, 16 for the X570 chipset and 24 for the Ruilong 3000 processor. Compared to Intel's Z390 platform, the X570 is really kind at this point.
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(2 day ago) Recently, the team of researchers from the Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Qin Jianhua, made new progress in the cultivation of human islet organs using organ chip technology. The results were published in the lab chip field Lab on a chip and were selected as cover articles.
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(3 day ago) 22FFL is an improved version process developed by Intel combined with 22nm and 14nm FinFET process. L in FFL stands for Low Leakage. The leakage current is lower. The index lies between the two processes. The transistor density is 18.8 million transistors/square millimeter, which is slightly better than 22nm process. However, its advantages are low power consumption and low cost. After all, 22nm process has been produced for so many years.
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(4 day ago) In addition, AMD also launched PCIe 4.0 support (referring to consumer market) on the new generation of AM4 platform, leading technological progress, and we also know that AMD no longer regards X570 platform as a low-end product, hoping to achieve high-end image.
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(5 day ago) Figure 1: The IPU accelerator card from the British artificial intelligence chip hardware design startup Graphcore uses black marker to drill and chart on the “nodes” of the human brain. These nodes are usually responsible for the “contemplation or thinking part” of the brain.
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(5 day ago) Visit: The Apple Online Store (China) Broadcom elaborated on Apple's intentions, but did not have to buy these components. Normally, the transaction depends on whether Broadcom can meet the quantity, quality and delivery standards. Broadcom is a long-term partner of Apple. Its devices can be traced back to the early iPhone. The components it provides for Apple include touch screen controllers, wireless charging devices, and, most importantly, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modules.
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(6 day ago) Netease Technologies News, June 11, news, Huami Technologies today released a series of new products carrying self-developed intelligent wearable artificial intelligence chips (Huangshan 1). Among them are the newly developed AMAZFIT meter motion health watch and AMAZFIT smart watch 2.
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(6 day ago) On the afternoon of June 11, Huami Technologies held a new summer product conference in Beijing. At this conference, Huang Wang, founder and CEO of Huami Technologies, announced that Huangshan No. 1 was officially applied in mass production.
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(6 day ago) Although Intel is already the largest manufacturer of computer chips in the United States, it does not currently produce chips that manage communications over Ethernet. This chip technology is widely used to connect huge computer and server networks. At present, this area of network chips is dominated by Broadcom.
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(6 day ago) On May 18, 2019, at the YC China Entrepreneurs Meeting held by YC China, Lu Qi, founder and CEO of YC China and President of YC Global Research Institute, made a wonderful sharing on the theme of "entrepreneurial opportunities brought by technology-driven innovation".
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(8 day ago) Dong Mingzhu responded: "I feel right and wrong is to meet the needs of your own products, that is right. As for how much money to invest, it is wrong to make more money. It is right to vote less. I think It's not true. The result is completely reflected in the system control of your entire smart home. You are smart to do the best service, it is good.
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(10 day ago) It is reported that Luminous has received a total of 9 million US dollars in seed round financing, in addition to the above mentioned investors, BoxGroup, Emil Michael and former seed investors have participated in the investment. Luminous, a 7-person startup team, will focus on AI workloads and use photonics to solve bottlenecks in traditional processors.
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(11 day ago) According to foreign media reports, if you think that SpaceX has already impressed you with 60 Starlink satellites at the same time, then you may be wrong, because Cornell University holds 105 small satellites. It is reported that on March 18 this year, these micro-satellites named Sprite were deployed from the Kicksat-2 CubeSat at an altitude of 300 kilometers and formed a color-sized cannon-sized satellite group.
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(12 day ago) (in 2016, via Tom's Hardware), AMD authorized THATIC to develop x86 and SoC IP chips for $293 million, including the Chinese Academy of Sciences and private companies.)
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(12 day ago) Tencent Technology News, artificial intelligence has become the world's "red fried chicken" new technology, artificial intelligence chip companies naturally become the investment or mergers and acquisitions market, such as Israel computer vision identification chip company Mobileye has been spent by Intel Corporation billions The US dollar acquisition has become a springboard for Intel to enter the field of autonomous vehicles.
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(13 day ago) At present, the USB OTG interface of mobile phones and tablet terminals is mostly USB 2.0 standard, and the devices supporting USB 3.0 are few, and the flagship high-end models are mostly. Recently, the iPad Pro released by Apple is equipped with a USB-C port, and the test supports USB 3.0.
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(14 day ago) From ZTE last year to Huawei this year, the problem of semiconductor chip neck in China has become more and more prominent. These two sanctions have aggravated the sense of crisis of domestic science and technology companies. It is a serious hidden danger that core technology is restricted by the development of enterprises. Once the supply is cut off, the consequences can not be imagined.
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(14 day ago) Many people have no concept of domestic chips, blindly optimistic or inferior to domestic chip companies. In order to solve the problem of chip neck jam in China, we must first know what the domestic semiconductor companies are really bad at. Southwest Securities recently published a report that introduced the prospects of "autonomous controllability" of domestic integrated circuits and compared the share of domestic chips in core integrated circuits. As mentioned above, they will not use the application areas of computer, general electronics, communications, memory and display/video systems.
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(14 day ago) According to British media, the CEO of Britain's largest independent microchip company said that if the technology trade war escalated, the electronics industry would have no choice but to confront the United States with China because "all components are manufactured in China and Asia."
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(14 day ago) The old X470/X370/B350/A320 motherboard or PCIe 4.0 (via AnandTech) is not very difficult for the motherboard manufacturers to migrate from PCIe 3.0 to PCIe 4.0.
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(14 day ago) Tencent Technologies News, June 3, according to foreign media reports, according to people familiar with the matter, Infineon Semiconductor Semiconductor Semiconductor Semiconductor Semiconductor Semiconductor Semiconductor Semiconductor Semiconductor Semiconductor Semiconductor Semiconductor Semiconductor Semiconductor Sem
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(14 day ago) In the past, when building a portable SSD, the manufacturer needed to use an SSD master chip and a USB-PCIe bridge chip, which not only increased the cost and price, but also occupied a lot of internal space. Now with Huirong's solution, only one The chip can be fixed, and the USB SSD can be easily made into a large U disk.
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(14 day ago) It is reported that Ziguang Guowei stocks will resume trading on June 3rd. According to the announcement, Ziguang Liansheng is a holding company and was established in 2018 for the acquisition of Linxens related assets. Its core asset, Linxens, is one of the world's largest manufacturers of intelligent security chip components for the design and production of smart security chip micro connectors, RFID inlays and antennas, and ultra-thin flexible LED strips.
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(14 day ago) Cailian News Agency on June 2, Ziguang Guowei announced that the company intends to purchase the shares of Ziguang Shencai, Zijin Haikuan, Zijin Haiyue, Hongfeng Capital and Xinyi Investment through the issuance of shares. Liansheng 100% equity, the initial price of the underlying assets of the transaction is 18 billion yuan.
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(15 day ago) UPD350 series hardware platform is equipped with: ● 32-bit RISC-V core, on-chip Flash/SRAM and other MCU subsystems ● TCPM/TCPC layered PD3.0 controller, supports SRC/SNK/DRP mode ● Up to 16 channels of 12bit SAR ADC ● Enhanced Peripheral PWM/I2C/SPI/UART/GPIO● ...
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(16 day ago) At the beginning, AMD was attacked by Intel from the era of bulldozers, “i3, A8, i5 seconds, i7, slag”, and now “AMD, Yes!”, which is the improvement of AMD design concept and the improvement of process technology.
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(16 day ago) As the trade war between China and the United States has become more and more serious, there is a Taiwanese company that has received unprecedented attention. This aspect stems from its absolute hegemonic status in the industry. On the other hand, it is also located in Taiwan, in the Sino-US dispute. In a more subtle position, this company is TSMC.
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(16 day ago) After AMD, Intel may also outsource the chipset to Xiangshuo. According to the Digitimes source, Intel is also discussing its cooperation with Xiangshuo. The chipset is designed by outsourcing Xiangshuo, but neither Intel nor Xiangshuo has commented at present.
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