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(12 day ago) After the case of the malicious hijacking of Baidu traffic by Sogou, the Sogou refused to perform the judgment compensation and apology after the final judgment of the Sogou at the end of May. Baidu has applied to the Beijing Haidian District People's Court for enforcement, and the court has accepted it. Global Network reporter learned that on the eve of the National Day, Beijing Haidian District People's Court against Baidu sued Sogou browser malicious hijacking Baidu hao123 traffic, Baidu repeatedly requested but still refused to stop the hijacking behavior, the Sogou company issued a ban on behavior. ..
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(22 day ago) From the end of 2017, the translation machine has become a popular category of artificial intelligence hardware. Sogou is one of the earliest companies to release AI translators, and the AI hardware, with voice and translation as its core technology, has become a key input area for Sogou.
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(31 day ago) Visit the purchase page: Sogou Translator Bao Pro also learned that Sogou Translator Bao Pro offline translation support Sino-British, Japanese and Korean translation of four languages, online translation can support French, Arabic, German, Italian, Spanish and other 42 languages, covering more than 200 countries.
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(37 day ago) On September 13, Sogou announced its entry into the content ecology field and officially launched the content open platform, Sogou. At present, Sogou has opened five types of account entry channels for individuals, media, state agencies, enterprises and other organizations.
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(76 day ago) Sogou recording translation pen is not only suitable for staff engaged in the media industry like the editorial team of I love audio network, it is also very suitable for ordinary mass consumer groups. Now I love the audio network to bring you the disassembly of this product. First, Sogou Sogou recording translation pen out of the box Because this is a translation pen itself, the outer packaging uses a compact design, so the shape of the entire box is very mini, only slightly larger than a lipstick.
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(78 day ago) Recently, the visual research team from Sogou Company won the first place in the example segmentation evaluation in the international autopilot authoritative evaluation set Cityscapes, defeating dozens of powerful international scientific research institutions such as Nvidia, Facebook and Shangtang, and refreshing them one by one. The world record represents China's outstanding technical strength on behalf of China.
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(82 day ago) In July 30th, Sogou announced the second quarter of 2018, the second quarter of the financial report, data show that Sogou 2018 Q2 revenue of over 301 million US dollars, about 1 billion 923 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 43%, an increase of 21%, a new record.
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(87 day ago) In July 25th, in response to the recently paid attention to the problem of the vaccine incident, Sogou today through the flag search business launched a problem vaccine query service, can quickly find the answer. Specific query methods are: search for the search in the search for "batches of vaccine batch number", "vaccine manufacturer", "vaccine batch number query method" and other related key words, search results page first is the problem of the vaccine query tool.
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(92 day ago) The official page of the German state logistics. Sham de state logistics page. The "UH spray" cosmetics advertisement released by the bloggers. Mr. Shaw's experience is not a case. Recently, several consumers reported to the Beijing News reporter that Baidu, Sogou, 58 city and other cities have retrieved the fake de state logistics. According to the search for the website, the earlier payment was hundreds of yuan, but one week later, it was told to add thousands of yuan, otherwise the goods could not be collected.
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(93 day ago) The survey shows that the misword rate of the new media accounts is high, which is nearly 3 times the upper limit of the allowable error rate of the publication, of which 58% belong to the cognitive type, and 42% belong to the writing type. Sogou input method calls for the whole society to attach importance to the wrong word phenomenon, and by example, through intelligent technology, data accumulation, expert joint, continuous output error correction, error correction tools, helping to create a zero error environment. Let's take a look at these words. Are you using them correctly?
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(98 day ago) Tencent science and technology news, July 13th, as of the U. S. stock market Friday afternoon, before and after the afternoon, the Chinese concept stock rose and fall, including: research and control technology (up 6.87%), Niu Finance (up 4.04%), blue flood (up 3.79%), Suntech institutions (up 3.54%), red yellow blue (up 3.53%), worry free English (up 2.46%) ), an easy car (up 2.29%), reth Education (up 1.97%), Ninth cities (up 1.90%), a search room (up 1.69%), a temple Library (up 1.50%), 58 city (up 1.44%), an agenda (up 1.22%), the way cattle (up 1.21%), the Lanting Pavilion set (up 1.19%), the Center International (up 1.13%), the beat loan (rise 1.09). %) and tiger's tooth (up 1.02%).
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(99 day ago) In July 13th, after the malicious hijacking of Baidu, Sogou was defeated by the end of May, the dog refused to perform the decision and apologized. Baidu has applied for enforcement to the Haidian District people's court in Beijing, which is now accepted by the court.
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(114 day ago) On June 22, the IEEE CVPR 2018 ended in Salt Lake City, USA. IEEE CVPR is the abbreviation of IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition.
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(117 day ago) In June 25th, Sogou issued an internal mail, announcing COO Ru Liyun's application to the company for personal reasons, and now approved by the company management, Ru Li Yun will quit his job as a Sogou COO in June 30, 2018 to serve as a strategic adviser to Sogou company.
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(146 day ago) Sogou's recording and translation pens are not only suitable for employees working in the media industry like the audio-audio editing team, but they are also very suitable for ordinary mass consumer groups. At present, this product has been registered in the major e-commerce platform, and now I love the audio network for everyone to bring this product out of the box.
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(158 day ago) It is reported that Sogou recording pen uses high-definition digital double microphone array and US Synaptics far-field pickup chip to support 6-meter far-field HD recording. It adopts Sogou's own speech recognition technology, which enables it to transfer text while recording, recognizes 400 words per minute at the fastest, and translates accuracy as high as 90%. It supports accurate positioning for listening and editing, editing, and editing.
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(163 day ago) The huge number of medical vocabulary data and the infrequent use of words make it a headache to input the input of medical words by input method. In May 9th, Sogou held a conference at the Sohu cyber building in Wudaokou, which introduced a doctor's version of the "Sogou input law" for doctors.
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(176 day ago) On the afternoon of April 27th, in a recent news report from a social networking platform, three people at the top of Sogou had to leave their businesses and post three resumes. The three people who inferred from the comments on the news chart and the history description in the news chart were: So Li, chief operating officer of Sogou, Ru Liyun, senior director of Sogou’s vertical search department, Zizi Jian, and Sogou’s web search, PM Han Yifan.
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(177 day ago) Now with more than 90 billion daily average typing times, Sogou gains massive language, data, and user behavioral intentions across the scene, improving user portrait accuracy. In terms of traffic composition, 24% of Sogou's quarter was original traffic, 38% from Tencent, and 38% from OEM.
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(178 day ago) Wang Xiaochuan’s idea of ​​a more ambitious medical layout for Sogou is falling into practice step by step. On April 25th, Sogou CEO Wang Xiaochuan disclosed in an interview with Tencent “First Line” that Sogou will soon establish a related team for the medical business. The team will be responsible for Sogou’s exploration in medical related businesses, including technology, products, and offline resources. This team will be level with the search team and input method team in Sogou's internal structure.
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(190 day ago) On April 11, Wang Xiaochuan, member of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and Sogou CEO, accepted an exclusive interview with Sina Finance after attending the Harvard China Forum in 2018. Whether from the perspective of company management, operation, or future product strategy deployment, Wang Xiaochuan has a set of his own style.
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(190 day ago) This time it was Shenma search and Sogou. The former is backed by UC. It has been doing very well in the field of mobile search. The latter has just been listed, and it has entered the martial arts with the input method. In the past two days, a number of media have given premonitions to the melon people to throw a good show: Shenma's search and prosecution of Sogou’s illegal hijacking of traffic cases will begin in the Haidian Court next Tuesday.
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(192 day ago) April 11th noon news, Shenma search suing suing Sogou company illegal hijacking case will be in court in Haidian this month. It is reported that Shenma search claims, Sogou through the Sogou input method of the candidate function to make the search of Shenma search oriented Sogou search, the request for compensation for the loss of 102490175.74 yuan. In addition, in this lawsuit, Shenma search provided the court with the hijacked traffic data 1 billion 897 million.
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(201 day ago) According to the latest data released by the National Tourism Administration, the total number of outbound tourism in China is 270 million people in 2017. Among them, the number of Chinese outbound tourists is 130 million, which is 7% higher than that of the same period last year. China's population, which is nearly 1/10, has been outbound once last year.
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(213 day ago) The China Mining Group issued an announcement saying that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Shanghai Express (representing the Wenwen Group) and Sogou Technology (representing the Sogou Group), have entered into a comprehensive cooperation agreement, pursuant to which the parties have agreed to conduct a number of cooperation (on games, literary works and Audio works).
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(221 day ago) Appearance Sogou Travel Translation Po (hereinafter referred to as translation Po) body size is 107 * 57.8 * 12.7mm, grip more friendly, one hand can directly operate voice and photograph two functions. The whole body is made of dark gray metal material, matte texture, weight is appropriate to pick up and there is no burden.
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(222 day ago) When interviewed by reporter Hu Ling in the Phoenix National Network's “Two Congresses Mobile Parliamentary Hall” program, Wang Xiaochuan not only talked about the development of Sogou and his life, but also talked about monopoly, innovation and blockchain. Talking about IPO: Sogou failed to be listed on the domestic market is a big regret. CDR is the topic most concerned by the Internet during the two sessions this year.
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(222 day ago) After Sogou listing, the CEO Wang Xiaochuan, a famous single nobility in the science and technology circle, can't avoid being asked when to marry and what the ideal type is like. Recently, Wang Xiaochuan talked about his mate selection in the thirteen invitation program. However, one of them is "bad girl is a bad person", which is controversial.
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(222 day ago) At the same time, it supports various translation modes such as text translation, dialogue translation, speech translation, real scene translation and so on. It can also realize offline translation between Chinese and English, offline mode is compressed to 1/35 of online mode, and users can also use when they are not connected to Internet. In the aspect of speech recognition, there are directional beam technology and speech enhancement technology, which can achieve high level of speech recognition in noisy environment.
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(239 day ago) February 22, according to the Haidian court website news, in view of the use of sogou input method to participate in "millionaires" answer, Sogou input method will provide "answer" aides page, the page can block comments, automatically display the answer, "millions Hero "co-host party and operator today and Yuncheng Sunshine Company sued unfair competition on the ground to the court, requiring the company ordered the dog immediately stop unfair competition, apology and compensation for economic losses of 500 million and reasonable expenses 500,000 yuan.
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