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(5 day ago) Appearance Sogou Travel Translation Po (hereinafter referred to as translation Po) body size is 107 * 57.8 * 12.7mm, grip more friendly, one hand can directly operate voice and photograph two functions. The whole body is made of dark gray metal material, matte texture, weight is appropriate to pick up and there is no burden.
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(6 day ago) When interviewed by reporter Hu Ling in the Phoenix National Network's “Two Congresses Mobile Parliamentary Hall” program, Wang Xiaochuan not only talked about the development of Sogou and his life, but also talked about monopoly, innovation and blockchain. Talking about IPO: Sogou failed to be listed on the domestic market is a big regret. CDR is the topic most concerned by the Internet during the two sessions this year.
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(6 day ago) After Sogou listing, the CEO Wang Xiaochuan, a famous single nobility in the science and technology circle, can't avoid being asked when to marry and what the ideal type is like. Recently, Wang Xiaochuan talked about his mate selection in the thirteen invitation program. However, one of them is "bad girl is a bad person", which is controversial.
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(7 day ago) At the same time, it supports various translation modes such as text translation, dialogue translation, speech translation, real scene translation and so on. It can also realize offline translation between Chinese and English, offline mode is compressed to 1/35 of online mode, and users can also use when they are not connected to Internet. In the aspect of speech recognition, there are directional beam technology and speech enhancement technology, which can achieve high level of speech recognition in noisy environment.
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(24 day ago) February 22, according to the Haidian court website news, in view of the use of sogou input method to participate in "millionaires" answer, Sogou input method will provide "answer" aides page, the page can block comments, automatically display the answer, "millions Hero "co-host party and operator today and Yuncheng Sunshine Company sued unfair competition on the ground to the court, requiring the company ordered the dog immediately stop unfair competition, apology and compensation for economic losses of 500 million and reasonable expenses 500,000 yuan.
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(25 day ago) Recently, Haidian court accepted the case. Today's headlines and Yuncheng sunshine claims that it is a co-organizer and operator of "One Million Heroes" live broadcast activities and has a horizontal competition with Sogou in the Internet business. Users in the use of sogou input method to participate in the "millionaire" activities in the process, Sogou input method provides "answer" aides function, the user clicks "Sogou input method" with the word "answer" when the Sogou input method will At the bottom of the "Million Heroes" live broadcast page ...
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(38 day ago) On the one hand, the US stocks may enter a stage of adjustment in general, and stock prices will fall more than Sogou. On the other hand, it will usher in a phased positive relationship with Baidu's long-lasting patent war.
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(41 day ago) In the early hours of November 10, 2017, Wang Xiaochuan choked once during his speech before his Sogou listing. Many people think Wang Xiaochuan choked because of recalling the sogou venture 14 years of hardships. This is certainly a reasonable guess, but Wang himself gave us a different answer.
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(45 day ago) Despite several indicators of revenue, profits and growth, Sogou has given a good data, but the embarrassment of Wall Street do not know Sogou did not get resolved because of this earnings. Share price performance has become a sogou after the listing of Wang Xiaochuan each time can not avoid communication problems, though it has repeatedly stated "Sogou has long-term confidence in the stock price, the Americans themselves do not understand Sogou model, made three earnings in order to build capital Market trust and recognition of its ", but for long-term value potential of Sogou ...
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(46 day ago) At the 2016 and 2017 Wuzhen Internet Conference, Wang Xiaochuan showed Sogou machine simultaneous interpretation and lip recognition two technologies, can be described as stunning four. Especially when the speaker is speaking in English, the real-time identification on the big screen is made in real time, and the Chinese translation is also given. Many people exclaim, "Do you have to be unemployed?
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(46 day ago) Doudu, has become an indispensable part of the mass network life. In the past expression bag, the expression of emotion is always confined to a single graphic form, it seems that some are not enough fun. How to have a variety of fresh and interesting expression package, so that fighting to exchange more vivid, has become the majority of Internet users are most concerned about.
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(48 day ago) Beijing time January 29th afternoon news, Sogou today issued the company as of December 31, 2017, the fourth quarter and the whole year unaudited financial report. According to the financial report, Sogou's revenue in the fourth quarter was 277 million 800 thousand yuan, up 62% from the same period last year. The net profit of attribution Sogou was 37 million 900 thousand dollars and the net profit after dilution was 0.10 dollars in Non-GAAP calculation.
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(53 day ago) January 24, at the 2018 Sogou Partner Conference, Sogou CEO Wang Xiaochuan disclosed in his speech that following the launch of the English search in January 2017, Sogou search has been launched in the near future in Japanese and Korean search. At the same time, Sogou input method will also be functional upgrades.
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(53 day ago) Sogou launched Translation Po, Wang Xiaoguan translation pen mentioned at the scene, overseas travel is now fire, the market there are many translation services to provide the App, but most of them are not easy to use. There are two major pain points of such products: 1, the signal is unstable, too dependent on online services; 2, the translation is not accurate, and translation technology is closely related to speech recognition, speech recognition is a little wrong, will enlarge the error.
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(54 day ago) In January 23rd, Sogou search and University of Oxford press held a signing ceremony in Beijing, and the two sides agreed to cooperate on the authorized use of the Oxford dictionary. After the cooperation, Sogou search services such as Sogou translation APP, Sogou dictionary APP, Sogou English search and other English service products will introduce the authoritative dictionary content of Oxford, bringing users more professional, authoritative and authentic translation and word search services.
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(58 day ago) On the afternoon of January 19, the Geek Park Innovator Conference opened in Beijing. Sogou founder Wang Xiaochuan Sogou talk about the market, the new target Sogou. Wang Xiaochuan said today's Sogou, we all hope that the industry has made its own unique innovation company, today we are talking about AI, that human-computer dialogue, large companies are also here to go crazy, small The company is also walking, sogou to innovation, be different.
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(66 day ago) With the approaching of the Spring Festival, the annual campaign for ticket robbing is coming into the climax. In 2018, the volume of passenger traffic nationwide is expected to reach 2 billion 980 million passengers in the Spring Festival. It is estimated that the railway and civil aviation increased by 8.8% and 10% respectively. Such a large returning population will definitely cause huge pressure to purchase train tickets.
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(67 day ago) On January 10, Sogou CEO Wang Xiaochuan sent a micro letter saying that Sogou "Wang Zi passed" the real-time OCR and answering technology used in the "one stop to the end" program, which can be understood by the machine semantics, search gives answers. Wang Xiaochuan said in WeChat, this technology does not require a database, we can help you hit a larger answer platform.
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(74 day ago) This switched public micro-channel number "black intellectual" (ID: VR-2014), Author: black Jun, editor: Liu Jianqiang November 9, 2017, Sogou listed on the NYSE, the issue price of $ 13. Within a week after breaking below the issue price, the December 29 closing price of $ 11.57, the market capitalization of $ 4.53 billion, compared with the initial listing, the market value evaporated by 14%.
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(79 day ago) According to the news of Yiou Network in the afternoon, the Shanghai Intellectual Property Court ruled on the "multiple users library" in Sogou v. Baidu patent case and dismissed all the claims of the plaintiff Beijing Sogou Technology Development Co., Ltd. without any infringement by Baidu Input Law, The costs incurred in this case are borne by Sogou.
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(79 day ago) Subsequently, Sogou to Fenghuang Wang science and technology correspondent for communication, said, "Sogou and Baidu's patent litigation involving a total of 17 patents before and after the trial of the patent case is only one of the patents, does not have the decisive significance at the same time, this The second trial is only the first instance verdict, and can not represent the final result. Sogou will continue to appeal and use legal weapons to defend its own legitimate interests.
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(83 day ago) Silent world, you just move your lips, you can be identified what was said, and even converted to voice, is not very smart and convenient, but quite horrifying? In December this year, the Fourth World Internet Conference, Sogou release lip language recognition technology, but also the industry's first public demonstration. What is the business logic behind it? What is the development of this technology?
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(94 day ago) Different from the existing products of speech recognition, lip reading recognition is based on machine vision and Natural Language Processing in the integration of technology, so the development difficulty is much greater than the speech recognition. Sogou speech interaction center technical director Chen Wei told the Sohu of science and technology, Sogou lipreading technology pioneered the complex modeling of end to end Chinese lip sequence depth of neural network technology, through the real data for thousands of hours of training, with the strong advantage in Natural Language Processing Sogou, finally achieved industry-leading effect for recognition.
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(104 day ago) December 3-5, 2017 Fourth World Internet Conference held in Wuzhen, on the 9th last month led Sogou NYSE listed on the successful appearance of the site and accepted Tencent technology interview.
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(123 day ago) Sogou shares "I always dreamed of coming to the United States bell, this is a summary of 14 years we came all the way," the morning of November 9th, Sogou CEO Wang Xiaochuan on the NYSE bell site said. It is reported that Sogou is known as China's first AI shares in the United States, and the company is clearly very popular with this concept.
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(127 day ago) Sogou finally listed. US time Thursday, Sogou opening day in the United States IPO 13.04 US dollars, broadly unchanged in the IPO price of 13.00 US dollars near. During the process, the stock price expanded and once reached 13.1%, but afterwards it took most of the gains and finally closed at a slight increase of 3.6%.
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(127 day ago) Last night, Sogou listed on the NYSE. The first day of listing, Sogou issue price of 13 US dollars rose 3.85%, to close at 13.5 US dollars, the total market capitalization of about 5.29 billion US dollars.
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(129 day ago) Tencent science and technology news, Sogou officially listed on the NYSE, opening price of $13, and the issue price is flat, in this calculation, Sogou market capitalization of more than 5 billion U.S. dollars. Because China Internet Corporation is listed everywhere in mainland China, Hongkong, and the United States, in order to facilitate statistics, we selected the market value data of Beijing at 0 points in November 10th as a comparison.
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(129 day ago) Waiting for 13 years, Beijing time at 9 o'clock on the November 9, Wang Xiaochuan finally led Sogou listing in New York Stock Exchange. So far, the company, which has been active in the Internet industry in China for thirteen years, officially landed in the capital market. After more than ten years as a goalkeeper in Tsinghua East Gate, Wang Xiaochuan reached another important achievement.
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(129 day ago) Tencent Technology News, the evening of November 9, Sogou officially landing the United States NYSE (NYSE: SOGO). Sogou opening price of 13 US dollars, the market value of more than 5 billion US dollars. All the way up after the opening bell, quickly exceeded 14 US dollars, rose to 14.7 US dollars.
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