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Alipay(支付宝)News list

(3 day ago) Why should 100% of the reserve be centralized? How will the payment industry change? How will ordinary users be affected? Central Bank: To prevent and control risks, in fact, the central bank has long planned to manage the reserve fund. As early as January 2017, the central bank required payment institutions to deposit their reserve funds in the central bank's special deposit account. At that time, the first deposit rate was about 20% on average. By the end of 2017, the central bank decided to increase the centralized deposit rate of customer reserve funds in Payment institutions to about 50% from 2018; by the end of June 2018..
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(3 day ago) Last year's Alipay five welfare event prize pool 500 million cash, closing the new year's Eve 22:18 points, accumulative total 251 million people gather together, on average one person divides 1.988 yuan, in that year the luckiest user has obtained 666 yuan. According to Guan Hua, product manager of Jiwufu Project, the activity began in 2016. In his open letter last year, Guan Hua described it as "the first year, he was scolded for a year; the second year, he returned his devotion to his job and barely climbed out of the pit; and in the third year, did he really have to do it?" No matter what you do, somebody will be dissatisfied.
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(4 day ago) In August 2017, the Payment and Settlement Department of the Central Bank issued the Circular of the Payment and Settlement Department of the People's Bank of China on the Transfer of Network Payment Business of Non-bank Payment Institutions from Direct Connection Mode to Internet Platform, which requires that, starting from 30 June 2018, the network payment business involving bank accounts accepted by payment institutions must be disconnected from banks and must be connected to legal clearing organizations. All of them are processed through the network platform. This requirement is called "disconnection". Visit:
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(5 day ago) According to reports, 310099 combines multi-modal recognition based on face recognition technology to make up for the dependence of single biometric recognition on the environment, and at the same time, it can more effectively avoid the identity fraud caused by various face forgery. Common facial biometrics technologies include face, iris and so on. But if identical twins are identical, their appearance will be very similar. Face recognition is very difficult. Iris detection usually requires infrared camera and other equipment, and users need to be close to each other, which requires higher recognition conditions.
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(6 day ago) According to the announcement, the company signed the pre-sale contract with Alipay company in January 10, 2019 on the basis of the relevant legal documents signed with the Zhejiang ant small and micro financial services group Limited by Share Ltd and Alipay company, and transferred the office building to Alipay company, with a provisional total price of RMB 2 billion 262 million yuan.
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(7 day ago) Lujiazui announced today that the company signed a pre-sale contract with Alipay and transferred the office building 2 of Pudong Financial Plaza to the rear, with a tentative total price of 2 billion 262 million yuan and an office area of 48 thousand square meters.
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(9 day ago) On the afternoon of January 8th, the 2018 Alipay annual bill was officially released. Open Alipay App, click "I" - "bill" - "2018 bill" to check.
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(9 day ago) Following the launch of the world's first blockchain-based e-wallet cross-border remittance service in Hong Kong in June last year, the Alipay blockchain cross-border remittance project has made new progress. On January 8, the Governor of the Central Bank of Pakistan announced in Islamabad that the country's first blockchain cross-border remittance project was launched. It is reported that its technical solution is provided by Alipay, and it takes only 168 days from the project's fate.
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(10 day ago) 支付宝改名1月8日,国内媒体报道称,支付宝(中国)信息技术有限公司于2018年12月18日更名为瀚宝(上海)信息技术有限公司。此前,2018年8月29日,该公司法人代表由马云变更为叶郁青。消息曝光后,引发网友热议。
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(10 day ago) On the afternoon of January 8, according to the National Enterprise Credit Information System, Alipay (China) Information Technology Co., Ltd. was renamed as Suibao (Shanghai) Information Technology Co., Ltd. on December 18, 2018. In this regard, Ant Financial Services responded to Sina Technology, saying that it is a normal change in corporate governance.
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(12 day ago) Alipay did not disclose more information in official channels. It is very likely that this revision is related to Alipay applet from its selected account. The Alipay Mini program was formally launched in September 2018. It is one of the most important strategies in the next three years, focusing on business and life services, and the differentiation advantage of commercial application.
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(13 day ago) From now on, in 2018, three "Ant Forest Tree Planting Certificates" will be able to redeem the "Citizen's Responsible Tree Planting Certificate of Completion" online. In October 2018, Alipay announced that the National Greening Committee Office, the China Green Foundation and the Ant Forest were formally signed, and the Alipay Tree Model will be formally incorporated into the National Compulsory Tree Planting System. Alipay also ridiculed that "this certificate is properly written into the resume."
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(14 day ago) It is understood that the "National Compulsory Tree Planting Duty Certificate" is the national management idea of improving citizens'sense of achievement and honor in participating in voluntary tree planting, drawing lessons from free blood donation certificate, and combining with Internet technology, it is proposed to issue electronic certificates of due diligence through the National Compulsory Tree Planting Network. Each certificate has a unique number and two-dimensional code. As a means of using the Internet to encourage citizen participation, the National Compulsory Tree Planting Duty Certificate has the characteristics of green, low carbon and environmental protection. Visit:
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(16 day ago) Every year before and after new year's Day is the inventory season, Alipay recently released a different year-end inventory: "God reversal" series. As early as 2005, Alipay promised that "you dare to pay, I dare to pay". If the account is stolen, it will be fully paid. But why are there still stolen refusals on the Internet sometimes? This inventory gives the answer: this may be a self-directed fraud by the complaint.
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(16 day ago) According to the briefing, to ensure transaction safety, Alipay's intelligent wind control engine has been upgraded to the fifth generation of AlphaRisk. It can achieve "scientific decision-making" and "driverless" in the field of safety wind control. It helps to control risk control from thousands to thousands of faces, and can complete the identification of risks in each transaction within 0. seconds.
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(17 day ago) On the occasion of the arrival of 2019, Alipay Ant Forest sent an open letter to all users, thanking everyone who worked hard to plant trees. Alipay said that the Ant Forest Project was originally a crazy little idea. It was launched at the end of August 2016. In the past two and a half years, through the collective energy, we have planted 55.52 million real trees.
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(17 day ago) It is understood that the activity reward is Alipay red envelope, which will be received within 8 hours. After the red envelope is issued, it can be viewed in “Alipay Homepage-Card Package-Voucher”.
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(18 day ago) In addition, when double V members use Alipay to pay in a physical store, each transaction will receive 100MB or more of free traffic depending on the amount of money. And these traffic can be exchanged, the minimum 1GB, the maximum 10GB, the way is the traffic day package, in other words, if the offline payment amount and the number of enough, double V members can receive 10GB / day, or 1GB / day A total of 10 days of free traffic.
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(19 day ago) Ant forests and ant manors are two public welfare projects that Alipay people love to see. The official also often publishes some interesting and shocking data. Now, the latest "2018 of the Feather Bark" is released.
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(19 day ago) The relevant person in charge of the Exit and Entry Administration Office of the Wuhan Public Security Bureau introduced that the pay-to-face payment technology is relatively mature, and the safety and reliability are relatively high. Since its launch, it has served more than 200 people per day. According to statistics from the China Payment and Clearing Association, face recognition has been widely used in mobile phone unlocking, authentication, payment, etc. since 2018, and has become a mainstream trend. Currently, 85% of users are willing to use biometrics such as face payment. Pay.
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(20 day ago) Today's Alipay is not only permeating every corner of life service, but also doing its best in public welfare, such as ant forest, such as love donation platform. In 2018, Alipay's love donation platform continued to expand, adding more and more "small and beautiful" projects.
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(22 day ago) The device is similar to an integrated desktop computer and can be connected to a manual cash register. Customers do not need to use mobile phones when checking out at the cash register. They can quickly complete the payment by brushing their faces in 10 seconds through the camera on the device screen.
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(22 day ago) The report shows that Alipay and WeChat continued to occupy the absolute share of the market in the third quarter, and the two markets reached 92.53%, up 0.73% from the previous quarter. Among them, Alipay showed a strong position, the market share increased from 53.62% in the previous quarter to 53.71%, while maintaining the share of the industry at the same time, the share continued to rise.
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(23 day ago) In this regard, Alipay said that this document is aimed at anti-money laundering. In one day, the cash transaction exceeds 50,000 before it is filed. The transaction is particularly large (one day and 500,000 yuan) before it is reported. "This has been implemented in the banking system for many years." Is to better protect the security of funds.
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(23 day ago) Now, the Alipay Apple Zone has launched a new App Store Consumer Billing View feature. You can view the bills for the last 60 days by binding Alipay's App-like consumer bills, including iCloud and Apple Music, and will also be available to you. Set the amount of consumption this month.
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(29 day ago) Among them, in the “鲤” category, Alipay members can use 400 points to redeem the Super Lotto lottery 1 note. Sure enough, someone became lucky. According to Alipay official micro, Mr. Zheng, an Alipay member of Wenzhou, exchanged 1 lottery lottery with member points and won more than 7.74 million bonuses.
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(29 day ago) Late in December 19th, Taobao suddenly issued a very "ambiguous" micro-blog, shouting across the air Alipay: "tomorrow we will no longer be the only other."
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(29 day ago) It is understood that the "eggs" accumulated by car can be used for lottery draw. The prizes include 1 cent bus ticket, 2 yuan mobile phone recharge red envelope, 15 yuan Youku coupon, 100 yuan Tianmao supermarket daily department store coupon, and more chances to get a golden egg (20g).
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(30 day ago) In December 18th, Alipay announced that the ant members were renamed "Alipay members", offering more than 100 equity convertibility, covering ten categories: Jing, Kang, Yue, Mei, Jin, Hong, Xue, carp, and eating.
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(31 day ago) Today, Alipay, which promised to "stolen all losses," announced that it would open its core wind control technology. On December 18th, the Business Eco-Safety Alliance (BESA) was established in Hangzhou. Alipay announced that its core wind control technology will be open to business ecosystem partners, turning security technology into a partner solution that will help the industry more resiliently respond to black ash threats.
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