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Alipay(支付宝)News list

(18 hr ago) Its biggest function innovation is to reach a deep cooperation with Alipay and integrate a set of secure and convenient payment system and money management series. Parents only need to bind the Alipay account and children's watch to set up a consumption quota, so that children can pay for sweeping code in the amount and help parents to cultivate. Children's idea of managing money from childhood.
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(22 hr ago) According to the announcement, Alipay has always adopted a zero-tolerance attitude towards online gambling, refused to cooperate with any gambling merchants, and continuously introduced new technologies to strengthen the crackdown. At the beginning of 2018, Alipay launched the "Tianlang Plan" to link the police, enterprises and other parties to the source of black ash industry, of which combat gambling is one of the key points.
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(1 day ago) Close to double 11, in order to make everyone more happy "chopping hands", Alipay flower also launched a lifting activity, can receive double 11 temporary quota. To get the provisional quota, you need to play a small game that stretches the duck's head as long as possible in five seconds to reach a certain length. Each person has 10 chances.
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(3 day ago) At 8:00 am on October 15th, the First People's Hospital of Yuhang District of Zhejiang Province (hereinafter referred to as Yuhang First Hospital) officially welcomed the first patient who “brushed his face to seek medical treatment”.
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(4 day ago) The product has attracted the attention of the vast number of netizens as soon as it was launched. It only took three days to launch. Up to now, more than 3.3 million people have joined in. Ants and gold public numbers and Alipay public numbers sent a congratulatory message, saying, "since then we are all gourd babies, and we are not afraid of wind and rain.
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(4 day ago) According to the official introduction, on November 1st -10, Alipay was opened, saving 11 yards and winning 1 billion 111 million double shopping packets, with a maximum of 1111 yuan. There are still 12 days to go until November. The event has not been officially launched yet. We will update it first and wait patiently for the event to come.
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(6 day ago) The product has received the attention of the majority of netizens on the line, only 2 days on the line, and now more than 1.33 million people have joined. There is no charge for the “mutual protection”, but on the 14th and 28th of each month, the mutual protection and management fee sharing date will be used. Xinmei will use the Alipay (automatic deduction method) to deduct the member's apportionment amount.
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(6 day ago) This product has won the attention of the majority of netizens on the line. From yesterday's mutual protection to the on-line, we still have many questions. Alipay collected some common problems and answered for everyone: Alipay said, in fact, "mutual protection" was inspired by Ali's "Dandelion mutual aid program".
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(6 day ago) Ant Insurance and Xinmei have joined hands with each other to introduce "mutual insurance" for Ant Members, to achieve a $0 pre-enjoyment guarantee, one sick people pay, and practice the "everyone for me, I for everyone" Internet features of mutual assistance.
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(7 day ago) Recently, Yu Libao issued an open time adjustment announcement, which informed that since October 15, 2018, Yu Libao's opening hours were adjusted from before 14:30 on the open day to 15 before the open day. For example, the same is transferred between 14:30-15:00 on Monday. Before the adjustment, the income will be calculated on Wednesday and the earnings will be received on Thursday.
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(8 day ago) In October 7th, Alipay announced the 2018 China Koi, and micro-blog's netizen Xiao Xiao became lucky. She will receive a Chinese KP global free gift package from more than 200 Alipay global partners.
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(11 day ago) (photo): Lagarde and Ma Yun, chairman of Alibaba's board of directors at the annual meeting of the world bank, the chairman of the ant gold clothing company and CEO well Xian Dong, a day before, Lagarde visited Alipay's booth at the annual meeting of the world bank and endorsed the progress made by ants forest in 3 years.
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(14 day ago) Sina Technology News, on the morning of October 10, Alipay released a security reminder on Apple's mobile phone on its official Weibo, saying that some Apple user IDs were stolen, resulting in the loss of ID-bound payment tools.
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(19 day ago) During the 11th holiday period, Alipay also sent super benefits, and travel to more than 40 countries and regions around the world to enjoy red envelopes, full returns, exchange rate concessions, real-time tax rebates and other benefits. In order to facilitate the exit of tourists, Alipay has introduced a “smart price sweep” function, which is entered from the Alipay-exchange rate conversion, opens the “smart price sweep”, scans the price tag of the commodity, and automatically calculates the price result of the Alipay payment.
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(21 day ago) With the arrival of the 11th holiday, Alipay also sent super benefits. Travel to more than 40 countries and regions around the world can enjoy red envelopes, full returns, exchange rate concessions, real-time tax rebates and even exemptions. The ultimate prize is even more exciting. Forwarding Alipay's official Weibo has the hope of becoming the only “Chinese Koi” in the world, and can enjoy the big gift from many brands around the world (the initial list is too long at the end of the article).
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(23 day ago) Users can use this system to transfer funds instantly across banks and deposit value payment tools at any time and anywhere. This function is only embedded in the application interface of banks and App payment. This service is limited to local related transfer services in Hong Kong. The system uses a unique identification code based on the mobile phone number and mailbox address. When users transfer money through different payment tools, they must first determine which platform their mobile phone number needs to be bound to.
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(23 day ago) In recent updates to the bullet SMS software, in addition to adding expressions and add a friend in the address book function, but also added friends to send red packets function. In the past, Luo Yonghao once revealed that the bullet message will cooperate with Alipay. Now it seems that the red envelope function of this bullet message is the first function of Alipay.
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(24 day ago) Recently, the Jiangsu provincial government announced that it would cooperate with Alipay to launch an online marriage certificate. It was the first nationwide initiative to arouse widespread concern among netizens. Could it replace the entity marriage certificate or even register directly through Alipay instead of going to the Civil Affairs Bureau?
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(24 day ago) At the recently concluded plenary meeting of the 17th Research Group of ITU-T SG17 on Telecommunications Standardization, Ant Gold Suit successfully led and initiated the development of international standards for the Risk Identification Framework for Enhanced Identity Authentication, the first international standard project of ITU in the field of wind control technology. .
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(24 day ago) Today, in order to promote overseas mobile payment, Alipay has jointly sent many overseas businessmen a single prize for a "Chinese Koi". Bags, air tickets, machine wine, rich prizes in 94 minutes, 100 thousand netizens were forwarded. Even some netizens bluntly: "smoke me, I'm not afraid of pain!"
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(25 day ago) As long as you are an ant diamond or platinum member of Alipay, exclusive lounges, exclusive Wi-Fi, free refreshments, mobile phone charging, newspapers and magazines, and car reminder are all free and no need to exchange points for direct use. More intimate is that children can also take less than 1.2 meters.
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(25 day ago) Sept. 28: With the rapid development of mobile Internet and hardware, a mobile phone can now handle almost everything. Today, the Jiangsu provincial government officially announced that the electronic marriage certificate was launched in the 2 version of the "Jiangsu administration" mini program with Alipay.
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(27 day ago) Stripe will also open a new technology center in Singapore. The company currently operates in 25 countries and territories and charges for each transaction completed through its platform. The company's products are also extended to credit cards, subscription bills and debit cards.
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(28 day ago) The eleventh holiday has entered the countdown. Today, the global mobile payment top ten airports, the top ten business districts, the top ten Chinatowns, and the top ten outlets jointly announced that their popular merchants over 90% support Alipay payments. Chinese tourists are coming, can Without a wallet.
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(28 day ago) On September 25th, Gaode Maps announced a deep cooperation with Alipay at the second “11th National Travel Festival” conference held in Beijing. The two sides will deeply integrate in terms of products, technology and ecology. The platform advantages of mobile payment, credit risk control, etc., together provide users with a one-stop, reliable mobile travel experience.
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(30 day ago) The Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong High-Speed Railway is an important part of China's high-speed railway network, with a total length of 141 kilometres, 115 kilometres in the mainland. The Guangzhou-Shenzhen-North Railway and Futian Railway will be opened to traffic at the end of 2011 and the end of 2015, respectively. The Hong Kong Railway is 26 kilometres long. The construction of the Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong
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(30 day ago) Since 2005, Alipay has launched the “You dare to pay me to pay” user protection plan, and until now, it is also promised to be stolen. At present, Alipay's loss rate is less than 5 million, and theft is a small probability event. If stolen, you can get full payment.
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(32 day ago) Long queuing time, long examination time, long payment time, and short time to see a doctor, these long-term headaches of the "three long one short" problem is expected to become "three short one long", that is, shorter queuing time for patients, and longer time to see a doctor.
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(34 day ago) Not only that, at the main forum of the 2018 Yunqi Conference on September 19th, the ant Jinfu CTO Cheng Li explained the secret of 1+9 “Alipay” on the “Belt and Road” for the first time. “Today, the 60-year-old aunt who sells durian dried fruit next to Chiang Mai University in Thailand enjoys the same mobile payment service as the aunt who sells cabbage in the Wen 2nd Street vegetable market in Hangzhou.
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(34 day ago) Visit: Ali Yun-First purchase enterprise server enjoy 50% discount at the event scene, Wan Haiyan and contestants first through Ant Financial Services Group science and technology cloud end of one-stop product training, follow Ant Financial Services Group sermon quickly learn the skills of Mini Programs development, Then whether the competition in 8 minutes to complete Mini Programs's development.
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