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(8 hr ago) Visit: Microsoft China Official Store - Windows For game developers, if the variable tinting rate feature is enabled, the graphics API will automatically apply to all pixels by default. The problem is that the different coloring rates required for different pixels are not the same.
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(9 hr ago) Visit: Microsoft China Official Mall - Home
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(14 hr ago) Visit: Microsoft China Official Store - Home The patent features a Surface Pro photo with a stand and an improved stand hinge that allows the Surface Pro to change its shape. In another interesting example, Microsoft explained that this technology can also be used on dual-screen, foldable devices.
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(23 hr ago) Visit: Microsoft China's official Mall - Windows download address: EdgeSetup.exe. However, the good news is that the installation program shows that we are close to the moment when Microsoft launched the Edge browser preview based on Chromium. It was widely expected that Microsoft will announce it at the Build Developer Conference in May.
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(1 day ago) Visit: At the end of 2018, Microsoft was reluctant to acknowledge the problem that affected Windows 10 1809 and Windows Server 2019/1809.
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(1 day ago) Visit: Microsoft China Official Mall - Home Unlike other popular digital assistants, TOBi focuses on specific use cases. TOBi was created in response to the carrier's communications customer statement, consumption tax, equipment and price questions. "In the first phase, TOBi will be able to communicate in writing with the customer, and in the next phase, it will be able to understand the voice conversation," Kansu said.
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(2 day ago) In the release of Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 18358, Microsoft indicated that it has developed and started testing a Windows Defender Application Guard extension for Chrome and Firefox.
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(2 day ago) Visit: Microsoft China Official Mall - Homepage Last year, after Apple’s performance forecast revealed a loss, the optimism surrounding them is fading, and the previous trillion market value has long ceased to exist. The company sold only 71.7 million iPhones in the fourth quarter of 2018. What's worse is the news that the iPhone replacement cycle is constantly expanding (about 4 years).
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(2 day ago) Recently, Microsoft Yahei was not a free-form font that once again caused widespread public opinion discussions, once on the online hot search list. The reason was rumored that a company intern used Microsoft Yahoo and pirated PS software to print 50 million samples for commercial use, causing the company to be sued for a loss of 28.6 million yuan.
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(3 day ago) If you are not familiar with the "paid subscription" model, then we might as well consider it as Office 365 in the field of graphic creation. The advantage is that the program is always up-to-date and end users get the most timely features and improvements. It is reported that Corel offers two different subscription options (monthly or yearly), post-purchase authorization, which can be used everywhere with the user's Microsoft account.
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(4 day ago) Microsoft is releasing the "Project Zipline" data compression algorithm and related hardware specifications and source code to OCP (Open Compute Project).
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(4 day ago) Visit: Microsoft China Official Store - Home OCP announces open hardware design and is committed to cost-effectively building data centers. Microsoft joined OCP in 2014 and is the founder of the organization's Switch Abstract Interface (SAI) project.
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(4 day ago) In April 2016, Microsoft showed the world a special glasses. It looks plain, but it has a camera and microphone built in. When someone wears it, just touch it lightly, the camera built in the glasses will capture the picture in front of them, and through the analysis of AI system, tell the user what it is, whether it is the surrounding environment, objects or human expressions, the user can immediately know.
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(5 day ago) ALT TAB shortcuts are used by operating systems such as Windows and Linux to quickly switch windows, a feature that has been around for a long time, but it looks like the software giant wants to change it. Microsoft began presenting notifications directly at Windows 10 Action Center, inviting users to speak directly to developers and providing direct feedback on ALT TAB functionality in Windows.
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(6 day ago) Gou's comments against Microsoft's claim for Android patent fees are not entirely accepted. ODM manufacturer's equipment is a complete product, if the brand manufacturer has not signed an agreement with Microsoft, Foxconn must have some responsibility, after all, you are the platform to achieve.
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(6 day ago) Visit: Guo Taiming, the official mall of Microsoft in China, also said that in the mobile era, Microsoft is no longer the dominant position in the PC era. In the mobile era, Microsoft has not changed its dominant mentality and strived for future innovation with its old legacy. He sympathizes with Microsoft's current status.
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(6 day ago) Unfortunately, the new guidelines no longer allow two different intelligent assistants to run on Android devices, which means that users cannot call both Google Assistant and Microsoft Cortana at the same time. If you choose Microsoft Launcher as the default starter, the system will require users to specify by default which intelligent assistant to use under the requirements of the new guidelines.
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(6 day ago) The patent battle between Apple and Qualcomm is not over yet, and two other technology giants have launched another battle in smartphone patents. Recently, Microsoft filed a complaint with the Northern District Court of California, accusing Foxconn of failing to provide twice-yearly patent authorization reports for certain unspecified products and failing to pay patent royalties on time. Microsoft asked Foxconn to pay patent fees and corresponding interest, as well as fees incurred by reviewing Foxconn's books and consulting lawyers.
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(6 day ago) Visit: Microsoft China Official Mall - Homepage "The keycap includes a slit to expose the fingerprint sensor below, so that the fingerprint sensor is visible through the opening of the keyboard surface. Or the keycap can also be designed as the surface of the hidden fingerprint sensor, the sensor key is normal The other keys in the arrangement match so that the sensor keys are mixed together and no difference is seen," the patent says.
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(7 day ago) The netizen left a message under Guo Taiming's article that Guo Dong should know that the royalties have been paid on behalf of factories for a long time, and then transferred to the cost of OEM, so he did not turn to weak Taiwan to force Taiwan's OEM. Furthermore, according to the Patent Law, the scope of patent coverage already includes manufacturing, so it is also in accordance with the regulations to collect patent royalties from factories.
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(7 day ago) Through various Insider projects, Microsoft is actively improving its products and services after actively listening to users'feedback and suggestions. In addition, Microsoft has been expanding communication channels between teams and users, and providing more direct communication for a function.
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(7 day ago) Hon Hai Chairman Guo Taiming went to the front line to hold a press conference today. Source: Taiwan's "Economic Daily" Guo Taiming also said that today's Chi Yuyang, the chairman of Hon Hai Sub-group, explained in detail that it has been eight years since customers in Hon Hai demanded that they should not pay royalties for negotiation. It is said by netizens that "this is a monopoly of PC in the past, and now the era of mobile phones, and can not be so arbitrary.
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(7 day ago) According to Windows Scentral, two Windows 10 Shells with internal codes "Andromeda" and "Polaris" have been cancelled.
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(8 day ago) In a filing filed in court on Friday, Microsoft accused Foxconn of failing to provide twice-yearly patent reports on certain products. The lawsuit was filed in the Northern California District Court. Microsoft asked Hon Hai to pay patent royalties and interest, and to review its books and lawyer fees.
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(8 day ago) In recent weeks, Microsoft has won a number of very interesting technology patents, including unmanned aerial vehicle transport systems, integration of voice input functions for Cortana's third-party applications, and so on. Now Microsoft has won a technology patent, describing a conceptual device that can artificially generate voice and solve low-quality communication sessions.
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(8 day ago) Microsoft released a new version of Skype for Web this week. New features include HD video calling, redesigning notification panels, editing media galleries, and more. Skype for Web supports Windows 10 and Mac OS X 10.12+ operating systems. The browser must be the latest version of Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. The software giant confirms that Skype's web version does not support the three major browsers Safari, Firefox and Opera.
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(8 day ago) The logo titled "Smooth Scrolling" is now available in Chrome Canary, which allows web pages to display a smoother effect when scrolling through page content. You can test this new feature in Chrome Canary by searching for "smooth scrolling" in the chrome://flags menu setting.
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(8 day ago) According to the latest information shared by well-known Windows readers, Walking Cat, the two Windows 10 shells codenamed "Andromeda" and "Polaris" have been cancelled.
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(9 day ago) "The software update for the operator's DNS server caused problems with the DNS record distribution process, which affected the connection to the Windows Update service," Microsoft explained at the time. In the March 8 update, the company also released the knowledge base KB4493784, which explained the information about how to solve the Windows Update problem.
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(9 day ago) Visit: The Microsoft China Official Mall - Home Page Indictment states that Foxconn agreed to accept an audit by a third party Deloitte in 2017, but did not provide any documents required by the company. It is not clear which products are covered by the patent licensing agreement.
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