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(12 hr ago) At present, the 5G network in the test stage will rely on the small dense antenna array and cloud technology to provide data 50 or 100 times faster than the existing 4G network. The 5G network will become the key infrastructure of a series of industries in the future. According to past reports and comments from Reuters (Reuters), HUAWEI has signed a memorandum of understanding with 25 telecom operators in order to test the operation of 5G devices, even though it is still a year away from the real deployment of 5G network.
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(15 hr ago) According to foreign media reports, a group of claimed protective shell for HUAWEI P20 Plus is also fresh. But from the poster map, it is different from the selection of Da Shen Onleaks. At first, the top is not Liu Haiping, but has a complete forehead.
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(15 hr ago) Today, weibo exposure of a group of Huawei P20 MIIT "certificate photos." From the photos, Huawei P20 retains the forefinger, using a bright metal frame, rear vertical Leica dual camera (protruding from the fuselage), while the Huawei Logo has also been replaced by a vertical design.
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(17 hr ago) It's worth mentioning that the team took only five weeks to develop this simple system. On time, AI chips and software on the smartphone will obviously bring us more surprises. First AI enabled phone to drive a car, in addition, HUAWEI has reached a partnership with Baidu to enhance AI technology, which has a strong interest in the automatic driving vehicle. [compiled from: SlashGear]
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(1 day ago) Preheating posters appeared in the "New Horizons (Open New Horizons)" slogan, the poster in the middle of the two circles appeared in a notebook or tablet corner. Look from the picture, the new product should be used ultra-narrow bezel design, combined with the "New Horizons" slogan, guess the screen has a superior visual perception.
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(1 day ago) Configuration, Huawei P20 Plus will be equipped with unicorn 970 processor, standard 6GB memory + 64GB storage, battery capacity 4000mAh, running Android O system. Take pictures, it will be a highlight of Huawei P20 Plus.
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(1 day ago) The difference between the two 10-inch Cameron models is not only the 4 + 32/4 + 64GB storage mix, because the 520-euro Pro models support M-Pen stylus, and only provide LTE version.
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(6 day ago) The basic configuration, the Mate SE is designed to 5.93 inches 18: 9 display, resolution 2160x1080, 2.3GHz unicorn 659 chip, rear 16 million +200 megapixel dual camera, 4GB RAM, 64GB ROM, support for microSD card expansion (up to 256GB ), Dual sim dual standby, battery capacity 3340mAh (MicroUSB interface), preloaded Android 7.0 system.
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(6 day ago) Previously, only the Huawei Mate 10 Pro provided an on-screen display, demonstrating that the P20 Plus will be an OLED display. At the same time, the firmware also shows that the P20 Plus has a 4000mAh battery and the P20 is 3320mAh.
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(7 day ago) The United States FCC (Federal Communications Commission) released P20 Lite storage test information, including photos of their real machine. Among them, you can clearly see the elements of Liu Haiping, vertical double back shot, after the fingerprint recognition, camera raised. At the same time, the fuselage length is about 145mm, the estimated size of 5.5 or so.
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(8 day ago) February 13 morning news, according to foreign media reports 9To5Google, Huawei organization users in Best Buy Mate 10 Pro mobile phone pre-sale page to give five-star high ratings. Foreign media think Huawei is conducting such acts of false comments.
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(9 day ago) The six leaders are in charge of the CIA, FBI, NSA and the National Intelligence Agency. They first expressed their skepticism about Huawei and ZTE and believed that U.S. public officials and state agencies should not trust the products of the two Chinese enterprises.
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(9 day ago) It is understood that Huawei in a private Facebook group to provide members the opportunity to beta test Mate 10 Pro, but there is a condition that Best Buy is given five-star praise. In the list of comments by overseas best-seller Best Buy on Huawei Mate 10 Pro, there are currently 108 users who comment on Mate 10 Pro and are almost all five-star reviews.
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(10 day ago) What is Mate X? If it is a new phone, then it is not renamed Mate 10 it? So, it may be some versions of its tablet phone nickname, but most likely, Huawei's move is just to protect themselves from competitors unjustifiably framed, after all, some unscrupulous merchants will be called Huawei's name Sell ​​some unqualified products.
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(11 day ago) Simon Lacey, Huawei's vice president for global government affairs, said national security should not be used to "disguise or justify protectionism." but he did not mention specific cases. Lacey told the committee. For free-trade exceptions, it would be better to incorporate them into WTO rules.
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(14 day ago) OnLeaks indicates that HUAWEI is currently testing two different P20/P20 Plus prototypes, and the biggest difference between the two versions is the Home button. One of the prototype Home physical buttons is at the bottom of the screen, and the other prototype is not a physical button.
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(14 day ago) The number was Teresa, the British Prime Minister, visited China last week, and the president of HUAWEI, Sun Yafang, was disclosed at a trade conference. In 2012, HUAWEI announced that it had invested 1 billion 300 million pounds in 2013-2017 - five for equipment procurement, resulting in a total investment of 2 billion pounds.
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(15 day ago) P20 Lite is a product that locate in the middle end. Now the famous explosive God Onleaks brings up the rendering of HUAWEI P20 Lite, which is no suspense. As shown in the figure, the HUAWEI P20 Lite is the biggest highlight of the Liu Haiping, the top of the groove is much smaller than the iPhone X, the box is metal, back glass, dual camera configuration is vertical, and the back is equipped with fingerprint recognition, from the side that HUAWEI P20 Lite did not adopt 3D face recognition.
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(15 day ago) Yang Chaobin, President of HUAWEI's 5G product line, introduced the history and current situation of HUAWEI in 5G research and development. HUAWEI launched its 5G research and innovation in 2009, launched a key technology verification prototype in 2012, invested 600 million US dollars for 5G research and development in 2013, launched the prototype of system test in 2015, and participated in the development of 3GPP R15 standard in 2015 -2017, and will start 5G business in 2018.
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(15 day ago) It is understood that HUAWEI will release a new product during the year of this year's exhibition (February 25th). From the propaganda video, it is likely that it is a new MateBook or tablet computer: "Experience New Horizons" means that the frame is narrower and the screen is bigger.
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(16 day ago) Which line of Huawei is the opportunity? We know that Huawei currently has the flagship P series mate series, the middle end nova series, the Maimang series, the orientation entry series, etc. From the design point of view, this new machine locates the middle end. And the back looks like Huawei's nova 2, so it's highly likely that the phone will be a teenage version of Huawei's nova 2, featuring selfies.
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(16 day ago) Sun Yafang pointed out that Britain was the first international market for HUAWEI to enter, and that the company opened its first office in Britain in 2001. She said: "we have been working with the major clients in the UK for more than 12 years and helped build a better interconnected UK.
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(17 day ago) In fact, HUAWEI employees need to meet a number of conditions to get a bonus, not a "free lunch" that is imagined by the outside world. Although HUAWEI has not released explicitly, but the allocation of shares are usually need more than 15, and the performance evaluation was to reach A, B or B.
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(17 day ago) At present, the Ministry of industry's exposure shows that the glory 7C's front and back are equipped with dual cameras. The front of the fuselage should be 18:9 screen. Similar to the glorified 7X, the fingerprint sensor is on the back of the fuselage.
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(17 day ago) The patent name Huawei applied to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) is: "Wearable Devices and Their Gesture Entry Methods". It describes a new gesture input method that enables users to type in their backs with their fingertips. The novelty of the invention is that the writing area is not limited to the display of the smart watch.
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(18 day ago) Recently, Deutsche Telekom, Intel and HUAWEI announced that the three party cooperation used the 5G business base station based on 3GPP R15 standard, and successfully completed the first 5G interoperability development test in the world. The new HUAWEI 5G commercial air interface testing base station and the third generation of Intel 5G mobile test platform based on the new air interface, to 2019 to HUAWEI and Intel solutions support 5G full scale business an important step.
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(18 day ago) In the afternoon of February 4th, HUAWEI cloud announced the 2017 performance data, and its sales revenue reached 500 million US dollars, and the number of users and resource usage increased by 300%. Zheng Yelai, President of HUAWEI cloud BU, told Sina Technology and other media interviews that the competition in the public cloud market is far from over. He also expects that the growth of HUAWEI cloud will surpass 2017 in 2018.
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(19 day ago) From this, Huawei will hold new conference respectively in MWC and March. According to the news of previous exposure, Huawei may launch the Tablet PC MediaPad M5 on the MWC2018 and the flagship P20 series at the conference in late March.
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(19 day ago) Naming from the name, Huawei P20 Lite is a positioning in the end product, so the specifications are naturally in the end series, may be equipped with unicorn 6 series chip, flagship young market. As for the release time, Huawei is expected to hold a new conference in Germany on March 27, when the flagship P20 will be officially unveiled, so we speculate that the P20 Lite will also debut simultaneously.
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(20 day ago) On February 3, Huawei officially announced that Shanghai Maglev supports Huawei Pay bank card to get through quickly. Maglev in the future, the available Huawei Pay Shanghai public transport card lock, you can also take advantage of Huawei Pay Bank card half a second easy to switch.
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