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Amazon(亚马逊)News list

(1 hr ago) In addition, starting from Black Friday, strikers will refuse to work overtime during the holiday season, which is usually the company's busiest season, with workers going to work overtime until December 31. The Amazon Piacenza Center employs 1,600 permanent employees, the first hub in Italy after the site was launched in 2010 by Amazon.
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(1 day ago) The combined market capitalization of the three companies this year adds up to about 590 billion U.S. dollars (Tencent, about 300 billion U.S. dollars, Altay 260 billion U.S. dollars, and Baidu about 30 billion U.S. dollars), which is higher than the market value of (close to U.S. $ 550 billion as of Tuesday U.S. time) .
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(1 day ago) "At first I thought they sent me the wrong order, because the box was too heavy, considering that the primary use of bubble wrappers was packaging, which was usually in a labeled bag rather than a heavy one "He added:" The trouble is that now my recycle bin is full, which means the carton has to wait for the next recycling because Black Friday is a U.S. shopping carnival, so this week may be Amazon's busiest year Week, this can not help but worry about how many unwanted packaging Amazon will use.
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(2 day ago) Followed by the "C-Life" series of bulbs, it only supports white light, color temperature can not be adjusted, the other parameters consistent with the "C-Sleep" series. The hub is called a "C-Reach," and you can plug it into any vacant socket and use it to connect two GE smart bulbs.
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(2 day ago) Lynx has a built-in PIR sensor that locates motion and noise in the room and sends a recorded 30-second video clip to the owner. You can also talk to Lynx by voice and have it help you take pictures, dance, sing songs and even double as your yoga instructor.
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(2 day ago) Amazon will donate a portion of the proceeds of each sale - $ 10 to the Global Fund to fight AIDS in Africa. Activities will continue until the end of this year. In addition, Bank of America will also donate 30 cents after every dollar donated by Amazon. The duration of the event will be in line with that of Amazon. The maximum amount of donations will be set at 1.5 million U.S. dollars (US market only).
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(4 day ago) However, the European Central Bank, which has been working with inflation for too long, seems reluctant to let e-commerce do the blame. Draghi said in a speech on Friday (November 17) that, at least for the current evidence, the continuing low inflation facing the United States and the euro zone should not be blamed on e-commerce companies such as Amazon.
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(6 day ago) November 13, Jingdong released third quarter fiscal 2017 earnings. As of September 30 this year, the third quarter, Jingdong net revenue of 83.7 billion yuan (about 126 billion U.S. dollars), an increase of 39.2%.
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(7 day ago) In November 16th, according to Bloomberg news, in the past year, Amazon's staff have been testing the Amazon Go project, which is located in a downtown Seattle experimental unmanned convenience stores, consumers pay bill after choosing a commodity without queuing can.
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(7 day ago) It's impossible to escape, and it's impossible to dress up again. Amazon's intention of setting up a new convenience store is to get rid of the shackles of the cash register and save both the valuable time of the buyers and sellers. It has been reported that Amazon has deployed computer vision, deep learning algorithms, and sensor fusion technologies such as automatic cars.
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(7 day ago) Amazon has made revolutionary changes in retail, cloud computing and other fields, but the American entertainment industry is deeply entrenched, and Amazon wants to revolutionize the industry. Amazon has launched Prime membership service in the United States, which costs $99 per year; video is the key to recruiting more members.
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(8 day ago) (Original title: 2 billion for the sale of server assets, Amazon denied giving up business in China) In this inaugural interview, Tao Ya Intern Mu Yafei reported the transaction's basic situation as follows: AURORA bought Amazon's cloud based on Amazon cloud by installments Service-specific operating assets (including but not limited to IT equipment such as servers) and provide and operate cloud services based on Amazon cloud technology in the PRC based on such assets.
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(8 day ago) If Brad Stone's report, "The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazo," and the New York Times, is published in 2015 Right Amazon article, yes, the root of this corporate culture is actually its founder and CEO Jeff - Bezos.
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(9 day ago) The reason for the new ring network is: in order to comply with China's laws and regulations, to further enhance the security and service quality of the company's operating AWS cloud services. In response to the online rumor "AWS sells Chinese business", Amazon AWS also made an official response: AWS did not sell Chinese business.
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(9 day ago) November 14 news, A-share listed company AURORA yesterday after the announcement that the company will not exceed 2 billion yuan to buy Amazon's China cloud services.
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(9 day ago) Global e-commerce giant Amazon, has fully entered the online video market, but before the service for all members of the service fee. According to the latest news from foreign media, Amazon is negotiating with Hollywood and plans to launch a free online video service in the future.
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(9 day ago) On November 13, Amazon, which has already made its way into original video, announced that it has been authorized by the author of "Lord of the Rings" novels to take multiple quarterly TV series.
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(10 day ago) Video Snapshot In brisk music, Amazon also introduced its UK shipping policy in subtitles - free shipping for £ 10 or more for £ 20 or more. But this ad is still a lot of children from the suspicion, such as Twitter users Spphie Tucao - "Thanks to Amazon spoilers, my three-year-old boy asked me why the ads men hiding children, whether he is Santa Claus".
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(13 day ago) Do you want to add dub to your game but do not want to pay for voice actors? Amazon's game engine Lumberyard has just added a text-to-speech pipeline that puts in-game text in 50 different sounds in 24 languages ​​and automatically renders lips synchronized with any 3D character in the game.
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(15 day ago) Fire TV Stick Basic Edition retail price of $49.99, does not include Alexa voice assistant service. The TV bar built-in quad core processor, 8GB built-in storage, 1GB memory, support HEVC, and the highest 60fps 1080P Full HD video. The device also supports WiFi 802.11ac and Dolby sound effects.
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(16 day ago) Masayoshi Son, chief executive of Softbank Group, said at a earnings conference call on Monday that he has outstripped Amazon's investment in rival e-commerce companies and has been growing both in terms of investor choice and market share.
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(17 day ago) According to foreign media reports, the United States e-commerce giant Amazon recently quietly lowered the platform third-party merchant sales of products, the maximum reduction of 9%. External analysts believe that Amazon's move will further exacerbate the company's price war with other retail giants, and even exacerbate the tension between the company and some third-party sellers.
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(17 day ago) According to the U.S. media this week, Amazon recently reported a strong third-quarter earnings report. Shares soared, while CEO Jeff Bezos became the world's richest man. Amazon is attacking in all fields and maintaining a strong momentum of development. So 2017 and the future, Amazon exactly what kind of a company?
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(19 day ago) Vancouver Office General Manager Jesse Doherty (Jesse Dougherty) told reporters, "the new jobs are mainly software engineering, technical and non technical work." in the United States, foreign employees cannot be granted a visa, so many companies skilled job vacancies can not be effectively filled.
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(19 day ago) Foreign media said, this issue is a high priority transaction at Amazon, CEO Geoff Bezos personally involved in the negotiations, but the foreign media said the negotiations are still at an early stage, the details can not confirm the status of.Amazon Studios studio in the Amazon system gradually increased in recent years, the creative direction reported earlier this year Bezos repeatedly personally involved in the studio making the work, personally awarded the team work, and strive to create as HBO as the popular drama caused a worldwide sensation benefit series.
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(20 day ago) A mentor advised me to read letters from Jeff Bezos (Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon) to shareholders, which helped me sort out my ideas, tell me how to plan my career, and start an enterprise
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(21 day ago) Amazon has bought three domain names related to encrypted money, which raises speculation that the electricity giant may be ready to enter the domain of encrypted money. However, Amazon Pay (Amazon payment) vice president Patrick - Gauthier (Patrick Gauthier) last month told the media that the Amazon is no accepted encryption currency, because there is not much demand, Amazon may just want to protect their brand names.
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(21 day ago) After the GTX 1070 Ti video card is on the stage, the NVIDIA 16nm Pascal Pascal family has completely completed its historic mission, and the next generation will be 12NM Volta volts. Although the game card still has to wait until next spring, but in the field of high-performance computing, the new architecture, the new core of Tesla V100 has been on the stage, and gradually open the situation.
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(23 day ago) Earlier this year, Amazon spent $ 14 billion to buy a full-food supermarket, further highlighting its long-term interest in the food industry. In order to expand the size of its online business, Amazon has introduced a new initiative: to reduce the cheap commodity for third-party buyers to collect the recommended fee.
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(23 day ago) In contrast, the 8 generation Kindle reader's thickness has been reduced by 11% and its weight has been reduced by 16%. The reader supports Kindle Format 8 (AZW3), Kindle (AZW), unprotected MOBI, PRC, HTML, DOC, DOCX, TXT, PDF, JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP and other file formats.
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