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(297 day ago) This week the new extortion virus Petya suddenly broke out in the world, Europe is almost falling. Internet infrastructure, Outfit Technologies, said Petya was seen as a blackmail software, but its actions are far worse than blackmail.
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(324 day ago) This is the 1000 word, is to let you in front of friends pretend to be a hacker "guide". Everyone can learn, as if you really came to the hacker contest scene. You: is the world's hackers, not all Japanese actors. The The In fact, Tencent in their own home in Shenzhen, engage in a very tight hacking contest: Tencent CTF.
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(331 day ago) Recently, the "eternal blue" swept the world, only two days, more than 150 countries around the world more than 20 million people affected, the global user can be described as experienced a "unprecedented" network disaster, but Linux and Apple users have fled The robbery.
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(339 day ago) Beijing morning news on May 19th, the French Quarkslab researcher Adrian Gonet (Adrien Guinet) said on Thursday that if the Windows XP system by WCry for virus infection, so the user can decrypt the data, without having to pay 300 to 600 dollars in ransom.
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(339 day ago) Now, Shadow Brokers, the initiator of the hacker group, says it will release more vulnerabilities in June, targeting Windows 10, routers, browsers, and even mobile phones.
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(339 day ago) WannaCry for virus momentum was gradually subsided, but whether we noticed a phenomenon, so why Microsoft can timely release of the XP/Win2003 patch, you know, in a few years ago has stopped all technical support.
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(340 day ago) In recent days, WannaCry extortion virus sweeping the world, more than 150 countries, at least 300 thousand users in the move, resulting in losses of $8 billion (about 55 billion yuan).
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(341 day ago) May 16, CCFYOCSEF set up a special seminar, the theme is "blackmail virus: why can kidnap our system?", In the agenda, NSFOCUS, Qihoo 360, three days to do special report The
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(341 day ago) From the beginning of May 12th, a "WannaCry" virus swept the world, the use of NSA hacking toolkit of "the eternal blue" 0Day vulnerability, through 445 ports (file sharing) the spread of worm type infection in the network, if the user does not have to install Windows patch, this virus is basically in the state of no solution.
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(342 day ago) In view of the fact that the manufacturers are more independent and will not release the easy to use batch scanning tools, they have been issued here. You forced network management, you enjoy in their own site sweeping it. Special disdain for 360, only to pay users batch inspection tools.
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(343 day ago) Xiaoming, Yongan, enjoy the ride and worship four bike sharing 100 app female programmers "tyy" easily cracked, then hackers can use app remote by you, it's your money. Most importantly, you start streaking with all the personal information you have certified.
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(343 day ago) The day before, the "eternal blue" swept the world, 90 countries have already attacked. Domestic education network was attacked hardest hit areas. However, many computers that install Linux versions of operating systems and Apple computers have escaped when computers that install relatively old versions of Windows are under widespread attack.
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(1 yr ago) 2014 Hollywood actress naked photos of the incident, and now has finally concluded, in order to combat such practices, the US courts to give serious punishment. Announcements from US courts show that Chicago's 29-year-old man, Edward Majerczyk (Edward Majerczyk) by illegal means, the invasion of more than 300 iCloud account, which contains more than 30 female stars indecent nude, the matter is not a transfer Little victims have accused Apple of keeping secrecy.
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(1 yr ago) Things also from the microblogging talking about a microblogging users broke the news of female students suffered a naked loan threat, naked information was peddled. At that time, "naked loan" and other words are not familiar with, but it involves a well-known lending platform - borrowing treasure.
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(1 yr ago) Unlimited, free flow is simply a dream ah! Jacob Ajit, a 17-year-old from the United States Virginia high school students to use their hacking skills, get free unlimited traffic!
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(1 yr ago) Today, the cheetah mobile security laboratory issued safety warnings: a Chinese manufacturing enterprises the infection of the world's First Android mobile phone virus, according to the master server information of virus propagation, named the Hummer (Hummer).
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(2 yr ago) As we all know, the link is not the main text messages, which is likely to hide the Trojans APP, then these malicious APP is how to get your information? God has successfully cracked a, but also get the email address and password Trojan creators.
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(2 yr ago) 今年 8 月上旬,一名 Firefox 用户在访问俄罗斯新闻网站中发现页面所嵌入的广告可通过浏览器存在的漏洞访问用户的敏感文件,并将其上传至乌克兰的一台服务器上,随后 Mozilla 在上月发布紧急更新补丁修复这个问题。
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(2 yr ago) 《自然—通讯》近日在线发表了一种有潜力的中东呼吸综合征冠状病毒(MERS-CoV)疫苗。这种疫苗在小鼠和猕猴身上成功展现了可对这种冠状病毒的约旦 N3 毒株产生免疫力。
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(2 yr ago) 黑客与偷情网站 Ashley Madison 的故事不但没有结束,反而有了更坏的进展。根据加拿大多伦多警方通报,这次偷情网站资料泄漏已经造成至少两人死亡。另外,无论是偷情网站本身还是黑客团体都作出了公开的回应。
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(2 yr ago) 据外媒报道,深圳一位网名“SexyCyborg”(性感半机械人)的女孩研发了一双“黑客高跟鞋”,通过 3D 打印而成。
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(2 yr ago) 国外婚外情网站 AshleyMadison 被黑一事已经过了一月有余,仍然热度不减。在大家纷纷为偷情网站泄露出来那些信息和花边消息而兴奋不已的时候,究竟谁黑了 AshleyMadison 仍然不得而知。
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(2 yr ago) 周一美国杀毒软件公司McAfee创始人John McAfee 在《国际财经时报》发表长篇声明称他认为Ashley Madison网站幕后的黑客是其母公司Avid Life Media 的一位女员工。
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(2 yr ago) 现在全世界最火的一条新闻,要数这个了:全球最大婚外情网站遭黑客入侵,泄露了大量会员的注册资料,一时间搞得鸡飞狗跳。在宁波,也有公司被黑客盯上了——全公司日常要用的数据被人删了,还被威胁说给钱才能给恢复数据。只是这伙黑客太没职业道德,只管拿钱,后续工作就不管了。
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(2 yr ago) 据中新社报道,中国科学院昆明植物研究所获悉,该所孙汉董院士课题组近日发现了五味子具有抗艾滋病病毒(HIV)的新功效,目前正进行临床前的相关研究。
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(2 yr ago) 婚外情网站 Ashley Madison 被黑客攻击泄密一事有最新进展,上周“Impact Team”黑客组织已公布了从婚外情网站 Ashley Madison 及其母公司 Avid Life Media 窃取的更多数据。
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(2 yr ago) 入侵偷情网站 Ashley Madison 的黑客在公布第二批数据后可能不小心留下了足迹。这名黑客使用了荷兰 ISP Ecatel Ltd. 的一台服务器上传了最早的 BitTorrent 种子文件。这台服务器的 Web 管理界面没有密码保护,可从外部访问。在种子上线数小时后,服务器关闭了外部访问,开始修改配置。
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(2 yr ago) 2012 年,硅谷刮起了一阵“黑客旅馆”风。所谓“黑客旅馆”,就是在硅谷里许多的狭小群租公寓,那里一间小屋最多时候能住进 10 来号人,这些客户租住的时间有长有短,但有一个共同点,那就是他们拥有志向远大的创业计划。
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(2 yr ago) 北京时间 8 月 21 日凌晨消息,自称为“Impact Team”的黑客组织已公布了从婚外情网站 Ashley Madison 及其母站点 Avid Life Media 窃取的更多数据。
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(2 yr ago) 北京时间 8 月 19 日晚间消息,婚外情网站 母公司 Avid Line Media 周二证实,美国联邦调查局(FBI)正在调查上个月发生的数据泄露事件。
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