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(11 hr ago) Due to the controversy over the processing of user personal data, Facebook has been trying to restore its damaged reputation, but the social media giant still has some privacy issues that need to be resolved. This week broke the news that Facebook unexpectedly sent an email to external testers by emailing an analysis report that should have been sent to developers.
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(1 day ago) On the morning of June 22, Facebook announced that it will expand its content verification scope to crack down on false news and mischief messages on social networks, and to minimize the adverse effects of false news through appropriate countermeasures and techniques.
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(1 day ago) I believe that everyone will encounter such problems when they are taking pictures. The partners who have been photographed accidentally close their eyes and need to retake the film. After that, such defects may not appear again. Today's mobile phones all talk about AI, like AI voice, AI camera, etc. Among them, Facebook company is developing a product about AI camera. Its feature is that it can automatically repair photos that are inadvertently closed.
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(1 day ago) The former Microsoft CEO warned Facebook and Google of the risks to challenge regulators and advised them not to follow Microsoft's lead. In the 2001 case, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates's testimony was widely described as "vague and ineffectual," and Mark Zuckerberg, now chief executive of Facebook, is facing similar accusations.
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(3 day ago) The top five employers in Silicon Valley were Salesforce, Apple, Kaiser Permanente, See 's Candies and Google, Facebook
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(4 day ago) According to the US technology media The Verge reported on June 20th, Facebook's social networking platform Instagram announced that it currently has 1 billion users worldwide. Instagram in September last year, the number of users was 800 million, an increase of 200 million over the same period last year. In view of this, the application is steadily increasing by 200 million users per year.
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(5 day ago) Facebook launched the video platform Watch last year, where users can enjoy a variety of original programs. Watch mainly displays the original content of Facebook. The content party can also broadcast the program, and the audience can also play it back.
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(6 day ago) Before we panic about invasive implants, this study used a wearable cuff that wraps around the wearer's entire forearm. The wearable device includes 24 vibration devices that can change the position and intensity of the vibration. Researchers refer to these vibratory devices as "traction devices," but strictly speaking, traction devices are touch sensors rather than transmitters.
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(6 day ago) The system works by using a machine learning method called Generating Against Network or GAN. This technique has proved particularly good at generating images and has been used to create fake celebrities, change the weather in the video, and even design clothes. Blinking is not a challenge.
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(7 day ago) In people's daily photographs, blinking often becomes one of the factors affecting the final portrait photo effect. Compared with dysentery such as red eyes, eyes closed or half blink problems caused by blinking are more difficult to adjust in later revisions. — Even with existing retouching artifacts such as Adobe Photoshop, I am afraid it will be difficult for people in the photo to open their eyes naturally.
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(8 day ago) Now Facebook's researchers are close to solving this problem and have achieved some results. Facebook recently published a paper titled "Eye In-Painting with Exemplar Generative Adversarial Networks", which solves the problem of using existing portrait samples. ..
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(9 day ago) The recent shooting incidents again triggered a debate on the gun laws in the United States. Incidents such as school shootings in Parkland, Fla., and Santa Fe, Texas intensified this discussion. Facebook is not the only Silicon Valley company to participate in the gun debate by limiting content on its platform.
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(11 day ago) After the round table, Matt Hancock, minister of figures, culture, media and sports, told the media that Britain's technology industry was ambitious. "what I heard at the round table was the optimism of entrepreneurs about the post-Brexit technology industry," Hancock said. "they think the UK can incubate large multinationals that can compete with big Chinese and American technology companies. Because we now have this ecosystem.
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(11 day ago) Only through formal connection of Facebook's business manager tools can companies share information with their own partners such as advertising agencies. Facebook will begin to show to advertisers that they need to agree to submit advertising location information and to force all users connected to the advertising account to confirm the terms.
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(12 day ago) On June 13, according to foreign media reports, social networking giant Facebook told the US Senate that the company has launched a privacy design lab and will work to improve the way people share personal data.
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(13 day ago) In these documents, Facebook responded in a cautious tone to questions about the Cambridge Analytica scandal, ad targeting, moderate policies, and carried out some superficial but extensive examinations of the company's policies and practices.
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(13 day ago) In June 12th, foreign media reported that in April this year, Facebook chief executive officer Mark Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg) answered a lot of questions when he testified in the United States Congress.
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(17 day ago) Facebook, the world's largest social media, said on Thursday that about 14 million users released private information from May 18th to May 27th because of a software leak in the company. This is also the latest privacy scandal that Facebook has faced this year.
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(18 day ago) On June 6th, according to foreign media reports, most of Facebook’s outside investors expressed support for the voting structure reform of the company, ending the “super-voting power” in the hands of CEO Mark Zuckerberg and other shareholders. This move is also seen as the biggest dissatisfaction with the chief executive of the world’s largest social media company.
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(18 day ago) (Map from: Facebook) Facebook is getting more and more criticized for the spread of fake news. The company said that it will remove "trend" features that provide hot news topics and links in June this year and move further to mobile and video-based news content.
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(19 day ago) There is a conflict between Facebook, who has disclosed a user information scandal, and apple, which has been advocating the protection of user privacy. According to the latest news from foreign media, the conflict between the two sides has risen from a war of words to a war of operations. Apple has begun to prevent Facebook from tracking users through certain activities of browsers.
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(19 day ago) Facebook, a social giant, has begun to embed a new video feature called the Lip Sync Live (live broadcast) in the Facebook broadcast feature, which allows users to choose songs as background music and perform mouthed singing on live broadcast.
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(20 day ago) According to TheNextWeb, a foreign media report, Facebook announced on Monday its opening of its "Comrade's Pride Month" celebration. Facebook introduced many LGBTQ theme features, including personal profile frames, backgrounds, stickers and more. The good news, though, is that these new features will not disappear at the end of the Pride Month as they did last year.
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(20 day ago) Tencent science and technology news, the United States "New York Times" recently announced that the social web site Facebook and more than 60 mobile phone manufacturers all over the world to cooperate, "supply" user privacy information, Facebook is again questioned by public opinion. According to the latest news from foreign media, apple, one of the news parties, said that it had never obtained any personal information about Facebook.
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(21 day ago) Beijing time on June 4th evening news, Facebook denied today to apple and other 60 companies perennial provide user privacy information. The New York Times reported on Sunday that over the past 10 years, Facebook has reached agreements with at least 60 equipment manufacturers, such as apple, Amazon, blackberry, Microsoft and Samsung, to provide them with user privacy information. Most of these agreements are still in force at the moment.
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(21 day ago) Facebook launched a similar reaction button in 2016, such as love, ha ha, wow, sadness and anger. Facebook also launched a number of customized products: the company launched a purple flower reaction button for mother's day in 2016 and 2017, as well as a response button to commemorate the custom version of "Star Trek" 50th anniversary.
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(21 day ago) But on average, this function only accounts for 15% of the hits of news publishers. Over time, people feel increasingly that this function is not very useful. Facebook said it would remove this function next week after the announcement.
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(24 day ago) Beijing time June 1st morning news, sources said that Facebook is about to announce the first news of its video platform Watch, and partners are likely to include CNN and Fawkes news. Over the past few months, Facebook has launched a heated debate around this issue and made many strategic adjustments.
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(24 day ago) In response to the challenge of the proliferation of counterfeit news on the platform, social giant Facebook plans to play news programs directly from news agencies on the platform. According to the "Wall Street Journal" report, Facebook is going to launch Fox News and CNN.
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(24 day ago) The world’s largest social media network has been criticized for allowing Cambridge Analytics’ political consulting firm to use the data of 87 million U.S. and European users without its permission. Since last year, Russian media regulator Roskomnadzor launched an offensive against Facebook because of its failure to comply with the 2015 law requiring technology companies to store personal data of Russian citizens on local servers.
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