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Faster and better improve the One Xbox version of the Windows 10 trial

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Never what a game console will be in after the release of the sudden change of the system kernel, but in advance of the unity of the platform of Microsoft, Xbox one became the first one in the history of. November 12, 2015, One Xbox officially ushered in the new One Xbox (Xbox One Experience New (referred to as NXOE), the system changed from a specially customized mainframe system and PC, mobile phone as Windows 10.

Reborn after the Xbox one seems to be still that way, designed for game design interface makes it is not at all like a devices powered by windows 10. However, Microsoft's commitment to NXOE can bring more perfect, more rapid experience. Then we'll see if it's not true by evaluating it:

What NXOE has improved

Well, we'll have to go over the NXOE paper:

- completely redesigned, almost every menu has been modified

- new boot mode, double-click the Xbox key to quickly access a variety of functions

OneGuide function integration into the TV application

- more than 100 Xbox 360 games are down compatible

- built in Windows 10, for general application and Cortana to lay the foundation

- Kinect gesture command removed

- new game center, allowing developers to interact directly with Live Xbox users

- new store interface

Fluency, interface, and new guidance

更快更好更完善更快更好更完善 Xbox One版Windows 10试用

A lot of people say Xbox one after the update "fast". This is not only because of the new system of technological progress, also due to the design level of thoroughly remould oneself. The most worthy of a new boot operation, it can change the way you interact with One Xbox.

Just press two Xbox key, a column to guide the menu will appear on the left side of the interface. One Xbox all the important functions can be accessed through the menu, making the operation more simple. In this mode, the interface is displayed on the right is the operation of each function can be taken, login account, friends list, group, information, notification, screenshots, all important functions can be quickly realized.

In the former system, access to these features can not be said to experience the experience, but also very complicated. Take an invitation to friends, before you have to visit the slow load of friends, after you have to find the entire list of friends to invite people. And now, you just need to call out the boot mode, bring up the list of friends on the corresponding tab, and then press the X key to label the people you want to invite.

Do not need to open the application, the NXOE boot load is very fast, almost immediately complete. You won't feel any delays even in the 3A level. When it comes to the game, let the game player are very surprise, there is no obvious card from the game cut back to the main interface. Of course, there is a delay, but it is almost negligible, at least not as obvious as before.

Make only superficial changes Dashboard

更快更好更完善更快更好更完善 Xbox One版Windows 10试用

Although Microsoft cancel Kinect gesture commands some people care, but the Dashboard (that is, the main interface of the One Xbox) after the upgrade of the new experience enough to let you forget this little problem. Dashboard looks like it is, but Microsoft did redesign it. Players fixed to the application and function of the Dashboard is now on the main interface, you can switch between the main magnetic paste and fixed icon by LT and RT. Between the two is your most often used application and game.

On the "most recent application" interface, you can see that the application icon is shown to be related to your behavior. Take the game as an example, the game icon shows a video of your game. This small change makes the players do not have to face the same icon every day, adds a sense of freshness.

Brand new community

更快更好更完善更快更好更完善 Xbox One版Windows 10试用

The feature of the recent activity was previously placed in a friend's application, but now it has its own label. The new community section allows you to upload your own status and progress, and to see the latest content that your friends share. Recent events are a great feature, but because some games will automatically record short video, you may be filled with a lot of information in the label no use.

It can be said that you can see the social and game development direction from the contents of the community label, but Microsoft's consideration is not the week makes it failed to produce a revolutionary chemical reaction. The content of a friend's activity is shown to be more selective, and not all of them are listed in a simple list. Improvements in the social interface may also need to consume a lot of Microsoft, but at least have to share the video and screenshots of the players who really want to share.


更快更好更完善更快更好更完善 Xbox One版Windows 10试用

One Xbox version of Windows 10 removed a number of features, such as Kinect gesture commands and remote support, but the entire Dashboard interface has been greatly improved. New guide interface for our visit Xbox one important function to provide a shortcut, and when we from the game when cut out dashboard also longer Caton.

The whole NXOE most exciting place is not the above, but it is just a start. One Windows now has a Xbox 10, which means that it will be compatible with this system specific universal application platform. Many applications on NXOE and Windows 10 are the same. In the future, more applications will come.

One Cortana version of the Xbox will come in early next year, with the addition of mouse support and background music player. Windows 10 is not only a change in the interface of the One Xbox, but a wider possibility.

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