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Microsoft (Connect); 2015  grand debut! Studio Visual full range update

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Translation of this articleAnd Announcements at Connect News (); //2015

Today we have a Connect () in New York, 2015. We have announced a number of products and new features in the conference.Http://www.visualstudio.com/connect2015To watch more instructional videos.

Visual Studio Code released Beta version,In this Beta version, we added several new features to the following:

  1. Join inSupport for expanded packages, and together with the release of the code style guidelines, examples of  program, and related development tools for developers to create more extensions.
  2. IntroductionCombined applicationAndAvailable through WebAs an extension of the library, to facilitate your installation and search for the expansion kit.
  3. Cooperation with developers over 60 new expansion kit, including the:Languages,Linters,Themes color,Snippets,DebuggersAndMore.
  4. The Visual Studio Code  in open source codeGitHub, become an open source project.

To learn more about Code VS, please refer toCode VS official blog.

VisualVisual Studio Code

Core.NET 5 RCAndASP.NET 5 RCGo-Live with authorization

The Core.NET 5 and ASP.NET 5 of the candidates and the official version of the launch of Linux, Windows and OSX version, and contains Go-Live authorization. So although it is not the official version, you can still use these technologies to develop products and  in actual production environment.

ASP.NET 5 RC new features include the development of tools, such as the implementation stage (runtime), as well as cross platform (Windows, OSX and Linux) set up a way to simplify and so on, you can refer to.NET team official blogFor more information about Core.NET, as wellASP.NET team official blogOrHanselman Scott's official blogTo understand the latest development of ASP.NET 5.

Studio Online Visual changed its name toStudio Team Services VisualAnd support the expansion of new features

Today, we officially renamed Studio Online Visual to Studio Team Services Visual, which allows you to be more aware of these cloud development services has become an agile team collaborative development and DevOps core, Studio Team Services Visual new features include: new customizable compiled services, team progress reports, code search, package management, publishing management, etc., are also supported directly in the compilation of iOS applications (MacinCloud).

The product development team has been inStudio ALM Visual official blogYou can get to know more about the new features of Studio Team Services Visual.

Studio Dev Essentials Visual is a completely new and completely free program, which provides the development tools, operating systems, cloud services, including Studio Community Visual, Studio Code Visual, and Studio Team Services Visual and so on. To join this program is also able to get a top forum support, by Pluralsight, Wintellect and Xamarin to provide professional training services, there will be launched in early 2016 (maybe many people are looking forward to) Azure per month for free! You can comeHttps://www.visualstudio.com/products/free-developer-offers-vsThis web page is about the details of the plan.

Studio cloud subscriptions Visual

We expect with MSDN subscription service, for Visual Studio Professional Edition and Enterprise Edition launched a month or year rent a subscription service.

  1. Monthly plan includes visual studio professional edition and Enterprise Edition IDE and the visual studio team services such as service (Enterprise Edition includes test manager expansion function), and team foundation server user end authorization;
  2. The current interest in the program is equivalent to MSDN Enterprise Edition, including technical support, Azure free amount, professional training courses, development and testing software, Windows development staff account, ProPlus Office and Office 365 development subscription, BI Pro Power and other rights (depending on the level set), you canHttps://www.visualstudio.com/products/subscriber-benefits-vsOn this page to learn more details.

We will provide these subscription services in the new Studio Visual City, and integrate with the Azure Microsoft cloud services to facilitate your handling of the bill and the cost.

Visual Studio Market

Although in the past for a long period of time, we have the visual studio gallery to download the visual studio extensions, but today we announced new visual studio market, it is developers focus to search, download, purchase and install all visual studio family (such as visual studio, Visual Studio Team Services and visual studio code) extensions.

Now available in visual studio, focus on the purchase of visual studio cloud subscription scheme, and the Visual Studio Team Services Test Manager of extensions, the future will have more partners in the city to focus on selling their solutions, now strollHttp://marketplace.visualstudio.com/!

Studio Visual 2015 Update 1 and Foundation Server Team 2015 Update 1

We are finishing the Studio Visual 2015 Update 1 and Foundation Server Team 2015 Update 1, which is expected to be launched in November 30th.

Before we have announced the Update 1 in the official blog.CTPAndRCVersion added a new feature, after the launch of the official version, you can see more new features like Test MS and Coverage Code support ASP.NET 5, parallel implementation of the test, to strengthen the code analysis, and improved NuGet suite administrator experience, but also a general Windows platform development tools. Please continue to pay attention to our official blog.

And Foundation Server Team, the new update contains a new dashboard more clearly grasp the team progress, code and testing and construction; in the same project using Team and Foundation Build version control; Kanban in the Git SonarQube and Anaysis.Harry Brian will be in November 30th, in his official blog to do a more detailed explanation.

Support Xamarin 4

We are very excited in Visual Studio 2015 update 1 will join xamarin 4 support, it can provide you build in visual studio, testing and monitoring applications for comprehensive solution and xamarin 4 in addition to update xamarin platform, also improved the developing IOS applications  program tools in the vertex shader, so you can more easily in the visual Studio development Xamarin.iOS;

Xamarin has also been used to Visual based Studio-to-Mac SSH network connection, to provide a more rapid and stable communication media, such as Studio Visual and Xamarin in the setting of Mac remote Build, only need to set up a remote log and allows multiple Studio Visual entities automatically connected, which is to develop a number of iOS projects for programmers to really be very convenient.

Xamarin 4 is also an important version of the Xamarin development team spent a lot of effort to enhance its effectiveness and stability.Refer to Xamarin's official blogTo learn how to use these tools.

In the Visual Studio Team Services through MacinCloud iOS application implementation

We andMacinCloudCooperation to provide a scheme of Visual Studio Team Services build tools, for don't want to in the room the vascular transport system, MAC, or is don't want to maintain the development of a small team of MAC hardware, build the IOS application but want to continuous integration mechanism, you can use Visual Studio Team Services and MacinCloud scheme. At present the scheme in the preview stage. Each user has a monthly payment of $30 to the full (no construction time limit).

But you still need to register an Apple Developer program to obtain signed certificate application, used to  build and deployment of your application, but a MacinCloud agent can use a completely free agent private slots in the visual studio team services.

For more details, you can refer toALM official blogComplete description,MacinCloud scheme,Xcode instruction manual,Build Cordova TeachingAndNative ReactThe official blog post.

Other announced

Through viewingHttp://www.visualstudio.com/connect2015On the face of a glimpse of the next generation of Studio Visual, we have greatly improved the installation experience, support more programming language and lightweight installation options, as well as the next generation of C#.

Studio Android Mac simulator is about to be logged in OS X Visual, which will allow developers to develop the X OS or the Windows under Microsoft to develop a fast, powerful and free Android simulator,You can register here when you take the initiative to release it, in addition, we also added some new features in the Windows version, such as supportMarshmallow (Level API 23).

HockeyApp extended functionStudio Visual has been able to focus on the acquisition, which allows developers to extend their existing DevOps process to mobile applications, the current offer free programs to provide complete functionality, and to allow 1 developers to manage 2 applications.

Visual Studio GDB debug function PreviewAnd the tools that developers can in the visual studio remote Linux server or IOT devices of the Central Plains students debugging applications.

Studio Node.js Visual tool 1.1Version of the official release, but also joined the tools to strengthen, with the support of v4.x.

Service Fabric Azure and DevTest Labs Azure open preview,Service Fabric AzureAssist developers to easily expand Build and maintain micro services, and fully integrate Azure Visual and Studio Microsoft;DevTest Labs AzureAssisting the development and testing personnel can quickly create the environment, and reduce the management of the IT staff.

SDK for 2.8.NET AzureData HDInsight Factory Fabric for Azure tool, as well as the new Service Visual Studio Docker 2015 tool, as well as the Windows and Mac desktop environment independently executedStore manager tool.

Graph Microsoft (officially launched and preview) this inOffice official blogAndOffice development official blogIn a detailed description, the developers can be inHttps://graph.microsoft.comAccessing the Microsoft cloud data, and single login  permissions, as long as the developers can use HTTP calls to the API calls on a variety of platforms, even "once isolated" office 365 service can also access through Microsoft graph.

Some updates for action development includeOpen Beta CodePushAndApp SDK IntuneEtc.

Tools for Visual Studio RC Docker, this tool allows users to integrate the project with container Docker in Studio Visual.

Diagnostics AzureStudio Application Insights Visual is currently a part of the same place to provide the system and the basic environment of the relevant information.

Finally, don't forget, you canHttps://channel9.msdn.com/Events/Visual-Studio/Connect-event-2015To watch the new message of this conference. We offer more than 70 films for you to learn and understand our work. Of course, we will continue to update and improve the functions and tools. PleaseUserVoiceOr in the productFeedbackTo provide advice and suggestions for us to do better, but also inStudio Connect VisualTell us about any problems you encounter on the web site.

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Montgomery is the Director of Program Management for Visual Studio responsible, for product design and customer success for all of years TypeScript Studio Visual, C, C#, F#, VB, JavaScript,.NET. John has Microsoft for been 17 at, in developer technologies the whole time. Reach him on Twitter John working and@JohnMont.

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