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Not afraid of death? What courage to let Microsoft push the high priced Nokia function machine

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不怕死?是什么勇气让微软推高价不怕死?是什么勇气让微软推高价 Nokia 功能机

A lot of people have forgotten NOKIA, after all, that era has passed, but also a lot of people in the field of mobile phones Microsoft is not deep, mainly because Microsoft has released a Lumia flagship smartphone in two years. Who had thought, is through the acquisition of NOKIA's mobile phone business, Microsoft is now one of the world's largest mobile phone manufacturers, and in the past year did not forget to focus on the introduction of low-cost feature machines, including a Nokia 105 only $20 price is set to refresh the record before NOKIA cheap machine.

A few days ago, Microsoft also introduced a new functional machine Nokia 230, but Microsoft's strategy seems to have changed, the pricing of its $55 has been called the most expensive functional machine, and even we can say that this is a

Globally most parts of feature phones remain popular, because this kind of machine has very low retail price, and its cost is very low, per month to spend not much cost data, the key is as long as a single charge, life may be to maintain a few weeks time. From the former market research firm eMarketer survey report that in 2013 the smart phone sales have just begun to exceed the function of the phone, the India market last year, mobile users only 1/5, China is the largest smart phone market, but last year, the number of smart phones is only more than 5 people. Another Research Center Pew data show that sub Saharan Africa, the number of 7 African countries, the number of functional machines are using more than 65.

So why Microsoft is so attached to these markets, it is not difficult to explain, coupled with apple and Google these two giants are playing smart phones, there is no desire to control the function of the mobile phone market, Microsoft can be more assured focus on the functional machine market. According to IDC's report, Microsoft's acquisition of NOKIA's mobile phone business, the first quarter revenue reached $7.65, compared with the Lumia device is lower than the figure of $7.54.

Through the huge volume of Nokia brand mobile phones, Microsoft can also promote their own applications and services, such as Bing search and MSN weather, etc., in the functional machine market for its own ecosystem to consolidate more users. The abacus Microsoft's playing well, it is hoped that when these feature phone users want to upgrade to a smart phone, to the maximum extent directly consider to buy their own windows 10 mobile platform for smart phones, rather than IOS or Android.

Simply said, the functional machine is also Microsoft

Tiered pricing strategy under the product of Nokia 230, but the future is uncertain

In the past two years, Microsoft's Nokia function machine prices are mostly in the range of 20 to 50 dollars, while Microsoft's current most cheap smart phone Lumia 430, Microsoft's price is $70. The newly released Nokia 230 may be a the cause impact the function of the mobile phone, because it is standard equipped with front and rear camera, and are equipped with LED lights, which 200 megapixel rear camera can already comparable to the lumia 430.

At the same time, the Internet enabled mobile phones, support to download and install a series of simple applications, including Bing search, MSN weather and Mini Opera browser, and the body is also equipped with a microSD card slot, the maximum support to expand the storage space of 32GB. What is interesting is that Microsoft has given up the NOKIA era of the most competitive traditional features, is about to change the color of the colorful shell into a classic gray tone collocation black and white two colors, and matched with the aluminum metal back cover composed of three sections of the design, highlighting the high-end design. Thus, a complete machine to be marketed in India, Asia and the Middle East, in 2016 and listed in the market more.

To be honest, the functional machine 50 to 30 u.. We believe that Microsoft should not be worried about the Nokia 230 market to eat into their smart phones, but more worried about ultra cheap Android devices while taking Nokia 230 and Lumia 430 customers.

Google is expanding market, especially in a number of major mobile phone market. For example, Google introduced in India

So, more familiar with the local market manufacturers to provide more in line with the tastes of local consumers, Microsoft is clearly see this point. However, Google was on the execution, and continue to push prices lower for smart phones, including the same price feature phone pricing also continue to drop in the future Microsoft tiered pricing strategy will by great influence, most higher priced machine function such as Nokia 230 soon will be squeezed out of the market.

If this is the case, Microsoft must launch a cheaper feature phones and low-end lumia smartphones, will it be possible to continue with Google to compete in the entry-level market attract their own applications and services, improve the path of the mobile ecosystem is not easy.

Microsoft function machine market in the future is very dark


Price and the use of low-cost smart phones continue to fall, to emerging markets, marketing and business areas has brought new opportunities, where many consumers have never used such a good mobile phone, in the near future, the more obvious features of the future.

EMarketer predicts that by 2018, 1/3 of the world's consumers will be smart phone users, a total of more than 25.6 people. 2018 smart phone user index represents half of the world's mobile phone users, which means that mobile phones will become a minority in the field of electronic communications. Analytics Strategy analyst Mawston Neil also believes that smart phone manufacturers will increasingly seek new growth opportunities in other emerging markets, India and Indonesia next year will account for 13 of global smartphone sales.

We have now can be expected to result, that is a smartphone in the Sturm und Drang situation one fell swoop the end of the era of functional machine, Microsoft will again in a disadvantageous position, potential users in developing countries and emerging markets, they will choose to buy low-end Android devices, instead of windows 10 smartphones.

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