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Watch Apple 2 latest news rumors summary or independent use

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Although wearable devices are not yet in the world to become mainstream, but this does not prevent apple Watch Apple in three months, a record sales of 300 million. Actually Apple watch and cannot be regarded as a perfect product, and its success actually part of the reason to a thanks to the iPhone sold. And about Apple's next plan is what, not only is the consumer, even the competition is very concerned about the hands, are looking to see what Watch Apple 2 will look like. And the latest rumors that Apple will in the third quarter of next year released the next generation of Apple watch, and on the strap will even notice lamp.

AppleApple Watch 2最新消息传闻汇总 或可独立使用

Release time

AppleApple Watch 2最新消息传闻汇总 或可独立使用

Although the release of Watch Apple 2 is still in the speculation stage, but probably also can see some clues. The first generation of Watch Apple was released in September 2014, but by April 10, 2015 it began to accept the booking, April 24th was officially shipped. According to the internal supply chain news, basically Watch Apple 2 will not be released as early as next year in April, and it is even possible to wait until September next year and the next generation of iPhone simultaneous debut.

The initial rumors also point to the September conference, but the news from the supply chain showed that some of the problems appeared to be delayed. And according to the news from the United Daily News, it shows another Watch Apple 2 release time.

According to the report, the chairman of the Barry Lam Apple Watch quanta said 2 release date will be in June. Apple has notified quanta Changshu factory in January next year for mass production, then the number of employees of the factory in Changshu will significantly increase 4 million people.

New features

AppleApple Watch 2最新消息传闻汇总 或可独立使用

Compared with the first generation of products, Watch Apple 2 seems to be no small change. OS Watch 2 has been introduced, we have seen some improvements and improvements, such as local application support, Wi-Fi, watch video, reply e-mail, direct self watch call FaceTime audio.

Perhaps, Watch Apple 2 will add a new wireless chip set, allowing it to handle the basic communication tasks without the need to pair iPhone, more independent. There is also a source of information, Watch Apple 2 will be equipped with a camera, allowing users to call and receive FaceTime video phone, and not just limited to audio.

It is said that the Watch Apple 2 will continue the first generation of product design, and will not use a circular table body. Through Apple's previous product concept, the message is still very high reliability. However, in addition to the standard edition, sports version and the Gold Edition, Watch Apple 2 is likely to include a new version. At present, we do not know the new version of Watch Apple 2 will use what material, perhaps it is titanium, platinum and even liquid metal. Apple will impose a different price, thus enriching the product form.

In addition to the news, Watch Apple 2 in the production process will increase the thickness of the dial to accommodate a larger capacity of the battery, improving the first generation of poor battery life.

Longer life

AppleApple Watch 2最新消息传闻汇总 或可独立使用

We have never been looking forward to Watch Apple can have a good battery life performance, after all, now in addition to the Pebble is rarely a smart watch can reach a week. Generally speaking, the existing smart watches after a single charge the battery for about a day and a half.

One day charge for the smart phone has been bad enough, and if you need to recharge your own smart watch every day will certainly make people feel tired, and this is a lot of people are reluctant to buy Watch Apple reasons. So we look forward to Apple's ability to solve these problems in Watch Apple 2, for its better battery life. We do not expect Watch Apple 2 after a single charge to be able to have more than a week of battery life, but the three day is worth looking forward to.

Circular dial

Some people are very satisfied with the design of a square dial Watch Apple, while Watch Apple 2 is likely to continue this shape design. However, like Watch Apple offers two kinds of dial size choice, apple is also likely to be different from the shape of the choice of watches, such as square and circular, which will help Watch Apple 2 to attract more users.

More frivolous design

AppleApple Watch 2最新消息传闻汇总 或可独立使用

Apple watch shape design, although smaller than most of their competitors, but its body still slightly thick, this regrettable. So we look forward to Apple's ability to improve this in Watch Apple 2, so that Watch Apple has a more lightweight body design.

Android compatibility

Currently, Google has launched a Wear Android application on the iOS, to achieve a partial compatibility. So, why don't you get Watch Apple 2 to support Android? Of course, this may be a strategic issue, but from a certain point of view, this will obviously increase the number of potential users of Watch Apple 2.

More sensors

AppleApple Watch 2最新消息传闻汇总 或可独立使用

One of the biggest selling points of Watch Apple is that it can be used as a health accessory, but according to earlier rumors, Apple had planned to add more sensors to Watch Apple.

Watch Apple's heart rate sensor has been very impressive, which also makes it one of the most accurate heart rate monitoring equipment. In Watch Apple 2, we expect apple to have more advanced sensors, such as blood pressure, blood oxygen, and stress levels.

Built in GPS

AppleApple Watch 2最新消息传闻汇总 或可独立使用

Apple has not built in the Watch Apple GPS technology, which is a big flaw, perhaps apple this is due to take into account the Watch Apple is not a good battery life. Lack of GPS support, which means that Watch Apple is not able to be referred to as a comprehensive sports watch, we look forward to Watch Apple 2 to improve battery life, built-in GPS support, to achieve better motor function.

Operation mode adjustment

AppleApple Watch 2最新消息传闻汇总 或可独立使用

Watch Apple digital table is an excellent design concept, but its user interface is somewhat too focused on the rotation operation, click on the operation of some too small. In fact, this is not a bad thing, because the Watch Apple display is small, so it is wise to avoid contact with the fingerprint. However, taking into account that most of the smart devices are direct interaction with the user through the touch screen, click on the operation may be more intuitive, especially when you get used to the kind of percussion and sliding iPhone.

More clear display

AppleApple Watch 2最新消息传闻汇总 或可独立使用

Apple watch the screen resolution, although not too shabby, but in analog dial display, will inevitably see some pixels, enhance the resolution of the screen will improve the visual experience.

Depending on the size of the Watch Apple dial, the resolution of the display is divided into 340 * 272 and 390 * 312. Given that it's not big enough, so the resolution is decent enough to compete with many competitors, Xiang Pimei. But in fact, the current basic no smart watches equipped with sharp, clear display, but we look forward to Watch Apple 2 will have a more clear display.

Lower selling price

AppleApple Watch 2最新消息传闻汇总 或可独立使用

Apple's device is always very expensive, while the Watch Apple positioning seems to be a luxury, so it's a high price is reasonable. According to the expected, Apple will increase the Watch Apple 2 of the fuselage material type, which will undoubtedly make the price of the more large segment. In addition to the high-end version, we want to Watch Apple 2 basic models of the price will be lower, so that more users can afford to get started.

Greater built-in storage space

AppleApple Watch 2最新消息传闻汇总 或可独立使用

Watch Apple built-in 8GB storage space, which is enough for a smart watch, but it only 2GB space can store music, 75MB space for storing photos. According to the expected, Watch Apple 2 will focus on the independent application experience, so in the case of not able to match with iPhone, we should be for music and photos to find a bigger storage space, so we hope Watch Apple 2 can have a greater built-in storage space.

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