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Apple map: counter attack history is more popular than Google Maps

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The apple map was released on 2012, released at the beginning, this map is flawed, experienced being angry, laughed at by the dark history. And others, when a product out of the darkness of the year, it will have the courage to look back to those in the past, such as the museum appeared on the river, a large number of satellite map is covered by clouds. Once, apple maps are like this:

Apple map dark history

The University of Chicago:

苹果地图逆袭史:比Google苹果地图逆袭史:比Google Maps更受欢迎

Wave shaped bridge:

苹果地图逆袭史:比Google苹果地图逆袭史:比Google Maps更受欢迎

As if the end of the world is coming:

苹果地图逆袭史:比Google苹果地图逆袭史:比Google Maps更受欢迎

Manhattan bridge becomes a roller coaster:

苹果地图逆袭史:比Google苹果地图逆袭史:比Google Maps更受欢迎

Apple map of Toronto:

苹果地图逆袭史:比Google苹果地图逆袭史:比Google Maps更受欢迎

Flat Paris iron tower:

苹果地图逆袭史:比Google苹果地图逆袭史:比Google Maps更受欢迎

The effect of 3D under the Clifton suspension bridge:

苹果地图逆袭史:比Google苹果地图逆袭史:比Google Maps更受欢迎

Apple maps have done these things, for example, the user guide to the airport runway, so that the airport has been forced to shut down the road to the airport, and even the Dublin Airport, the airport location, and the actual location of the airport, and the actual location of the 17 km, there are several Australian drivers to Vitoria Province, Mir Dula, but Apple maps to a national park, because many errors are too far, the Australian police have publicly declared that the map software may endanger the lives of people.

Google Maps: Apple map

When it comes to map application, the global users, many people think of first is the Google map, we did not think that one day can achieve counter attack Apple maps, on a iOS device installed capacity is 3 times of Google maps.

According to the Boston Globe The report, the use of Apple maps on the iPhone and iPad devices is three times the competitors (Google map), apple maps 5 billion times a week to deal with the map related inquiries. This is a welcome result.

Of course, because Google maps also support the iOS and Android system, therefore, the number of users in the United States is still ranked first. But it's a great thing to be able to have more than Google maps on the iOS platform.

苹果地图逆袭史:比Google苹果地图逆袭史:比Google Maps更受欢迎

Google has served as the map manager, is currently working on a map of the application Moovit MacKenzie Torres said: "they do a lot of progress in the short term, Apple has few Ordinary Company expertise, can enter the pragmatic utility in the design of simple financial."

Some analysts said Apple maps can be more popular than Google maps, which is because the apple map is easy to access on the main screen application, and no accident to attract more people to use. After all, intelligent machines have the time to pre installed software, than the user need to open the application store to download the convenience. A lot of people use Apple maps, purely because of the use of iPhone mobile phones; even if the user to download other maps, Siri or iPhone services on the Mail will return to Apple maps.

However, you have not thought about, apple maps than Google maps are popular, in addition to because the iOS device is its main battlefield, but also with its progress has a great relationship. If the apple map experience is not good, the user would rather trouble to download Maps Google.

In addition, apple maps quickly tables also shows that Apple has the ability to guide the user acceptance of the services they provide.

A step by step how to counter attack Apple map

苹果地图逆袭史:比Google苹果地图逆袭史:比Google Maps更受欢迎

First of all, it is to fix the error. Apple's map of the amendment began in 2012, the first user is found in New York area, the statue of liberty, the 3D image has been greatly improved. In addition, New York and London have a new 3D building.

Today, apple maps are also constantly correcting errors. It is understood that the apple map every day to check the information, will fix some minor problems every week. From the beginning of April last year, apple began to push notification information to the user, prompting them to submit the problem has been corrected. Now, there are a lot of users noted that the load of the apple map of the site data significantly improve.

In addition, Apple also added a number of POI information points (point-of-interest, including name, category, longitude, latitude, near the hotel, hotel, shops and other information) data companies, including Group Location3, Media DAC, Group Marquette, PositionTech, Placeable, Partners SIM, UBL, Yext, Yelp and Yodle, together with the original Factual, Neustar/Localeze and SinglePlatform, will provide more accurate POI data to users.

Recruiting talent. Talent is the most valuable asset of the enterprise, in order to make apple maps better, Apple has been recruiting the best talents. In May this year, apple is still recruiting.

In April this year, apple for the Maps Department of the route planning (Routing) team to recruit a software engineer.

"As part of the route planning team, you will be involved in the development of one of the most anticipated features in the development of Maps Apple," said the recruitment notice." In quality requirements, the company directly to the job seekers must be very familiar with the public transport system, both the use of the system's experience, but also from the technical level to understand the system.

Next year in May, Apple's recruitment information display, apple is the map data service team to find a senior software engineer, the engineer is best able to develop experience in large-scale distributed systems and mastered the Java, Kafka, Zookeeper, Scala and other technical skills.

"We have big plans, we are looking for engineers and leaders who can design, build a clean, scalable and efficient data service, and he can help track, monitor and debug data, because they need to work through a complex path," he writes."

Prior to this, Apple also recruited a number of experienced map POI (interest points) database management engineer; Apple has been in a recruitment, said the road surface live management personnel's desire, then the position throughout the Americas, Western Europe, Japan, Asia Pacific, Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa and other regions.

In addition to the POI map and the road situation, Apple has localization analysis of iOS under a lot of hard work, Apple has publicly expressed hope to get development, test and determine the hybrid localization algorithm of professional personnel, in order to build the corresponding equipment service to all users of iOS.

Acquiring company. Over the last three years, Apple has acquired many of the map startups, directly to the company's R & D results on Apple maps, which is a relatively fast way to get success. Through the acquisition of technology to achieve success, good use of other people's research and development results, this is apple has been doing things. Like, we solve a math problem, we directly use the formula to calculate the mathematician can.

苹果地图逆袭史:比Google苹果地图逆袭史:比Google Maps更受欢迎

Apple's acquisition of the map startups have:

Broadmap, it is mainly dedicated to the management and analysis of map data, for large and small and medium enterprises to provide services.

HopStop, an online transportation Service Corporation, acquired it with $1 billion to upgrade its own map tool software.

Locationary, which was originally a local database of the location of the database startup companies, Locationary is quite a local merchant list of Wikipedia, it with the power of the crowd, to encourage users to contribute data.

EMBArk, a Silicon Valley free public transport application developer, is designed to provide public transport navigation services for smart phone users.

Placebase, a research and Development Geography, map information system map company.

WifiSlam, indoor navigation company, is committed to the development of more accurate indoor navigation and positioning technology.

Mapsense, San Francisco, San Francisco map data analysis and visualization of Venture Company, the main business is to establish a tool for analyzing and visualizing the location data.

Navigation Coherent, focus on the development of high precision GPS hardware and software.

In addition to the above, there are other small map companies in Apple's revenue capsule. Apple has said it will not regularly buy small technology companies, generally will not discuss the purpose and plan for the acquisition.

Public transport services. This is a great progress of apple maps. In the past, every time when open other map applications, many users want to find their own travel by the map of public transport route planning, and apple map missing this feature. To iOS 9, the user for many years the wish was finally reached.

In the new version of iOS 9, apple for the public transport map to join the Transit function. Allows the user to use the bus, subway, train, ferry and other public transportation navigation. Even the station and the station, you can easily find the shortcut and out of the station. To solve the more pressing needs of users.

Transit function will be applied in many cities around the world. In China, the Transit approach will be applied to Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and other cities more than 300.

In addition, the new version of the iOS map feature can also help users search for nearby restaurants, bars, shopping centers, and various ongoing activities.

The apple map can counter attack to the Android platform?

苹果地图逆袭史:比Google苹果地图逆袭史:比Google Maps更受欢迎

Apple map usage on the iOS device is 3 times of Google maps, to achieve the perfect counter attack. So we thought, if the apple map has Android version, so it is in the Android platform, will not be welcomed?

Perhaps some people will say, first of all, you have to have a Android version of the apple map. Although Apple's application will rarely cross platform support, but does not mean that there is no such possibility. This year, Apple has released two applications for the Android platform, the first is to iOS Move; the second is the Music Apple. Maybe in the future, Apple will release more iOS version of Android applications.

If there is a Android version of the apple map, we believe that it is also difficult to get the same success in the field of Android and iOS platform. The main reason is that the Google map is more mature, convenient, and users are accustomed to using Google maps. In addition, Apple launched from the previous two Android application, response is not very good, move to iOS Apple Music received rave reviews, feedback is not satisfactory.

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