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In fact, the valuation of millet should be

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2015 is about to end, according to the supply chain estimates, millet shipments this year will be more than 70 million units, but can not achieve the goal of the beginning of 80 million to 100 million units. The internal sources from millet revealed that as early as a few months ago, millet has been reduced to the internal sales target of 70 million units. This year, millet suffered a series of new patent lawsuit bounced, as well as international expansion lost a lot.

In addition, millet this year has not announced a new round of financing. Although millet early rumor regarding the valuation of rumors, but from multiple sources millet this year indeed to below the last round of the valuation price launched a new round of financing, but the process is blocked, and millet closed this round of financing.

Millet valuation has been the existence of a myth, in just 5 years, an increase of 180 times the valuation. The industry and even some investors once on the valuation of millet is very much puzzled and envy.

The former Gome chairman Chen Xiaoyou once said that he had time to visit him to Lei Jun, Lei Jun millet valuation,

Chen Xiao was greatly shocked, it is difficult to believe. After he came back, he said, so many years of manufacturing industry has never heard of such valuation methods, which is the Internet thinking and Internet Pricing, the Internet to determine the value of the new standards.

More than investment circles said that the valuation of millet has been the way there are differences and disputes, because any of the previous valuation methods are invalid here. PS city sales rate, the last round of financing, the sales rate of millet reached 3.9 times, while Apple, the city sales rate of 3.1 times. Lenovo's sales rate is 0.38 times, SONY is only 0.3 times. As the world's largest TV and storage chip manufacturers, Samsung's sales rate is 0.7 times.

Cannot read for the valuation of millet, Lei Jun also once had created

Millet was born, is accompanied by

With the rise of millet phone shipments, millet network has become China's third largest electricity business platform after Taobao, Jingdong, millet network has become one of the most core assets of the assets, while millet has

Last year, through the acquisition of Google smart home equipment manufacturers Nest, millet is also proposed

There is a little millet aura plus body, is Chinese concept. Last year, Alibaba launched the United States listed. Before the listing, some agencies estimate the market value of Alibaba after listing, from the most conservative $80 billion, to the most bold $180 billion. Listed on the first day of Ali Baba's market value soared to $23 billion, more than the market the most crazy speculation, which makes the global investors raised eyebrows. Miss Alibaba investors, naturally want to explore another gold mine from china.

But the most fundamental is millet phone astonishing development speed, including Lei Jun all unexpected, in August 2011, millet released the first mobile phone. Sales expectations for 2012 is said to be 300 thousand, if the point can be bold to the 1 million lottery event, more than one million, the partner of Lei Jun said the maximum sentence is: enough, do not sell so much. The results of that year, the final sales of 7 million 190 thousand mobile phone millet.

When the last round of financing, investment circles on the valuation of millet is very fierce. Some investors believe that

Optimistic investors to invest in millet as a Internet Co with unlimited potential, and now look more like a typical

2015, millet phone from the most optimistic about the sales volume is expected to be reduced to 70 million, in addition to the external cause of the end of the domestic market smart phone dividend period, but also as a focus of millet Hard Suits Inc short board.

Millet line under the lack of channels. Electricity supplier channel is a mobile phone manufacturers in the past few years, and a bonus, after several years of rapid growth, the proportion of electricity supplier channels and offline channels gradually reach equilibrium, online and offline probably accounted for 37. Electronic business mode once let millet channel cost compressed to the smallest, but missing the next line has caused today's growth problems, in contrast, offline channels to force Huawei, Meizu or vivo, oppo, this year growth momentum is good.

But the lower channel line development, is bound to a substantial increase in the cost, an inevitable requirement for the product have higher profit margins to flatten out, must have a high priced products, will inevitably hurt the millet with high performance and low price tag, otherwise, they will have to do the brand segmentation, such as Huawei glory, but red rice and millet segment seems to millet to cheaper interval.

Millet supply chain control is still inadequate. The terminal and the upstream is always a palace. The earliest chip manufacturers Qualcomm holding can be a test of the idea to invest in millet, so several chips are starting to give millet, but also achievements of millet

Millet has not yet introduced the new millet 5 may have suffered a similar crisis. According to the overseas media, news, Samsung and Qualcomm has reached an exclusive agreement, Samsung, Qualcomm's new chips will be exclusive to 2016, the window period of 4 months. If the news is true, this will affect the launch of the same product with the millet 5 time to market.

Terminal manufacturers to solve the only way is to have the chip self research capabilities, as a good competitive weight. HUAWEI MATE7 can have a good sales cycle is a big reason to use their own chips. Millet to see this trend, the establishment of the joint core, but the chip from the research is a long-term basic skills.

Millet technology and patent loss. Millet certainly see a slowdown in the domestic market trend, from the beginning of this year to develop India, Indonesia and other overseas markets, but frustrated, sea encountered Ericsson patent prosecution, which disrupts the millet in the pace of expansion, similar, patent is a long-term basic skills. This is also the problem of mobile phone upstart.

Even in the Internet, the idea of MIUI is not smooth. In order to better commercialization, MIUI is deviated from the original intention of the user experience. For example, the system comes with a lot of millet millet APP financial, millet life, millet radio and so can not be unloaded, and these are not affected by the background notification bar authority control, you can push the content at any time. Users of the so-called O2O traffic is not too much to be realized, but it is seamless advertising becomes more. Once the user experience becomes poor, MIUI to the user's attractiveness will be greatly reduced. In fact, there are investors to become a high profit millet software and services platform expressed doubts.

Financing is crucial to the millet. Over the past 5 years, the rapid expansion of millet greatly from the capital driven. As a capital Taotie monster, millet also is extremely capital hungry, its layout and a lot of void need capital tamped. But if investors reconsider millet in the foundation of the short board, millet valuation methods will re-examine and how to resolve the dilemma is to Lei Jun in the past twenty years business intelligence centralized test.

And as the typical samples of the Internet model, Sturm und Drang millet, setting off a Internet full-scale invasion and subversion of traditional industry, once made the traditional industries to be on tenterhooks, now millet encountered difficulties, may is exactly the Internet wave reflection point.

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