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Not only defeated AMD 2015 is the most brilliant year of NVIDIA

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For NVIDIA, 2015 years can be described as a fantastic year, because of the company's share price soared, especially in the second half of this year, compared with last year soared nearly 60. At present, a lot of Nvidia business, the game graphics business better than before, in this year and a successful market share expanded to a record level. It is the excellent performance of Nvidia, so that its main rival AMD has not been able to get out of the predicament.

不只战胜AMD不只战胜AMD 2015年乃NVIDIA最辉煌一年

2015 is coming to an end, it is time to sort out the best performance of this year's Nvidia.

Very seriously the automobile market to do the necessary.

Yesterday we've talked about NVIDIA performance this year the worst products non Tegra chip is none other than, in the mainstream market for mobile devices is a complete failure. But in another new field: auto market, the Tegra product line is thriving, is currently equipped with NVIDIA Tegra chip numerous cars, such as the Tesla Model s, main auxiliary motor control in car entertainment system. How many pieces of the chip to conquer the car in the car to control the screen it? Prior to the data show that the road running Tegra car has nearly 8 million, but there are 250 thousand Tegra cars are on the production line.

In addition, the third quarter of this year, Nvidia's results show that the Tegra chip business sales in the automotive sector increased by 51. So rapid growth, and in January this year, Nvidia released two car platform CX Drive and PX Drive are inseparable. Among them, the drive CX is mainly responsible for the in car entertainment system, NVIDIA claims can easily drive two 4K screen, only by a strong chip can replace the integration of a variety of modules, in the car with the entertainment experience even than the mobile equipment better, the future drive CX platform will become one of the platform of choice for most of the top automotive systems.

不只战胜AMD不只战胜AMD 2015年乃NVIDIA最辉煌一年

PX Drive platform is a one-time equipped with a dual 256 core Tegra X1 GPU chip, mainly for advanced auxiliary driving function. The platform can be real-time analysis of data from up to 12 camera sensors, used to identify pedestrians, road signs and other vehicles. Future self driving cars will need more powerful computing performance, Huang think Tegra product line with incredible performance will be more conducive to conquer the market, ensure that the automatic driving safer.

A super powerful Android game console

Although Nvidia has provided GPU graphics processing for the last generation of the host PlayStation 3, but it is clear that this year missed the next generation of host development, AMD lucky to take the Microsoft and SONY orders. But for Nvidia in terms of the impact is not very large, because in the entire PC market, Nvidia market share is captured by AMD more amazing, the third quarter of this year, the independent video card shipments accounted for more than 80 of the share of Nvidia.

Nvidia did not give up the living room gaming platform equipment, so in March this year, Nvidia announced the launch of a powerful Android TV Shield game set-top box products, not only equipped with a mobile nuclear grade X1 Tegra to provide performance security, but only $199 of affordable price for sale. NVIDIA also involved the geforce nows cloud gaming service flow, as long as the purchase of the box and subscription service, in access network bandwidth is sufficient, the streaming via the Internet to play 1080P@60fps any PC game is not a problem.

不只战胜AMD不只战胜AMD 2015年乃NVIDIA最辉煌一年

Of course, Android TV Shield sales can not be compared with Xbox 4 and One PlayStation, but Nvidia is working toward this effort, the living room to bring the best Android and PC gaming experience.

Record graphics card market share

NVIDIA and AMD in PC graphics card battle has been going on for many years, but in the middle of 2010 to 2014, the market share of the two companies appeared stalled, but with each other are not squeezed out the other side. When NVIDIA since that's graphics occupy a market share of about 60, but with seasonal fluctuations, and new product launch, the market share between AMD and NVIDIA always change back and forth each other and no one wins.

However, this situation in the late 2014 has changed a lot. At the end of last year, NVIDIA released two new graphics products geforce GTX 970 and GTX 980, although the positioning in the high-end products, but official retail price to the player a big surprise, even early "memory" also failed to stop sales of brush up. AMD had to take the strategy, all Radeon graphics cards across the board to reduce price promotions.

In fact, this situation in the PC graphics industry is not uncommon, but the biggest problem is that in the nine months after GTX 970 and GTX 980 release, AMD has failed to come up with any more competitive products to respond. Nvidia can not wait for your long awaited Fury Series graphics release, the end of the second quarter of this year, the statistics show that in the AMD extremely struggling for this period of time, the market share of Nvidia graphics card to achieve a record growth, reaching an unprecedented 81.9.

Market research agency Peddie Research Jon statistics graphics share data:

不只战胜AMD不只战胜AMD 2015年乃NVIDIA最辉煌一年

Amd has finally in June this year, Computex 2015 Taipei International Computer during the exhibition released a new generation of flagship graphics, equipped with new graphics of HBM high memory bandwidth does give people a deep impression, in addition to 4K resolution, fury x did not defeat the GTX 980 Ti, many just look at the actual performance experience internationally disappointed. Simply said, AMD in the third quarter of this year to win back a lot of market share, but lost far more than it is now to earn too much.

In 2016, AMD and NVIDIA will release the next generation flagship independent graphics products, when in view of the present situation (NVIDIA market share occupied a dominant position, amd not very straight backs), amd only really took better products to counter NVIDIA, is expected to further reduce the market share gap. However, this situation in the last few years, did not happen.

At present, many news shows that NVIDIA in 2016 at least in memory technology to catch up with AMD, and Pascal graphics core will have 170 billion a history that the number of transistors, AMD to want to beat NVIDIA only by virtue of the incremental upgrade may be very difficult to accomplish. In short, in 2015 a year down, Tegra although Nvidia chip in the mobile field has encountered some setbacks, but as a whole is still the most brilliant year in the history of Nvidia. Of course, in 2015, will not be copied to 2016, but in view of the current favorable position, the future years of sustained growth and keep leading in front of Huang is not a very big problem.

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