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Now Google and Siri's artificial assistant to predict how to achieve?

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GoogleGoogle Now 与 Siri 的人工助理预测如何实现?

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Artificial assistant applications on smart phones are becoming mainstream. And based on the Google Now iOS and Siri Android is through the system of the bottom of the interface and massive coverage of the crowd, as a synonym for artificial assistant. Whether it is Now Google or Siri or Microsoft force to push the Cortana, at this stage, the artificial assistant is how to predict user behavior?

How much data is needed to complete a forecast?

The artificial assistant has more and more "aggressive", he will make a prediction in you before she / of course, this is also more aggressive "assistant" value. For example, Google will remind me the flight information when I will go to the airport, in this case, Google needs to know the following data:

  • I booked a flight and flight information;
  • I want to go to the airport, at least there are two airports in Shanghai, Beijing;
  • My current position;

Cortana, Siri also need these data, the difference is that the Google user agrees to grab and integrate these fragmented data, thereby forming a reminder. While Siri and Cortana are more limited to the collection of user behavior, to iOS 9 in the Siri upgraded version of intelligent prediction as an example, she through the analysis of your iOS device operating habits, so as to predict the next person you may contact and the possible use of App, as shown below:

GoogleGoogle Now 与 Siri 的人工助理预测如何实现?

Compared to iOS device lock, Now Google greater ambition, it is based on the cloud, can be used across the platform, users only need a Google account, after downloading the Google application, you can release the magic of Now Google through various platforms, let us look at the elements of magic.


Manual assistant application requires most of the data in the mail, Google is the most good. In the past decade, Gmail growing as one of the world's most popular e-mail service, but almost no people know Google actually has been to scan a the content of your email in silently, in Google backstage database, it has quietly for you each a letter mail played tag, such as a flight information mail put together, and credit card information consumption is put in other places. If you have the concept of this, you might as well try the Google launched Inbox.

Siri will also use the mail content. For example, when you receive an invitation to a meeting in a iOS system, the calendar automatically creates a schedule, and generates a series of traffic information to the conference hall. And if you get a phone call, just this phone is also a person you leave a message in the content of the phone, then Siri will automatically recognize this person.

On the other hand, due to the widespread use of Gmail, a lot of people using iOS devices, such as me, also set up a Gmail mailbox on the iOS device, which will also be fed Siri and now Google, OK, I suddenly raised two assistants.


Now, every search of the user will be recorded, with the increase in records, when you next search, the search engine for you to prepare for the topic you may be interested in

Google and Cortana basic a routine, the former with the ubiquitous Google search bar, while the latter is the use of Bing search, which accumulated a large number of user behavior data.

Apple's Siri is not good at the integration of search, for a long time, Siri on the spotlight and iOS no relationship, many people do not know in fact spotlight is a search tool, and in the latest iOS 9, apple is its integration, which is seen above the scene.


Google and Microsoft are good at doing this. Chrome, IE browser browsing records will become an important basis for the prediction of Googlenow and Cortana, compared with the search records, browsing records for the user's habit of computing and modeling more reference value.

But Apple's Siri can't do that. For Siri, Safari browsing records simply can not get, if you really care about their privacy, then do not use Google on the Safari account login.


A human assistant needs a calendar, and an artificial assistant also needs a calendar. Google will always monitor your calendar (of course, Google calendar) changes, any one thing will become Now Google forecast data.

Cortana to do the same thing, it in the windows system ready to detect the changes of the calendar, but to the Android system, you can not read the calendar data, considering the popularity of Windows Phone rates, Keke

Siri is also very important for calendar data. It can read the iOS system calendar event, even if this calendar is from the Google calendar synchronization data.


In my opinion, the calendar constitutes the most important data source of artificial assistant. When I went to Shanghai on business, after staying in a hotel in the Bund, Now Google pushed a few spots and coffee shops not far from the hotel. Another day of the scene, when I told Google my family position and work place, Google every morning at 8 am told me to go to work the route planning, and to 5 pm, the work of the route planning automatic push over.

All of this can be explained by this: Google knows my location, well, any time position.

If cortna and Google similar, then Siri how to do it? Siri practice a bit unique, Siri will collect your location data in a number of places, so as to automatically determine and predict some things. For example, I found that Siri will always tell me the traffic information on the way to work, but I never told her my family position and work place, this part of the location data is Siri automatically calculated and inferred.

GoogleGoogle Now 与 Siri 的人工助理预测如何实现?

Finally may wish to make a summary, Google now is currently the most mature artificial assistant. She's smart and quiet, silently watching you, when you remove the final privacy guard, Google now forecast more accurately. Cortana is also similar, but her user groups are very small, relatively speaking, the prediction accuracy is not high. Siri, she seems to be interested and keep your distance, sometimes surprises you, sometimes.

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