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Google operator Fi Project use experience: affordable speed fast

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Over the past two months I have been LG Nexus 5X Google Project Fi virtual operator services, feeling pretty good. Although the service is still not universal, only three Android phones in use, but for some people, I think it is worth a try. Google did not spend gold to build their own mobile network; it is a virtual operators (MVNO), project fi network is sprint and T-Mobile two operators of the infrastructure.

The name "project" is the embodiment of Google and its new umbrella company alphabet of the nature of business, project operation. Fi is a completely new attempt for Google, but Google often gives himself a challenge. Perhaps Project Fi would like Google fiber as a great success, but also may Google will eventually terminate the service.

Down to talk about the use of Fi for the two months to my experience:

Material benefits!

Fi Project's biggest bright spot is definitely the price. I am very satisfied with this point - Fi is the most affordable package I have ever used.

Fi's lowest price is $20 per month, no upper limit of calls and text messages. On this basis, the flow rate of $10 per 1 plus GB. My package is $80 per month, flow 6GB. Did not run out of the flow will have a monthly cash rebate, with too many words only need to pay more to the point that the flow price is good.

Compared with this, my host's monthly fee is much more expensive. I am hosting the 2014 Motorola second generation X Moto, package with the Verizon operator. The package I have 6GB, cost $60, however in addition to this I have to pay $40 infrastructure costs and other costs. Overall, the price per month Fi packages will be much lower than this. If my host is to change from Fi to Verizon, then you will be able to save a sum of money.

Speaking of benefits, I have to mention the Wi-Fi Assistant Fi function. Wi-Fi Assistant will automatically put your equipment connected to the high quality and free Wi-Fi, thereby reducing the cost of your traffic. This conscience technology for customers to save money I would like to AT


For me, every month Fi's bill is a kind of enjoyment. Does it sound very sick? But the monthly bills are concise, easy to read and the cost was entirely predictable, it is a model of major operators.

For a chestnut:

Fi Project bill a case

No not clear cost of every source are clearly. My favorite is the daily flow chart, at a glance, even the shared traffic has shown. But of course you have to download the Fi application to see.

If you have any questions, you can find 24/7 technical customer service anytime, anywhere. Fi applications is that, if I call customer service, and technical personnel will be within a minute to give me a call; if it is mail, then 1 to 4 hours will be able to received a reply. May wait for the popularity of Fi will not be so in a timely manner, but is now doing really well.


One of the surprises that Fi brings to me is speed! gee up Especially fast!

I Speedtest.net in 10 different locations were tested FI and Verizon's network speed, the fact that both Wi Fi or flow, uploading or downloading fi are than Verizon fast more than doubled. For example, when the San Jose test, with LTE Fi network download speed is 29.84, but only 6.69 Verizon Mbps.

My test and the conclusion may not be precise, but I think it is enough to prove that the Fi network speed than large difference operators.

I also feel the daily use of the network speed is really fast. Since I bought the Fi package to Nexus 5X, when you want to use mobile phone Internet I will automatically ignore Moto X.

Question 1 Wi-Fi call quality worrying

Because the Fi package is not limited to call time, so the package contains the Wi-Fi call service is a bit redundant. But the problem is I found fi Wi Fi call quality is not good, sound card, automatic disconnection is a question almost commonplace. I'll have to wait a few seconds to hear each other. Because the quality of the call is really worrying, when fight each other over Wi Fi phone I usually require the other party to use other methods to call again give me a. I checked the relevant forum check Project Fi, there are a lot of people like me complaining about the poor quality of Wi-Fi.

More Zaoxin is sometimes (especially when indoor) phone will automatically become Wi-Fi call mode.

In Wi-Fi mode, even flight mode status can also call.

But I soon found a solution. You can close the "Wi-Fi call" in the Android standard configuration application. Fi ordinary call mode in most of the United States quality are very good, so with Wi Fi off call mode does not bring inconvenience to you.

2 the popularity of the problem is too low

In the end, I have to point out some problems.

First of all, Project Fi is currently only for three Android mobile phone: Nexus 5X, Motorola Nexus 6, and Huawei Nexus 6P. If Google wanted to complete the Android phones and the iPhone to separate words, Google can consider fi for models is extended to all Android phones. If Google really want to AT

Google director Sabrina Ellis in September 29th and 6P 5X conference announced that Nexus will support Project Fi.

There is also a question about the Data-only SIM Google card. Mobile phone order fi packages the user can to own a flat ordered the SIM card, can be compatible with the equipment for Apple's iPad air 2 and iPad mini4, ASUS, the nexus 7 LTE, HTC's nexus 9 LTE and the Samsung Galaxy Tab s. Google claims that other devices may support Fi data-only SIM card, but also may not activate or troubleshooting. This is really not guaranteed. And the data-only SIM card provides only 2G or 3G network, but not many consumers are looking for 4G LTE network.


Although some small problems, the whole Project Fi or more -- specifically, very amazing. Of course, the expectations of each person is different, the feelings will be different.

I hope Google can consider fi developed into a permanent business rather than just a project, this scale will also relatively easy, as soon as possible and operators competing with giants.

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