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Ma Yun: clean out treasure to be the same as Starbucks is a kind of life style

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On January 12, Alibaba Group chairman of the board of directors of Ma appeared in Chengdu Starbucks staff meeting, Ma at the meeting said Starbucks is much more than a cup of coffee, is a kind of attitude to life; Taobao is not online shopping is a kind of life.

Ma Yun said that Starbucks is not selling coffee, is a new experience, a new way of life, while Taobao is also the case. I think the computer and the computer is cold, the computer behind the people must be warm. Taobao is not selling the goods, sell is credit, and put the things sold do not know, young people through the mountains the goods handed the hand that don't know, now the whole of China, every day more than 40m deal, this is trust.

Ma Yun stressed that he saw Starbucks have love, care, responsibility and share, there are outstanding young people together, this is the same as their own do Taobao and Alibaba is the same.

Starbucks Coffee Co chairman and CEO Howard Schultz and MA in early 2009 had met. Howard said, over the years, Ma Yun's innovation and leadership left a deep impression on him, but also constantly inspire his creative inspiration. Ma Yun said that his own from Starbucks, but also learned a lot of things. Starbucks to the user, has brought a lot of love, a lot of care, a kind of communication, a kind of fashion, a way of life change.

Ma speech record:

In fact, in my mind, Starbucks is a great company. When I first started the business, Starbucks was a myth. I remember to go to the United States, I went to a lot of Starbucks stores, I saw a lot of the smiling faces of the shop assistant. I have been asking myself this question, how do these smiles come out? Because I saw a lot of the company's laughter is training out of the. But the feeling of Starbucks's laughter is not trained to come out, it is from the heart of.

I don't drink coffee, but it doesn't mean that I don't enjoy and enjoy watching other people drink coffee. I especially like to watch people drink coffee in Starbucks. This is true, because I see them sitting in the inside of the feeling is very good. I'm not online shopping, but I especially like other people online shopping. I don't play football, I don't know, but I like to watch others argue about football.

In fact, I think, just Howard

We put May 10th each year as the day ali. Because in 2003, this year, China's SARS up, we have an employee to go to Guangzhou on business, came back, suddenly a fever. Fever later, that is the national SARS panic, the staff will soon be sent to the hospital, said it was suspected of sars. At that time we have a judge, just in May 2nd, 3, at that time, as long as there is suspicion will be a problem. I put all the staff together, a few hundred employees to prepare the entire floor, our company may be quickly turned off. Because all of us will be separated.

The purpose of the Internet is to prevent a lot of computers in the military war, so that the computer is paralyzed. The military to do the Internet is to prevent paralysis, our company has a ready, all of our staff to go home to work. We engineers get the wire inside the house. The results of the second day, the Hangzhou municipal government informed us that the company was isolated. We dare not tell outside, Alibaba was isolated, but fortunately we have all the cable phone line received a home. Those days, customers all over the world call to Alibaba, you will find answer the phone voice to the elderly, children, but also the old lady, because our employees home later, to tell mom and Dad, first sound filed to say hello, Alibaba.

In fact, we within eight days of isolation, almost no one knows our company more than 500 employees households in the box office in the home and phone basically is home staff. In May 8th, the government said it had lifted the quarantine, but the girl was still in quarantine. To thank all the staff, thanks to the families of all, thanks for the free and sunshine, we put on 5 October day Ali. On this day, all young people, all the people should know the value of freedom, thanks to all the family for the company to survive the difficulties.

We in May 10th that day, launched Taobao, isolation of the day we launched Taobao, Taobao, then there is a sentence

No family, no staff, no effort can not go to today. So every year we give family, to all the family, friends have a report. I actually rarely attend the investor conference. But I must attend a family meeting, because I report to my family, how we did last year, how to prepare for the future. And every year we get a group wedding in May 10th, a large number of young people to alibaba. Nearly two thousand pairs of weddings. Now we have to draw a lot of 102 pairs per year, because the wedding is too big.

This is really great, I think Starbucks do better than us. Just now I listen to, see. Very touched, thanks to Starbucks to take care of our employees, thanks to Starbucks respect our family. Because a good company, the cost of the family is more than we imagined.

But also in Starbucks inside, I learned a lot, learned what is to insist on. One time with Howard


In fact, it is easy to give up. Run to the 18 floor across a step on the line, but it is difficult to come back. I have learned a lot from Starbucks, too. Starbucks is selling coffee, but I don't believe that people are going to the store because of Starbucks's coffee. There will be someone in this world, I believe you run to Starbucks is not to taste the coffee, Starbucks must put a lot of other things, we can not understand today's people. Starbucks in my opinion, has brought a lot of love, a lot of care, a kind of communication, a kind of fashion, a way of life change. Especially in china.

I think in China, to Starbucks's people, basically the quality of life is a demand for people, or people with quality of life. And here, what you see is a lot of the same kind of people who share a lot in this. So I feel, this is a way of life, as long as we are here, if Starbucks has only one day coffee, then Starbucks may also go down when. If only the sale of the time, leaving only the number of stores, and only when we sell the number of coffee every day, I believe that Starbucks will not go too long.

Today we see Starbucks has a love, care, responsibility and share, there is a good young people together, the truth is that we do Taobao and Alibaba is the same.

We in the 03 years of the idea of Alibaba, Taobao, do not know how to do. The Chinese people believe that face to face communication, anyway, all people do not believe that when I was more curious, why can not believe that we can not do it. I think the computer and the computer is cold, the computer behind the person must be warm. Taobao sells is not a commodity, is to sell the credit, I believe that the world is a trust between people and people.

Today, we see a lot of young people complaining, we see the whole society to complain. We all feel that this society is lack of trust, but the social trust is there, but how do you pay attention to him. You buy things on the Internet, you do not know who it is, actually put the money to go out. Now there are 4 Chinese million transactions, the transaction is not in my opinion, is a kind of trust. In my opinion, Starbucks is not selling coffee today, Starbucks is telling people today, new service, new experience and new way of life.

When we were young, our neighbors, out of the residential areas, as there are police station, the other is the grocery store. The grocery store feels like we're always here. We can not chat to chat, we are basically in the grocery store door chat. The owner of a grocery store knows anyone inside the block and cares about anything that happens inside the block. Starbucks is the center of fashion, you see Starbucks someone in the Internet, there are people in the chat, someone in the negotiations. So I feel that the city needs a very good, and today's Starbucks is becoming a powerful company. I think this is my own reflection and thinking, Alibaba want to see is not a transaction.

The first day we locate like Starbucks first day not to define themselves as is selling coffee, we from the first day did not bring the defined as the sellers of the company. The sellers of the company, in fact, you think, today you went to a supermarket, no would inside around four hours to buy go on a girl, that is to sell. Today, the girl on the Internet for three hours, four hours, nothing to buy. I don't know what I'm looking at. I sometimes wonder, sometimes I see the most trouble to attend the party, they get half a glass of wine can chat for a few hours. Perhaps this is unique to the Starbucks, you really care about the user, we have staff when a partner, only employees have a partner feeling, only our own partners feeling, can we put the customer as real partners.

In addition, I am concerned about the age of Starbucks employees, very young. Alibaba is just a little bit more than 28 years old, we are 48 women, was more than 60, but we bought a few companies, men more than a little, we have to get down. I found here that many of the women here are particularly. This is a great place for Starbucks. In our company, we have nearly 50 of employees are women, 33 of executives are women, I see Starbucks China's president is also a woman. Women care more about others than men do.

Some say, in fact, I also have a lot of women behind me. Certainly want. Employees also want, because women in addition to her husband, parents, take care of children outside, really spent in other people than themselves. If such a service industry, pay attention to experience when women have originality. So people say, why do so many women Alibaba, I said it is not very good? In addition, many young people, this is the most amazing. I looked at your statistics, you are younger than us, there is no better than the young wealth.

I just start a business, I also feel unfair, if I was born in Bill Gates, it is not the same. He 24 hours, you 24 hours, 24 hours who faster, can do more value, it is fair. But I think another point, a lot of people want to do the richest man, especially in China's richest man more unlucky, no good end. The richest man is the core of the negative responsibility, the primary responsibility. You are willing to take responsibility for yourself, that is, an employee, if you are willing to be responsible for hundreds of thousands of employees is Howard

We are the people who want to pursue a good fortune. Have time with family, with friends together, have time to drink a cup of coffee, have time to listen to music, have time to make their own life slowly better, I think this is a blessing. We are good, Starbucks or Ali, today's company, we these young people, the work is done, the money is not finished. We came to this world in order to enjoy life. I think that in our company, we put forward a serious life, happy work. We don't want to work hard, not to be too serious. Happiness is more important than serious.

I believe that Starbucks employees are happy, I believe that if you are not happy, you can not have such a smile, how to make everyone happy, is just the house of the grant. But it is not possible to be happy without a subsidy, and there is no luck. In fact, I can guarantee that Bill Gates must not be more happy where to go, he was under pressure is difficult to imagine. So every one of us wants to know what we have, what we want, and what we give up. So I'm hoping to communicate with young people. I had just crossed the age of 50, and I was old. But if you go to 20, 30 years old, be sure to find a good company, to find a good boss. Good boss is more important than good company. Of course, is a good company, but also a good boss better.

I just go about your training system, the so many unique, Starbucks is a good company, the second I see Starbucks has a lot of good assistant and manager. This is very important. Our company has a Starbucks store, the shop sells 1200 cups of coffee a day, in our company. Should be considered good, is not. Anyway, every day line up. This illustrates a problem, a young man, looking for a good company, looking for a good boss, serious learning how to do things, how to be a man. If you are 40 years old and 30 years old, remember to do things for yourself and do what you like. If 40 to 50 years old, do their best things, do not force yourself, but to do the best of their own. 50 to 60 years of age to train young people, so that young people do better. 60 to 70 years old, with the family. Spend a little more time with the children together, with the children of young people together. 70 years old to 80 years old, on the beach to stay a little more.

Each one of us to the positioning of their own time, I believe today Starbucks all young people with ALI, today is a good company, corporate leaders can not great, but all the employees know what they have, what, we know oneself to have to the society with, our contribution is not their products have much good, but in our heart is strong. This is what I want to share with you.

Finally, I would like to say that people speak about science and technology to change the world. Today, the Internet company is very powerful, when we say IBM is very powerful, and now seems to be behind the high-tech. In fact, not science and technology to change the world, is behind the dream to change the world. The ideal is a group of people to do one thing. The ideal is to unite together, to do one thing. I saw Starbucks's dream today, Starbucks hopes to use coffee together to carry a lot of people's love and care, to other people's communication and exchange, this is quite amazing. So I think if the pure technology has changed the world, I will not stand here today. Because I really do not understand the technology.

I estimate my use of computers, you have more than one thousand people, I am sure to be in more than one thousand outside. I in addition to send the mail, sometimes to see the DVD are not, do not understand no relationship. Smatter is in trouble. I think the world's high technology is for us these people do not understand the science and technology services. Now IT has turned to IT, DT is getting stronger and stronger, I have, you do not, I am faster than you. DT, people are turning to DT from IT, DT has changed, but the idea of ascension. DT requires each enterprise and each company more transparent, more know how to share, more understanding to take responsibility. DT more important is to make others stronger than you, so that partners stronger than you, so that your competitors are stronger than you. Some people say that the competition is not to engage in the death of your. The level of the police is directly proportional to the level of the thief. As long as you have a great mission, values, never give up your mission, the company no matter you are the biggest or the smallest, no matter how much you are mostly small. Whether it is pain or low tide, never forget the beginning of their own hearts, their ideals, never forget the value of their own life and helping the system. Because only in this way, the next is the time problem. Adhere to the values, adhere to the ideals, adhere to a group of people with feelings of righteousness, do some of the things that we all feel happy, then the problem of time.

So I am very honored to come here to exchange and learn with Starbucks. Alibaba is a very young company, I see the Starbucks is 44 years we just walk 16 years, a day seems like a year, treading on thin ice. Because everyone, every business is not easy. Others see you are not necessarily, even as we do, including the company, you think it is easy to do, KPI pressure on the head, easy to do? Not easy.

When you are happy, or out of work, all the same, not happy work. So Ali is a very young firms, we want to go 102. Why 102, we were born in 1999, and you are in China in 1999. We live for one year, one hundred years of this century, the next century, another century, across the three century. We calculated, there are 86 years, it is too difficult. But only a group of common ideals, common values, common culture, common temperament of the people, together, will feel that time is actually very fast.

Ali also hope that companies such as Starbucks together. You in 2004 in China 100 stores, we all the way down is the same. We want to cooperate with Starbucks on the road of common efforts to jointly enhance the common for China's young people, because young people are the hope. Reform China is important, but it is more important to cultivate China's future. Today, Starbucks's people are the future of China, we have to give them more love. The more love you give them, the more they will grow, the more they will release in the future. So thank you all, thank you all over the world to China's many companies, you are great. Thank you all!

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