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Samsung pop Raiders: how to do Pay covers more than Apple

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Apple apple pay mobile payment services in February 18, 2016 arrived in mainland China, in iPhone users in the domestic setting off a burst of enthusiasm, and even many Apple fans willing to wait much longer queues and experience brought by science and technology "convenience". Samsung in August last year also launched a mobile payment service "Samsung intelligence (Samsung Pay) to pay", and in the same year in South Korea and the United states. And in February 24th this year, is the domestic beta. So how to pay Samsung Intelligence experience? What is the difference between Apple and Pay? This paper will bring you is probably the most complete Samsung pay on the chi.

Support equipment

In the beta phase, only the state line version of the Galaxy and Note 5 S6 edge Plus two mobile phone support, the main limitation is the mobile phone hardware.

Because Samsung intelligence support paid based on NFC (near field communication) and MST (magnetic safety transmission) of two different retail trading technology, so it can run Samsung mobile phone must pay wisdom and built-in NFC and MST two chips.

At present, Samsung mobile phone, only more than two mobile phone and built the two chips, and the S6 S6 country line version of Galaxy edge has been castrated MST chip, it is currently only two products available.

Whether to support the non state line version of mobile phone?

Samsung said that domestic Samsung Chi Fu not only South Korea, the United States in the finished version, Samsung in China on the basis of the original are some code and user experience optimization. Only the state line version of the mobile phone can receive a Samsung Chi pay update push.

The above is the level of software, at the hardware level, and the S6 edge country line version S6 castrated MST chip. So these two devices at Samsung Chilean pay access.

Other regional version of S6 and S6 edge is the support of the MST chip, the hardware level theory is supported, whether adaptation will have to wait for Samsung or folk God transplant.

Tie card process

In the card before the two preparatory work needs to be done:

1. To determine the mobile phone has entered the fingerprint information,

2. Samsung has registered account (not to be registered under the Samsung official website).

三星智付全攻略:如何做到比Apple三星智付全攻略:如何做到比Apple Pay覆盖更广

After the completion of the two can choose the top right of the "add a bank card, can choose the camera identification and manual input in two ways. Follow the prompts to enter information, binding is complete.

After the completion of the system will be bound to download some configuration files, so this link is recommended in WiFi environment.

Bank support

三星智付全攻略:如何做到比Apple三星智付全攻略:如何做到比Apple Pay覆盖更广

This is Samsung Chilean pay by UnionPay brokered cooperation, so Apple and Pay the same card to bind only access UnionPay system, such as single VISA or Master card is not used. At the same time support and UnionPay card binding mechanism will only support UnionPay payment system.

In this beta stage, currently only supports 7 credit cards and two bank debit cards, respectively.

Credit card: Industrial and commercial bank, construction bank, China Chinese Guangdong Development Bank, CITIC Bank, China Everbright Bank, Minsheng Bank, Ping An Bank China Chinese

Debit card: Construction Bank, CITIC Bank China

Samsung said, issuing a large amount of China Merchants Bank currently under negotiation, will be on-line today. Other banks will also have to pay Samsung smart landing.

Use Case

The main application scenarios include the majority of domestic and foreign UnionPay POS machines, Metro bus and the application of payment.

Samsung intelligence pay due to the addition of the MST Technology (analog magnetic stripe), the theory can be compatible with the vast majority of the market POS machine products, regardless of whether POS with NFC function. Unlike apple only supports with cloud technology to pay POS,

It is worth mentioning that the Samsung test, not limited to the mainland, in the global scope of UnionPay POS machine can be used on the basic.

The domestic public transport payment system is based on MST technology, so Samsung mobile phone brush can also take the bus, subway and other transportation. However, this function is not on the line, the official landing on the domestic market is expected in the second quarter of this year.

Why Samsung is compatible with most POS Apple Pay.

The principle of this from Samsung paid about wisdom.

Simple NFC is a communication standard in recent years, PHILPS, NOKIA, SONY joint research and development, the need for a separate sending and receiving chip for data transmission. MST magnetic secure transmission technology is another kind of transmission mode, this communication mode can be compatible with the POS card slot machine side. Apple Pay only supports the former, while Samsung Chilean pay support all two communication modes.

Currently on the market POS products, mostly to older, only the side of magnetic stripe card support, and no built-in NFC chip. This also resulted in the POS, where Apple Pay can not be used.

Samsung to pay the company through LoopPay to obtain MST technology, can be perfectly compatible with the old POS side communication card slot, which can achieve the most compatible equipment.

Use Flow

Samsung introduced before we take a look back at the Alipay / Apple micro channel and Pay experience.

Alipay.com / micro channel mobile phone - Unlock: light into the application of payment - enter the password (or fingerprint) - confirmation of payment. At the same time the whole network.

Apple Pay: mobile phone card reader touch - input fingerprint (or password). Do not need networking.

Samsung Zhi Fu: in the standby screen lock screen / main interface state from the home key to slide on a screen, the input fingerprint or password), cell phone in the vicinity of the POS machine. Do not need networking.

三星智付全攻略:如何做到比Apple三星智付全攻略:如何做到比Apple Pay覆盖更广

To prompt the use of NFC payment need put tipped handset POS machine around, practical and MST methods you need to phone in the vicinity of the magnetic stripe card.

三星智付全攻略:如何做到比Apple三星智付全攻略:如何做到比Apple Pay覆盖更广

Samsung's engineers think, from the user experience of compared extinguished screen direct pay, join a virtual exhaled card can give users a psychological sense of security, let an user feel when payment can be subjected to control and reduce the probability of incorrect operation.

In addition to POS in fingerprint password?

This part is divided into two parts to code NFC and MST. NFC and Apple Pay as payment, whether the password in the POS machine to enter the fingerprint, whether you need to enter a password depends on the binding of the bank card credit card.

Most of Chinese debit and credit cards in the transaction are required to enter a password, but only part of the bank card is a small free password can support the flash pay quick payment. As for the small flash pay whether you need to enter a password, and it also stores.

Using MST way, as long as the bank card password, then you must enter the password in the POS machine.

Mobile phone sets of payment?

As long as the mobile phone is not set back the metal has no effect, have been measured in plastic, silica gel and cortex of mobile phone shell, did not affect the two ways of payment.

The watch can use Samsung pop?

Not. The official did not explain why, but also did not disclose the date on the line.

How to ensure the safety of

MST is indeed analog magnetic card, magnetic card also can be copied, but this does not mean that Samsung MST technology is not safe. The two part from hard to answer.

Hardware Samsung Chilean pay using mechanisms similar to Apple's, all records of the bank card information will be recorded in the independent single chip, and only the application can call the Pay Samsung chip data.

In addition, the bank card is not directly stored in the chip, but after two layers of encryption.

三星智付全攻略:如何做到比Apple三星智付全攻略:如何做到比Apple Pay覆盖更广

Firstly, different communication modes have different algorithms for encryption, that is to say a bank card account in the payment via NFC is a virtual number, paid by MST time is another virtual number. This is only the first layer.

Samsung also used the same wisdom to Apple token encryption. Storage account information independently inside chip real-time simple application, according to the real-time encryption algorithm shows different results in different time. Because the account is dynamic, even if someone has stolen virtual account of this moment, it is difficult to steal money.

In the aspect of software, Samsung in 2013 MWC launched a KNOX system, which is a solution scheme based on Android platform security. In simple terms KNOX can be understood as a security container and isolation on the hard disk of a separate area, the other programs are not visible but can not access the system. Samsung smart pay right in the container.

KNOX system can also rely on hardware and software can detect the mobile phone will be root, if root, mobile phone will not start Knox, ensure the absolute safety of internal information.

If your mobile phone accidentally lost, before they break your fingerprint or backup password, you have plenty of time to clear the contents on the mobile phone with Fine My Mobile remote.

Samsung wisdom to pay what is the discount or discount?

Samsung official said this is not to disclose specific information, but officially launched after there will be a lot of publicity activities.

According to the previous Samsung Sike Apple's experience, in order to catch up with apple, Samsung in marketing expenses have never hesitate. However, the micro channel and Alipay.com gold master compared to Samsung preferential or to see the specific rules after the listing of the.

Finally, the difference between Samsung Pay and Apple Pay a comparison table to

三星智付全攻略:如何做到比Apple三星智付全攻略:如何做到比Apple Pay覆盖更广

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