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About Android 7 to see if it is worth looking forward to 10 new features

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Android M, you upgrade? For most people, maybe the answer is no..

Indeed, M Android launched last year, the popularity rate is not high, but enough to make the most experienced Android game player, said the comments on it. By the end of May, the Google I/O 2016 is approaching, this also indicates that the new version of the Android system and. Don't know whether you like me, a little bit out of feeling?

For most likely released new Android 7.0 or said Android n, we finishing sell 10 things worthy of our expectations, in part, has been confirmed Google official team, and the other is more like a guess or deduce, on behalf of the Android player expectations and aspirations.

The announcement of the new system, and the name in?

According to the Convention, the new system will be in the Google annual developer conference, Google I/O announced on 2016. Android N developer preview version will be from Sundar Pichai (the national highest paid Google CEO), released at the time of May 18th.


And because the name of Android is always in alphabetical order, we know that Android L is spicy (may also be a lollipop), Android m is marshmallow marshmallow, so there is no doubt that the new version of the Android code 7.0 is n.

But the specific nutella TOEIC hazelnut, Nougat nougat, or cattle lotus pancakes, CEO of Google, said he to ask mother and Android fans, may tell you again.


1 Skin theme manager

In CM the third party system, already support easily modify the color of wallpaper, icons and system. In the store and in the forum, also can find a lot of Skin theme quality.

When we mentioned the native Android, always seem to have a fixed face. In fact, in Google's own AOSP (Android open source project), already built theme management.

In the Android M developer preview version, also joined the theme manager (but was required to activate Root and specific). Since the skin already theme framework within the system set up, it is only Google in the Android system release.


2 Application of the drawer disappeared


Before there are rumors broke the news: in the new version of Android N, may remove design application drawer, selection and application of using iOS and MIUI presentation, all on the desktop display page.

Remove the two level menu approach, will bring more messy desktop, or more efficient operating experience? Seems to be very difficult to conclusion, but as Android players, Nova starter, such as excellent third-party desktop without having to worry I Zhuo pill.

The 3 night mode to make

In the Android M developer preview, Dark Mode night mode briefly appeared, and in the official version and be cut off.

The latest Android N leaked map, a black background also said: the night mode regression Android.



This change, not only for the more and more AMOLED screen mobile phone, is a good way to save electricity. For students who are often late at night to play mobile phone, and seems to be harsh white light to say goodbye.

4 split screen multitasking and tablet support

spitspit screen

The split screen multitasking, also seems to be more suitable for Android plate. It is worth mentioning is that the team also claimed that Android Tablet, will be more useful in the Android n will, and not just the application interface pulled is enough.

But for Chrome, the DPI OS conjecture linkage switch and interface adjustment, appears to be the only Google I/O that day, did not know the answer.

5 touch pen

Samsung released the document, we found that the Samsung Android N, using the touch pen interface comes with the system, instead of using the original S PEN exclusive interface.

ss pen

Doze 6 better power saving mode

Doze first appeared in the Android M power saving mode, the power saving principle is in the equipment when the dormancy of shutting off the application background, to achieve the energy saving effect.

After the experience, the Doze model does play a very good effect, at least when the standby power. But at present this function, in operation experience and custom, but some is too simple.

So until today, Android 6.0, I still choose Green Guardian third-party application, to realize the control of the power consumption of a background application. But Root will have the risk, and the Android N Doze also have reason to provide a better use of the power saving mode.


The 7 redesign of the notification bar

In the design, seems to be able to find clues, it is a Android n in the notification bar is modeled as a graph, foreign media Android police after seeing the development prototype figure, roughly simulate the new interface screenshots.

According to the revelations, left the notification bar has been trying to load more information, you can view the details after long press notice. And in the illustration shows fast settings page, shortcut button covered with and support for paging, and unlike the previous only supports fixed number of shortcut button.


8 more ways of fingerprint recognition

With Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P release, Google has finally started to provide support for Android fingerprint. In Android 6, a fingerprint interface is also gradually improving.

At the moment, it seems the most commonly used fingerprint is limited to Play Store and lock screen application. Look at the Android N, can do more things through the fingerprint to unlock, in iOS ID Touch, there are many worthy scene. Maybe after the Androidi users can easily view the fingerprint, Google photo album privacy in pictures, or directly unlock private application.

9 Virtual Reality Assisted

We know that Google is trying to build a head mounted VR device does not need additional hardware.

But in most of the current market VR products, the development of the software part of the Android system and seemed to be somewhat, perhaps Google's own VR equipment also need the support of Android.


So we have reason to believe that Google will be the new version of the Android system, provide more system level support in the VR direction.

10 Now on Tap

Now on Tap as Android M heavy, last year harvest industry praise. Roughly the function is based on different scenarios and directly provide the corresponding information, through the recognition you are running the app contents, provide targeted advice and information.

For example, in online chat, when talking to a movie, simply slide the home button, all about the movie information can be directly presented.


Maybe when we open the camera, it can you find the key information contained in the lens. Not only set the Calendar Reminder, or help you search Wikipedia so simple.


Most of the content above, we are old as Android fans look and guess. All have to wait until Google I/O 2016 will be announced.

But to say that, although in AppSo annual selection of Android list, the vast majority of applications have adopted the material design, but until today, this design style in the dynamic effect and interaction still lack the perfect example.

We do not expect Android n completely revamped, bring the new interface, but on the icons, buttons, interactive animation and interface design. We look forward to Google can do better.

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