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Microsoft is disappointing: it's time to give up Phone Windows!

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Although in the real world, Windows Phone and not really dead, but to the maintenance of the way of life is really a sob and Microsoft officials decided to choose.To tell the truth, if you are still using Phone Windows, now is the best time to leave, and perhaps the future will return, and now is the focus of the transfer.

Developer Conference Mobile Windows zero sense of presence

Yesterday, Microsoft has opened in San Francisco, build 2016 Worldwide Developers Conference Microsoft showed off the how to help everyone to embrace a new era of intelligent human-machine dialogue, and for each customer, industries and enterprises to create more personalized computing experience. No matter is more intelligent Microsoft Huna (Cortana) update, windows 10 anniversary of the upgrade package, general windows platform (uwp), intelligent robot, HoloLens, or azure cloud and office platform, Microsoft created a number of surprises.

However, most shocking side is that, under the spotlight much concern to windows 10 mobile operating system word is not mentioned, it may be said is referred to the statement of the mobile platform is almost zero, windows mobile is totally illusory. Microsoft did not mention the recent deployment and upgrade things, there is no publicity any new Windows 10 Mobile any new features, more importantly, the future development of the platform is still not.

All arrived at the scene of the Windows Phone fans developers, the only surprise is the "cold shoulder", resulting in many once stubborn dead WPer loyalty in this moment painful breathing, in addition to the choice of defection for greener pastures, they have what choice do? And a large number of facts show that such a situation has been sustained in the. From the market research firm Gartner and IDC data show that in the past quarter lumia devices sold quite modest, year-on-year sales amounted to less than half, Windows Phone global market share fell again about a percentage point, to 2%.

Why does Microsoft want to mention Windows 10 Mobile? Terry Myerson of the windows division in an interview with positive answer questions: "we have been committed to 4 inch screen (mobile phone), which is a part of the big family of the ecological, but attract developers interested in terms of, the next year it is not our core." If you want to try Windows phone, it seems that this year is really not a good time. "We will make some of the cool things on the phone, but the phone portion of the year although important but not we launched the spearhead of the attack."

WP fans repeatedly been accustomed to

In addition to express a series of ellipsis without a word to the developer conference, Microsoft completely ignored examples of Windows Phone fans has been too much, even for a long time did not provide too much positive signal. For example, when Microsoft bought Nokia, Microsoft's many fans can have as big, but in return is a long wait, until last year, two new flagship lumia phones 950 and lumia 950 XL was long overdue.

Have to mention another fact is, build developer conference last year have been published preview windows 10 mobile, until this year a new session of the General Assembly held not long ago really released the first final version, prior to this old windows smartphone users can choose an indefinite wait, and Microsoft has again and again to "promise" tease an user, to tell you Windows Phone 8 all are eligible for an upgrade, need not worry completely, especially the lumia smartphone. But today, it's disappointing to see the results.

You may think that Microsoft is good at listening to the user, and for the user to pay all. Can only say that you are wrong, you put the same question to any one of the enterprises, the answer will be negative? But so not 1938-1945 things Microsoft to still do it, earlier this week, in a bunch of questions and Tucao sound, Microsoft select the closed a long time listening to the voice of the user's official twitter account LumiaVoices.

You should also know that in a few years ago most engaged in mobile platform development work of the developer, the chosen path is Android, IOS and windows phone platform doubling development, and keep it updated. However, this year, more and more developers to exit the WP platform, some still insist on continuing developers, said that their purpose is to maintain some form of mobile marketing.

As the software giant Microsoft, in fact, also has the same idea with the developer, does not deny that Microsoft intends to edge Phone Windows platform. Microsoft has many of the most important applications and services, such as Office, but Microsoft's own mobile platform for very little care, instead focused on providing a lot of heavyweight applications for the platform of the competition. This can start from 2014, when Microsoft iOS platform for the official release of the Office application, a few months immediately announced the full free, and then launched a formal version of the Android platform for. In contrast to the WP platform, users can still insist on using the default system built in the old version.

Even more interesting is that Microsoft in less than within a year, invest a lot of resources and energy and attention to rival the IOS and Android platform, will all kinds of original and exclusive advantages of WP platform can transplant almost all of the introduction of the cross platform version, including Cortana and word flow input method, the relentless erase original WP platform on all important advantages.

At the moment, many fans will miss Ballmer era, because at that time the big fat guy always unswervingly build independent WP service, giving fans a confidence, and also as much the opponent's function to move their own platform. However, the time to let Windows mobile phone fans excited, Ballmer last term of one or two years, even loyal fans of Microsoft he did not help.

What is Microsoft doing now?

In the past year, Microsoft can only for windows mobile platform vindication function is continuum model the. This is a phone into a "PC" function, presents a mouse, keyboard and monitor can be like a desktop computer to be used in that way. However, the move is also an integral part of Microsoft's Windows big unified strategy, and the general Windows platform (UWP) has given great expectations.

From the build conference will be able to see that Microsoft continues to "trick" various developers to create a unique characteristics of uwp applications, but windows store app store is still very bleak, as early as in Windows 8 was born "first chicken or the egg" this issue has divided into ten prominent, has been difficult to solve, the conference Microsoft also choose to silence the windows store app store the number of.

In order to solve the problem of application of ecological, Microsoft is now the solution only uwp general windows platform, using the platform, developers just write an application once, you can produce can be adapted to a variety of device types and screen size applications, all windows 10 devices including mobile phones, tablet PCs and the Xbox game machine can run.

Interesting is, this one selling uwp general windows platform, highlighted is Xbox platform, told developers a lot of new general applications are constantly emerging, windows app store has been visited more than 50 billion, the next game will be the uwp version. Microsoft stressed that the developer model can make any one One Xbox turned into application development and debugging platform, so that every developer for the user's living room development and application become possible.

Actually move before Microsoft not hype, because the route of the "unified" realize multi platform game cross purchase and authorized to use "one store" strategy, has been criticized by gamers and game developers. Developers worry that this is a walled garden, to be trapped in the "wall" of the user, you must go through the "garden" manager's permission. And some Xbox loyal players believe that Microsoft's move is no doubt equivalent to abandon them, after all, the focus has been fully placed on the PC game resources.

In other words, Microsoft Windows mobile phone business is bad, and now put the focus on Xbox players and developers who. To tell the truth, from the beginning of the advent of Xbox one continuous propaganda, "TV" slogan, Microsoft hopes Xbox future not only game so simple, and occupied the tool for users in the living room, in addition to the outside of the game and party, including streaming media and TV, this is also the uwp should stretch where Xbox locate to.

In addition to the Xbox one support uwp universal app store. Another plan, Microsoft is embracing the new era of intelligent human-machine dialogue, and proposed based on new project "human-computer interaction platform (conversations as a platform)", by Cortana Intelligence Suite and "Skype robot platform (Skype BOT platform)" rich human-computer interaction, to create human the most real personal butler.

Windows mobile phone when is the focus?

In any case, HoloLens, robotics, AI learning technology, etc., Microsoft has made some very good vision. Apparently Microsoft has clearly recognize that Windows Mobile to promote the work of increasingly difficult, the sense of being more and more low, especially in the face of increasingly sophisticated and tends to saturation of the smart phone market, may now state of the mobile phone business just to one windows strategy, or show their own innovative technologies while maintaining the mobile platform.

If you want to come into contact with a large number of mobile phone users, the windows mobile platform can be to help you do this, if you want to come into contact with a large number of windows consumer, then we in 9 to 30 inch screen have very large installed base. If you want to try new and exciting things, then you should pay attention to Xbox and HoloLens."

This means that when you buy a Windows smartphone, it from the start in a "sleep" state, this and a few years ago the windows RT did not have too big respectively, equal to say Microsoft default Windows Phone this battle has failed.

In short, cloud business background of NADELLA style and Ballmer is completely two opposite, the former don't infatuated with any hardware business, also never boasted of how the hardware. The latter is more like lead partners work together, including HP and Acer. It is certain that, if this year there are more loyal Windows phone fans choose to give up hope, the reason is due to the Microsoft does not pay attention to.

Personally, Microsoft so direct expression of this Windows Phone is not the point, but ask Microsoft, if has been the focus of Windows Phone, also as to look into this today?? And we are concerned about the Phone Surface, whether there is still a big question mark.

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