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"Google" and his leader firewood

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Google is open "under a number of one billion users" plan, it is artificial intelligence, unmanned since multiple areas of driving technology, virtual reality, robot plays the leader role. His influence has already gone beyond the mere digital technology, the Google that was born in the last century is shaping a more imaginative future with the power of technology. Now, the new office of the CEO Google took to the stage before, he will lead Google to where? What is he like? How to manage such a "star ship" in the science and technology sector?

Let us approach "and" leader of firewood of his Google.

Consumer electronics exhibition, which is commonly used by the name of the "CES", represents the scientific and technological world carnival feast. Every year, the Nevada desert, Las Vegas will always be staged once so open up a fresh outlook of the general assembly. Where, glittering size of screen, expanding sound the horn, automobile, hovering in aerial drones and grotesque robot, can be seen everywhere. It attracted 170 thousand people came to visit, and the 170 thousand people have a person is more special, he is CEO Google Sundai Pichai. (Chinese netizens often affectionately call him "wood")

The 43 year old wood, slender physique, love to wear casual clothes. At the scene of today's meeting, he was dressed in a V shirt, wearing square glasses and a neat gray beard. From the shape of the point of view, he is really no difference with the vast majority of the participants. He in a speech noticed around a virtual reality simulator, the 20-year-old young man tied in the cinema style chairs, head also covered a virtual reality headset equipment, totally immersed in a world of his own. He paused for a dinner speech, make sure in this noisy hall his presence can slightly enhanced a little, let more people to hear his voice.

He smiled, eyes gradually illuminated, wittily said: "a ces. The best part is there are so many people, you can conceal themselves in, do not let others find you the special status of. "

This sentence is really a bit is not false, he really can be cruising in the crowd and the visitors are tech enthusiasts, simply do not have to worry about others recognize who it was.

In the product development circle, firewood has always had a "visionary" title. Now he has been among the in the ranks of the top leader of the circle of science and technology, and his standing shoulder to shoulder of Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg, Apple's Tim Cook, Amazon's Jeff Bezos, a new generation of American science and technology entrepreneurs who stand together, they disliked by the world tide of Science and technology of the let stars and stripes of the United States again shine, once the "American Iron and steel" and "standard oil" compared with like a play. And in addition to the eminent position, before the outside world reported $2 billion shares fell on the head to chop wood.

Fame does not say, wealth is home to that, even so, he is in fact still not most people are familiar with.

If the cook or Zak came to CES, then they must be subjected to Qianhuhouyong to meet, there is no such a scene was chopping wood side. He put his clothes on the nameplate upside down and their carefree in the Congress scene turn up, to unknown caller ID to each platform up to appreciate different electronic products, such as intelligent lock, intelligent lighting, intelligent bath and smart shoes. Is in Samsung's booth, Samsung will own intelligent refrigerator pulled down the front of the crowd, see firewood sales representative, to his nameplate turned around to see his name and asked: "where are you from? Is it a media reporter? "This looks even if the name to let others see, we are not aware of his identity. Wood like a joke to somewhere else to write about, and then began to ask questions: "then I can ask the refrigerator? "

No Google, blockbuster appointment

Obviously, even if he is enjoying the benefits of low-key, but this is, after all, not a permanent solution, he turned the time long will inevitably be people would recognize him.

In August 2015, chopping is elevated to the highest post in Google, accordingly, the company management structure have taken place in the earth shaking changes, and the emerge as the times require a new alphabet of companies. This allows Google to pack all the high-tech business with fancy color into a new company, and the traditional business (such as advertising) under the name of Google company.

Last year, Google's annual revenue reached $745 million and the number of users of Google's 7 different products has more than 10 million people, they are "Google search", "Gmail", "YouTube", "Android", "Chrome", "maps", and it's the Android ecosystem platform: Google play store.

However, this let the world be struck dumb that growth rate also ushered in some controversy. For example, Snowden has revealed Prism NSA project, which can not help but make people began to associate Google with NSA this is a kind of cooperation relationship. (Google has always claimed that NSA does not have access to the Google system). In San Francisco, the protesters see the "Google bus" as a synonym for "income inequality" and often go to Shangjie to block the buses. In Europe, Google is not happy with the government in the "anti-monopoly law" and the "right to privacy" and other issues also. In the most serious negative impact of Google, 2014 Google I / O developer conference, a protester in a mid speech, in the hallway shouted: "you are a totalitarian company for! It can make a killing machine! "

Google in the past may not be so, it is a young, full of unique temperament of technology companies, in the ninety's of the last century, the Internet circle, it brings a series of idealistic feelings of the creed. In an open letter to IPO in 2004, the company's founders wrote down the creed of "no evil". In fact, it was just a tool to help you complete the task at hand! You search you want to find the things on it, and then log out.

Google's mission is to organize the world's all the information, the company is very good at this, which is why it's search product unique important reasons. Gmail also becomes you collect and collate the best tool of mail; Google photos can you thousands of pictures of all the free storage, depending on the image recognition automatically determine photos is who, they are where you took photos, this photo in the end is a duck or a carrot.

In order to do this really want to rely on a huge amount of information to be completed, and gradually, this information has not only come from the web, but more from the user, that is, you. Your geographic information, age, you mainly traffic tools, sex, browse historical chance, heart rate, race, IP address, browser, operating system, cholesterol levels, cervical mucus and so on, this series of information are able to put together a more real for you. Google in order to provide you with more and more perfect answer, it is constantly in the most original data to absorb in, will be its integration into the most useful information. More importantly, the company is the ability to transform into machine learning, human beings can finally have a day off the control of the. Google's artificial intelligence products AlphaGo why to choose the beginning of this month, beat the world's top players in the game?

At the same time, Google for all of us do this is limited to the industrialized developed countries, but it will be in the future to spread their products all over the world. Google now has begun to force, in the correct next batch of one billion users. This one billion users are located in developing countries. They had never been on the Internet in the, currently used is cheap phones based on Android, so that gives Google with two other appearance: "company type of NSA" and "the modern version of the East India Company".

On the one hand, he strong scientific and technological strength let a person a bit daunting. On the other hand, it is becoming more and more evident facing to the ambitions of the world, from the point of view of the two aspects, choose wood become now in charge of the operation of Google, seem to cause and not let a person see clearly.

Google company before the Eric Schimidt CEO and Page Larry, never let people feel that they have how to understand people, or more able to feel the warmth of human nature. For example, Schmidt once said, "if you don't want to let someone else know what you're doing, you don't want to do anything. "Page once vividly describe theory, no legally binding" Special Administrative Region ", here, Google can" free to try a variety of tests. "In addition, about Schmidt news often Dudu is around him this luxury sex palace; compared with today's Google?? The staff whispered is firewood on every night of 2015 personally put their children to sleep.

Two phase contrast, this is how big difference ah!

The firewood is clear about what is a personal privacy, what is public affairs. In the area of personal privacy, no one wants to let others these belong to their own information. He says: "we need to design system should be like this: each person can very confident:" the second I want out of the line back, well so that I can find belongs to own private life. "

Pichai Google can change the image of Sundar in people's eyes now? Does he make Google look more like the Google we had in memory?

Google is responsible for virtual reality leaders clay Bavor once so evaluation of firewood in the circle of science and technology acting style: "do you want a thoughtful, but also for people to observe the nuanced?? Do you want to always focus on the problem itself, leading the company to make solutions one by one showing it? I'm glad he came out of all the people, he is now CEO Google, this is what I have to say to a friend when he said. "

Is walking out of the flood irrigation in the city of man

In November, the winter monsoon in India, as usual, was blown into the southeast coast of India. However, this time the results are a bit different. A super powerful storms that swept through here, the month in the city of Chennai rainfall over the 40 feet, in 24 hours time period more than 10 feet of rainfall, flood irrigation for the entire city. Illegal building collapse and adjacent to wetlands of landslide, let the residents here caught off guard, a few weeks the whole city bubble in the water. More than 300 residents were killed, the loss of up to $3 billion. Pichai Sundar's home is in the affected families.

Wood later recalled: "my grandmother was the first, everyone It is raining cats and dogs. down, moved to the two floor. The next time, no water, no electricity, no telephone network, so sleepy for four days. One of my cousins to the outside to give you drink water sheng. In these four days, the man who has the most power to collect information from all over the world is not aware of what happened at home. After a few weeks after the flood, he finally set foot on the return journey.

Google this CEO is in the city of Chennai in the two bedroom spent childhood, he and his brother on the living room.

"My parents really sacrificed a lot for us. In their eyes, school is always a top priority. I am really lucky to have the opportunity to go to school, the whole family is really no matter how the price must be for me to study. "

Wood's father had been chopping wood did not continue to read Dr., and wood's father read the undergraduate has not read the, he wants to read, but economic conditions at home is really not allowed. From the view of the standard of living in India, in fact, firewood really lucky. His father is an engineer. He has a chance to go to school. Have any money left home to buy a small motorcycle, he, his parents, and brothers, sometimes will ride it out.

But in the slope of the side there are a lot of bad luck, they have long struggled with poverty line. "A man outside my home, we called him a" night watchman ". He slept outside our home every night, and I never thought he was a homeless man, but he never really lived in the house, nor did he have a family. He doesn't know his place of birth, and he doesn't know who his parents are. "

"I remember when I was young, I came home every night, and there were some dogs on my way to block my way and not to let me go. Finally, I shall have to climb on the roof, from the roof of a house jump to another house, the roof up, but the dog has been following me, barking all the way non-stop. "

In India, very few people with the iPhone, apple here accounts for only 2% of the market share, while the corresponding, here filled with too many Android smartphone, a wide range of smartphones accounted for India 64% market share. In 2016, Google for the first time predicted that the number of India's Android mobile phone sales to more than the U.S. market. Smart phones have been fully saturated in the United States, 70% of adults have smart phones, more than 20 years of age 86% of young people have a smart phone. And India market data is still in the process of climbing. Its market development is not brought about by the high-end brand 6P Nexus, but by a lot of well-known manufacturers to promote the development of cheap mobile phones. One of the tasks of the wood is in India's booming process ensure for Android in the smart phone market share steadily.

"PC business never took off in India. And now India has two changes, Android mobile phone prices are getting cheaper, communication networks and other infrastructure projects are also carried out in a large scale. The combination of the two lights up the country. "

Android is the combination of the product, and it eventually contributed to the situation is: mobile phones can be custom, various parts for assembly, thoroughly personal customization and people around the world can bring the custom different size size, shape, performance, price of mobile phone. Of course, selling $550 Nexus phone everywhere, but you can also customize a cheaper in New Delhi, less than $40 Atom X Lava mobile phone. This does not require any operator agreement. This not only changes the wood that is the situation in India, more important is to change the world communication pattern.

"Hundreds of years ago, few people were able to have a lot of information. Information is often in the hands of those who have the right to be. Even the most simple change, from the printing industry out of the books are able to let the information spread to a wider population. I have always maintained a strong interest in this kind of change of nature, every time this wave of science and technology, will make the world competition rules become more fair stage. "

However, although cheap mobile phones have, but the cost of the communication network is still high. India's cities in the mobile communication network is always high load load, slow and not easy to use, while in rural areas, not to mention, networking are not. But there is a little bit of change happening now, and most of these changes are driven by companies like Google and Facebook.

At India

Facebook's main move in India launched a program called free basics, it provides a set of services, such as weather, Wikipedia and, of course, Facebook intervention services, users can do not consider their flow directly into the data service. But in January this year, the India government banned the free convenience services.

Google is bringing innovation to the country in a completely different direction. It is trying to do two things: reduce the amount of data used by the device; generously allocate funds to provide free bandwidth, no matter what the use of Internet services are able to access the people.

Wood said: "people here want to plan our telecommunication mode actually enjoyed in the U. S. is like. We should do more in order to get more data, so that it becomes more close to the people from the cost. Cheap, is the key to solve the problem. "

At the end of January, Google launched a free WiFi program at the subway station. Its pilot is Mumbai, by the end of this year will have 100 subway stations will enjoy free access to the network, benefiting 10 million people. And in the end, it's network coverage will be spread over 400 sites.

Another project is to let people in the network environment is very poor, even when there is no network to provide the service, for example, in advance of the cached map to the phone so that even without a net map can still give you navigation, such as mobile phones similar operation a task, but Google provides solutions to a data transmission quantity is smaller.

Google also in the language of India under the great efforts to develop. As we all know, Hindi in India using the most widely used language, more than 400 million native speakers, while that for a country with a population of 1.3 billion is just the tip of the iceberg. Google said it expects 300 million to 400 million of India's Internet users will be able to learn the language on the internet.

Google also plans to bring more women into the network, and this person for firewood has a very special meaning.

My mom used to drop out of high school for economic reasons, but whenever I encountered any difficulty in my homework, I would never expect the first person to ask for help. I can very clearly perceive her contribution to the family, but there are a lot of time, because she did not receive adequate education, she can not fully realize their value. If you look at the Internet, women less than 1/3 Internet users, if in rural areas to see if this ratio will be lower, we have to do this thing! "

Google has a project called Saathi Internet, women can hold Android phones and tablet computers, riding a bike to the outskirts of the village, and then personally teach other women how to use these devices. Google plans to the end of 2018, the project will benefit 300 thousand villages.

"In rural India, the vast majority of women feel Internet is not as prepared by them, they feel that either this is her husband, or to the father, son, brother, in short, is not they should touch things. But if you put it in front of them, you can see a little spark in their eyes. For some people, you can directly check the price of the food on your phone! When we live in the west, science and technology continue to progress, we are accustomed to, do not feel anything, but if you back a step, it brought in other relatively backward area, it will be change the far-reaching influence of the fate of millions of people. "

A household star as a firewood in the United States may be a you may look down and pass the passers-by, but in India, he had already known, a symbolizes national honor. Science and technology of the Indian media technology Hundustan times editor Pranav Dixit once recalled: "when the wood was announced the appointment as CEO of Google, here we have people will run to the streets of fireworks to celebrate! This is Chennai, it's even more so. "

And for a national salary of the best CEO, his home is a little too much in the inside of the. That is a five bedroom house, if you do not count the tennis court, it is very common. The only noticeable is the front door, the ground was covered with colored tape.

Through the Google internal staff's eyes, as you restore a more real wood

He to the child of this summary, in fact, better reflects the firewood in the workplace on ascending pathways and strategies. His tepid temper, willing to help others succeed mentality, this well explains firewood workplace way why has been so robust to advance. His first job is to develop Toolbar Google, which is a browser plug-in, you can Google browser in the IE search. From the start, he began a was in the eyes of many people look a little puzzling project: creating a new web browser, Google Chrome, when almost no one knows why does Google need to develop this thing.

And now, chrome has become the market mainstream browser, it helps Google resist from a direct threat to Microsoft's Bing, and Chrome OS the cloud system to lay the foundation, completely opened up a new market space.

When chopping development and operation of Chrome, in 2013, he also took it over to Android. A Chrome, a Android system, laid the firewood on the Google promotion foundation.

Android is also a key problem in the future at Google, but it was in the company's internal positioning is not very clear. Google in a very early time on the Android system to buy over, after the acquisition, Android founder Rubin Andy continue to be responsible for the development of this system. Under the leadership of Android, Rubin gradually become an independent and complete operating within the Google company. Chopping the take over, trying to make the Android system to be 10 million people with internet interaction of entrance to deal, and becomes a true part of Google indivisible.

Rubin, the father of Android, the recruitment of the first employees lockheimer (now. He was responsible for the development and operation of Android and chrom) once described the early state of the Android team: "Google was a search company, when Andy leaves for Android, chopping become the boss, he put Google's other parts together with me, or that he took the Android team to the deeper into the Google. "

But not everyone love firewood management style. Once a firewood around manager called him, think he is a master of political control office. He never shows an alliance with the company which people, neither with Susan, nor with Marrisa, or Omid, or even Eric. He always stand in the position of absolute neutrality, impartial, such a person it is difficult for you to guess to think what's on in his head. "

In fact, this feature is both a good side, but also a bad side. He is the outstanding staff in the company standard sense, mr.. And for a natural is to chase the smart people of limited company of science and technology, chopping is often people described as "genius", the reason is the title, mainly because he has the ability to manage a group of super smart within the company, also quite personal opinions of the employees.

Sengupta is started in 2007 become firewood junior, is now "a billion users group members, in an interview said:" Google has been are refused to silly fork need to come in, in such a full of elite environment, firewood to come to the fore, and worthy of note, once with firewood at the same level of colleagues, splitting the wood when the CEO is still very loyal to wood work, no any are not convinced. "

"I found, chopping foster employee loyalty this really is a set, we really is especially fond of him and the team atmosphere also is harmonious. They constructed a kind of special culture, in which you do not need to worry about what was inside the office politics. Firewood can be said that the big companies that set things completely stripped off, you only need to focus on the job at hand. "

He's right, that's right. Chopping people around are very loyal. For example, Bavor, has been at hand will have a special record book, he learned from the chopping something. For example, one of the above is: "always choose high quality, if you have to choose to build high quality and delay the delivery, then it will be postponed! "

This kind of loyalty is sometimes strong enough to make it seem like a little exaggeration. For example, in 2014, the product has been fully responsible for the operation of Google wood. At the same time, Bavor is responsible for the development of Cardboard Google, a use of cardboard nested in the smart phone, the direct realization of the virtual reality of the effect of technology projects. When the firewood heard of the project, he called Bavor to the office, let him make a demonstration. Firewood on the spot is very excited, and then to Bavor said: I would like to announce the existence of this project in the company's Google I / O conference. I/O Google conference will be held in 8.5 weeks. From the development time period, this really is an instant into the sprint stage.

"He said then," well, let's do it! He was in the next 8.5 weeks, and I didn't even look at me once, and I didn't care about the progress of Cardboard Google. "

Conference approaching when they will Google cardboard on the handbag to the guests, which is also arranged to send the T-shirts and the like things, the participants will be in attendance to receive such a bag. But to the day before evening 11 point, firewood is not the same ideas, he worried that people see in the sack paper shell do not understand this is why, maybe it will be when to throw garbage. Then he says: "I really want to in a table on the announced its existence, that would be very cool, we now how to do it? "

Bavor and the entire operation team spent a night time, the 1000 paper shells from the gift bag full of smoke out, spent a full 11 hours. Finally, when the speech began to be sent to the hands of the participants.

"He stood up and announced the existence of the product. "Bavor recalled the scene of the day, can not help but turn up the corners of the mouth.

In the summer of 2015, Google completely on their own restructured, it re established the a new parent company alphabet, to oversee everything to develop cutting-edge technology in research and development projects, to with Google's main Internet business to separate. Google at the time of the Larry Page Alphabet has become the CEO CEO. The firewood became Google CEO.

How to fade out of the aura of products, to a more comprehensive and comprehensive management positions?

When you think of Silicon Valley's top leaders. They tend to be classified into three categories: Engineering, business, or the product. Engineering is responsible for stimulating innovation and invention, they often need to ensure product function; Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg is such a typical, he from the hacker's spirit to Facebook's prototype build out; business leaders are often called "insurgents", they to re shape the supply chain and distribution channels, to the transaction itself becomes the most fashionable. Tim Cook, Apple has become one of the leaders, he pushed China supply chain development, will Apple the company completely turned into a money making machine. Product type leaders tend to focus on not just making the product more useful, but also making it more refined and excellent. They injected human engineering into human nature. Steve Jobs is the hall of the people in this area. But the operation of a super large companies, such as Facebook, Apple or Google, often need more than just one of the three is enough.

The firewood is obviously from the product development circle. Under his management, Android developed from one, although it can be customized, but it is cumbersome and inflexible interactive interface developed into the mainstream of the smooth flow of the system. Chrome to tell people: how fast the browser on the computer can do! Photos Google changed the way to manage and display photos on smart phones. However, he is now to consider not only the product, but also more important is to manage the huge advertising business Google.

He said: "the most attractive of my products will always have a simple function of the complex. For example, Search Google, in fact, the operating mechanism of this product is very very complex, but for the vast majority of users, this is just a simple search box. Simplicity is the most difficult to show, but at any time you do not give up trying, it is always possible to allow users to use a link becomes simple. "

Wood said he now around the product design simple thinking a lot. "I now often use Google as a whole to see if I can make it simple. Big things in general will become more complex, this is the normal operation of things, how do you change the fan for Jane? This is a very big challenge for me. "

"After taking office, it was like I had a child with a change of mind. You know, when no child, in India to cross the road I can not think about, but now you have a child, you know this is a part of you, your way of life is not belong to you. This is what I feel in my new job. It's a responsibility, and it's a good way to make sure we're smart enough to take every opportunity. "When his title rises gradually, under the management of the company more and more, more and more people will be sights on firewood, is may let him provide a perfect answer to some impossible problem, this time as to whether he this feel comfortable, is not Gu De the so much.

A while ago, Google announced recently, the performance of the best quarterly revenue, also declared the firewood will receive a value of 2 billion dollars of stock dividends. When people asked why you would be worth so much money. The firewood so replied: "I was very lucky to get this award, which further increased the responsibility for my body, I want to want to in the future to the world to create greater value, return to the society as a whole. "

This is firewood, optimistic, serious, mind. In the past three months, I had told him in India, Las Vegas, and California coexistence, we in the conference center, auditorium, conference room, car, hotel, a residence and his family to start a conversation. He has never refused to answer any of my questions, of course, there are some of his strategy to skip, or request a reply in private, not let me record. He is the kind of vision to my future man, often mouth there will be some great ideas, but he was willing to entanglements some details, (such as a camera to take pictures when the issue of the Kacha sound, such as notebook in the open after startup time. It seems that he is more concerned with those who have Google products, rather than shareholders with Google shares. I never heard him talk about shareholders, even in the relevant revenue of the interview did not hear him say once. He is kind, considerate, like hockey, of course, there are electronic products. A child is a frequent subject in his mouth. He is a vegetarian.

But even if we know all this, have so much information, we really understand the firewood?

Once or Google employee firewood was to accept a reporter to interview says: "here you are missing is information" certainty ". Who can really define firewood this person? "

In February this year, FBI and Apple between the company set off a war. FBI requires Apple to decrypt a terrorist's cell phone, which raises the national debate on privacy and digital encryption. Firewood is also on Twitter to join in the discussion, he said: "we all know now law enforcement and intelligence agencies in the protection of public security and the fight against terrorist activities above spare no effort, also suffered the extraordinary challenges. We are responsible to offer a series of digital security measures, let your information safe, also, we will be based on legal cooperation of law enforcement work, and where necessary to their data access rights. However, if you ask a company to take the initiative to invade the customer's digital equipment, access to data, the nature of this thing is completely different from the former. It has the potential to become an example of a subsequent person to follow, to become a breach of the privacy of citizens to open a gap. We should think over this very important issue, open and thorough debate. "

His words are so careful and so refined that it is difficult for you to know what his position is. But in his gradual melting of his personality in the company at the same time, we can see in the future Google is about to subvert the world figure.

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