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WeChat public number is losing marketing value?

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On the morning news from WeChat, black hand has been extended to the self media marketing, drawing / Shao Jing

Often have to do a public relations marketing friends asked me how to see a WeChat public number of reading a few true or false? In general, I will give him a few indicators, for example, the number of reading and the number of points like the proportion of the original number of reading and appreciation, the proportion of the number of comments, as well as in the circle of friends to see if someone else to share, etc..

Actually, as a micro channel operators of public number, my own deep experience is a Chinese new year 2015, the number of public open rate, reading numbers have dropped significantly. This also makes me feel more and more strong enterprise should reduce the WeChat public number of soft Wen, marketing.

How long have you not opened the subscription number?

You can open the phone to see how many of the number of open content in this column, the number of red figures on the top of the number is not open.

真实图真实图 .jpg

I randomly in the rock sound community to a few friends to their subscription page screenshots, fulfilling my judgment. Even logical thinking, Wu Xiaobo channel such a big hot number, but also a few days did not open the. And the rest of the subscription number is not much to say.

Could not identify the authenticity of the number of reading

Marketing, hope can be quantified. Let the input and output can be measured. But the number of WeChat public reading is not known to be true.

First I micro channel number of public articles of the amount of data read: "millet 5 conference is a lengthy technical popularization class" this article is shared 32 times, reading number 1098, the number of public session open 74%, circle of friends read 14%. 74% is a very high rate of open, because I have a lot of fans are really want to read the article, and I fully interactive readers.


Come back to see the April 7 from the public number of the peak number of 680 people, my fans are 20000 people, the total open rate of 3.4%, please remember my public number open rate is very high, the original number.


Tencent has announced the average open rate of WeChat public number less than 2%, so circle of friends to read, forward reading is the key to get the amount of reading. This cup is not want to borrow Applepay Kill online payment, the article has 565 share, so 80% of the amount of reading from the circle of friends news.


Some science and technology from the media, more than 1, more than 20 thousand times the amount of reading, according to the open rate of 3% to calculate the number of real fans should have 10-30 million plus hundreds of shares can be achieved. But the content of science and technology from the media, it is really easy to have so much to share? Especially those are the public number of soft Wen and corporate press releases.

Look at this real reading 21687 times the number of public articles "red envelopes look into the circle of friends why the history of the most short-lived products? "What is the background data. Because it is a big hot news, everyone is concerned, the author in the first night out of the draft to have 1212 times to share and read 21687 times.

朋友圈朋友圈 .jpg

Even more surprising is that there are so many of the number of reading, naturally, there should be a lot of messages, appreciation. But some of the original number of this news has been closed and the reader interactive channels. I do not know whether it is intentional, or?

微信阅读微信阅读 .jpg

WeChat public number has become another micro-blog

This is completely consistent with the law of development of micro-blog. Micro-blog from an equal platform for everyone to become a star, business, celebrity, public knowledge, marketing platform. WeChat public number, is experiencing this process, and the decline has begun.

What is the value of the public number in the end?

For ordinary original from the media, the real value of the public is for you to collect real readers. I have always felt that there was no real readers the author is sad, so public presence as a home to all corners of the country, which belongs to your readers to your side.

New media platforms are springing up like mushrooms.

After today's headlines, news interface, a little information and Tencent's Daily Express, Sohu public platform, Netease media open platform and Sina Financial headlines, antiquities, etc. have on-line.

I remember back in 2009, microblogging is not prevalent in, all the media are the payment of royalties, I was a month and a thousands of yuan of fee income, than Qingdao. Then the normal wage taller 2 times. He is not only for the author to have income, it is to let the author get respect, is a financial incentive, is also a kind of value recognition.

For PR people, should the enterprises need to transfer the information value let these to write an excellent text, in these new media platforms get recommended writers to write, because that is the real value of the spread, the real measurable input and output.

And I have always believed that the news propagation is not shameful, secretive, sneaky things, but need more depth and objective evaluation, it also reflects a strength of a writer.

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